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Top DeFi 2.0 Projects: $OHM, $TIME, $BRC (
Defi 2.0 is a term that is still finding its narrative through excessive APRs and multiple blockchains. More specifically, Defi 2.0 is almost synonymous with projects like Olympus and Wonderland, which are trending hard and fast right now. (TIME )
03:42 AM
TIME Magazine Will Hold Ethereum On Balance Sheet As Part Of New Deal
TIME Magazine has sealed a new deal that will see the media giant hold Ethereum on its balance sheets. The deal marks another of TIME's foray into the (ETH , TIME )
12:41 PM
TIME Magazine and Galaxy Digital Partners on Metaverse Publications
TIME and Galaxy Digital have come together to educate and inform the public on the Metaverse through a new weekly newsletter. (TIME )
01:11 AM
Crypto founders top young Australian rich list
Bright minds from Synthetix, Illuvium, Iris Energy and Chronobank are featured prominently in the AFR's list of top young Aussie entrepreneurs. (TIME )
11:39 PM
Recruitment and Work on Blockchain
For those who believe in the long-term prospects for the Chrono ecosystem, TIME and TimeWarp provide a good way to earn ROI. (TIME )
07:24 AM
TIME NFTs, QuadrigaCX on Netflix, Suex Fights Back + More News
Source: Adobe/ink dropGet your daily, bite-sized digest of cryptoasset and blockchain-related news - investigating the stories flying under the radar of today's crypto news.__________NFTs newsThe TIM (BTC , TIME )
03:24 PM
TIME Magazine NFT Launch Attracts Bots, Sends Gas Fees High
Time Magazine's NFT pieces, TIMEPieces, sold out within seconds forcing some to believe that bots might have been used in the sale. (TIME )
04:54 AM
Here Are Crypto Leaders That Made the List
TIME Magazine has published the list of the 100 Most Influential People of 2021 and some of the listed personalities have had a major influence on the digital currency ecosystem in the past year. The (BTC , TIME )
08:24 PM
Wonderland (TIME) up 59% in 24 hours: here are the best places to buy it
Wonderland (TIME) a new cryptocurrency is making headlines with its unrelenting bullish trend that has seen its price go past $2,000 in a matter of months. The coin has attracted the attention of most (BTC , TIME )
08:09 PM
TIME Partners With Cool Cats NFT Project, Business Magazine Fortune's NFT Sale Raises $1.3M
Two of the largest American news magazines, Fortune and TIME, have jumped into the non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem in recent times. (TIME )
01:39 AM
Alibaba's SCMP follows TIME Magazine, Launches ARTIFACTs NFTs to Tokenize Media Assets
Despite the regulatory crackdown, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is making a move into the NFT market. Alibaba-owned most popular English newspaper in Hong Kong - South China Morning Post (SMCP) - w (BTC , TIME )
01:09 AM
TIME Tokens and TimeWarp Staking Launch on Binance Smart Chain
PRESS RELEASE. The new initiative extends the Ethereum-based TimeWarp staking programme, which currently offers a yield of 224% APY. TimeWarp, a new DeFi (ETH , TIME )
03:39 AM
Jim Cramer still owns 'a lot' of Ether he first bought for an NFT auction
CNBC's Jim Cramer still holds Ether he first bought in order to bid in a TIME magazine NFT auction. (TIME )
02:09 AM
TIME Releases TIME100 Most Influential Companies
TIME has revealed a list ofTIME100 Most Influential Companiesin the world. The list was published yesterday, on 27th April. (TIME )
02:24 AM
TIME Magazine Subscriptions Can Now Be Bought with Crypto
Does anybody even read TIME Magazine anymore? Who knows? But the magazine seems to believe it can boost readership by pairing up with to ensure that subscribers can pay for their subscripti (BTC , TIME )
06:39 PM
TIME Magazine to Receive Cryptocurrency Payments for Digital Subscriptions
TIME Magazine has doubled down on its cryptocurrency endeavors by enabling bitcoin and other assets to be used as a form of payment for digital subscriptions. The innovation comes a few weeks after th (BTC , TIME )
07:39 AM
TIME Partners with to Offer Cryptocurrency as a Form of Payment for Digital Subscriptions
Today, TIME will begin accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment for digital subscriptions through a new partnership (TIME )
06:09 AM
TIME Magazine Gets Into Bitcoin: Partners With Grayscale, Will Hold BTC on Balance Sheet
TIME Magazine will be holding bitcoin on its balance sheet, the president of the company has confirmed. TIME is also partnering with Grayscale Investments to produce a video series on cryptocurrency and has agreed to be paid in bitcoin. (BTC , TIME )
05:24 AM
TIME magazine to hold BTC on balance sheet
Institutional fund manager Grayscale has partnered with acclaimed New York-based magazine TIME to produce an educational video series on the subject of crypto assets. The partnership was announced on (BTC , TIME )
06:09 PM
Bitcoin's time has come: TIME magazine to hold BTC on balance sheet
Crypto asset manager Grayscale has partnered with TIME magazine to drop a series of educational crypto videos. (BTC , TIME )
05:54 PM
TIME Magazine Owner Among Lead Investors in Chainalysis $100M Funding Round
Chainalysis, one of the leading crypto data analytic firm has raised $100 million in a new funding round taking its valuation to $2 billion doubling from its earlier valuation of $1 billion just four (BTC , TIME )
08:54 AM
TIME Magazine Joins NFT Craze, Auctions Three Special Edition Covers as NFTs
TIME Magazine jumps on the NFT bandwagon with its three special edition covers with one targeting the latest craze around crypto and NFTs. (TIME )
03:39 AM
TIME to auction 3 NFT covers based on iconic 'Is God Dead?' design
TIME Magazine is the latest to embrace the NFT revolution. Beginning Monday, buyers on SuperRare will have the opportunity to bid on three covers from 1966, 2017 and 2021. (TIME )
09:39 AM
TIME Magazine to auction 3 covers as NFTs; eyes crypto payments for subscriptions
TIME Magazine plans to lean into surging demand for digital currency and art, currently two of the hottest trends in the global economy.
07:54 AM
TIME Magazine: Bitcoin Development Should Be World Priority
TIME Magazine has produced a surprisingly complimentary appraisal of Bitcoin, saying the cryptocurrency matters for freedom and is a way out of TIME Magazine has produced a surprisingly complimentary appraisal of Bitcoin, saying the cryptocurrency matters for freedom and is a way out of authoritarianism. (BTC , TIME )
09:08 AM
66% of Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts Don't Want to Receive Wages in Fiat
A recent survey of cryptocurrency enthusiasts found that 66% of the community would prefer to receive wages with the new assets rather than fiat. (TIME )
07:08 AM
ChronoBank Launches World's First Complete Blockchain-Based Job Platform, LaborX
ChronoBank, a leading international HR platform, has announced the launch of LaborX - one of the first blockchain apps currently ready for mass adoption. (TIME )
04:39 PM
Estonian Enterprises Will Use the Ethereum Blockchain-Based TIME Token
The use of the TIME token at enterprises will ensure a stable evaluation of the productivity of a person during working hours. (ETH , TIME )
01:53 PM
Chronobank Partnering in Estonia's Crypto Asset Market
The Australian fin-tech platform Chronobank is partnering in the Republic of Estonia's effort to build a crypto assets market. (TIME )
02:40 AM
Chronobank Makes Time For Estonia's Crypto Effort
As Estonia rolls out the public-private program to launch its cryptocurrency and fund its ambitious blockchain program, Chronobank joins as a partner and an advisor (TIME )
05:54 AM
ChronoBank's Mikhail Savchenko Joins as Advisor to Caviar Crypto and Real Estate in One Token
06:23 AM
Chronobank's Mikhail Savchenko to Join Caviar As Advisor
Caviar, a token which seeks to reduce investment volatility and promises higher returns by re-allocating funds between crypto and real estate markets, welcomes Mikhail Savchenko in its advisory board. (TIME )
06:09 AM
Streamr: Creating The Real-Time Data Market
As the needs in today's business world increase so does the need for exponential amounts of real-time data. The rapid growth of IoT and the ubiquity of connected devices adds massive value to this data. However, there are normally limitations and inefficiencies associated with centralized data distribution systems. The loss of security and freedom are Continue reading STREAMR: CREATING THE REAL-TIME DATA MARKET (TIME )
11:39 AM
Time To Join Zangll Ico Future Of Vacation Rentals
ZANGLL platform for connecting travelers to real estate owners is launching their ICO on the 29th of November. The team of ZANGLL is proud to present their project and invite everybody to join the future of vacation rentals. ZANGLL is a decentralizedservice for short-term rental of real estate,connecting lessees and lessors directly without Continue reading TIME TO JOIN ZANGLL ICO FUTURE OF VACATION RENTALS (TIME )
06:25 AM
Orderbook By Ambisafe: A Trading Platform for Ethereum-based Tokens
Ambisafe is best known for playing an integral part in the successful ICO launches of some of the leading projects like Polybius, Chronobank, and TaaS. (BTC , ETH , TAAS , TIME )
09:25 AM
MakerDAO saviour Nikolai Mushegian to audit TIME and LH tokens
Nikolai Mushegian is the CEO of DappHub and a well-known security researcher. He will be reviewing ChronoBanks smart contracts code.
09:24 PM
ChronoBank announced partnership with Liqui exchange
The TIME token will be added to Liqui, further increasing exposure and volumes for ChronoBanks ICO asset.
11:54 PM
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