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IOTA put in the shade as Monacoin, Bitcoin Diamond perform well
Monacoin and Bitcoin Diamond are leading the way with respect to their relative performance against the likes of IOTA. With over 50% in gains over the last 90 days for both MONA and BCD, IOTA doesnt (BTC , MIOTA , MONA )
Apr 02
08:23 PM
Bitflyer Adds Bitcoin Cash Trading Across Europe and the US
Bitflyer has added a selected number of new cryptocurrencies for its European and American clients to trade. Bitcoin cash (BCH) is among the few digital (BCH , BTC , ETC , LSK , LTC , MONA )
03:24 PM
In the Daily: Riotx Exchange, Monacoin Hacker, Coinflex Investors
In this edition of The Daily we cover a planned U.S. regulated cryptocurrency exchange from Riot Blockchain, the arrest of a hacker in Japan who allegedly (MONA )
05:08 AM
Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Have Crypto Markets Reached The Bottom?
FOMO Moments Markets are stagnant this Thursday; FunFair and WAX rising, Maker and Monacoin falling. There has been very little market movement over the There has been very little market movement over the past 24 hours. The good news is that the movement that has happened has been positive and markets have just crept back above $200 billion total capitalization. (FUN , MONA )
02:23 AM
Proof of Work Coins on High Alert Following Spate of 51% Attacks
First it happened to verge. $1.8m of cryptocurrency swiped in a matter of hours. Then to bitcoin gold, plundered in an $18m double spend attack. Then to verge again, this time to the tune of $1.7 million. Along the way, monacoin is also believed to have been hit. Someone is methodically working their way through (BTC , ETC , ETH , MONA , ZEC )
11:39 AM
Monacoin Network Still Suffers From a 51% Attack Used for Selfless Mining
For the Monacoin community, it is evident this problem needs to be resolved. That may require some form of a hard fork issued by the developers. Most regular users will not necessarily be affected by these issues, though. (MONA )
04:09 AM
Monacoin Quickly Gaining a Strong Foothold in Japan; Here's Everything You Need to Know
Bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency by market cap, was brought into the world by a person/s with the moniker 'Satoshi Nakamoto,' a Japanese name. Yet, it still has to be proved if bitcoin is r (BTC , MONA )
11:09 AM
Japan's Monacoin Reaches New Peaks
Emerging from a Litecoin fork two years ago Monacoin was invented by a 'Mr. Watanabe', another Japanese pseudonym just like Satoshi Nakamoto. (LTC , MONA )
05:08 AM
Latest ccMiner 2.2 fork by Nanashi Meiyo-Meijin For MonaCoin Mining
It seems that the last day MonaCoin (MONA) has exploded in price and profitability for mining as a result, so there is increased interest from miners. So here is a 32-bit Windows binary (CUDA 8.0) of (BTC , MONA )
06:54 AM
Japan exchange bitbank goes live with Monacoin trading
Japan cryptocurrency company bitbank Inc. announced today that live trading has been activated for the cryptocurrency Monacoin. Traders can now access mark (MONA )
01:24 AM

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