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PascalCoin News

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RHminer RandomHash CPU and Nvidia GPU Miner for PascalCoin (PASC)
If you are looking to mine PascalCoin (PASC) on your crypto mining hardware you need to check out the RHminer for the RandomHash algorithm. The miner is open (PASC )
Mar 13
05:23 AM
New Claymore Dual Ethereum + Decred/Siacoin/Lbry/Pascal/Blake2s/Keccak AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner
Claymore has updated his dual Ethereum plus DCR, SC, LBRY, PASC, Blake2s and Keccak AMD and Nvidia GPU miner to version 11.6 bringing some performance improvements for slower Nvidia GPUS as well as in (BTC , DCR , ETH , PASC , SC )
08:09 AM
PascalCoin A New Cryptocurrency Setting a Record For Daily Trade Volume
11:26 AM

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