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Melon News

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Coinbase Mulls Listing Ampleforth, Paxos Gold, Wrapped Bitcoin & More
Source: Adobe/dennizn US-based major crypto exchange Coinbase said it is exploring an additional list of 19 cryptoassets that might be offered to their clients in an unspecified future. These assets i (BTC , MLN )
Jul 31
07:53 AM
Blockchain asset management protocol Melon releases v2.0 of manager interface CryptoNinjas
The Avantgarde Finance, a lead developer of blockchain asset management protocol Melon, recently announced the release of v2.0 of the Melon Terminal (MLN )
Mar 06
09:41 AM
Blockchain asset managment protocol Melon to begin use-case hackathon
Melon, a blockchain asset management protocol, announced that with its open interface now available, it is calling on developer s to build on top of it, (MLN )
10:23 AM
DAO for blockchain asset protocol Melon now live on AragonOS CryptoNinjas
The Melon Council, the governance behind the Melonblockchain asset management protocol, today announced its DAO on AragonOS is now live. As announced (ANT , DAO , MLN )
08:09 AM
Blockchain asset management protocol Melon launches bug bounty
Melonport, a blockchain asset management protocol has put up a 250,000 Swiss franc bounty on bugs found on the Melon protocol. The bug bounty is a process (MLN )
05:53 PM
A Tale Of A Turkmen Stallion, Large Melons And A Dead Parrot
At this time of year, we remember that it's better to give than to receive. And as files released by the British government reveal, that's especially true if the gift is a Turkmen horse. (MLN )
07:36 PM
Salmonella Outbreaks: How to Tell If Your Honey Smacks Cereal, Honeydew Melon or Other Pre-Cut Fruit Have Been Recalled
Salmonella Outbreaks: How to Tell If Your Honey Smacks Cereal, Honeydew Melon or Other Pre-Cut Fruit Have Been Recalled (MLN )
04:19 PM
Lykke and Melonport offer cash prizes to bring Alpha Engine to Melon protocol
Lykke, a blockchainbased marketplace, and Melonport, a creator of blockchain software for crypto-asset management today announced a joint competition to b (LKK , MLN )
03:24 PM
Material World: To Win the Grocery Wars, Wal-Mart Is Making Designer Melons
Subscribe toMaterial WorldonApple PodcastsSubscribe toMaterial Worldon Pocket Casts (MLN )
04:16 AM
Melonport introduces first blockchain asset manager competition
Melonport, a private company building the open-source Melon Protocol, a blockchain protocol for digital asset management has just announced a portfolio man (MLN )
02:24 AM
SONM ICO Punches Past $32 MLN Mark; Gains Momentum
The SONM ICO began on June 15, 2017, and is picking up steam after reaching the $32 MLN mark. Over 10,000 transactions have been processed by SONM smart contracts to date.
02:54 PM
Kraken Extends Support to MelonPort Crypto-Platform's Melon Tokens
Kraken has started offering Melon (MLN) trading option on its platform. Users can now trade MLN/BTC and MLN/ETH pairs. Read more... (BTC , ETH )
02:09 AM

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