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Here's what you might gain with ADA, IOTA, ICX, and BNB in your portfolio
Several altcoins in the top-50 have offered double-digit gains to retail traders over the past month. In the top-10, Cardano offered gains worth 694%, with the alt's price climbing from $0.18 at the b (ADA , MIOTA )
Apr 13
10:09 AM
Binance Coin, IOTA, Hedera Hashgraph Price Analysis: 12 April
Binance Coin witnessed a major price rally and formed a new ATH at $639. IOTA maintained above $1.995 support, while Hedera Hashgraph was expected to break out from its descending channel at $0.33 sup (MIOTA )
Apr 12
10:09 AM
Filecoin, IOTA, Enjin coin Price Analysis: 11 April
The altcoin market has been responding to the surge witnessed in the Bitcoin market and the value of most cryptocurrencies has increased in the past few days. However, this hype may not be sustained i (BTC , MIOTA )
Apr 11
06:09 PM
Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, XLM, MIOTA, XMR, XTZ
Traders appear to be waiting for a trigger to start the next leg of Bitcoin's uptrend and if that happens, XLM, MIOTA, XMR and XTZ could join the party. (BTC , MIOTA , XLM , XMR )
Apr 11
12:55 PM
Cardano, IOTA, Enjin Coin Price Analysis: 10 April
Cardano moved within an ascending triangle and projected a break above $1.50 in a bullish outcome. IOTA was expected to dip towards $1.75 support after forming its latest local high. Lastly, Enjin Coi (ADA , MIOTA )
Apr 10
01:54 AM
Chainlink, IOTA, Dash Price Analysis: 06 April
At the time of writing, Bitcoin's latest attempt to breach the vaunted $60,000-mark had come to a standtill, with the world's largest cryptocurrency's price still holding steady around $59k. In the la (BTC , MIOTA )
Apr 06
01:39 AM
Altcoin rally: Why coins FIL, KLAY, NEO, MIOTA are now the exception
Not all altcoins have rallied this season, there are DeFi and ERC-20 tokens that had an extended rally before ETH's price hit a new ATH. There are more altcoins that are currently in the buy zone, and (ERC , ETH , MIOTA )
Apr 04
09:39 AM
IOTA Introduces Newer Version of the Pollen Testnet with Coordicide Modules
Just a few weeks after IOTA introduced Mana in its testnet platform, the blockchain project has enhanced its trials by releasing a newer version of the Pollen testnet. It will be integrated into two C (BTC , MIOTA )
Apr 02
07:54 AM
Binance Smart Chain Integrates Wrapped IOTA to Stake, Yield, and Earn
Holders of the IOTA token will be able to participant in the ongoing DeFi craze on the Binance network. This has become possible after a partnership between the two parties enabling users to interact (BTC , MIOTA )
Mar 29
08:09 AM
IOTA Price Retests $1.66 Amid Market Downturn
Bulls could push higher if they break above $1.55, with next target near $2.00 IOTA's price continues to face sell-off pressure as bulls attempt to settle above $1.50. The cryptocurrency currently tra (BTC , MIOTA )
Mar 27
09:09 AM
IOTA Partners with Cartesi to Stengthen DeFi Use Cases
The chain-agnostic Layer-2 infrastructure, Cartesi, has partnered with the IOTA Foundation to expand the use cases of DeFi, gaming, and NFTs. Additionally, both parties aim to serve as the bridge betw (BTC , MIOTA )
Mar 24
11:09 AM
IOTA Wants To Reclaim Its Past Glory With a Major Upgrade And Lots of New Features
Remember IOTA? The futuristic cryptocurrency that ignited the crypto community during the ICO boom of 2017, promising a decentralized solution for the Internet of Things? The one that faded from inves (BTC , MIOTA )
Mar 22
11:24 PM
Binance Coin, IOTA, Ethereum Classic Price Analysis: 22 March
Binance Coin and Ethereum Classic showed consolidation within their respective channels and awaited strong cues from the broader market. IOTA showed bearish presence as the price approached the upper (ETC , ETH , MIOTA )
Mar 22
08:54 AM
IOTA token added as collateral asset on Bitfinex Borrow CryptoNinjas
Bitfinex, the popular cryptocurrency exchange platform, today announced it has added IOTA as collateral on Bitfinex Borrow; after it was successful in a (MIOTA )
Mar 05
01:39 PM
Iota releases Smart Contracts Protocol alpha ahead of Coordicide rollout
Developers wishing to build on Iota can now start working on their ideas as Iota 2.0 gets closer. (MIOTA )
Mar 04
05:09 AM
Horizen joins hands with IOTA to grow IOTA Oracles and Zendoo
Horizen has joined hands with IOTA, open-sourced, feeless data, and value transfer protocol. Horizen unveiled this news through a press release, noting that this partnership will see the companies exp (BTC , MIOTA )
Mar 02
01:09 PM
Horizen to integrate IOTA Oracles on its sidechain protocol Zendoo CryptoNinjas
Horizen, a technology platform that enables businesses and developers to create their own public or private blockchains, today announced a partnership (MIOTA )
Mar 01
10:54 AM
Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, BNB, DOT, XEM, MIOTA
Bitcoin's correction is accelerating, but a bounce off the 50-day moving average could give altcoins reason to rebound off lower support levels then move higher. (BTC , DOT , MIOTA , XEM )
Feb 28
01:24 PM
IOTA price flashing red near $1.00
IOTA's price could flip higher if bulls hold above $1.05 and fresh buying pressure surfaces short term IOTA is trading at $1.06 at press time, which puts its price 12.45% down over the past 24 hours a (BTC , MIOTA )
Feb 27
01:09 PM
Germany plans vaccination project using IOTA (MIOTA)
The German government is reviewing a digital proof of COVID-19 vaccination using Ubirch's Ethereum-based technology and IOTA's platform. The project will begin this week and it will enable people alre (BTC , ETH , MIOTA )
Feb 23
10:39 PM
DLT platform IOTA releases tokenization framework CryptoNinjas
IOTA, a distributed ledger technology platform designed to connect people and devices for sharing information and value, today made two major (MIOTA )
Feb 18
12:09 PM
Qtum, Status (SNT) and Iota (MIOTA) rally after breaking multi-year downtrend
Qtum, Status and Iota recently broke free of their long term downtrends after each network added new features and announced new partnerships. (MIOTA , SNT )
Feb 11
01:24 PM
IOTA price paints bullish outlook near $0.50
IOTA has reached an intraday high of $0.47, with bulls looking to break above $0.50 IOTA, ranked 41st among the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, has seen its value surge by about 5% in the past (BTC , MIOTA )
Feb 06
05:39 PM
Going feeless is the only way to enable blockchain adoption
To realize the full benefits of distributed ledger technology and achieve widespread blockchain adoption means to remove as many barriers as possible - starting with transaction fees, argues a co-founder of the Iota Foundation. (MIOTA )
Feb 05
09:09 AM
IOTA blockchain used to track COVID-19 test results at Frankfurt Airport
The Centogene Corona test center at Frankfurt Airport is using an IOTA-linked service from cybersecurity solutions developer Ubirch. (MIOTA )
Jan 11
03:54 AM
Tezos, Monero, IOTA Price Analysis: 09 January
With Bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency, finally registering some corrections on the charts after days of breaching resistance levels, the market's altcoins reciprocated. Cryptos like Tezos a (BTC , MIOTA , XMR )
Jan 09
08:09 AM
IOTA remains undervalued and the price could advance in January. Here's the next target for buyers
The cryptocurrency market continues to trade in a bull zone, Bitcoin has advanced above $28000, but the IOTA price is still unable to stabilize above the $0.30 resistance level. IOTA might still be un (BTC , MIOTA )
03:24 PM
David Snsteb explains why he left IOTA after weeks of silence
IOTA co-founder who left the project several weeks ago, David Snsteb, finally revealed why he departed. According to Snsteb, he left because his interests are no longer aligned with those of IOTA. (BTC , MIOTA )
11:24 PM
IOTA founder David Snsteb buries hatchets, plots future in puzzling blog
After calling IOTA's announcement of his departure clumsy, panicky and downright unprofessional, allowing ample room for rampant speculation, David Snsteb looks to set the record straight (MIOTA )
11:39 AM
Dash, Chainlink, IOTA price analysis roundup
The cryptocurrency market remains in the bull zone, and this situation also supports the price of Dash, Chainlink, and IOTA. Bitcoin has found strong support above the $20 000 level, but some analysts (BTC , MIOTA , XRP )
10:53 PM
Founder David Snsteb out of Iota Foundation after 'unanimous' board decision
David Sonstebo is out of the Iota Foundation. He founded the Internet of Things project in 2015 and acted as co-founder and co-chair of the Iota Foundation since 2017. (MIOTA )
05:09 PM
Italian musician uses IOTA's Tangle to certify music authenticity
Cryptocurrency project IOTA is known for its advanced and various use cases, and it just receives a new one. This use case revolves around proving the authenticity of products, as explained in a recen (BTC , MIOTA )
01:39 PM
IOTA and Bitpanda-Backed Pantos Join Efforts to Launch Christian Doppler Laboratory in Austria
On November 26, IOTA announced a partnership with Bitpanda company Pantos to foster research in DLTs and their use in IoT. (MIOTA )
10:23 AM
IOTA teams up with Austrian uni for Internet of Things and blockchain research lab
IOTA has partnered with Vienna University of Technology and BitPanda to launch a new laboratory researching interoperability between IoT devices and blockchains. (MIOTA )
08:39 PM
These 5 altcoins are beating every major cryptocurrency this week
XRP, Stellar, IOTA and Cardano are the standouts this week in returns as traders herald (ADA , MIOTA , XRP )
06:09 AM
Tezos, IOTA, BAT Price Analysis: 19 November
Tezos, IOTA, and BAT have all shown negative returns from October to date; Tezos [XTZ] has the least negative return in comparison with a -7.99% return as of this writing. Following Tezos is IOTA with (BAT , MIOTA )
04:55 PM
Bitfinex Derivatives launch IOTA, Chainlink, Uniswap perpetual swaps
Bitfinex's derivatives platform is in the news today after it announced the launch of its perpetual contracts for IOTA, Chainlink, and Uniswap. Each of these contracts will offer users maximum leverag (MIOTA )
04:56 PM
Litecoin, IOTA, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 13 November
Following a period of sideways movement under the $11,000-mark in the month of September, Bitcoin's price has risen dramatically on the charts. In fact, while October saw the cryptocurrency surge, Nov (BTC , DOGE , LTC , MIOTA )
12:24 AM
XRP, IOTA, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 07 November
Many altcoins registered strong gains in the past few days as their longer-term downward trend appeared to be halted or even reversed in certain cases. XRP faced an important level of resistance, and (DOGE , MIOTA , XRP )
12:09 AM
XRP, IOTA, VeChain Price Analysis: 06 November
The altcoins have received a new lease on life, as the price of Bitcoin has surpassed $15k. This price has not been seen after the bull run observed in 2017/18, and as the largest asset tests new resi (BTC , MIOTA , XRP )
07:54 AM
Bitcoin Cash, IOTA, Basic Attention Token Price Analysis: 30 October
The three digital assets, Bitcoin Cash, IOTA, and Basic Attention Token continued to stay in the red zone for the day's trading session.With over 6% in losses since yesterday, strong selling pressures (BCH , BTC , MIOTA )
12:39 AM
IOTA joins Japanese gov't on blockchain-based maintenance project
The IOTA blockchain finds a use case in industrial maintenance. (MIOTA )
07:09 AM
October update: should you buy or sell IOTA?
The price of IOTA currently stands around $0.278 which is still far away from the IOTA price predictions IOTA has a very good risk/reward ratio in the market currently The technical picture implies th (BTC , MIOTA )
03:54 PM
IOTA announces new updates ahead of Chrysalis Phase 2
Another update disclosed by IOTA's development team has revealed news of several existing projects being deployed, as well as many other noteworthy projects in the pipeline.IOTA 1.5 (also known as Chr (MIOTA )
03:54 PM
Binance Coin, IOTA, BAT Price Analysis: 17 October
Binance Coin was retracing some gains as BNB bulls took profit, and was likely to resume the uptrend in the coming days. IOTA was headed downward, as was Basic Attention Token. However, both the asset (BAT , MIOTA )
11:54 PM
NTT, Jaguar cooperate with tech group IOTA
08:42 PM
Jaguar, NTT team up with tech group on remote access software
Berlin-based technology group IOTA said on Wednesday it has teamed up with several large corporations around the world such as Jaguar Land Rover and NTT Data in the launch of software that would grant consumers remote access and control of items such as cars and appliances. (MIOTA )
12:30 PM
Cardano, IOTA, Algorand Price Analysis: 15 September
Bitcoin continued to surge and was trading at $10,825 at the time of writing. The sentiment around cryptocurrencies shifted from fear to neutral, as the Fear and Greed Index showed a reading of 47. A (ADA , BTC , MIOTA )
12:23 AM
IOTA's Chrysalis Upgrade Turbocharges Network Speeds 50x
IOTA's network upgrade Chrysalis is now live, bringing an exponential increase in speed (MIOTA )
05:54 PM
IOTA's Chrysalis Goes Live on Mainnet
IOTA announced the release of the first phase of the IOTA 1.5 upgrade onto its mainnet today. True to its promise, IOTA finally presented a considerable step in achieving its roadmap and more excellen (BTC , MIOTA )
02:23 PM

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