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OmiseGO News

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Maker's Stability Fee Drops to 5.5% After Multi-Collateral Dai Announcement
On October 28, it was reported that Makerdaos stability fee was reduced by a 'whale' with roughly 94% of the voting power. (DGD , ETH , GNT , OMG , REP , ZRX )
Nov 03
11:38 AM
Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange to Add Support for OmiseGo and PAX Gold
San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken adds support for OmiseGO and PAX Gold, trading starts on Oct. 29 (OMG )
Oct 28
01:24 PM
OmiseGo Joins Crypto Coalition Universal Protocol Alliance
OmiseGo, a finance-oriented scaling network for Ethereum, has become a member of Universal Protocol Alliance, a coalition of blockchain and cryptocurrency-focus... (ETH , OMG )
Oct 08
06:09 PM
Hydro Labs partners with OmiseGo for scaling Ethereum (ETH) payments
Hydro Labs, a decentralized, and open-source project for decentralized applications, today announced a new partnership with plasma infrastructure provider (ETH , OMG )
Oct 08
03:54 AM
Abra Restricts Americans From Holding EOS and 4 Other Altcoins
California-based crypto wallet service Abra will restrict U.S. users from holding EOS and other altcoins in August (BTC , EOS , OMG )
Jul 26
05:53 AM
eToro Is Adding the First ERC-20 Crypto Tokens to Its Wallet
The eToro cryptocurrency wallet is rolling out support for 120 ERC-20 standard tokens, starting Tuesday with MKR, BAT and OMG. (BAT , ERC , OMG )
Jul 02
09:23 PM
Bitcoin's Big Price Drop Is the Latest in a Long History of Flash Crashes
On Wednesday, June 26, the price of BTC came close to reaching $14K. One hour later, it had dropped by close to 18%. Such events are known as a flash (BTC , OMG )
Jun 28
10:23 AM
OmiseGo launches the second version of OMG Network
OmiseGo, a scaling solution for finance on Ethereum, enabling transparent, peer-to-peer transactions in real-time, has announced the newest release (ETH , OMG )
May 20
06:08 AM
KR1 liquidates OmiseGo (OMG) and cashes in Nash Exchange (NEX) tokens
KR1, a digital asset investment company supporting early-stage decentralized and open source blockchain projects, today announced that the firm has (OMG )
Apr 25
04:23 AM
OmiseGo Denies Acquisition by Thailand's Biggest Private Company
Hasegawa Jun, the founder of Omise - the company behind OmiseGo (OMG) - denied the recent acquisition rumors in correspondence to Cointelegraph Japan on March (OMG )
Mar 30
07:53 AM
Crypto Price Analysis & Overview Mar.19: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, OmiseGo and Stratis
Bitcoin Attempts to break through the resistance at $3,900 succeeded but there was difficulty holding around $4,000. There were attempts to break through this (BTC , ETH , OMG , STRAT )
Mar 19
10:53 AM
Switzerland's Largest Online Retailer Starts Accepting 10 Cryptocurrencies
The largest Swiss online retailer, Digitec Galaxus, has started accepting crypto payments at its two stores. Customers can choose from 10 cryptocurrencies to pay with including BTC, BCH, BNB, ETH, TRX, OMG, and XRP. One of the stores specializes in consumer electronics while the other focuses on everyday needs. (BCH , BTC , ETH , LTC , OMG , XRP )
Mar 19
08:23 AM
OmiseGo Partners With Singapore Ride Hailing App to Trial Blockchain Solutions
Ethereum-based payment platform OmiseGo partnered with a Singapore firm behind a popular ride hailing app to develop a Proof-of-Concept and promote blockchain t... (ETH , OMG )
06:23 PM
OmiseGO Presents an 'Achievable Roadmap' to Survive Bear Market
OmiseGo, one of the more promising token, published a roadmap detailing its future map in the coming months on Medium on October 30, 2018. Learning from previous experiences, the blog post stated that (BTC , OMG )
01:09 AM
Cryptocurrency Market Update: Birthday Bitcoin Stays Over $6,000 for a Year
FOMO Moments Markets have found a new level for now; Dash, OmiseGO starting to recover, Revain dumping still. Crypto markets seem to have found another Yesterday's big dump stopped just above $200 billion total capitalization and markets have remained at that level today. (BTC , OMG )
10:08 PM
'OMG Hacked!' Twitter Blocks Elon Musk After Bitcoin Tweet
Elon Musk suffered a temporary ban of his Twitter account after advising people to buy Bitcoin, he revealed October 22. Musk: Twitter 'Thought I Got Elon Musk suffered a temporary ban of his Twitter account after advising people to buy Bitcoin, he revealed October 22. (BTC , OMG )
03:08 AM
Omise Bags Japanese Investment to Support its Blockchain PayPal Alternative
Japanese venture capital firm Global Brains has invested an undisclosed sum into Omise Holdings, a Thailand-based FinTech service provider. (OMG )
05:08 AM
Maker Becomes Most Valuable Token as Nearly 1% of all ETH Is Locked in Dai
With a market cap of above half a billion dollars, Maker is now the most valuable Ethereum token after overtaking OmiseGo. Most of Maker's success is attributed to its Dai stablecoin, which now has al (BTC , ETH , OMG )
01:23 PM
Cryptocurrency Market Update: OmiseGO Volume Surges 230%, Price Spikes 12%
FOMO Moments Markets are creeping up; Monero, OmiseGO, VeChain and Neo improving. Crypto markets are still a little sluggish this morning but the good Crypto markets are still a little sluggish this morning but the good news is that they have not fallen back again. Very minor gains have been made on the day keeping total market capitalization above $235 billion. (OMG , XMR )
01:08 AM
Ethereum Based Tokens are Eyeing All-Time Low Against Bitcoin, Future Trend
Ethereum based tokens, which have recorded astronomical gains against Bitcoin in the bull market of 2017, are on track to see all-time low prices. (BTC , ETH , GNO , OMG , REP )
03:08 AM
July Roundup: Cryptocurrency Winners and Losers
Top performing cryptocurrencies were Bitcoin, Stellar, and Zcash while Binance Coin, Tezos, OmiseGO and Qtum were the biggest losers. As another month Top performing cryptocurrencies were Bitcoin, Stellar, and Zcash while Binance Coin, Tezos, OmiseGO and Qtum were the biggest losers. (BTC , OMG , ZEC )
07:24 AM
How a Chinese Crypto Hedge Fund Saw 60-Fold Returns With its Unorthodox Strategy
FBG Capital has become one of the largest players in the crypto hedge fund space, garnering support from an array of industry leaders. (OMG )
02:24 AM
Hopes of Crypto Recovery Fade as Altcoins Lose Ground
FOMO Moments Crypto land is in decline; altcoins getting hit hardest are Stellar, VeChain, and OmiseGO, only Dash on the up The correction has continued The correction has continued as we end the working week in crypto land. Markets have dropped back below $285 billion and most cryptos are in the red again as the bears regain control. (OMG )
04:09 AM
Status and OmiseGo Team Up to Advance the Web3 Ecosystem - Coinjournal
Ethereum-based operating system Status is working with OmiseGO, a network providing financial inclusion and interoperability, to advance the web3 ecosystem. (ETH , OMG )
04:54 AM
Status partners with OmiseGO to advance web3 ecosystem
Today,Statusa mobile OS to access the Ethereum network announced a new partnership withOmiseGO, a protocol for interoperability, on-chain, cross-chain (ETH , OMG )
07:54 AM
Indian Exchange Zebpay Boosts Trading Support for 19 Cryptos Ahead of RBI Ban
Leading Indian cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay has added new cryptocurrencies to its crypto-to-crypto trading platform. The exchange now supports 19 cryptocurrencies and over 35 trading pairs, as it prepares for the banking ban by the country's central bank to go into effect next week. (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , OMG , XRP )
03:24 PM
Below $0.50: XRP Prices Fall to New 2018 Lows
XRP and other well-known cryptos are sitting on dangerous grounds as they print new price lows for 2018. (LTC , OMG , XRP )
01:39 PM
PR: Cryptagio Obtains Licences
Tallinn, Estonia, - On its way to supporting fiat currencies, Cryptagio digital asset exchange is halfway through. The company has recently obtained licences for providing its users with a crypto-fiat exchange as well as wallet services. (BTC , ETH , OMG , USDT )
02:26 AM
Bitcoin Outperforms Pantera Capital's Diversified Cryptocurrency Fund
Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital, shared his thoughts on the tumultuous cryptocurrency market conditions, outlining that Bitcoin has managed to outperform the company's Digital Asset Fund in May. (BTC , DASH , OMG , WAVES )
11:09 AM
Vitalik Buterin: Sharding and Plasma Could Scale Ethereum by 10,000x
Vitalik Buterin sheds some clarity on the matters of Sharding and Plasma, essentially suggesting that Ethereum's network can ultimately support tens of thousands of transactions per second. (ETH , OMG )
08:24 AM
OmiseGo Updates the Roadmap and Conquers New Markets
The decentralized network which is focused at scalability and proof-of-stake goes live on Unocoin after the update on future plans. (OMG )
02:24 PM
OmiseGO to Initiate Decentralization In Q4 2018
OmiseGO, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange issued on Ethereum who has raised $25 million in its initial coin offering in Q2 2017, has updated its roadmap to clarify the timelines and milestones ahead. (ETH , OMG )
07:09 AM
OmiseGo Hits Two-Month High Amid Airdrop and Exchange Listings
OmiseGo's OMG token is reporting double-digit gains today, possibly due to new listings on Asian exchanges and news of an airdrop. (OMG )
06:53 AM
Asian Altcoin Trading Roundup: Top is Cryptocurrency OmiseGO
After a couple of weeks of solid upwards momentum crypto markets have finally started their correction. Altcoins are also largely in the red with most of them losing 4-6% on the day. One bucking the trend and pumping at the moment is OmiseGO. (OMG )
12:09 AM
Kyber Network and My Ether Wallet Launch Decentralized Instant Token Exchange - Coinjournal
Ether holders will now have the ability to exchange their ETH for popular ERC20 tokens by utilizing a new token-swap feature launched by MEW, the first Ethereum wallet provider, and Kyber Network, the first decentralized, on-chain exchange platform. This feature will allow MEW wallet users to easily convert their Ether into twenty different ERC20 tokens, including Kyber Network Coin (KNC), EOS, OmiseGO (OMG), and stable coin DAI. This swap function gives MEW's millions of monthly users the power to diversify their Ethereum-based holdings without having to move their ETH out of their MEW wallets and onto an exchange. In the (EOS , ETH , OMG )
04:09 AM
Asian Altcoin Trading Roundup: Top is Cryptocurrency OmiseGO
In contrast to this time last week the crypto markets are on fire today. Many of the altcoins have performed even better and are showing solid gains in Asia this morning. One that is way ahead of the pack at the moment is OmiseGO. (OMG )
09:38 PM
OmiseGO and MakerDAO Collaborating for a Decentralized Financial Future
When the common goal is the same, in this case financial decentralization, collaboration can often help to achieve it faster. MakerDAO and OmiseGO have teamed up to consolidate their roadmaps towards achieving a financial revolution. (OMG )
03:09 AM
OmiseGo Partners with South Korea's Largest Credit Card Company
In a press release from April 5, 2018, Omise and OmiseGO (OMG) announced their signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ShinhanCard, a major South Korean credit card company. The deal is pa (OMG )
11:54 AM
PR: Cryptagio Exchange Launches with 0% Trading Fee and Bonuses in Tokens
April 10th, Tallinn, Estonia Cryptagio exchange has officially announced its launch with the support of 7 demanded cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), EOS (EOS), Tron (TRX), VeChain (VEN), OmiseGo (OMG), and Icon (ICX). Within the first month, new users are welcome to try out the exchange's features with 0% trading fee, as well as receive bonuses in Cryptagio Tokens (CPG). (BTC , EOS , ETH , OMG )
02:39 AM
Cryptagio Exchange Launches with 0 Percent Trading Fee and Bonuses in Tokens
April 10, Tallinn, Estonia Cryptagio exchange has officially announced its launch with the support of seven demanded cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), EOS (EOS), Tron (TRX), VeChain ( (BTC , EOS , ETH , OMG )
07:09 PM
Moonshot Week 11: OMG!! OmiseGO is the Moonshot!
Read the tenth part of our Moonshot series, which focuses on Bread, here. Each week BTCManager and the JaketheCryptoKing are going to explore a new moonshot opportunity. We are in week eleven of this (BTC , OMG )
06:09 PM
Omise and OmiseGo Sign MoU With South Korea's Crypto-Friendly Bank
It now seems Shinhan Bank found a valuable set of partners in the form of Omise and OmiseGo. With all parties signing a Memorandum of Understanding, a new chapter is waiting to be written. (OMG )
09:24 AM
Vitalik Buterin and OmiseGo Announce $1 Million in Donation to Refugees
Whoever thought the Lambo-buying millennials who've made fast fortunes from early cryptocurrency investments are good-for-nothings, thought extremely wrong. According to latest developments, OmiseGo a (BTC , OMG )
09:24 AM
OmiseGO and Vitalik Buterin Donate $1 Million in OMG to Impoverished Refugees
OmiseGO and Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin are donating $1 million worth of OMG tokens directly to refugees living in extreme poverty. The donation will be made to GiveDirectly, a nonprofit organization operating in East Africa which will deliver the funds. (ETH , OMG )
01:09 PM
Crypto Investors in Thailand Will Get Taxed
After the Bank of Thailand ordered the country's financial institutions to steer clear of cryptocurrency, its military government has now advised that cryptocurrency taxes are on the cards. (OMG )
11:09 AM
Nonprofit GiveDirectly Receives $1 Million Donation from OmiseGo and Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin - Coinjournal
A charity that sends money directly to the world's 'extreme poor' has revealed that it has received a $1 million donation from cryptocurrency startup OmiseGo and Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin. GiveDirectly, a nonprofit charity that is aiming to help refugees living in extreme poverty, will put those funds towards its campaign in Uganda. It is (ETH , OMG )
05:54 AM
Digital Wallet Abra Adds Support For 20 Cryptocurrencies - Coinjournal
Cryptocurrency and digital wallet Abra has announced that it is expanding its support to 20 cryptocurrencies in a single app, providing users with greater access to the market. The new Abra app is available globally with bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, bch, litecoin, dash, ethereum classic, omisego, qtum, zcash, dogecoin, golem, and vertcoin available straight away. Over (BTC , DOGE , ETC , ETH , GNT , LTC , OMG , VTC , ZEC )
10:39 AM
End of Month Roundup: February's Cryptocurrency Winners and Losers
Another month has passed in crypto land and it is time to review the winners and losers over the past four weeks. A lot has happened in February and looking back at the top performing cryptocurrencies plus those that have lost out may give us an indication of what is to come in March. (DGD , ETC , ETH , OMG )
01:09 AM
Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Roundup: Top Altcoin is OmiseGO
The upswing has continued during this morning's Asian trading session and the majority of altcoins are in the green, some a lot more than others. There is always one in the top 25 though showing stronger gains than the rest and this cryptocurrency has been featured before, it is OmiseGO. (OMG )
08:39 PM
Ethereum price analysis: ETH/USD going down unmoved by Ethereum Community Fund establishment
Cosmos, OmiseGO, Golem, Maker, Global Brain, and Raiden - Ethereum-based projects - intend to establish Ethereum Community Fund (ECF) to collaborate a (ETH , GNT , OMG )
01:22 AM

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