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SingularDTV News

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Alibaba Filmmaking Arm to Distribute New Movie Rights via Tokens: Report
Alibaba Groups movie-making arm Alibaba Pictures plans to tokenize distribution rights for its new film (ETH , SNGLS )
05:09 AM
Blockchain-Powered Film Studio Rebrands, Taps David Lynch
SingularDTV, one of the most well-known blockchain companies in the film space has rebranded as Breaker and has reportedly linked up with two of the most respected directors in the world according to (BTC , SNGLS )
11:53 PM
New 'Trust Machine' Blockchain Film Tackles Politics of Technology
Alex Winter's movie 'Trust Machine: The story of Blockchain' is to open in a world premiere on Friday, October 26, 2018 at Cinema Village, New York. (SNGLS )
07:23 AM
Puerto Rican Musicians and Ethereum-based SingularDTV Collaborate to Help Hurricane Victims
Blockchain technology has brought us new methods of empowerment and new ways to break with the traditional production and distribution of artistic content. The music industry is one of the industries (BTC , ETH , SNGLS )
04:39 PM
From DAO to CODE: SingularDTV to Make Ethereum Smart Contracts More Secure
Having placed its intellectual property onto the Ethereum blockchain, CODE is being introduced to bridge between the legacy business world and the decentralized paradigm on the platform in a way that protects both the token issuer and token holders from potential liability. (DAO , ETH , SNGLS )
10:55 AM
SingularDTV Announces New 11 Application Ecosystem
SingularDTV Announces New 11 Application Ecosystem (SNGLS )
12:39 AM
Tokencard ICO Bug Nets SNGLS Investors Up To 1,100% Extra
Tokencards $12.7 mln ICO has suffered a bug which allowed certain investors to gain tokens at a discount. (SNGLS )
08:54 AM
Ethereum-Based Platform Hires Another Hollywood Talent
SingularDTV has hired another Hollywood giant in the person of Jason Tyrrell, as Vice President of content. (ETH , SNGLS )
09:09 AM
Hollywood Blockchained: Ethereum-Based Entertainment Platform Promises More High-Profile Hires
SingularDTV CEO, Zach Lebeau has indicated to Cointelegraph that they will hire more Hollywood experts to shape his companies drive and future plans. (ETH , SNGLS )
06:09 AM
Blockchain Entertainment Studio Ropes in Hollywood Talent as Advisor
SingularDTV, a blockchain entertainment studio and rights management platform building a decentralized entertainment industry on the Ethereum blockchain. (ETH , SNGLS )
11:24 AM
SingularDTV Hires Hollywood Producer for Blockchain Launch
Blockchain entertainment platform SingularDTV has hired Hollywood producer Michael Blieden to coordinate its launch efforts. (SNGLS )
08:54 AM
Legacy Film, Video Players "Open to Possibility" of Blockchain Tech, Says SingularDTV CEO
06:54 AM
Legacy Film, Video Players "Open to Possibility" of Blockchain Tech, Says SingularDTV CEO
SingularDTV CEO, Zach LeBeau, believes that achieving a decentralized and equitable global film and video ecosystem is likely to result from... (SNGLS )
12:54 PM

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