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RIF Name Service now lets users manage domains from any blockchain
IOV Labs, an organization dedicated to the development of RSK Smart Contract Network and RSK Infrastructure Framework OS (RIF OS) Protocols (RNS )
Jun 11
10:23 AM
Russian Social Media Giant VK Eyes Launching its Own Crypto: Report
The most popular social media platform in Russia, VKontakte (VK), is considering developing its own cryptocurrency, local news outlet RNS reported on March 28. (RNS )
Mar 31
07:53 AM
Putin Sets Timeline for ICO and Mining Regulation
Russian President Vladimir Putin has laid out a timeline within which regulation should be drawn up by Moscow lawmakers covering both initial coin offerings and cryptocurrency mining. According todomestic newspaper RNS, Putin made the announcement on Tuesday following a meeting devoted to digital technologies in the financial sphere. The President instructed the Kremlin to prepare Continue reading Putin Sets Timeline for ICO and Mining Regulation (RNS , SPHR )
05:54 PM
Putin Advisor Announces Russian Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
The chief internet advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced the creation of a new association focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency. According to local news source RNS, Herman Klim (BTC , RNS )
03:09 AM
Russia Wants to Introduce Mandatory Authentication of Cryptocurrency Users
Russias deputy minister of finance Alexei Moiseev has stated that users who conduct cryptocurrency transactions have to be identified. According to RNS, the official also believes that cryptocurrenci (BTC )
08:40 AM
QIWI Considers Crimea Blockchain Project
Russian payments processor QIWI could introduce blockchain technology in power industry companies in 2017. As reported by RNS, the pilot project is currently being under development in association wit
07:53 AM

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