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Litecoin short-term price-analysis: 2 August
Digital silver's golden run has hit a major bump thanks to digital gold. Litecoin, the seventh-largest cryptocurrency in the market with a market capitalization of $3.8 billion saw its price shoot up (LTC )
Aug 02
01:53 PM
Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Watch This Week: BTC, ETH, LINK, VET, LTC
Bitcoin price corrected sharply after reaching $12,000 but the strong bounce from BTC and altcoins shows bulls are intent on pushing prices higher (BTC , ETH , LTC )
Aug 02
12:23 PM
Litecoin Falls 12% In Rout
Litecoin Falls 12% In Rout (LTC )
Aug 01
10:47 PM
Why This Sex Industry Executive Loves Bitcoin
We accept 20 different cryptocurrencies for token purchases. The most popular ones are bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin, Lara said. (BTC , ETH , LTC )
Aug 01
07:08 AM
Price Analysis 7/31: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, ADA,CRO, BNB, EOS
Bitcoin finally broke through the $11.2K resistance and Ethereum's continued strength is likely to pull several altcoin prices higher (ADA , BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jul 31
01:38 PM
Price Analysis 7/29: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, ADA, LTC, CRO, BNB, EOS
Bitcoin and most altcoins could consolidate for a couple of days before resuming their uptrend (ADA , BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jul 29
11:23 AM
Litecoin spikes 10% to lead top altcoin gains today
Litecoin pushed more than 10% into the green following Bitcoin's run to $11k Crypto market outlook Bitcoin's latest spike in trading price is having a positive impact on that of Litecoin, the altcoin (BTC , LTC )
Jul 28
09:38 PM
Price Analysis 7/27: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, ADA, LTC, CRO, BNB, EOS
Bitcoin has made a decisive move above $10,500, which is likely to boost sentiment and pull several altcoins higher (ADA , BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jul 27
11:53 AM
Price Analysis 7/24: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, ADA, LTC, BNB, CRO, LINK
Ethereum price looks to make a new 2020 high as Bitcoin bulls fight to hold BTC price above $9,600 (ADA , BCH , BTC , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jul 24
12:08 PM
Grayscale Introduces Trusts Based on BCH and LTC
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority - or FINRA - has given the greenlight to new bitcoin cash and Litecoin funds being introduced by Grayscale, the crypto investment platform designed for inst (BCH , BTC , LTC )
Jul 24
05:23 AM
Tezos, Litecoin, Elrond Score Victories, Ant Group's AntChain + More News
Source: Adobe/puhimec Get your daily, bite-sized digest of cryptoasset and blockchain-related news - investigating the stories flying under the radar of today's crypto news. Crypto adoption news BitGo (BTC , LTC )
Jul 23
07:08 PM
A Substantial Number of Idle Litecoin Were Moved Suggesting Incoming Volatility
Litecoin appears to have gained some visibility despite its lackluster price action. The eighth-largest cryptocurrency in the market took the spotlight after Gr (LTC )
Jul 22
02:53 PM
LTC/USD hits resistance wall at $44 and looks set for a dip to support at $41.50
The price of Litecoin remains ranged under $45 as bears take control, with data showing the movement of dormant coins has hit a 9-month high Litecoin looked to have posted a decent pump against the US (BTC , LTC )
Jul 22
01:23 PM
Price Analysis 7/22: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, ADA, LTC, CRO, LINK, BNB
Many altcoins could pick up momentum If Bitcoin and Ethereum break above key resistance levels in the coming days (ADA , BCH , BTC , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jul 22
11:53 AM
Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin to trade on public stock market for first time
Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin bring to six the number of digital currencies that can be bought as stocks. (BCH , BTC , LTC )
Jul 22
10:21 AM
Crypto Custodian Anchorage Adds Litecoin Support
The U.S.-based crypto custody provider has added support for litecoin, the eighth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. (LTC )
Jul 22
10:21 AM
Crypto Price Analysis July 22: BTC, ETH, LTC, BSV, EOS
The cryptocurrency market was overwhelmed by bulls over the last 24 hours. (BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC )
Jul 22
08:39 AM
Crypto Custodian Anchorage Adds Litecoin Support
U.S.-based crypto custody platform Anchorage has added support for litecoin (LTC), the eighth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. (LTC )
Jul 22
06:38 AM
Grayscale Moves to List Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin Trusts for OTC Traders
Bitcoin Cash Trust and Litecoin Trust will carry the tickers BCHG and LTCN once they commence OTC trading. (BCH , BTC , LTC )
Jul 21
02:23 PM
Grayscale Investments' Bitcoin Cash Trust Approved for Public Trading
Grayscale Investments' Bitcoin Cash Trust and Litecoin Trust have been approved by the U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) for public quotations. The two add to Grayscale's four existing publicly traded investment products: Bitcoin Trust, Ethereum Trust, Ethereum Classic Trust, and the Digital Large Cap Fund. (BCH , BTC , ETC , ETH , LTC )
Jul 21
07:23 AM
Users Balk at Launch of Litecoin Quanto Contracts by BitMEX
Crypto derivatives exchange, BitMEX, has announced the launch of Litecoin quanto perpetual contracts on its trading platform. (LTC )
Jul 21
05:53 AM
FINRA Approves Grayscale's Bitcoin Cash And Litecoin Shares For Public Trading In The US
The leading digital asset management company Grayscale Investments has received approval from FINRA for public quotations for two more of its cryptocurrency products. Consequently, shares of both Gray (BCH , BTC , LTC )
Jul 21
03:54 AM
Grayscale Can Now Offer Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash to the Public: FINRA
For investors that lack the ability or drive to deal with opening an exchange account, acquiring exposure to assets like Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and the like is (BCH , BTC , LTC )
Jul 20
08:08 PM
Grayscale Receives FINRA Approval for BCH and LTC to Trade Publicly
Financial regulators in the US approved shares of Grayscale Investments' Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin trusts for trading on OTC Markets (BCH , BTC , LTC )
Jul 20
05:53 PM
Price Analysis 7/20: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, ADA, LTC, BNB, LINK, CRO
Most major altcoins have witnessed profit booking as traders become cautious about the future of Bitcoin's price (ADA , BCH , BTC , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jul 20
12:08 PM
5 Years of Ethereum Proof of Work: What Did We Learn?
Proof of Work, a consensus mechanism, has proved to be the backbone of some of the leading and widely-adopted blockchain networks. These include Ethereum, Litecoin, and, of course, Bitcoin. Many from (BTC , ETH , LTC )
Jul 19
01:24 PM
Price Analysis 7/17: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, ADA, BSV, LINK, LTC, BNB, CRO
Bitcoin and a few altcoins are showing signs of weakness, which could result in a minor dip in the next few days (ADA , BCH , BTC , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jul 17
12:54 PM
Price Analysis 7/15: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, ADA, BSV, LINK, LTC, BNB, CRO
Select altcoins are showing strength and if Bitcoin price perks up a fast paced, market-wide rally could occur (ADA , BCH , BTC , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jul 15
12:38 PM
Crypto Price Analysis July 15: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, EOS
The cryptocurrency market volatility never went up as a lot of assets are still stuck within their respective sideways channel. (BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jul 15
08:23 AM
Litecoin, Zcash, Cosmos Price Analysis: 15 July
Major altcoins have displayed their individual price action in the crypto market. For Bitcoin, the price continued to remain around $9.2K with a 24-hour trading volume of $4.9 billion.Source: CoinStat (BTC , LTC , ZEC )
Jul 15
04:54 AM
Chainlink Price Up, LINK Beats Binance Coin, Litecoin in Market Cap
Chainlink (LINK) price is growing. This puts LINK ahead of Litecoin (LTC) and Binance Coin (BNB) in terms of market capitalization. (LTC )
Jul 15
02:38 AM
Chainlink (LINK) Rallies as Market Cap Surpasses Litecoin and Binance Coin
Today Chainlink overtook Litecoin and Binance Coin as the 8th biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization (LTC )
Jul 14
01:38 PM
Litecoin short-term price analysis: 14 July
Litecoin is now on the periphery of the top-10. Owing to the massive increase in the price of Cardano and LTC's relative bearish movement to other competing coins like Binance Coin, it has now slipped (ADA , LTC )
Jul 14
04:53 AM
The Nasdaq has regularly been making new highs for the past few days, which has resulted in a strong rally in a few technology companies. Along with this, a few stocks in the S&P 500 are also on a tea (ADA , BCH , BTC , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jul 13
12:53 PM
Price Analysis 7/13: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, ADA, BSV, BNB, LTC, CRO, LINK
Equities markets are surging and many altcoins continue to push higher as Bitcoin price consolidates into a tight trading range (ADA , BCH , BTC , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jul 13
12:08 PM
Price Analysis 7/10: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, ADA, LTC, BNB, CRO, EOS
As Bitcoin corrected on July 9, altcoin prices dropped but many are holding above their support levels, suggesting the uptrend will resume (ADA , BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jul 10
12:08 PM
Bitcoin Volatility Makes Comeback as Gold Rallies
Bexplus provides BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS and XRP perpetual contracts for futures trading as well as 100x leverage. (BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jul 10
05:08 AM
Litecoin, EOS, BAT Price Analysis: 10 July
Bitcoin's brief foray above its immediate resistance failed. Again. As always, the king coin's movement down the charts had a ripple effect across the altcoin market, with other cryptos like Litecoin, (BAT , BTC , EOS , LTC )
Jul 10
04:38 AM
If Crypto Traders Abandoned Litecoin Why Are Investors Hoarding LTC?
On-chain and trading data signal that traders have abandoned Litecoin, but for some reason long-term investors are hoarding LTC (LTC )
Jul 08
05:39 PM
Price Analysis 7/8: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, ADA, LTC, BNB, CRO, EOS
Bitcoin is range-bound but altcoins are rallying, indicating increasing interest among traders looking to make sizable gains off altcoins (ADA , BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jul 08
12:08 PM
Crypto Price Analysis July 8: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP
The cryptomarket is recovering after finishing another descending wave. However, there are no clear signals for further uptrend so far. (BCH , BTC , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jul 08
11:23 AM
Speculation Heightens Over Collaboration Between Cardano and Litecoin
The founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, reached out to Litecoin CEO, Charlie Lee, to broach the possibility of working together. (ADA , LTC )
Jul 08
05:08 AM
Could a Cardano & Litecoin Team Up Be in the Works?
Cardano's founder wants to posse up with Litecoin's founder. (ADA , LTC )
Jul 07
01:08 PM
Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum Outlook: BTC/USD, LTC/USD, ETH/USD
Bitcoin and Ethereum prices remain largely in range-bound trade, but a directionlsbias may soon be revealed while LTC/USD is gearing up for a potential spike. (BTC , ETH , LTC )
Jul 06
07:01 PM
Price Analysis 7/6: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, ADA, BNB, CRO, EOS
Bitcoin and altcoins pushed higher today and many are showing signs of a possible trend reversal (ADA , BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jul 06
02:08 PM
Litecoin Mimblewimble Still On Track For September Testnet
Development updates from the Litecoin camp have been pretty thin on the ground recently as DeFi has been taking the crypto limelight. The good news is that the project's scaling and privacy protocol, (BTC , LTC )
Jul 05
11:53 PM
Alt Season Ahead? Analyst Predicts ETH, LTC, XRP Price Rally
While several members of the cryptocurrency community have been awaiting an altcoin season, crypto analyst, Nicholas Merten brought some hope to them. In his latest YouTube video, Merten talks about a (BTC , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jul 05
04:08 AM
Litecoin long-term Price Analysis: 04 July
Disclaimer: The following analysis attempts to foresee Litecoin's price movement in the long term, despite its presently stagnated priceThe cryptocurrency market hasn't been noting an upward trend lat (LTC )
Jul 04
12:23 PM
Price Analysis 7/3: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, ADA, BNB, EOS. CRO
Bitcoin and many altcoins are struggling to rise above the 20-day EMA, suggesting bears have the advantage in the short-term (ADA , BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jul 03
12:38 PM
Litecoin, Tron, DigiByte Price Analysis: 03 July
Despite reports suggesting that many of the market's altcoins may be decoupling from Bitcoin, the valuations of these alts, by and large, remain dependent on the fortunes of BTC, the world's largest c (BTC , DGB , LTC )
Jul 03
04:08 AM

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