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Lykke News

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RSK's RBTC gets listed on cryptocurrency exchange Lykke
Lykke Exchange, a global cryptocurrency marketplace, today announced it has enabled deposits, withdrawals, and trading of RSK's RBTC cryptocurrency in the (LKK )
May 31
04:23 AM
NEM (XEM) token now supported on Lykke Exchange
Lykke, a Swiss-based bitcoin and blockchain asset exchange, announced this week that it has joined the list of crypto exchanges where users can buy NEM. (BTC , LKK , XEM )
Apr 17
03:53 AM
Swiss Startup Lykke Launches 2 New Crypto Indexes
Swiss Startup Lykke Launches 2 New Crypto Indexes Swiss startup Lykke has launched two new crypto indexes and their associated service tokens (LKK )
Mar 23
10:23 PM
Owner of Burj Khalifa, World's Largest Building, Plans ICO
Emaar Group, which owns the Burj Khalifa, is developing a (LKK )
Mar 11
09:38 AM
Dubai Real Estate Giant Emaar to Launch ETH Token, Considers ICO in Europe
Dubai-based real estate giant Emaar will launch an ERC-20 token developed by Swiss blockchain startup Lykke. (ERC , ETH , LKK )
Mar 11
07:53 AM
Swiss-based Lykke Exchange supports Ripple (XRP) fiat trading pair
XRP is one of the most traded & requested by our community coins, Lykke exchange. Lykke is open for use across the world apart from The U.S, Australia, (LKK )
06:21 AM
Switzerland Welcomes New Blockchain Accelerator, VC Firm
A new accelerator and venture capital firm called Blockchain Valley Ventures (BVV) was launched on Thursday in Switzerland. The new firm counts former executive members of IBM, UBS and SAP as well as Lykke Corp. as partners and will provide investment, financing, and advisory services for blockchain ventures. (LKK )
03:24 AM
Lykke Launches Blockchain Accelerator and Venture Capital 'Spin-Off'
Crypto exchange Lykke has started a combined accelerator and venture firm focused on blockchain ventures with two former IBM and UBS executives. (LKK )
07:09 PM
Blockchain market Lykke to offer prepaid Visa card
Lykke, a Swiss fintech company building a global marketplace on the blockchain has announced the launch of the Lykke Card, a Visa prepaid card that draws d (LKK )
04:24 AM
Lykke and Melonport offer cash prizes to bring Alpha Engine to Melon protocol
Lykke, a blockchainbased marketplace, and Melonport, a creator of blockchain software for crypto-asset management today announced a joint competition to b (LKK , MLN )
03:24 PM
Unbreachable Privacy through Pristine Transparency a Paradox
Lykke, a FinTech startup, has bold ideas about how technology can revolutionize the world and not without causing some disruption in the process. (LKK )
08:24 AM
GameCredits Sponsors Largest Blockchain Conference in Serbia With Industry Leaders
GameCredits, the $100 million blockchain network targeting 2.6 billion gamers worldwide with a universal cryptocurrency and virtual wallet, has recently sponsored Blockemon 2017 held on August 26. The event was the largest blockchain conference ever held in Serbia, participated by speakers and executives from multi-billion dollar technology conglomerates and blockchain leaders including IBM, Microsoft, Lykke, Continue reading GameCredits Sponsors Largest Blockchain Conference in Serbia With Industry Leaders (GAME , LKK , MGO )
12:24 AM

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