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Nexium News

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Bitstamp Is Looking Towards 'Global Expansion' After Being Acquired by South Korean Investors
On October 29, the cryptocurrency exchange, Bitstamp, was acquired by Belgium-based investment firm NXMH, which in turn, is owned by South Korean media conglomerate NXC Corp.The Luxembourg-registered (NXC )
03:39 PM
AstraZeneca to sell EU rights to Nexium to Grunenthal
(NXC )
03:36 AM
AstraZeneca sells some rights to Nexium, Vimovo to Grunenthal
AstraZeneca said it would sell the European rights to acid-reflux medicine Nexium to Grunenthal for an upfront $700 million and future sales-related payments of up to $90 million as it is not in the company's targeted therapy areas. (NXC )
01:31 AM
AstraZeneca to sell rights on two drugs for $815M
AstraZeneca PLC (AZN.LN) said Tuesday that it has agreed to sell certain rights to two drugs to Gruenenthal Group for an upfront payment of $815 million. The company said it will sell the European prescription rights to Nexium for an upfront payment of $700 million, plus milestones and sales-related payments of up to $90 million. Grunenthal will make an upfront payment of $115 million, plus future... (NXC )
12:26 AM
NXC Makes Strategic, Long-Term Investment in Crypto, Acquires Bitstamp
Bitstamp has been acquired by South Korean NXC Corporation for an undisclosed sum in what the company is calling a (NXC )
11:08 AM
Belgian Investment Firm Acquires Bitstamp: Rumors says for $400 M
Nejc Kodri, the CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp, has published a blog post announcing that the Belgium-based investment company, NXMH have acquired it. NXMH is the parent company of NXC t (BTC , NXC )
05:54 AM
Bitcoin Exchange Bitstamp Confirms Sale to Gaming Group NXC
The Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange has been acquired by NXMH, an investment firm owned by South Korean conglomerate NXC. (BTC , NXC )
03:08 AM
BRIEF-Perrigo initiates shipments to retail customers of its OTC store brand equivalent of Nexium
Perrigo Company Plc (NXC )
05:46 AM
Lannett Scores FDA OK for Nexium Generic-Biotech Movers
Cellct Biomd was up after securing orphan drug status for its transplant anti-rejection drug....LCI (NXC )
07:01 AM
Perrigo's (PRGO) OTC Version of Nexium Secures FDA Approval
Perrigo Company plcPRGO announced that the FDA has granted a final approval to the over-the-counter (OTC) version of Astra eneca's A N Nexium 24HR. (NXC )
03:46 PM
Perrigo's (PRGO) OTC Version of Nexium Secures FDA Approval - August 22, 2017
Perrigo (PRGO) gains an FDA consent for the OTC version of Astra eneca's Nexium post the ongoing patent lawsuit settlement through an agreement. (NXC )
02:16 PM
Perrigo Gets FDA Approval For Store Brand OTC Equivalent Of Nexium 24HR
Perrigo Company plc (PRGO) said that it has received final approval from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for the store brand OTC equivalent of Nexium 24HR or esomeprazole magnesium capsules. (NXC )
06:31 AM
BRIEF-Perrigo announces final FDA approval and settlement for the store brand OTC equivalent of Nexium 24hr capsules
Perrigo Company Plc (NXC )
06:31 AM

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