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Stablecoin Giant Tether Loses Ground to Rival Circle on Redemptions
Circle's USD Coin is reaping the benefits as circulation of Tether, the world's largest stablecoin and its closest rival, continues to decline in a wave of redemptions. (USDT )
07:49 AM
Why one hedge-fund manager invests in Bank of America and says Tether's days are numbered
Guy Spier, the fund manager of the Aquamarine Fund, has no shortage of praise to pour upon Jamie Dimon. But he's invested in BofA. (USDT )
04:07 AM
Weekly Comic: Terra Infirma and Untethered Tethers
Weekly Comic: Terra Infirma and Untethered Tethers (USDT )
May 17
11:51 AM
Tether (USDT) redemptions fuel fears about stablecoin's backing
Tether's circulating supply has slipped from about $83 billion a week ago to less than $76 billion on Tuesday. (USDT )
May 17
05:27 AM
Stablecoin supplies and cash reserves in question amid crypto exodus
Tether, the largest stablecoin by market capitalization, saw outflows over the past week which amounted to almost double its last reported cash reserves as investors cashed out of the cryptocurrency market. (USDT )
May 16
08:39 PM
UK Treasury en route to legalizing stablecoins amid Terra's UST crash
The Treasury's plan does not involve legalizing algorithmic stablecoins and instead prefers 1:1 fully-backed stablecoins like USDT or USDC. (USDT )
May 16
01:24 AM
Tron DAO Reserve Acquires Millions in TRX, Bitcoin, and Tether to Safeguard USDD
The Tron DAO Reserve has continued to purchase large quantities of digital assets to bolster the project's reserves. (BTC , DAO , USDT )
May 15
03:39 PM
$1.9T wipeout in crypto risks spilling over to stocks, bonds
The dangers posed by stablecoin to the traditional market cannot be dismissed due to Tether's exposure to the U.S. credit system. (USDT )
May 15
02:24 AM
BingX Celebrates Its 4-year Anniversary with Four Weeks of Rewards Worth More than 200,000 USDT!
BingX is proud to celebrate its 4-year anniversary this May. (USDT )
May 13
04:09 AM
Tether (USDT) stablecoin regains peg after $3 billion in withdrawals
The collapse of another so-called stablecoin called terraUSD had shaken crypto investors' confidence in tether. (USDT )
May 13
03:42 AM
Tether Takes Victory Lap After Stablecoin Regains Peg
Amidst worries that Tether, the world's biggest stablecoin, was losing its 1-to-1 peg to the dollar, Paolo Ardoino stepped in to reassure investors. Tether's chief technology officer emphasized that the private company behind the coin that plays a critical role in the crypto ecosystem had no problem with redemptions, including even a $600-million repayment in the last 24 hours. (USDT )
May 12
05:18 PM
Crypto crash? What investors need to know about Luna, Tether, and bitcoin
A weekly look at the most important moves and news in crypto and what's on the horizon in digital assets. (USDT )
May 12
01:24 PM
Crypto collapse intensifies as stablecoin Tether slides below dollar peg
The meltdown in TerraUSD, one of the world's largest stablecoins, rippled through cryptocurrency markets on Thursday, pushing another major stablecoin Tether below its dollar peg and sending bitcoin to 16-month lows. (USDT )
May 12
01:19 PM
Stocks crater in volatile trade, Tether shook, Bitcoin trying to stabilize,
Today is one of those days you should not log in to your retirement accounts. US stocks are facing relentless selling pressure as investors slash earnings outlook given unclear outlooks for economic growth and the US consumer. Today's PPI report did little to change the outlook with inflation, which suggests pricing pressures remain uncomfortably [] (BTC , USDT )
May 12
12:12 PM
Stablecoins' recent de-pegging is not a 'real threat to financial stability,' says Janet Yellen
Janet Yellen hinted that the stablecoin market was not yet at a size in which UST dropping to under $0.40 and USDT briefly de-pegging from the dollar to hit $0.96 would create a real threat to financial stability (USDT )
May 12
11:39 AM
Crypto-Market Panic Subsides With Prices, Tether Stabilizing
On Wednesday, the implosion of the TerraUSD stablecoin kindled wide-spread panic in the crypto space. But 24 hours later, things have calmed down significantly. (USDT )
May 12
11:30 AM
Tether cuts holdings of commercial paper, says majority of exposure in Treasuries -CTO
Tether, the third largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, said the majority of its reserves are in U.S. Treasuries after having reduced its exposure to commercial paper over the last six months, its Chief Technology Officer Paolo Ardoino said in a Twitter Spaces chat on Thursday. (USDT )
May 12
10:18 AM
Binance will delist LUNA/USDT contracts as price falls below 0.005
The price of LUNA has fallen more than 99% in the last 24 hours to reach $0.004 following a mass sell-off, triggering Binance delisting its LUNA/USDT perpetual contracts soon. (USDT )
May 12
09:24 AM
Biggest Stablecoin Loses Dollar Peg as Crypto Anxiety Spreads
(Bloomberg) -- Tether, the largest of the stablecoins used in cryptocurrency markets to facilitate trading, briefly dropped to the lowest level since December 2020 as the fallout from the collapse of the TerraUSD token continues reverberate across the digital-asset landscape. Most Read from BloombergCrypto Billionaires' Vast Fortunes Are Destroyed in WeeksNike Escalates StockX Feud, Says Site Is Selling Fake ShoesUkraine Latest: Germany Can Withstand Gas Halt; US Eyes DronesKim Orders Lockdown A (USDT )
May 12
06:54 AM
Untethered: Here's everything you need to know about TerraUSD, Tether and other stablecoins
Established stablecoin trading pairs have struggled to keep stable at crypto exchanges around the world. Here are the updates as the situation evolves. (USDT )
May 12
06:39 AM
Tether to move over 1B USDT from Tron to Ethereum and Avalanche
Tether assures the crypto community that this will not change the total supply of USDT. (ETH , USDT )
May 12
03:54 AM
USDT, BUSD Maintain Dollar Parity as UST Slip Continues
Tether (USDT), BUSD, and USDC have maintained parity with the US Dollar even as Terra (UST) spirals downwards in an unprecedented fashion. (USDT )
May 12
03:54 AM
Bitcoin Price Falls Below $26k as World's Largest Stablecoin Tether Breaks $1 Peg
Bitcoin Price Falls Below $26k as World's Largest Stablecoin Tether Breaks $1 Peg (BTC , USDT )
May 12
03:48 AM
Cryptocurrency Crash, Tether De-Pegging, S&P 500 Sinks, JPY Outperforms
Market sell-off sees Bitcoin cracking key support, Tether De-Pegging concerns exacerbates drop (BTC , USDT )
May 12
03:24 AM
Tether (USDT) stablecoin drops below $1 peg
Tether sank to as low as 98 cents Thursday morning, according to data from CoinGecko. (USDT )
May 12
03:12 AM
USDT-dollar peg wobbles as markets continue to struggle: Tether CTO weighs-in
LUNA/UST debacle leads to discrepancies in BTC-stablecoin trading pairs across global cryptocurrency exchanges. (BTC , USDT )
May 12
02:09 AM
Tether Reassures Markets After Biggest Stablecoin Slips
Tether, which operates the biggest stablecoin, took to Twitter to reassure crypto markets after the token briefly slipped to the lowest since December 2020. (USDT )
May 12
02:00 AM
Tether Falls Against Dollar as Crypto Selloff Deepens
Tether Falls Against Dollar as Crypto Selloff Deepens (USDT )
May 12
12:48 AM
Tether says it's performing a $1 billion swap with a third party as stablecoin falls as low as 95 cents
Tether undefined, the largest cryptocurrency stablecoin by market cap, said it was performing a (USDT )
May 12
12:48 AM
Bitcoin struggles to hold onto $27,000 in a further tumble as UST stablecoin collapse continues to reverberate
Hard selling is being seen across the cryptocurrency space on Thursday, with bitcoin down by double digits as another stablecoin, Tether, comes under pressure. (BTC , USDT )
May 12
12:36 AM
Bitcoin falls below $27K to December 2020 lows as Tether stablecoin peg slips under 99 cents
Bitcoin falls out of its macro range as BTC price reflects fresh woes for stablecoins including Tether. (BTC , USDT )
May 11
11:39 PM
Stablecoin Dominance Grows As Crypto Assets Are Obliterated
As the market has plunged into chaos with the recent crash, stablecoins have once again become the unlikely winners of the day. Cryptocurrencies in the market (BTC , USDT )
May 11
10:10 AM
Bankoff Crypto Cards Suspended Amid High Volume of Russian Transactions
Bankoff has told customers its virtual cards that can be topped up with tether are no longer supported by payment systems Visa and Stripe. (USDT )
May 04
10:39 PM
2 key metrics point toward further downside for the entire crypto market
Futures data and decreased demand for Tether signal that the crypto market is set for another round of pain. (USDT )
Apr 29
03:09 PM
Zoomex Organizes a Trading Competition with a $100,000 USDT Maximum Prize Pool
Zoomex trading platform will organize its first trading competition with a maximum prize pool of $100,000 USDT. (USDT )
Apr 21
06:00 AM
Gensokishi Online Project Announces Decision to List MV Token on KuCoin and Campaign
PRESS RELEASE. GensoKishi are excited to announce that $MV ( MV(Polygon)/USDT trading pair) will list on KuCoin at 2022-04-20 18:00 (UTC), a leading (USDT )
Apr 19
04:14 PM
Missed Paris Blockchain Week Summit? Here are 5 key takeaways from the event
Featuring commentary and expert insights from leading figures at Binance, Tether, Ripple, Bybit, (USDT )
Apr 15
02:15 PM
Huobi PrimeEarn High-Yield Tuesday: Snag Attractive APY of up to 40% for USDT Deposits
Huobi Global today announced its latest PrimeEarn High-Yield Tuesday event, which incentivizes fixed deposit investors with high Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for staking mainstream assets. (USDT )
Apr 13
07:15 AM
Stablecoins are the perfect trojan horse for Bitcoin, says Tether CTO
According to Adoino, crypto adoption in Europe will happen through a bottom-up, community approach. (BTC , USDT )
Apr 13
06:12 AM
Bitfinex and Tether Launch Public Fund to Support Salvadoran Families Affected by Gang Violence
Bitfinex and Tether have partnered to launch a cryptocurrency fund to support Salvadoran families affected by gang violence. (USDT )
Apr 12
02:15 AM
AscendEX Lists WINkLink, WIN
AscendEX is excited to announce the listing of the WINkLink token (WIN)! Trading will begin under the trading pair (WIN/USDT) starting on April 6th at 1 p.m. (USDT )
Apr 05
06:12 PM
ApeCoin Continues to Expand Its Ecosystem With Bittrex Listing and Integration News
ApeCoin made headlines when it released its token last month to reward Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT members and enter the Metaverse and Web3 space in cryptocurrency. As the fifth-largest Metaverse crypto coin by market cap, according to CoinMarketCap, ApeCoin has tremendous long-term potential as The Ape Foundation and the ApeCoin DAO lead the cryptocurrency into the Metaverse. Let's look at ApeCoin and see what the cryptocurrency has been up to in the past few weeks. ApeCoin News Yesterday, on April 4th, Bittrex announced its listing of the USDT-APE market. Bittrex is one of the most reputable and longest-running exchanges (DAO , USDT )
Apr 05
09:12 AM
Short Sellers Bet Tether, Crypto's Central Bank, Is Vulnerable to a Run
Tether says it has conservative investments, while hedge funds question how much risk lies in the $82 billion investment portfolio that backs the currency. (USDT )
Apr 03
03:11 AM
Is the World Ready for Free Crypto Trading? Experienced Team Launches Mayex
PRESS RELEASE. This January, seven former Binance core techs launched a free crypto exchange called Mayex. Mayex provides Free Spot Trading, USDT Margin (USDT )
Mar 30
06:28 PM
PrimeEarn High-Yield Tuesday: Team Up to Win 20% APY for USDT
Since launching for the first time in December 2021, each Huobi PrimeEarn promotion has been oversubscribed by investors. Why? (USDT )
Mar 29
05:13 AM
India's Dependence on Russian Weapons Tethers Modi to Putin
(Bloomberg) -- (USDT )
Mar 20
03:15 AM
'Millionaire' stablecoin wallet addresses surpass 12 million
The vast majority of 'millionaire' stablecoin wallet addresses consisted that of USDT TRC-20. (TRC , USDT )
Mar 16
12:14 PM
XRPL-built crypto platform GateHub adds ERC20 assets: USDC, USDT, WXRP, and GALA CryptoNinjas
GateHub, a cryptocurrency platform built on XRP Ledger protocol, announced today that it has added support for 4 new crypto-assets, all of which are ERC20 (USDT , XRP )
Mar 15
06:58 PM
Shorting Tether Renews Debate Around Most Traded Cryptocurrency
A renewal of interest by traditional hedge funds in shorting Tether has highlighted the difficulty of betting against the stablecoin that serves as a foundation for much of the trading in the cryptocurrency market. (USDT )
Mar 15
01:03 PM
Hedge Fund Fir Tree Bets Big With Short of Stablecoin Tether
Fir Tree Capital Management is making a substantial short wager on Tether, the stablecoin that's under intense scrutiny from regulators. (USDT )
Mar 11
06:47 AM

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