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IOTA Fixes Issue After Freezing Mainnet Transactions for 24 Hours
Users of IOTA, the 24th biggest crypto by market cap, were unable to confirm transactions for 24 hours due to a mainnet incident on Dec. 29 (MIOTA )
12:54 PM
IOTA Fixes 'Minor' Network Bug Following 15-Hour Mainnet Downtime
The IOTA Foundation said it has resolved a software bug that prevented transactions from confirming on the IOTA network for 15 hours. (MIOTA )
05:54 AM
2019 Google and Yahoo Searches for Bitcoin Decline Significantly
According to data from Google Trends and Yahoo Finance, searches for the terms bitcoin and cryptocurrency are much less than they were in the summer. (BCH , BTC , ETH , MIOTA )
12:08 PM
PwC Luxembourg Will Host an Event Dedicated to IOTA and Blockchain Hash
During this event, there will be a few short panels on blockchain technology, IOTA, and how cybersecurity will affect the Internet of Things. (MIOTA )
01:54 PM
Iota, Dell and Linux Developing Platform to Rate Data Trustworthiness
Iota, Dell and Linux Developing Platform to Rate Data Trustworthiness | News by Cointelegraph (MIOTA )
12:24 PM
IOTA is about autonomy; IoT is about automation: Co-founder Schiener
Co-founder of the IOTA Foundation, Dominik Schiener, was interviewed recently about using blockchain and smart contracts to create new, socially impactful applications. During the interview, Schiener (MIOTA )
12:54 AM
Coins Bleed Heavily As Panic Grips The Crypto Market
The crypto space experienced a considerable loss last week. Bitcoin still remains the top cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization and daily traded volume. Here is a list of some cryptocurrenc (BTC , MIOTA , XLM )
12:54 PM
Top-5 Crypto Performers: LEO, LINK. MIOTA, XRP, XTZ
Theres a sea of red across the crypto universe. Do any of the top performers offer a buying opportunity? Lets study the charts (LEO , MIOTA , XRP )
10:54 AM
IOTA & Linux Join Forces through LF Edge
The Berlin-based IOTA Foundation is shaking hands with Linux Foundation under LF Edge, in an attempt to promote IOTAs adoption in North America. The non-profit organization behind the most intriguing (BTC , MIOTA )
07:39 AM
Top-5 Crypto Performers: XLM, MIOTA, ETH,TRX, XRP
Bakkts launch will increase volatility in Bitcoin, which might also affect altcoins. What does the chart of the top five performers project? Lets find out (BTC , ETH , MIOTA , XLM , XRP )
09:24 AM
Iota Launches Decentralized and Autonomous Industrial Marketplace
German non-profit DLT organization Iota Foundation launched decentralized and autonomous industrial marketplace (MIOTA )
01:09 PM
IOTA Foundation launches autonomous, decentralized marketplace for EoT
The IOTA Foundation, a non-profit organization behind the IOTA scalable, feeless and decentralized distributed ledger technology, today announced the (MIOTA )
09:09 AM
Iota Introduces Chronicle, a New Solution for Long-Term Data Storage
The Iota Foundation has introduced Chronicle, a permanode solution to allow its node owners to easily store all of their transactions for long-term access (MIOTA )
02:54 PM
IOTA, Cardano and Monero Price Analysis and Prediction for September 14th 2019: IOTA, ADA, and, XMR Hash
Another slow day in the cryptocurrency world as most coins are trading sideways. As the weekend approaches it's unlikely we will see any major moves. Let's take a look at our favorite cryptocurrencies and see if the charts tell us anything. IOTA Price Analysis (IOTA/USD) IOTA/USD pair exhibited a mixed reaction as it moved horizontally between the critical resistances level $0.2370 and support level $0.2329. However, starting from noon, an upside trend line (X) was formed that reflected an upside correction. The pairs price shifted from where it opened the market trading at $0.2345 to the current price that is (ADA , MIOTA , XMR )
01:09 AM
One Bitcoin Transaction Emits 300kg CO in Sichuan: IOTA Fan
Bitcoin miners operating from the hydropower-rich Chinese province of Sichuan are increasing the carbon footprints in the area, according to a rival (BTC , MIOTA )
07:09 AM
Binance Coin, IOTA and DASH Cryptocurrency Analysis and Prediction for September 3rd 2019: BNB, IOTA, and DASH Hash
Binance Coin Price Analysis (BNB/USD) On an intraday chart, BNB/USD pair has dug deep to trade below the $25.0000 level. However, it has maintained a downside mode with a dip of about 0.98% over the last 24hrs. A high volatile movement was also encountered with price hovering between $21.6957 and $21.1765 (Support and resistance level). Afterward, the moving averages suggest a lack of dominance since they have intertwined severally. The RSI indicator is now at level 40, which shows that a further dip is likely to the oversold region. The dip has defined the current price of BNB/USD pair at (DASH , MIOTA )
06:09 PM
Top-5 Crypto Performers: BSV, BTC, XRP, LEO, IOTA
Rebounds off the support levels are not sustaining. Should traders buy now or wait? Lets look at the charts (BTC , LEO , MIOTA , XRP )
11:39 AM
Jaguar Uses Iota in Proof-of-Concept Demo for Tracing Car Energy
In a proof of concept demonstration, a Jaguar I-Pace uses Iotas DLT to track and display the cars energy source and usage to the public (MIOTA )
03:24 PM
Top-5 Crypto Performers: ETC, IOTA, ADA, TRX, XLM
Some of the top performers of the past seven days are showing signs of a turnaround. Is it a good time to buy? Lets look at the charts (ADA , ETC , ETH , MIOTA , XLM )
09:09 AM
Crypto Market And Bitcoin Approaching Resistance: ETC, BCH, EOS, TRX Analysis
Bitcoin (BTC) and the crypto market cap is correcting losses. Ethereum classic (ETC), ICX, tron and IOTA are surging, while BNB, Ethereum, BCH, ripple, litecoin and EOS are facing hurdles. (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETC , ETH , LTC , MIOTA )
10:09 PM
IOTA releases $5 million grant to potential developers of Coordicide project
There is an air of inevitability when it comes to Bitcoins domination in the crypto space. None of the virtual assets in the industry are able to compete with Bitcoin when the comparison is taken fro (BTC , MIOTA )
08:39 PM
The Cryptocurrency Projects Pursuing a Path to Decentralization
Decentralization over time is an ethos that many crypto projects espouse. To date, however, few have completed this journey. Talking the talk is easy, but (MIOTA )
08:23 AM
IOTA Bulls May Dominate And Drive Prices To Q2 2019 Highs
Clearly, IOTA fundamentals are bullish. From Coordicide, Azimuth and the rollout of Trinity, bulls are in perfect condition to print higher. (MIOTA )
12:08 AM
IOTA launches full release of Trinity wallet for IOTA tokens
IOTA Foundation, a non-profit foundation focused on distributed ledger technology (DLT) and open-source ecosystem development, today announced the release of Trinity, a secure software wallet for IOTA tokens, developed by the IOTA Foundation. With over $1.8 billion of IOTA transacted and over 160,000 downloads across platforms, the Trinity wallet has (MIOTA )
11:23 AM
IOTA Foundation Launches Trinity, a New Software Wallet for IOTA tokens
IOTA Foundations releases Trinity, a software wallet for IOTA tokens. (MIOTA )
07:23 AM
June Crypto Roundup: BTC Ruled, ETH, LTC, LINK and NEO Gained
Crypto markets made 27% in June, largely from Bitcoin. Ethereum, Litecoin, Link and NEO performed well, XRP, BCH, XLM, EOS, and IOTA Dumped. (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LEO , LTC , MIOTA , XLM , XRP )
02:08 AM
IOTA Retest Q1 2019 Peaks, Price Bullish Despite Weakness
At 40 cents, IOTA is back to Q1 2019 highs, now support. However, with Coordicide and other enhancement, IOTA is fundamentally bullish. (MIOTA )
12:08 AM
IOTA's Coordicide, Price Up 11.2% And IoT Could Hit $318 Billion by 2023
Presently, IOTA is down the market cap ranking to 18th. However, it is bullish and Coordicide could see prices recover, surging towards 55 cents. (MIOTA )
12:08 AM
Alyx Fashion Brand Launches IOTA-Powered Pilot for Supply Chain Transparency
The luxe brand founded by former Lady Gaga creative director and Kanye West collaborator Matthew Williams is launching an IOTA-based pilot for supply chain tran... (MIOTA )
01:08 AM
IOTA to Enter a New Partnership to Track Potentially Fatal Food Allergens With DLT
IOTA has partnered with digital food safety firm Primority to develop a tool to minimize the threat of potentially fatal food allergens. (MIOTA )
10:38 AM
BitFinex's LEO Spikes 32%, More Valuable Than IOTA
BitFinex's LEO is on a roll, surging 32 percent in the last week, it is more valuable than IOTA and closing in on Tron's TRX. (LEO , MIOTA )
12:09 AM
IOTA Is Down The Liquidity Rankings Despite The Promise of Coordicide
Driving IOTA is the need to build a zero fee and realtime platform for the IoT industry. Coordicide will pave way for complete decentralization. (MIOTA )
12:08 AM
Crypto Market Cap: $20 Billion Gone Again as Bitcoin Tumbles
Total crypto market capitalization has shrunk by $22 billion, or 8 percent, to $252 billion. Bitcoin Cash, EOS, ADA, IOTA, Tezos and BTT in a world of pain. (ADA , BCH , BTC , EOS , MIOTA )
12:08 AM
May Crypto Roundup: Markets Surged 50% as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BCH, EOS and IOTA Dominated
A 50 percent pump for crypto markets in May with BTC, ETH, BCH, EOS and IOTA dominating. (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , MIOTA )
01:38 AM
Top 5 Crypto Performers: BSV, TRX, ATOM, MIOTA, ETC, NEXO*
Even after the recovery from the lows, major cryptocurrencies continue to surge. Can the top five performers extend their upwards move? (ATOM , BTC , ETC , ETH , MIOTA )
07:08 AM
Crypto Avalanche Continues as Bitcoin Correction Concerns Mount
Crypto markets correcting hard; BSV, BCH, bleeding, double digit losses for ADA, Tron, IOTA and Tezos. Market Wrap Following another 2019 high, Bitcoin Crypto markets correcting hard; BSV, BCH, bleeding, double digit losses for ADA, Tron, IOTA and Tezos. (ADA , BCH , BTC , MIOTA )
12:09 AM
Crypto Markets Hit Ten Month Peak as Altcoins Crank Higher
Crypto markets at new yearly high; BSV manipulated, ETH, BCH, IOTA, Cosmos, NEO and NEM flying. Market Wrap More momentum today has driven crypto markets Crypto markets at new yearly high; BSV manipulated, ETH, BCH, IOTA, Cosmos, NEO and NEM flying. (BCH , ETH , MIOTA )
12:08 AM
Crypto Market Signaling Bullish Continuation: Bitcoin SV, BCH, BNB, ADA Analysis
The crypto market cap is climbing higher, with strong gains in bitcoin SV, BCH, BNB and IOTA. Monero (XMR), Tron (TRX), EOS, Ethereum, cardano (ADA), and ripple are likely to start fresh increase. (ADA , BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , MIOTA , XLM , XMR )
10:08 PM
IOTA Rolls Out Decentralized Transaction Validation to Replace Centralized Version
The network's Coordicide solution replaces the temporary Coordinator function in place since launch. (MIOTA )
04:53 AM
Crypto Market Wrap: IOTA Defies Market Correction With 16% Surge
Crypto markets cool off; IOTA cranking while Bitcoin, BNB, Tron and Monero start to slide. Market Wrap There has been a bit of a cooling off for Bitcoin Crypto markets cool off; IOTA cranking while Bitcoin, BNB, Tron and Monero start to slide. (BTC , MIOTA , XMR )
12:08 AM
Crypto Market Wrap: $14 Billion Blitzed as Bitcoin Beats a Retreat
Crypto markets dumping hard; Stellar, Cardano, BSV, NEM and IOTA in a hurt locker, Matic still moving. Market Wrap The big Bitcoin pullback has finally Crypto markets dumping hard; Stellar, Cardano, BSV, NEM and IOTA in a hurt locker, Matic still moving. (ADA , BTC , MIOTA )
12:08 AM
Top 5 Crypto Performers: XEM, XLM, XTZ, BNB, IOTA
After the sharp move from the lows, a few weeks of consolidation is also possible. (MIOTA , XEM , XLM )
02:53 AM
IOTA [MIOTA]: IOTA partners with French Agtech startup as prices surge
A French Agtech startup, OKP4, is using IOTA's Tangle technology to obtain and exchange information on temperature and yields of farms. OKP4, abbreviated as Open Knowledge Platform For, aims to use (MIOTA )
03:38 PM
Crypto Price Analysis & Overview April 30: Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and IOTA
Bitcoin Bitcoin traded around the resistance range at $5,200 and from there the next resistance level is at $5,500. Following the correction and the current Tether Saga, the market is looking to under (BTC , ETH , MIOTA , USDT , XRP )
08:53 AM
Jaguar Land Rover Plans to Give Drivers Crypto in Return for Their Data
Jaguar Land Rover is piloting tech that may soon let drivers earn rewards in the IOTA cryptocurrency for sharing data on road conditions. (MIOTA )
02:23 AM
Jaguar Land Rover partners with IOTA for crypto integrated 'Smart Wallet' in cars
Drivers will be able to earn cryptocurrency and make payments on the move using innovative connected car services being tested by Jaguar Land Rover. Using (MIOTA )
12:23 AM
EVRYTHNG, IOTA partner to bring DLT-based IoT solutions to consumer products industry
EVRYTHNG, the IoT platform that activates every consumer product to make it intelligent, interactive and trackable, today announced the expansion of its (MIOTA )
07:23 AM
Crypto winter: Tezos' Arthur Breitman and IOTA's Dominik Schiener on price crash
Crypto prices spiked then crashed and are now flat lining. Entrepreneurs say the discipline is actually good for them. (MIOTA )
02:36 AM
Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: ONT, ADA, ETC, BCH, IOTA
As cryptos are currently rising from the bottom, the community has started hearing some bullish voices again. (ADA , BCH , BTC , ETC , ETH , MIOTA )
10:23 AM
Crypto Market Wrap: IOTA Ignoring Pullback, Adds 13% on Payment App Addition
Crypto markets correcting again; IOTA, Ethereum Classic and Tezos moving, Ontology dumping. Market Wrap There has been some movement in crypto markets Crypto markets correcting again; IOTA, Ethereum Classic and Tezos moving, Ontology dumping. (ETC , ETH , MIOTA )
12:08 AM

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