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Swarm and RSK developing multi-chain distributed storage network
IOV Labs, an organization dedicated to the development of the RSK Smart Contract Network and the RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF OS), today announced a partnership with Swarm, a distributed storage platform and content distribution service, to implement and address the incentivization behavior of the Swarm network as a whole, including (SWARM )
Jun 25
12:08 PM
Bitcoin.com's Local Bitcoin Cash Marketplace Gathers Thousands of Pre-Launch Signups
So far the peer-to-peer exchange Local.Bitcoin.com has seen a huge swarm of interest and there have been over 4,500 signups to date. (BCH , BTC , SWARM )
May 27
02:53 PM
Tokenization platform SWARM selects Copper for crypto custodian
SWARM, an infrastructure provider for the issuance and trading of digital assets, announced today it has selected Copper as its preferred digital (SWARM )
May 15
01:38 AM
Darknet Users Allege Wall Street Market Exit Scammed, Possibly Snatching $30M
During the first week of April, news.Bitcoin.com reported on a large swarm of darknet market (DNM) users flocking from Dream to the Wall Street marketplace. (BTC , SWARM )
Apr 20
03:38 PM
A 7-Year Legal Fight Led This Dev to Build Unstoppable Ethereum Storage
Developer Daniel Nagy's legal battle over a file-sharing node led him to develop ethereum's storage layer, Swarm. (ETH , SWARM )
03:38 AM
Swarm Launches Robinhood Equity Token Having No Robinhood's Permission
Ahead of traditional public listing, the Swarm platform enables institutional investors to reserve their stake in a fund created for the purpose of holding equity in Robinhood. (SWARM )
11:38 AM
Swarm Fund adds support for the MakerDAO Dai stablecoin
Swarm, ablockchain for private equity, today announced that it has partnered with decentralized autonomous organization MakerDAO to integrate the Dai (SWARM )
06:54 AM
Ethereum's Swarm Moves Closer to Achieving a Decentralized Internet
The Swarm Team has announced the immediate release of Swarm client v0.3. Swarm is a distributed storage platform and content distribution service which can facilitate decentralized hosting of websites leading to censorship-resistant content. (ETH , ICE , SWARM )
07:39 AM
Coinbase, Ripple Blast Company Creating Equity Tokens in Their Name
Coinbase and Ripple are pushing back against the equity tokens the Swarm fund announced Wednesday. (SWARM )
10:39 AM
Swarm Syndicates
Decentralized IT security marketplace PolySwarm today announced a $500,000 investment from Swarm Syndicates, led by Joel Dietz. (SWARM )
08:09 AM
Oregon's Cheap Hydropower Attracts a Swarm of Bitcoin Miners
Over the past few months, quite a few bitcoin miners have been flocking to regions in North America in places such as Vancouver, and multiple states in the U.S. throughout the Midwest. Now, according (BTC , SWARM )
06:40 AM
Blockchain marketplace Swarm announces inaugural investment funds
Swarm Fund, the blockchain for private equity, today unveiled the first two funds running on its network and confirmed the on-track timing of its initial p (SWARM )
02:24 PM
Ethereum Storage Network Swarm Enters Next Test Phase
Ethereum's decentralized storage branch, Swarm, announced its third proof-of-concept to test the privacy and scalability of the project. (ETH , SWARM )
11:47 AM
Swarm Closes $5.5 Million ICO for Alternative Investment Fund
Another experiment in blockchain powered governance went underway nearly as soon as its token sale ended. (SWARM )
10:09 AM
Swarm City Is Now on Blockchain
After a recent hack where over 30 million in ETH were stolen from multiple blockchain projects, one project called Swarm City has started to get some recognition for having its wallet drained of 44k ETH. Mainstream media and lots of other press outlets have now shared the projects name all over the place. Id like Continue reading Swarm City Is Now on Blockchain (ETH , SWARM , SWT )
01:54 PM
Ethereum Mist browser adds ENS and Swarm support
Mist, the browser which allows interaction with the Ethereum network through the use of Dapps has updated with a new release which adds some anticipated fe (ETH , SWARM )
12:09 AM
Olga Feldmeier: The Ethereum Parity Security Breach Is a Cause of Concern
Parity, one of the forerunners of smart contract coding suffered security breach this week. As confirmed byEtherscan.io150,000 ethers, worth $30 million, have been stolen. On different media there was discussion going on about the targeted attack: Edgeless Casino, Swarm City, and ternity three ICO projects built on Ethereum assuggested by Manual Araoz. I am Continue reading Olga Feldmeier: The Ethereum Parity Security Breach Is a Cause of Concern (EDG , ETH , SWARM , SWT )
12:24 PM
Using the Blockchain Technology To Develop Swarm Robotic Systems
Using the Blockchain Technology To Develop Swarm Robotic Systems (SWARM )
07:25 AM
JAAK Uses Ethereum and Swarm to Disrupt the Media and Entertainment Industry
JAAK, a company using blockchain technology to disrupt the media and entertainment industry, has been selected for the first Techstars Music accelerator. (ETH , SWARM )
05:39 AM
Launch Swarm City Terminal
With the launch of Terminal, Swarm City takes the first big step towards building a decentralized peer to peer sharing economy. (SWARM )
02:09 AM
JAAK Announces META, Decentralized Network Backed by Ethereum and Swarm
Vaughn McKenzie of the London-based tech company JAAK has announced META project, a decentralized open network, backed by Ethereum and Swarm, which enables organizations to capture, store, verify and communicate commercial metadata. (ETH , SWARM )
09:26 AM
Cypherpunk Comic Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto to launch Crowdfund on SWARM platform
11:09 PM
[Live Video Stream] Swarm Demo Day 2014
01:10 PM
Swarm #1: Rick Falkvinges SwarmOps Project
09:54 PM
The Uber of Venture Capital: An Interview with Swarm Founder Joel Dietz
03:24 PM
Swarm #1: Tom and Garys Global Party Pandemic
09:54 PM
The Hunt for Satoshi fundraiser Is Live On Swarm
11:09 AM
Bitcoin Crowdfunding Platform Swarm Announces First Decentralized Demo Day
11:55 PM
Ethereum-Backed Micropayments Could Help Us Live Without Facebook and Google Spying
Dr. Aron Fischer of Swarm and Colony explains how Ethereum-backed micropayments will free us from the control of Facebook and Google. (ETH , SWARM )
04:10 AM
Swarm Redefines Crowdfunding
10:39 PM
Swarm #1: Solomon Lederers Coinspace Project
03:39 PM
New Release of Ethereums Client Geth Awakens the Swarm
With the geth 1.5 release, Ethereum integrates an alpha version Swarm in its main client; a distributed storage platform that is part of Ethereums vision of Web 3.0. The long-term goal of Ethereum go (ETH , SWARM )
09:39 AM
Ethereum Geth Release introduces Swarm Daemon feature
08:09 AM
Upcoming Ethereum Geth Release Introduces Swarm Daemon Functionality
To be more precise, Geth 1.4.19 and 1.5 are both scheduled for release next week, each of which has their own set of new features to look forward to. (ETH , SWARM )
02:23 AM
Crypto-Crooks Steal Monero Using Compromised FTP Server Swarm
Cyber-thieves are making away with the cryptocurrency Monero after compromising file transfer protocol servers with a malware that exploits its targets CPU and power resources. (SWARM , XMR )
10:23 AM
Ethereum's 'Holy Trinity' Takes Shape As Swarm Testnet Arrives
One-third of ethereum's 'Holy Trinity' of protocols may soon pass a key milestone. (ETH , SWARM )
03:08 AM

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