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Status News

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Bithumb Lists Cardano (ADA) and Status Token (SNT), Prices React
Amid the ongoing overall market correction, Cardano (ADA) and Status Token (SNT) surge in price following Bithumb's announcement that it will list both cryptocurrencies on its exchange. (ADA , SNT )
09:09 PM
Chinese Exchange Launching Southeast Asian Crypto Trading Hub
Chinese exchange Zb.com has set up a branch in Thailand with a plan to turn it into the regional crypto trading hub in Southeast Asia. The move came as the Thai government finalizes the country's regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings. (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETC , ETH , FUN , LTC , SNT )
01:39 PM
Morning Asian trading roundup: the leading altcoin is Status
The selloff continues as we enter another week in crypto land. Asian trading is all in the red once again and Bitcoin has fallen to the psychologically critical $8,000 level. (BTC , SNT )
07:40 PM
Ethereum client Status integrates with SIRIN LABS blockchain phone
Status,a mobile Ethereum client built entirely on peer-to-peer technologies, is partnering withSIRIN LABS, the creator of a secure blockchain phone, in o (ETH , SNT )
01:54 PM
After Raising $100 Million, Status Reveals an NFC Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet - Coinjournal
Status, an innovative project which introduced an Ethereum blockchain-based decentralized browser, with built-in chat and wallet functionality, has recently closed a $100 million funding round through the sale of its SNT tokens. Following the closure of its token sale, the Status team has announced its appointment of former Google product manager, Nabil Naghdy as their (ETH , SNT )
07:39 AM
CoinTree adds new coins including BAT, BNT, DCR, EDG, EOS, NMR, SNT and WAVES
CoinTree, an Australian-based cryptocurrency exchange has today added to its list of tokens available for trading. Also, for the first time, some coins hav (BAT , BNT , DCR , EDG , EOS , NMR , SNT , WAVES )
05:24 AM
RBA: Status quo on rates, no major changes - Westpac
RBA has left its cash rate on hold at 1.50% with mostly minor changes to the Governors decision statement, notes Matthew Hassan, Research Analyst at (SNT )
11:45 PM
BitMEX launches Status token (SNT) futures ahead of ICO
Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BitMEX continues to add select altcoins to its futures contract listings. After
06:54 AM

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