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Stratis News

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Online pharmacy UK Meds joins MediConnect's secure blockchain data solution
MediConnect, a DLT solution for the pharmaceutical industry using blockchain technology by Stratis Platform, today welcomed UK Meds as its first major (STRAT )
Apr 25
06:53 AM
Blockchain development platform Stratis reveals new 2019 roadmap
Stratis, the blockchain development platform, has announced a new development roadmap for the remainder of 2019. The roadmap focuses on both the adoption (STRAT )
Apr 12
04:08 AM
Crypto Price Analysis & Overview Mar.19: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, OmiseGo and Stratis
Bitcoin Attempts to break through the resistance at $3,900 succeeded but there was difficulty holding around $4,000. There were attempts to break through this (BTC , ETH , OMG , STRAT )
Mar 19
10:53 AM
Stratis blockchain launches updated Full Node 3.0.2 and Core 1.1.0
Enterprise blockchain application ecosystem Stratis announced today that the Stratis Full Node 3.0.2 is now available. The team reports a significant (STRAT )
Mar 13
12:23 PM
London-based Project Uses Microsoft Architecture to Make Blockchain Easier for Developers
Built on top of the .NET framework, the company is believed to be the first platform to have Turing-complete smart contracts in C#. (STRAT )
Jan 30
08:53 AM
Top Crypto Performers Overview: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, NEO, IOTA, Binance Coin, Stratis
As the market keeps maturing, some experts are pointing out correlations between the prices of crypto and some of the traditional assets. (ETC , ETH , MIOTA , STRAT )
05:08 AM
Crypto Market Update: Stratis (STRAT), Stellar (XLM), Bitcoin Cash, ADA Price Analysis
Bitcoin cash rallied above the $125-130 resistance and it may continue higher. Stratis (STRAT) surged roughly 40%, and Stellar (XLM) and Cardano (ADA) remain above key supports. (ADA , BCH , BTC , STRAT , XLM )
10:08 PM
Crypto Market Update: Rebound Continues, 20% Gain Since The Weekend
FOMO Moments Crypto markets still on the up; Waves and Bitcoin Cash are flying, Tron and Iota following. Following yesterday's long-awaited crypto market Crypto markets still on the up; Waves and Bitcoin Cash are flying, Tron and Iota following. (BCH , BTC , MIOTA , STRAT )
01:08 AM
Stratis launches C# full node on mainnet and core wallet production release
Stratis, the blockchain application platform for business has announced the production release of the Stratis C# Full Node on Mainnet. The Stratis Full (STRAT )
05:53 PM
UK Meds Signs Deal with Stratis to Use Blockchain in Online Pharmacy Industry
A major U.K.-based online pharmacy has partnered with Stratis to bring the benefits of blockchain to the industry. UK Meds believe that using the Stratis The creators of blockchain platform Stratis have partnered with UK Meds. It's believed blockchain could bring additional safety to the industry. (STRAT )
06:09 PM
Online Pharmacy UK Meds Partners with Stratis to Adopt Blockchain
Image: Pills, via goodfreephotos.comOnline pharmacy UK Meds has partnered with Stratis to implement blockchain technology across its UK operations with plans to collaborate with the broader online pha (BTC , STRAT )
07:23 PM
25% of All Smart Contracts Contain Critical Bugs
Security firm Hosho, which has forged a new partnership with community managers Amazix, has found that one in four projects contains critical vulnerabilities. (ETH , STRAT )
09:08 AM
Stratis releases Breeze with Privacy Protocol on mainnet
Startis, the platform for native C# and .Net blockchain solutions announced today that its Breeze Wallet with Breeze Privacy Protocol public mainnet release is now available and represents a key step in the product development roadmap for the Stratis team. (STRAT )
11:56 AM
Cryptocurrency Market Update: Stellar Flies High on New Partnership
Crypto land is still in the green, Stellar, ChainLink, Stratis and Komodo making good gains. The correction has not happened yet and markets are still The correction has not happened yet and markets are still creeping higher. Only Bitcoin and a couple of altcoins seem to be the beneficiaries however. Total market capitalization has broken $300 billion and is holding just above it at the moment. (BTC , STR , STRAT , XLM )
02:39 AM
Stratis announces sidechains alpha release in C# on the .NET framework
Stratis, the blockchain application platform today announced the Stratis federated sidechains alpha release in C# on the .NET framework. Stratis has (STRAT )
12:40 PM
Cryptos That Fell from Grace, Looking Back at Last Year's Hot Altcoins
Things change fast in the crypto sphere and today's hot cryptocurrency may well be tomorrow's shitcoin. Looking back at the scene a year ago in June 2017 shows a slightly different set of coins and tokens in the top 20. The question is: where are they now? (BTS , ETC , ETH , STRAT )
06:09 AM
Stratis Launches Much-Awaited ICO Platform
On May 9, 2018, Stratis announced the launch of its feature-driven ICO platform. Equipped with a customizable design that helps customers build a unique identity based on their brand, the platform acc (BTC , STRAT )
05:09 AM
Stratis announces the full release of their ICO platform
Stratis, the blockchain as a service development platform announced today the release of the Stratis ICO Platform. The ICO Platform is feature rich and enables users to deploy an ICO within minutes via the 'Deploy to Azure' button. (STRAT )
03:09 PM
The Best Cryptos to Own for March 28, 2018 (SNOV, MTH, STRAT, NAS, BTC, TRX and SC)
The cryptocurrency markets have been turbulent since the beginning of 2018. However, with corrections come rebounds and the depressed prices of most cryptocurrencies provide the perfect prices to accu (BTC , SC , STRAT )
03:09 PM
Here's Why You Can't Judge a Coin by Its Market Cap
Ever heard of a coin called ucash? You should have. It's in the world's top 25 cryptocurrencies after all, based on market cap, placing it higher than stratis, omisego, and zcash. Making it to the hal (BTC , OMG , STRAT , ZEC )
08:54 AM
The Best Cryptocurrencies Plays for the Week Beginning Feb. 12, 2018 (BNTY, ETC, GAS, STRAT, and ZCL)
This week has many important events from five conferences on three continents along to Bitcoin future expirations occurring on the CBOE. Each week there are coins that should outperform that standard (BTC , ETC , GAS , STRAT , ZCL )
06:54 AM
How to Run a Stratis Full Node: A Beginner's Guide
The Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform Stratis has been quietly lancing partnerships and new technologies (Azure and TumbleBit), cultivating a robust community of C# developers, and streamlining (BTC , STRAT )
07:24 PM
Top Coins for the Week Beginning Jan 29 (ICX, STRAT, NEO, TNC, DBC, and XRB)
Each week has multiple events that dramatically impact the price of both specific coins and the entire cryptocurrency market. This week there are major developments that should add significant momentu (BTC , STRAT , XRB )
01:24 PM
Stratis partners with Silicon Valley software company Gluon
Stratis, the blockchain application platform today announced that the Silicon Valley-based corporation, Gluon, will be teaming up with Stratis as one of it (STRAT )
08:53 AM
Stratis Breeze Wallet with Breeze Privacy Protocol released in beta
Stratis announced today the launch of the beta version of the Breeze Wallet including the Breeze Privacy Protocol feature as well as an enhanced user inter (STRAT )
06:26 PM
Stratis announces test launch of ICO platform
Stratis announced today the launch of the 'Stratis Test ICO' which utilizes the Stratis ICO platform. The Stratis ICO Platform is a secure, customizable pl (STRAT )
06:54 AM
Stratis blockchain platform releases beta of Breeze Wallet on MainNet
Stratis, the blockchain as a service development platform announced today the Breeze Wallet MainNet beta release is now available and represents a key step (STRAT )
08:54 AM
Stratis Platform announces Breeze wallet beta release
Stratis announced today the launch of its beta release of its Breeze wallet, the dual-currency full-block SPV wallet is now available and represents a sign (STRAT )
11:24 AM
Changelly integrated into official Stratis platform app
Blockchain asset exchange Changelly has announced integration with the official Statis blockchain platform app. From now on, users can buy and sell STRAT w (STRAT )
03:54 AM
UK Blockchain Company Hits 100,000 Investment via Bitcoin
Stratis, a London-based blockchain solutions company, has a goal of building a Blockchain Development Platform. (BTC , STRAT )
08:09 PM
Obsidian's Use of C# Based Stratis to Empower the OSM Ecosystem
Use of Stratis based C# Blockchain empowers Obsidian ecosystem by encouraging community development. Read more... (STRAT )
06:09 PM
Breeze Wallet Integrates Trustless Payment Hub Tumblebit
This week the Stratis project announced a full implementation of Tumblebit into the firms Breeze Privacy Protocol which aims to offer a safe way to anonym (BTC , STRAT )
03:43 PM
Stratis' TumbleBit Wallet Is One Step Closer
On August 10, the Stratis Platform team announced the attainment of a major milestone in the development of their Breeze Wallet, which is one of the first implementations of TumbleBit, a protocol to i (BTC , STRAT )
01:24 PM
Stratis integrates TumbleBit into Breeze wallet for bitcoin privacy
Stratis, the blockchain development platform designed for the needs of real world enterprise and financial services announcedthis week that the Breeze dev (BTC , STRAT )
04:24 AM
Stratis releases alpha version of the Breeze TumbleBit Server
Stratis, the blockchain-as-a-service provider has announced that its highly anticipated alpha version of the Breeze TumbleBit Server has now been released (STRAT )
02:54 AM
Ripple Shines for a Day, Struggles to Regain Its Mid-May High
12:39 PM
What is Stratis (STRAT) and is it a Good Investment?
The impressive rally of bitcoin in the first half of 2017 helped to drive an even more exuberant rally in altcoins. One of the altcoins that has benefited from this has been the digital token stratis. (BTC , STRAT )
07:54 PM
Stratis releases alpha version of Breeze wallet
The Stratis Foundationrecently announced the release of the highly anticipated alpha version of the Breeze wallet on the BTC testnet.As ... (BTC , STRAT )
02:10 PM
Stratis Launches Alpha Version of Privacy-Focused Wallet Breeze
This past week on June 30 the Stratis team launched the alpha version of the Breeze wallet a platform that aims to leverage the privacy-focused Tumblebit (BTC , STRAT )
05:09 AM
Stratis Offers Blockchain as a Service to Its Users
06:10 AM
Monero, Stratis Continue to Fight Over Number 10 on CoinMarketCap
For some time now Cointelegraph has been highlighting how Monero has been declining gradually in terms of Market Capital ranking. (STRAT , XMR )
12:24 PM
(+) Cryptocurrency Analysis: Zcash, Bitshares, Stratis, Steem, Factom
08:39 AM
Top 10 Crypto Reshuffle Starring BitShares, Stratis, Monero, Waves
Last week was merely up and downs but the week ended on a very good note with Bitcoin burgeoning again and threatening to hit $3000 soon. (BTC , BTS , STRAT , XMR )
10:54 AM
Stratis updates wallet with improved dynamic load balancing
Stratis Group, an end-to-end solutions provider for the development, testing and deployment of native C# blockchain applications on the .Net... (STRAT )
08:54 AM
Top Altcoin Reshuffle: Waves vs. Bytecoin, Stratis vs. Monero and More
There were a few changes in the top echelons of the market in the week. Mostly, tokens were seen adjusting after the whirlwind. (BCN , STRAT , XMR )
09:54 AM
Stratis Hits $1 Billion Market Cap, Holders Optimistic
The Blockchain Application Token, Stratis, that entered the top 10 less than two weeks ago selling for a few dollars is now being sold for $11.42 (STRAT )
06:09 AM
Stratis Leaps 75% in a Week Rank #9th Most Valuable Cryptocurrency
02:54 PM
Stratis Platform mines 1st POS block in C#
Stratis, a platform which offers native C# and .Net end-to-end blockchain solutions announced a major milestone achieved by the development ... (STRAT )
12:24 PM
Stratis Development Team Announces Breeze Tumbler Nodes With Financial Incentives
Bitcoin News: Stratis Development Team Announces Breeze Tumbler Nodes With Financial Incentives (BTC , STRAT )
04:39 AM
First Bitcoin Wallet to Address Privacy Issues Without Requiring Any Forks
TumbleBit is to be introduced to Stratis Groups soon-to-be-released Breeze Wallet, introducing new privacy features to Bitcoin users and the Stratis platform. (BTC , STRAT )
09:09 AM

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