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Numeraire News

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Erasure and Numerai Are Making ETH Tokens Useful Again
On December 3, 2018, Numerai's NMR development team announced the complete re-design of the token in an attempt to implement total decentralization. Numerai, NMR 2.0 Numerai's team recently announced (BTC , ETH , NMR )
09:38 PM
What is Numeraire and is it a Good Investment?
The blockchain is poised to disrupt a wide range of industries. One industry that not many are aware of is also experiencing blockchain is the hedge fund space. While there are a number of hedge funds (BTC , NMR )
10:54 AM
CoinTree adds new coins including BAT, BNT, DCR, EDG, EOS, NMR, SNT and WAVES
CoinTree, an Australian-based cryptocurrency exchange has today added to its list of tokens available for trading. Also, for the first time, some coins hav (BAT , BNT , DCR , EDG , EOS , NMR , SNT , WAVES )
05:24 AM
AI hedge fund Numerai now live on Ethereum
Back in February, Numerai announced Numeraire (NMR), a cryptographic token to incentivize data scientists around the world to contribute art... (ETH )
04:39 PM

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