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Liquid Democracy: How Blockchain will Revolutionize Voting
Developers behind Sovereign, an application that combines blockchain technology and Liquid Democracy, are hoping to inspire voters to re-enter the political sphere. A Decaying Political Machine One of (BTC , SPHR )
Sep 12
01:32 PM
What Can Crypto Exchanges Learn From Traditional Banking?
The crypto-sphere needs to take some lessons from legacy banking models, in at least three areas - simplicity, scalability, and reporting methodologies. (SPHR )
Sep 01
08:09 PM
BRIEF-Sphere 3d Corp announces placement of $3 mln
Sphere 3d Corp: (SPHR )
Aug 14
04:01 AM
BRIEF-Sphere 3D establishes board subcommittee and retains Ernst & Young Capital Advisors as exclusive financial advisor to eval
Sphere 3D Corp (SPHR )
Aug 11
06:16 AM
BRIEF-Lynn Factor cuts stake in Sphere 3D to of 7.5 pct from 13.2 pct
Sphere 3d Corp (SPHR )
Jul 27
11:31 AM
BRIEF-Sphere 3D files for offering of up to 2.2 mln common shares by the selling shareholders
Sphere 3D Corp (SPHR )
Jul 20
02:45 PM
Logistics Using Blockchain: Three Main ICOs of July
The start of the ICOs of three interesting projects in the sphere of logistics means that the interest of experienced teams in using the blockchain technology has increased to the level of project realisation. (SPHR )
Jul 20
02:26 PM

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