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Chronobank News

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ChronoBank's Mikhail Savchenko Joins as Advisor to Caviar Crypto and Real Estate in One Token
Dec 07
06:23 AM
Chronobank's Mikhail Savchenko to Join Caviar As Advisor
Caviar, a token which seeks to reduce investment volatility and promises higher returns by re-allocating funds between crypto and real estate markets, welcomes Mikhail Savchenko in its advisory board. (TIME )
Dec 07
06:09 AM
Streamr: Creating The Real-Time Data Market
As the needs in today's business world increase so does the need for exponential amounts of real-time data. The rapid growth of IoT and the ubiquity of connected devices adds massive value to this data. However, there are normally limitations and inefficiencies associated with centralized data distribution systems. The loss of security and freedom are Continue reading STREAMR: CREATING THE REAL-TIME DATA MARKET (TIME )
Nov 26
11:39 AM
Time To Join Zangll Ico Future Of Vacation Rentals
ZANGLL platform for connecting travelers to real estate owners is launching their ICO on the 29th of November. The team of ZANGLL is proud to present their project and invite everybody to join the future of vacation rentals. ZANGLL is a decentralizedservice for short-term rental of real estate,connecting lessees and lessors directly without Continue reading TIME TO JOIN ZANGLL ICO FUTURE OF VACATION RENTALS (TIME )
Nov 08
06:25 AM
Orderbook By Ambisafe: A Trading Platform for Ethereum-based Tokens
Ambisafe is best known for playing an integral part in the successful ICO launches of some of the leading projects like Polybius, Chronobank, and TaaS. (BTC , ETH , TAAS , TIME )
Jul 09
09:25 AM
MakerDAO saviour Nikolai Mushegian to audit TIME and LH tokens
Nikolai Mushegian is the CEO of DappHub and a well-known security researcher. He will be reviewing ChronoBanks smart contracts code.
Feb 12
09:24 PM
ChronoBank announced partnership with Liqui exchange
The TIME token will be added to Liqui, further increasing exposure and volumes for ChronoBanks ICO asset.
Feb 08
11:54 PM
(BTC )
Jan 21
03:39 PM

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