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Bitfinex Dismisses Tethers Bitcoin Price Manipulation Lawsuit: Baseless Conspiracy Theory
Bitfinex has responded to the latest amendments in the ongoing class-action lawsuit leveled against Bitfinex and Tether, calling the entire case, baseless. Bitfinex/Tether Denounce Baseless Lawsui (BTC , USDT )
11:08 AM
Coinbase Custody Adds Support for USDT, Why Is it a Big Deal for Crypto Markets?
On Friday, Coinbase Custody rolled out support for Ethereum-based USDT (Tether). Currently, it supports three stablecoins USDC, DAI and Compound USD. Coinbase effect, is a popular term in the crypto (BTC , ETH , USDT )
May 30
12:53 AM
Ethereum's place is safe amidst strong Tether influence
Ethereum has been the center of debate for various crypto narratives in 2020. With its own ETH 2.0 developments keeping the community active, it will be ignorant to take your eyes off the stablecoin s (ETH , USDT )
May 29
09:08 AM
Tether Continues Tear as its Daily Crypto Transactions Reach Record Levels
Controversial crypto stablecoin Tether continues at full speed ahead as recent data shows its daily transactions are the highest they have ever been. (USDT )
May 27
12:38 AM
Little-Known Cryptocurrency Spikes Over 25% As Binance Adds Its Perpetual Contracts
Binance announced the addition of THETA/USDT token perpetual contracts on Monday. THETA responded by skyrocketing over 25% in a day in a largely uneventful market. The cryptocurrency market is current (BTC , USDT )
May 26
04:53 PM
XRP Price Analysis: Ripple Slides Below $0.2 As It Loses Its Top 3 Spot To Tether (USDT)
XRP saw a 1.5% price drop over the past week as the bulls failed to defend the $0.2 level, and failed to close above over the past three consecutive daily candles Against Bitcoin, XRP continues its re (BTC , USDT , XRP )
May 24
07:08 AM
Over $70 Million USDT Transferred To Binance From Tether Treasury
Could this be a signal for a bullish momentum on Bitcoins (BTC) or altcoins market? According to reports from Whale Alerts, a crypto data aggregator, over $70 million worth of Tether (USDT) stableco (BTC , USDT )
May 23
03:08 PM
Travala (AVA) Soars 400% In Price Post It's Acquisition By Binance, What To Expect Next?
Travalas native token, AVA, is one of the top performers in the last week. Travala is a blockchain-based booking platform whose token has been unexpectedly resilience despite downturns caused by coro (BTC , USDT )
May 21
02:53 PM
XRP to embark on a potential upside as it pushes above $0.20
XRP was briefly toppled by Tether [USDT], as the third-largest cryptocurrency. At the time of writing, XRP was being traded at $0.202. Following the crash, XRP held a crucial support level within the (USDT , XRP )
May 17
10:53 PM
Justin Sun Tweets Tron just Issued $1.3 Billion in Tether, Here's What it Means for Crypto
While the broader cryptocurrency market is still reeling from a multi-year bear market since 2017, stablecoins like Tether are seeing action. Billions of dollars in USDT have been issued since its lau (BTC , USDT )
May 14
01:39 AM
Analysis: How Does USDT Supply on Exchanges Impact Bitcoins Price?
A new analysis implies an inverse correlation between the price of Bitcoin and the total supply of USDT on cryptocurrency exchanges. According to it, the declining amount of Tether sitting on exchange (BTC , USDT )
May 05
03:39 AM
Bitfinex Sues, Miners Prepare, Congress Considers
The U.S. Senate is considering blockchain voting during the COVID-19 crisis, while crypto becomes a mainstay in the Middle East. (USDT )
May 04
10:23 AM
Bitcoin in Emerging Markets: The Middle East
Regions with weak states and educated diasporas are seeing a rising demand for cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and decentralized applications. (BTC , USDT )
May 04
04:09 AM
Tether Printer Goes Brrrr: 1.6 Billion USDT Minted In April As Bitcoin Recovers From March Loss
Tether, the issuer of the dollar-pegged stablecoin USDT, is in the limelight again as the companys treasury minted fresh USDT worth more than a billion dollars in a single month. Tether Mints 1.6B US (BTC , USDT )
May 02
06:38 AM
Bitfinex, Tether Seek Subpoenas Across US in Hunt for Missing $800M
Bitfinex and Tethers parent company wants to question employees of at least three U.S. banks about Crypto Capital Bitfinexs payment processor accounts and holdings in an effort to recover more than $800 million. (USDT )
May 01
04:08 PM
Interest in Gold-Backed Token Trading Grows Amid Supply Disruptions
On Thursday, hourly trading volume in Tether Gold climbed to over $13 million, up from roughly $1 million the day before. (BTC , USDT )
May 01
01:23 PM
Tether and other stablecoins' 'dry powder' narrative: True or false?
The crypto-community has been gearing itself for another Bitcoin halving and many observers are expecting a massive price pump to grace the BTC market soon. This speculation has largely stemmed from t (BTC , USDT )
Apr 28
08:53 PM
Tether Doesnt Inflate Bitcoin Price, New Research Says
Stablecoins issuance is not artificially inflating the prices in the cryptocurrency market, despite some controversial beliefs, suggested new research on the matter. At the same time, the paper acknow (BTC , USDT )
Apr 26
03:08 AM
This Unexpected Factor Presents a Long-Term Risk to Ethereum's Value: Analyst
Over the past few weeks, Ethereum has been benefiting from a surprising trend: stablecoins, which have recently passed $9 billion in aggregate value. (ETH , USDT )
Apr 22
06:53 PM
Bitcoins Tether Printer Divergence is Immensely Bullish; Heres Why
Bitcoin's boring price action has not corresponded with stablecoin issuance leading analysts to deem this as Tether printer divergence. (BTC , USDT )
Apr 22
04:23 PM
Nearly Every Past Tether Burn Led a Bitcoin Crash. It Just Happened Again
Aside from Bitcoin, the most talked-about cryptocurrency over the past few weeks has seemingly been Tether. The fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market (BTC , USDT )
Apr 22
03:08 PM
Stablecoins Aren't Inflating Crypto Market, Study Concludes
New research on issuances and flows of Tether and other stablecoins finds no systematic evidence that these assets drive cryptocurrency market movements. (BTC , USDT )
Apr 22
10:23 AM
Tether Surpasses XRP to Become the Third-Largest Cryptocurrency
The market capitalization of Tether (USDT) surpassed that of XRP this week. The dollar-pegged stablecoin is now the third-largest cryptocurrency. Macro (USDT , XRP )
Apr 22
07:09 AM
Bityard Launches YouTube Recruitment Competition with over 38,000 XRP in Prizes News
Bityard has launched a YouTube recruitment competition for content creators, with over 38,000 XRP in prizes. 20th April, Singapore 2020 - Bitcoin and cryptocurrency contracts exchange Bityard launched in early 2020 with a USDT bonus for all new registered users. To maintain the reputation that it has for offering bonuses to its loyal community, Bityard is holding a competition for YouTube content creators to showcase their reach, and earn some crypto at the same time. Competition Details The competition will give content creators the change to win up to 16,000 USDT in total prizes. As stated in the terms and (BTC , USDT , XRP )
Apr 21
05:39 AM
MARKET WRAP: Oil Futures Plunge, Bitcoin Dips and Tether Has a $7B Day
Oil futures went negative today, bitcoin dipped below $7,000 and tether issuances went to $7 billion in todays market wrap. (BTC , USDT )
Apr 20
03:39 PM
$120 Million in Tether Was Just Minted, and That's Big for Bitcoin
$120 million worth of Tether's USDT was just minted, bringing the total to $7b, and that could be big for Bitcoin's price moving forward. (BTC , USDT )
Apr 18
03:53 PM
Facebook Libra Redesigned: New System and Cryptocurrency to Comply With Regulations
Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency project has undergone major changes. A number of key areas have been redesigned, including the payment system, the Libra cryptocurrency, and the addition of new single-currency stablecoins. The changes largely aim to comply with regulatory requirements. (BTC , USDT )
Apr 17
08:24 AM
Bitcoin.com Exchange Now Supports Reserve's Stablecoin RSV and the Utility Token RSR
This week, Bitcoin.com's trading platform has added the stable reserve token (RSV) and the Reserve Utility Token (RSR). (BCH , BTC , LTC , USDT , ZEC )
Apr 16
07:23 AM
Crypto Stablecoins Are Printing Almost As Fast As The Fed
Crypto stablecoins continue to grow since Bitcoin's recent bottom, with the companies and consortiums behind each asset printing more supply almost as (BTC , USDT )
Apr 15
09:09 AM
Bitcoin Price is Bullish as 5% of its Market Capitalization is in Tether (USDT)
Up-to five percent of Bitcoin market cap is held in the most capitalized stable coin in the crypto scene, USDT. US Dollar Tether, USDT, is many things. It is a sentiment indicator which is closely wat (BTC , USDT )
Apr 14
01:09 PM
Delta Exchange Releases Bitcoin-Tether Futures Contracts
Singapore-based Delta Exchange is launching futures contracts on BTC/USDT amidst fears of a global recession (BTC , USDT )
Apr 14
06:39 AM
Binance's Most Infamous IEO Now Listed at Justin Sun's Poloniex Exchange
Poloniex Exchange adds support for Matic Network (Matic Network) as it adds trading pairs w.r.t BTC, USDT (Tether) and Tron [TRX]. The exchange also announced a bounty program to kick-start the listi (BTC , USDT )
Apr 11
04:38 AM
COVID-19 Has Reduced the Risk of a Post-Halving Price Dump
Crypto experts believe the recent COVID-19 related price crash has reduced the risk of a halving price dump and may have set up a bull market (BTC , USDT )
Apr 08
09:23 PM
Tether, ICOs, Craig Wright
After the filings in New York on Friday, news.Bitcoin.com spoke with Roche Cyrulnik Freedman partner Kyle Roche about the class-action cases. (BTC , USDT )
Apr 08
07:24 PM
Bityard Has Now Officially Launched Register now and earn 258 USDT for Free
Bityard, the worlds leading digital contract trading platform, has officially launched. According to industry authoritative sources, Bityard has received a strategic investment from a US hedge fund worth 10 million dollars, creating a precedent in the industry for complex contracts and simple transactions. (BTC , EOS , ETH , USDT )
Apr 08
08:54 AM
How Can a Crypto Trader Profit From Tether's USDT?
Over the past few years, a crypto has risen to the top of the industry's leaderboards that may be mysterious to many investors. Now the fourth-largest (USDT )
Apr 08
01:09 AM
5% Over Spot: Gold-Backed Tokens Tether Gold and Digix Sell for Higher Premiums
Cryptocurrencies that claim to be backed by gold are selling for 1-5% above golds .999 per Troy ounce spot price. (BTC , DGD , ETH , USDT )
Apr 07
02:23 PM
Market Update: Traders Buck the Trend Pushing Crypto Market Cap Above $200 Billion
Cryptocurrency markets have been rising again as the entire market capitalization of all 5,000+ coins has jumped above the $200 billion mark. (BCH , BTC , ETH , USDT , XRP )
Apr 07
07:23 AM
Ripple's XRP Scores New Crypto Exchange Listing
XRP just scored a new listing on top-50 cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT paired with BTC and USDT. Are things looking up? (BTC , USDT , XRP )
Apr 07
06:08 AM
Tether's on-chain withdrawals spikes; what does this mean for Bitcoin?
Over the past couple of weeks, popular stablecoins such as Tether [USDT] have seen strong accumulation. It was the stablecoins that benefitted the most as the market reeled downward. Following the cry (BTC , USDT )
Apr 06
12:39 PM
Bithumb Global Launches Margin Trading for Bitcoin and Ether Pairs with Tether
Bithumb Global, the international platform of South Koreas top crypto exchange, has rolled out margin trading with 5x leverage for Bitcoin and Ether trading pa... (BTC , ETH , USDT )
Apr 03
05:24 AM
Surging Demand and Seized Supply Spark Rapid Growth in Tether Gold
As fears over the coming economic recession continue to mount, demand for gold continues to surge. And as mining operations have frozen due to the (USDT )
Apr 02
09:08 AM
Sitting Aside: Record-Breaking 6 Billion Tether (USDT) In Circulation Following Major Bitcoin Price Volatility in March
The number of circulating Tether (USDT) coins now exceeds 6 billion. Tether, and most stablecoins, have been continuously minting new coins to cope with the growing traders demand in times of high vo (BTC , USDT )
Apr 01
05:08 AM
Stablecoin Market Caps Swell Over $7 Billion
Stablecoins have been surging since the market downturn in mid-March and tether (USDT) is capturing more than 70% of BTC trades today. (BTC , ETH , USDT , XRP )
Mar 30
04:38 PM
Porn Industry Thrives During Lockdown These Sites Are Cryptocurrency-Friendly
Porn sites have been experiencing increased traffic as the number of people under lockdown or quarantine rises due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many of these sites accept cryptocurrencies, including Pornhub. The popular porn site currently offers residents of some countries free premium membership for a limited time to help them stay home during the covid-19 outbreak. (BTC , USDT , XRP )
Mar 29
10:09 AM
Tether Becomes Second Crypto to Launch on Blockchain Futures Platform
As the volume of Bitcoin (BTC) derivatives trading continues to rise, the cryptocurrency industry keeps tapping more crypto markets, like stablecoin Tether (USDT), for futures trading.KuMEX, a derivat (BTC , USDT )
Mar 28
11:08 AM
Excitement for Exchange as USDT Linear Perpetual Contracts Launch
A crypto exchange has unveiled a host of features, including USDT linear perpetual contracts, contract insurance and a fresh design for its platforms (USDT )
Mar 27
08:24 AM
Why Circles (USDC) Is Best Placed To Challenge Tethers (USDT) Stablecoin Dominance
OKEx exchange announces addition of ten USDC crypto pairs including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). Following a successful start of the year, can Circles stablecoin challenge Tether (BTC , ETH , LTC , USDT )
Mar 27
02:55 AM
KuCoins Futures Platform KuMEX Launches USDT Perpetual Contracts
KuMEX, the Bitcoin futures platform developed by KuCoin, today announced that USDT Perpetual Contracts will be officially available on the exchange at (BTC , USDT )
Mar 27
02:25 AM
Traders Flock to Tether, USDC, PAX
Stablecoins have seen massive trade volume and market cap growth this month especially after the market carnage on March 12, 2020. (BTC , USDT )
Mar 15
11:54 PM

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