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Tether News

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Tether Stablecoin to Launch on Algorand Blockchain
The popular and sometimes controversial stablecoin tether (USDT) is to to be added to the algorand blockchain. (USDT )
07:01 AM
Tether integrates and deploys on Algorand blockchain protocol
Tether, the stablecoin asset provider, today announced their integration with the recently launched Algorand protocol. Fiat-based stablecoins, such as Tether, provide a dependable on-ramp to the crypto ecosystem for retail and institutional participants alike. The Tether team believes that further adoption of stablecoins has been hindered by the performance of (USDT )
06:38 AM
Tether USDT is Launching on a 'Pure PoS' Blockchain, Algorand
The Tether stablecoin is about to be released on its fifth blockchain, Algorand, the company announced (USDT )
04:23 AM
Tether Stablecoin to Launch on 5th Blockchain
The popular and sometimes controversial stablecoin tether (USDT) is to to be added to the algorand blockchain. (USDT )
02:38 AM
Tether Accidentally Minted $5 Billion of Its Stablecoins, Then Deleted Them
Stablecoin issuer Tether accidentally created$5 billion-worth of its USDT stablecoin at the weekend, before promptly destroying them again. (USDT )
Jul 16
06:53 AM
Tron's latest weekly report reveals details about much awaited 'TRC20-USDT Incentive Plan 2.0'
Tron, the Justin Sun led cryptocurrency has been in the news multiple times for its updates and developments. The community, dubbed Tronics have also been active in the cryptocurrency ecosystem forcin (USDT )
Jul 15
07:08 PM
Hodler's Digest, Top Stories, Price Movements, Quotes and FUD of the Week
Trump tells the world what he thinks of Bitcoin, Facebook vows to cooperate with Congress on Libra, and an angry mob descends on Tron's office in Beijing (BTC , USDT )
Jul 14
03:53 PM
Tether Mistakenly Minted 5 Billion USDT and Immediately Burned Them
Tether Mistakenly Minted 5 Billion USDT and Immediately Burned Them (USDT )
Jul 14
11:46 AM
Tether Mistakenly Minted 5 Billion USDT and Immediately Burned Them
Stablecoin operator Tether mistakenly minted five billion USDT tokens on the Tron blockchain (USDT )
Jul 14
10:53 AM
Weekly Digest: Bitcoin Price, Facebook, 3D Representations Of The Blockchain
Another day another dollar, as they say. So another week must be another seven dollars? Which seems like a bit of a bargain. Well you can get your round up of all the weeks Bitcoin news for even less than that, as we're giving it away for free. (BTC , USDT )
Jul 14
07:08 AM
Getting Ready to Move From Omni To Tron: Tether Accidentally Printed $5 Billion USDT
The popular stable coin issuer Tether has mistakenly issued and consequently burned $5 billion worth of USDT. The move was immediately picked up by the community and the CTO of Bitfinex, Paolo Ardoino (BTC , USDT )
Jul 14
06:08 AM
Tether Treasury lands in troubled waters as it accidentally prints 5 billion USDT followed by a subsequent burn
At 5.34 PM UTC, Tether Treasury minted a massive amount of Tether, and the news spread like wildfire. Tether which was already speculated to carry out suspicious transactions was questioned for printi (USDT )
Jul 14
03:08 AM
Bitcoin Retreats While Tether Printers Churn Out More USDT
The downward slide continues today as bitcoin drops closer to support once again. Meanwhile, Tether printers keep churning out more USDT (BTC , USDT )
Jul 14
02:23 AM
Tron's DApp count rises to 513 as Tron-USDT airdrop garners support from exchanges
The Tron Foundation recently celebrated its first anniversary and gifted the community BitTorrent File System and BitTorrent Speed. Along with these developments in its ecosystem, Marcus Zhao, Technic (USDT )
Jul 13
06:53 PM
Metropolitan Commercial Bank Requests That Tether Close Its Accounts
New York-based Metropolitan Commercial Bank has requested that stablecoin issuer Tether close its accounts with the bank. (USDT )
Jul 10
11:53 AM
Metropolitan Bank Says It Shut Down Tether's Account After 5 Months
Metropolitan Commercial Bank maintained accounts for Tether and affiliated companies for less than half a year before shutting them down. (USDT )
Jul 10
09:08 AM
Tether Is In The Soup 'Again' For Blatant USDT Issuance
On July 8 the office of the New York Attorney General submitted a report detailing Bitfinex and Tether's alleged illegal trading and securities issuance (BTC , USDT )
Jul 10
03:09 AM
New York Attorney General Fights Dismissal Motion in Bitfinex, Tether Case
The office of the New York Attorney General has filed a memorandum arguing that its case against Bitfinex and Tether should proceed (BTC , USDT )
Jul 09
01:53 PM
BitFinex and Tether (USDT) in Trouble: NYAG Calls LEO $1B IEO a Securities Offering
Bitfinex and Tether have been involved in the past in a large number of scandals. Therefore, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the companies are in trouble again. The New York Attorney General's Of (BTC , LEO , USDT )
Jul 09
03:08 AM
NYAG: Bitfinex, Tether Served New York Residents Longer Than They Claim
The New York Attorney General's Office (NYAG) has submitted a series of new evidence to prove the crypto exchange Bitfinex and Tether had served New York customers longer than it claimed. (USDT )
Jul 08
07:38 PM
BNB is Fragile Despite Binance Listing Dogecoin and USDT Address Shift
Despite Binance listing of Dogecoin and the buzz generated, BNB is fragile and may falter if there is a break below $30 in days ahead. (DOGE , USDT )
Jul 06
10:08 AM
Competing Stablecoins Can't Topple Tether
Love, hate or fear it, there's no avoiding tether (USDT). Its shadow looms over the cryptoconomy, supplying sanctuary in times of volatility, providing fiat capital inflow and acting as a lightning ro (BTC , USDT )
Jul 05
06:08 PM
Tether's volume in June surpassed $1 trillion in transactions as community speculates foul play
The present-day volatility in Bitcoin's prices have kept the entire market hooked to the charts. However, some watchdogs in the industry speculate that Bitfinex and Tether have had a hand in toying wi (BTC , USDT )
Jul 05
10:23 AM
USDT-Bitcoin Relationship Means BTC May Explode Over the Weekend
Vital, USDT or Tether is a stable coin that comes in play as a safe haven during times of extreme Bitcoin (BTC) price flactuations. (BTC , USDT )
Jul 05
10:08 AM
$100 Million More in Tether Printed: How Will This Affect Bitcoin Price?
Jul 04
01:08 PM
Tether Stablecoin: Can the Crypto Market Live Without It?
Tether's influence is high despite numerous controversies, but it may pose a threat to the crypto asset market... (BTC , USDT )
Jul 04
11:23 AM
Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin lists Cardano (ADA)
KuCoin, the popular cryptocurrency exchange, today announced it has finally listed Cardano token, ADA. Now live on the exchange, supported markets include ADA/BTC and ADA/USDT. Cardano (ADA) Summary Cardano is a decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project and is fully open source. Cardano is developing a smart contract platform which (ADA , BTC , USDT )
Jul 04
10:38 AM
Tether Prints Another $100M USDT: Weekend Action Ahead For Bitcoin?
Tether, the company behind the most popular stable coin, has printed yet another $100M worth of USDT. All of them are minted on Ethereum's blockchain and they have already been sent to Tether's Treasu (BTC , ETH , USDT )
Jul 04
05:08 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Rally And Recent Influx of USD Directly Correlate
Jesse Powell, the CEO of Kraken, believes the recent Bitcoin price rally is because of an influx of USD drawing demand for USDT. There is no manipualtion. (BTC , USDT )
Jul 03
11:08 AM
Is Tether (USDT) Behind the 2019 Bitcoin Price Rally (Again)?
Tether, the company behind the stablecoin USDT, has ignited a significant amount of controversy in the crypto community. Due to the scandalous past of the firm, as well as allegations that Tether had (BTC , USDT )
Jul 03
06:23 AM
Tether Is Not Influencing Bitcoin
Recently, published a piece that suggested the current bitcoin price rally may have been the result of further tether manipulation.Bitcoin and Tether: What's the Relationship?In 2018 (BTC , USDT )
Jul 02
07:08 PM
Crypto Exchange Bitfinex Repaid $100 Million to Stablecoin Operator Tether
Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex announced that it repaid $100 million of outstanding loan facility to stablecoin operator Tether. (USDT )
Jul 02
09:38 AM
Bitfinex Repays Tether $100 Million of $700 Million Loan
Bitfinex said it has paid back $100 million of the $700 million borrowed from stablecoin issuer Tether. (USDT )
Jul 02
08:08 AM
CEO: Bitcoin Surge is Legitimate, Tether is Transparent Reflection of Crypto Exchanges
The price of bitcoin closed the second quarter of 2019 at a profit of approx 189 percent. Many claimed that it was Facebook's Libra announcement that (BTC , USDT )
Jul 02
07:23 AM
Kraken CEO: Tether Is Not Driving Bitcoin Price
TD Ameritrade interviewed Kraken's Jesse Powell over concerns about large amounts of Tether coming into the market. Tether Influx Usually Indicates Fiat (BTC , USDT )
Jul 02
07:09 AM
Analyst: Tether Print Hints Bitcoin to Bounce Back After $4,000 Fall
That's right ladies and gentlemen, Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen to $9,800. This marks a 30% decline from the asset's year-to-date high of $13,800 - a key (BTC , USDT )
Jul 02
04:08 AM
More Tether 'Reflective' of Real Dollars Coming Into Bitcoin, Says Kraken CEO
The current bitcoin-tether relationship continues a standard historical trend, Jesse Powell told the media. (BTC , USDT )
Jul 02
01:38 AM
Binance Launching Crypto Futures Trading Platform With Up to 20x Leverage
Binance is launching a futures trading platform for BTC/USDT initially with up to 20x leverage. (BTC , USDT )
Jul 02
12:24 AM
KuCoin to launch OTC renminbi service trial for USDT
Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin has announced the launch of an OTC trading desk, which will be starting on July 2nd, 2019 (UTC+8) for trial operations. The aim of the OTC desk is to increase methods of payment while providing a more secure and convenient deposit service for users. A USDT/CNY OTC (USDT )
Jul 01
03:08 AM
Tether Printers Keep Churning Out as USDT Supply Increases Again
What may have gone unnoticed is the issuance of more USDT as Tether market capitalization continues to crank higher. (LEO , USDT )
Jun 30
03:08 AM
Is Bitcoin Still Being Manipulated by Tether?
Bitcoin is in the news again, and it appears that news is both positive and negative simultaneously.Bitcoin: The Bad and the GoodThe good news is that the currency is rebounding from yesterday's drop. (BTC , USDT )
Jun 28
10:53 AM
Brazilian Exchanges to Integrate the Real-T, a Stablecoin Pegged to the Real
Cryptocurrency exchanges in Brazil will purportedly be among the first platforms to offer a stablecoin pegged one-to-one with the Brazilian real. (ERC , USDT )
Jun 27
12:53 PM
Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Prices Continue to Accelerate
Digital asset markets have been on a tear lately as cryptoconomy's entire market capitalization has gained $68 billion in as little as five days time. (BCH , BTC , ETH , USDT )
Jun 26
08:23 AM
Bitcoin Price Rise Fuelled by Experienced Crypto Traders
Bitcoin's 2019 parabolic rise is coming from veteran cryptocurrency traders, not newbies, the latest data suggests. (BTC , USDT )
Jun 26
05:08 AM
Bitcoin Price Analysis: Tether Market Stalls, is BTC Next?
Tether's parabolic rise has started to show signs of weakness, after $80 million disappeared from the USDT market over the weekend. Is this an early (BTC , USDT )
Jun 24
09:08 AM
First Stablecoin Trading Pairs Listed on Binance DEX
Binance exchange lists two new stablecoin trading pairs USDSB/USDT and USDSB/USDS. (USDT )
Jun 24
06:53 AM
Cardano: Shelley Testnet's 'networking and incentive reward model' features will be rolled out soon
Bitcoin [BTC] breached its $10k and $11k resistances today, which the community celebrated with a hint of nostalgia. However, the Tether Treasury also minted 100 million USDT, as it has for the past f (ADA , BTC , USDT )
Jun 22
05:38 PM
More than One Year Later, BTC Price Skyrockets Past $10K
On June 21, 2019 the price of bitcoin core (BTC) crossed the $10,000 mark for the first time since last year on March 08, 2018. (BCH , BTC , ETH , LTC , USDT )
Jun 21
06:23 PM
Markets Update: Digital Currency Economy Surpasses $300 Billion
Digital currency prices have spiked considerably in the last 24 hours and BTC stopped short about $70 in an attempt to cross the $10K price zone. (BCH , BTC , ETH , LTC , USDT )
Jun 21
09:23 AM
Kuna exchange adds new instant bitcoin (BTC) buying service
Crypto exchange Kuna today announced the launch of a new instant bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), and USDT buying service. (BTC , ETH , USDT )
Jun 18
10:39 AM

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