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Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Accumulation, Bull Pressure Building Up
Ripple prices stable above 30 cents SWIFT-Ripple competition should heat up in coming days Transactional volumes low and dropping XRP success depends on (SWIFT , XRP )
10:08 AM
Ripple partner National Bank of Kuwait ties up with SWIFT's global payments innovation
On January 3, the National Bank of Kuwait [NBK] announced the launch of SWIFT's global payments innovation [gpi] using the integration capabilities of ACI Worldwide's payment engine. NBK is the same b (SWIFT )
Jan 03
11:08 PM
SWIFT India Partners with MonetaGo to Trial Distributed Ledger Technology
SWIFT India, a joint venture between the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT SCRL) and international and Indian Banks, recently partnered with MonetaGo, a fintech compan (BTC , SWIFT )
10:09 AM
SWIFT Partners With MonetaGO to Bring Blockchain to Indian Banking System
SWIFT has announced a pilot program in partnership with MonetaGo to explore distributed ledger technology in its financial messaging service. The SWIFT has announced a pilot program in partnership with MonetaGo to explore distributed ledger technology in its financial messaging service. (SWIFT )
01:08 AM
SWIFT India Partners With Fintech Firm for Blockchain Pilot
SWIFT India has partnered with fintech firm MonetaGo to run a blockchain pilot aimed at addressing fraud in the e-way Bill system. (SWIFT )
06:23 PM
RippleNet Further Continues Its Win Streak Partnering with CIMB Banking Group
Photo: CIMB Malaysia / Facebook The disruptive technology of RippleNet absorbs wide popularity, being dubbed as the Ripple-produced alternative for SWIFT. Originally devised to maintain international (BTC , SWIFT )
01:53 PM
Malaysian Lending Giant CIMB Joins Ripple's Cross-Border Payment Network
Malaysian lending giant CIMB Group Holdings Bhd. has signed on to use Ripple's xCurrent technology for expediting cross-border payments. (BTC , SWIFT )
07:23 AM
Ripple Price Analysis: XRP/USD Reject Lower Lows, Short Term Targets at 80 Cents
Despite lower lows of the last few days, XRP/USD is technically bullish and we suggest aggressive traders to buy on dips with first targets at 80 cents. (SWIFT , XRP )
06:09 PM
Ripple CEO on partnership: Many SWIFT-enabled banks are using Ripple's technology
Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of blockchain remittance firm Ripple, has opened up regarding the rumors revolving around SWIFT joining Ripple to improve remittance services in FinTech. In an interview wit (SWIFT )
12:23 PM
Iran Disconnected From SWIFT, Launches State Backed Crypto Rial
According to a local media source, ISC, a private tech wing of the CBI, confirmed that they had developed the said crypto rial. (SWIFT )
07:09 AM
SWIFT Kicks Out Iran
The Society For Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) has begun blocking access to international transfers for Iranian member banks as new US The Society For Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) has begun blocking access to international transfers for Iran. (SWIFT )
01:08 PM
Rumors of RippleNet's Integration with SWIFT Are False
A rumor on the Internet about RippleNet integrating with the SWIFT Network gained traction, driving up the price of Ripple's token (XRP) to $0.55 on November 6, 2018. According to a PYMNT's article pu (BTC , SWIFT , XRP )
06:08 AM
Ripple Price Analysis: After 55 cents, XRP/USD Bulls Now Aim $1.65
After two weeks of horizontal consolidation, XRP/USD is now back to trend trading above 55 cents as buyers join in. First target is 80 cents and later $1.65 (SWIFT , XRP )
12:08 AM
Latest on Ripple: Talks with Trump's Office, Partnership with SWIFT, Cobalt Release Delayed
Photo: Matt Johnson / FlickrIn case the thought of Ripple's native coin being, perhaps, the most patriotic of top-notch tokens available in the cryptocurrency market has even crossed your mind, you wo (BTC , SWIFT )
05:08 AM
Latest on Ripple: Talks with Trump's Office, Partnership with SWIFT, No Release Date for Cobalt
The new week has just started and it comes with a few itching updates on the market's third largest cryptocurrency, the XPR precisely. (SWIFT )
04:08 AM
The Race for the Cross-Border Payments Market
Competition in the business of facilitating cross-border payments has just gotten tighter. Until recently, the primary fintech challenger to the reigning SWIFT international payment system has been Ri (SWIFT )
03:09 AM
Positive News for Crypto: Germany Seeks for Independent SWIFT System Devaluating the US Dollar
Germany is considering a possibility to launch an independent payment system free of the US which may become a very positive move for Bitcoin, (BTC , SWIFT )
04:38 AM
How Blockchain Can Finally Fulfill Its Promise in Global Payments
Several leading institutions are working towards producing tokenized digital central bank money, a more viable approach than unbacked crypto-assets. (SWIFT )
04:39 AM
HSBC Exec Warns 'Digital Islands' Could Inhibit Blockchain Trade
Blockchains should do for the global value chain what shipping containers did for transport of goods, says HSBC trade finance expert Vinay Mendonca. (SWIFT )
06:09 AM
Argentina: Bank Ditches SWIFT For Bitcoin In World Payments First
A bank in Argentina could soon become the first in the world to begin using Bitcoin for customers' international remittances. (BTC , SWIFT )
09:24 AM
Russia and Iran May Use Cryptocurrencies to Bypass International Sanctions
Politicians in Iran and Russia are discussing the possibility of using digital currencies to bypass sanctions. (SWIFT )
04:24 PM
German Bank Uses Bitcoin's Blockchain for International Loans
The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is the largest network in the world enabling financial institutions to exchange formation about financial transactions. Cryptocurrencies are now taking over the business. (BTC , SWIFT )
06:39 AM
German Online Bank Replaces SWIFT with Bitcoin for International Loan Transfers
Bitbond may drive out the global leader by using Bitcoin's blockchain for international transactions. The borderless nature of this approach may boost the development of new business models. (BTC , SWIFT )
11:09 AM
Bitcoin in Brief Tuesday: Bank Wires, Tickets, and Diplomas on Blockchain Tech
The prospect of transferring an entire national payment system to blockchain technology deserves attention and we are covering the story in today's Bitcoin in Brief. Reports that Russia may transform its version of SWIFT coincided with the news that the US banking giant JP Morgan has applied for a blockchain patent. (BTC , SWIFT )
06:24 AM
Russia May Use Ethereum Blockchain for Its 'SWIFT' Payments
The central bank of Russia is preparing to transfer payments on SPFS, its domestic version of SWIFT, to the blockchain in 2019. (ETH , SWIFT )
01:24 PM
Russian Central Bank to substitute SWIFT with blockchain in 2019
07:54 AM
Next steps for Worldcore adds IBAN plus major cryptocurrencies
Worldcore, the EU registered digital wallet and payment company, which last year held an ICO for WRC tokens in order to develop their blockchain based services informed today that the team is still working on obtainingmembership with SWIFT and SEPAorganizations which will allow for dedicatedIBANs for each client. (SWIFT )
03:11 PM
Cryptos Fall as Russia Looks To Blockchain to Replace SWIFT
Cryptos Fall as Russia Looks To Blockchain to Replace SWIFT
07:04 AM
3 Big Problems Ripple Investors Can No Longer Ignore
While Ripple is not a bad investment right now, major challenges exist when it comes to long-term prospects for its bank-oriented digital token (XRP), according to Weiss Ratings. (SWIFT , XRP )
03:39 AM
Ripple CEO Promotes Centralization, Puts Down SWIFT
Earlier this week, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse spoke at Money 20/20's fireside chat, where he discussed his vision for the future of his company, XRP, and the Internet of Value. Unsurprisingly, he also argued for centralization in the cryptocurrency space. (SWIFT , XRP )
09:09 AM
SWIFT Glows Over Successful DLT Proof of Concept
The global banking cooperative SWIFT has released an analysis of its recent proof of concept that relied on IBM's Hyperledger Fabric v1.0 DLT platform. While it's too soon for the cooperative's entire (BTC , SWIFT )
11:24 PM
SWIFT Claims 'Huge' Progress on DLT Bank Pilot
SWIFT, the interbank communications firm, has announced the results of a proof-of-concept program using DLT for bank transactions. (SWIFT )
09:09 PM
Enterprise Blockchain May Finally Be Ready for Its Breakout
This detailed analysis of enterprise blockchain reveals a number of reason why enterprise blockchain may be on the verge of its mainstream moment. (SWIFT )
01:09 AM
SWIFT Inks Agreement with CSD Consortium to Use Blockchain Technology for Post Trade
The global secure financial messaging service SWIFT recently inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a consortium of central securities depositories (CSDs) to explore how the digital ledger tec (BTC , SWIFT )
06:24 PM
Swift Signs Agreement With 7 CSDs to Explore Blockchain for Post-Trade
Swift formalizes another major blockchain project by signing a memorandum of understanding with seven Central Securities Depositories. (SWIFT )
12:09 AM
Microsoft CEO Challenges Swift: Build 'Useful' Blockchain Applications
The CEO of Microsoft believes blockchain can have (SWIFT )
01:09 AM
Blockchain of the Vanities? Sibos, Swell and Stellar Troll in Toronto
No one won the game of trolls, but competition between Swift, Ripple and Stellar is still fierce, even though it might be too early for fists. (SWIFT )
03:09 AM
Downplaying 'Digital Assets': Blockchain Reigns at Ripple's Swell Event
An upstart financial conference yesterday saw discussion of digital assets though so-called (SWIFT )
04:39 AM
Not So Swell? Sibos Highlights Swift's Strained Relationship With Blockchain
Day of the Swift's annual Sibos conference found the interbank messaging platform under pressure from the rising tide of cryptocurrencies. It's response? Dismissiveness and snark. (SWIFT )
03:24 PM
Swift Startup Winner Demos Smart Contract Trade with 5 Financial Firms
Blockchain startup SmartContract has today unveiled a new a proof-of-concept built with assistance from five major financial institutions. (SWIFT )
05:39 AM
It's Unanimous: Swift Blockchain Success Sets Stage for Sibos
Swift declares its blockchain proof-of-concept a success, but in the build up to its biggest annual event, implementation is far from certain. (SWIFT )
01:09 AM
Boston Fed VP: Blockchain Will Wake Up Swift and Other Middlemen
The senior vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston believes blockchain will make financial middlemen wake up and innovate. (SWIFT )
03:09 AM
Ripple Eyes SWIFT as its Primary Target to Overtake
One of its selling points is the improved transaction throughput. The Ripple ledger can process 1,500 transactions per second. (SWIFT )
09:24 AM
Barclays Joins CLS Blockchain Consortium in Search of Swift Alternative
Barclays has become the latest major financial institution to join the foreign exchange-focused blockchain consortium CLS. (SWIFT )
07:09 PM
CoinLoan to Offer Loans in Fiat Secured by Crypto Assets
05:09 AM
Bernanke, Berners-Lee to Headline Ripple's 'Sibos-Killer' Conference
Distributed ledger startup Ripple is ramping up its competition with banking services provider Swift by launching a rival conference this fall. (SWIFT )
12:39 PM
SmartContract.com, Used by SWIFT, Announces Technical Leaders as Advisors, Launches ChainLink to Connect Smart Contracts to Off-
Announces first fully decentralized Oracle network, created by industry leaders. (SWIFT )
05:39 AM
Swift's Cross-Border Blockchain Trial Is Moving to Its Next Phase
Swift has completed development work on its first blockchain proof-of-concept, and six global banks are about to put it through its paces. (SWIFT )
05:10 AM
Bank of Russia to enhance Russian SWIFT with blockchain
02:39 AM
Bitswift to Join the Ardor Platform as a Child Chain
Jelurida BV, theholder of intellectual property rights for Nxtsoftware and the Ardor platformtoday announces that Bitswiftwill be added to Ardor, a blockchain-as-a-service platform that allows organizations to create a blockchain without worrying about development or network security. The Ardor platform incorporates Nxts features and a unique architecture that prevents blockchain bloat through pruning where transaction (ARDR , SWIFT )
06:25 AM

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