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Peercoin News

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Poland's Cryptocurrency Tax Law Crashes as Investors Resist Draconian Regulation
While most stake hodlers in the cryptocurrency ecosystem agree that there is a need for amenable regulation of the cryptosphere, Polish digital currency investors have refused to abide by the PPC la (BTC , PPC )
May 26
02:09 PM
Weekly Altcoin Price Review: The Triumph of Dogecoin in January
Dogecoin was the sensation of January. Litecoin this week feels quite sure, DASH and Peercoin have strong positions, while ETH faces a remarkable volatility. (DASH , DOGE , ETH , LTC , PPC )
08:43 AM
Daily Altcoin Price Analysis: One More Dance After The Party
Litecoin for some moments returned to the previous level. DASH price surely and quietly grows, but Peercoin and Dogecoin are falling. (DASH , DOGE , LTC , PPC )
08:43 AM
Altcoin 2017 Forecast: Litecoin (LTC), Peercoin (PPC), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Ripple (XRP)
12:23 AM
Vcash Offers Near Instant, Off-Chain Transactions
Based on the Peercoin codebase, Vcash or Vanillacoin (denoted XVC), looks to solve problems of both Bitcoin and Peercoin and their derivatives. Bitcoin and its derivatives all have inefficient network (BTC , PPC , VNL , XVC )
10:23 AM
How Peercoin Got A Boost From Bitcoin's Halving
With bitcoin mining becoming less profitable, one recipient of excess hashpower is Peercoin, a lesser-known digital currency. (BTC , PPC )
09:23 AM
Emercoin: Leading the way Towards a Decentralized World; An Interview with CCO Jason Cassidy
Emercoinwas founded in 2013 as a hybrid of PPCoin and Namecoin and was established with the vision of creating a fully functioning merchant platform. (EMC , NMC , PPC )
04:00 AM
NeuCoin Gaining 8,000 Users a Day; Will Halve Supply to a Billion Coins
NeuCoin, known as the 2nd Generation Peercoin Fork, says it has reached over 275,000 users three months after launching its consumer apps, gaining... (NEU , PPC )
04:00 AM
Cryptocurrency Exchange 247exchange Expands To Canada
247exchangehas expanded its cryptocurrency exchange services for bitcoin,Litecoin, Peercoin and Namecoin toCanada, allowing Canadians to buy cryptocurrency with CAD. (BTC , LTC , NMC , PPC )
05:00 AM

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