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SMC Capital Explores the Secret of Biki Exchanges Explosive Growth With CEO, Ethan Ng
Biki Exchange CEO, Ethan Ng, recently co-hosted Londons Invest and Trade event with blockchain VC and advisory firm, SMC Capital.After the event, Ethan (SMC )
10:09 AM
Biki Exchange and SMC Capital Host This Years Invest and Trade Event in London
High profile event about trading and investing trends in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. With the advent of bitcoin, the last decade saw the (BTC , SMC )
09:09 AM
SMC Capital Partner Explains Why Weekend Bitcoin Trading is Booming
Mikhail Mironov of SMC Capital says weekend trading volumes for bitcoin is indicative of growing retail trading especially from China. (BTC , SMC )
10:53 AM
Worlds First Decentralized Fintech Exchange OpenLedger Launches
Leading Danish bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange CCEDK has introduced the worlds first decentralized multi-lingual fintech exchange Open Ledger, allowing users to convert bitcoin to fiat-pegged SmartCoins (BTC , SMC )
10:09 PM

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