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LEOcoin News

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Top-5 Crypto Performers: LINK, LEO, BCH, ETC, BSV, OKB*
Most top performers of the past seven days are consolidating in a range. At what levels do they become an attractive buy? Lets look at the charts (BCH , BTC , ETC , ETH , LEO )
Aug 18
11:39 AM
Top-5 Crypto Performers: BNB, BTC, XMR, LEO, DASH
Most top performers of the past week are at critical levels. Will they break out and move up or break down and drop lower? Lets look at the charts (BTC , DASH , LEO , XMR )
Aug 11
12:09 PM
EOS, Monero, Huobi Token, LEO, Bitcoin Cash
This week Bitcoin's price primarily hovered around the $10,000 mark. It seemed like a tug of war between bulls and the bears with $10,000 in between. While the first half went to the bulls, the bears (BCH , BTC , EOS , LEO , XMR )
Jul 28
09:23 AM
Top-5 Crypto Performers: EOS, LEO, ETC, ADA, XMR
The top five performers of the past week are not showing any bullish signs. The markets might remain range-bound for a few more days (ADA , EOS , ETC , ETH , LEO , XMR )
Jul 28
08:38 AM
BitFinex and Tether (USDT) in Trouble: NYAG Calls LEO $1B IEO a Securities Offering
Bitfinex and Tether have been involved in the past in a large number of scandals. Therefore, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the companies are in trouble again. The New York Attorney General's Of (BTC , LEO , USDT )
Jul 09
03:08 AM
Bitfinex to Use 27% of Tokinex Revenue to Burn LEO Tokens
Bitfinex has committed to using 27% of Tokinex's past and future revenue for burning the LEO utility tokens (LEO )
Jul 08
02:38 PM
Bitfinex announces dedicated buying of LEO tokens with revenue generated from its IEO platform
IEOs, the modified version of ICOs brought back by Binance was like John Hammond's cloned dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. IEOs have RoI, which is almost similar to the ICOs and the bull run has barely beg (LEO )
Jul 08
10:38 AM
Bitfinex's LEO Token Enables Multi-Billion Dollar Fraud, Cointelligence Claims
The contract of LEO, the ERC20 token issued by iFinex's subsidiary Unus Sed Leo, might have deliberate flaws as it leaves room for massive fraud. (LEO )
Jul 05
04:38 AM
LEO Demand Spike Thanks To BitFinex Buyback Program, Arrests Made In Israel
BitFinex is bouncing back, after controversially raising fund through LEO, the coin is on demand thanks in part to their aggressive buyback program. (LEO )
Jul 05
12:08 AM
June Crypto Roundup: BTC Ruled, ETH, LTC, LINK and NEO Gained
Crypto markets made 27% in June, largely from Bitcoin. Ethereum, Litecoin, Link and NEO performed well, XRP, BCH, XLM, EOS, and IOTA Dumped. (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LEO , LTC , MIOTA , XLM , XRP )
Jul 01
02:08 AM
Top 5 Crypto Performers: LINK, BTC, NEO, LEO, ETH
Will Bitcoin remain range bound while the altcoins play catch up? (BTC , ETH , LEO )
Jun 30
08:53 AM
Crypto-Market Top Weekly Performers: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Chainlink, LEO
Bitcoin [BTC]'s bull run in the past few weeks has been staggering. The cryptocurrency reached its yearly high above $13800 on 26th June. The price rallied from $11,350 to gain over 22% in 24hours to (BTC , ETH , LEO , LTC )
Jun 30
07:38 AM
Tether Printers Keep Churning Out as USDT Supply Increases Again
What may have gone unnoticed is the issuance of more USDT as Tether market capitalization continues to crank higher. (LEO , USDT )
Jun 30
03:08 AM
iFinex Buyback Could Spur Another Wave of Leo Demand, Price Up 8.2%
With an exemplary performance, BitFinex's Leo is springback after dumping on May 30. Expectedly, prices could rally as iFinex plans to buyback tokens. (LEO )
Jun 17
12:08 AM
Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitfinex Announces a LEO Token Burn Initiative
Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex announces a burn initiative for its utility token LEO. (LEO )
Jun 14
08:23 AM
Bitfinex Is Starting to Buy Back and 'Burn' Its LEO Exchange Token
Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has announced a transparency initiative that will see it put on full view the repurchase and destruction of its LEO token. (LEO )
Jun 14
05:08 AM
BitFinex's LEO Spikes 32%, More Valuable Than IOTA
BitFinex's LEO is on a roll, surging 32 percent in the last week, it is more valuable than IOTA and closing in on Tron's TRX. (LEO , MIOTA )
Jun 13
12:09 AM
Top 3 Cryptos, Not Named Bitcoin, Making Waves in June
As bitcoin price continues to hover around $8,000, some cryptos, namely Litecoin, LEO, and Binance Coin, continnue to make waves this month. (BTC , LEO , LTC )
Jun 08
01:08 PM
Bitfinex's LEO Up 70% Since Private Sale And Shows No Signs of Slowing Down
Popular cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex recently completed a $1 billion private sale where it allocated Unus Sed LEO tokens. Following the event, the token is already up 70 percent and is trading at (BTC , LEO )
Jun 08
09:53 AM
BitMEX's Hayes: Bitfinex's LEO Sale Sign Of Returning Bitcoin Bull Market
Weeks ago, Bitcoin exchange giant Bitfinex raised $1 billion worth of capital, purportedly denoted in Tether's USDT, in an in-house initial exchange (BTC , LEO , USDT )
May 26
11:08 AM
Bitfinex Announces Token Distribution After $1 Billion Private Investment
Crypto-exchange Bitfinex continues to move on from last month's Tether fiasco, announcing the distribution of its new utility token. (BTC , LEO , USDT )
May 18
08:08 AM
Bitfinex Will List Its New Exchange Token Starting Monday
Bitfinex will list its LEO exchange token on Monday, trading against bitcoin, ether, EOS, tether and the U.S. dollar. (BTC , EOS , LEO , USDT )
May 17
09:23 AM
Bitfinex's Private Token Sale Raised $1 Billion in 10 Days, Exec Says
Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex raised $1 billion via a sale of its exchange token LEO in just 10 days, according to the firm's CTO. (LEO , USDT )
May 13
04:38 AM
Fundstrat: Bitfinex $1B IEO Raise Could Pressure Bitcoin (BTC) Lower
On Saturday, reports revealed that Bitfinex, one of the largest crypto exchanges in existence, unveiled official plans to sell $1 billion worth of an asset called LEO. While this seems innocuous, a le (BTC , LEO )
May 04
07:08 PM
Bitfinex 'Official Doc' Confirms Plans to Raise up to $1 Billion in IEO for Its Token LEO
Zhao Dong, a shareholder of cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex, has released new promotional material detailing the exchange's upcoming initial exchange offering (IEO) for up to $1 billion. The informat (LEO , USDT )
May 04
05:53 PM
New LEOcoin Wallet Deployment Activates Privacy Features
LEOcoin is all set to make history in the world of cryptocurrency with its latest wallet deployment. (LEO )
11:10 AM
Fresh Upgrade Prompts LEOcoin Holders to Exchange Tokens
The team behind the research and development of LEOcoin has requested its holders to get their wallets ready for a scheduled coin swap. (LEO )
01:39 PM
LEOcoin Wallet Illustrates Privacy Feature in Newly Released Screenshots
The makers of LEOcoin has now released a series of screenshots of their new upgraded wallet; the privacy feature is also illustrated in one of these. (LEO )
04:40 AM
LEOcoin Foundation Chairman Dan Andersson Discusses Future Expansion
In this latest interview with LEOcoin Foundation's Chairman Dan Andersson, we discuss the success of this new altcoin in 2016, and the project sees Bitcoin's uptrend, and their new services in 2017. (BTC , LEO )
04:24 AM
LEOcoin, A Cryptocurrency for Business Transactions
(LEO )
12:23 PM
LEOcoin Overview: The Digital Currency of Masses
(LEO )
10:23 AM
LEOcoin Releases New Mobile App
Customers and users alike will now be able to carry the power of LEOcoin with them at all time on their smartphones. (LEO )
03:24 PM
LEOcoin Community Launches LEOcoin Cryptocurrency Information Mobile Application for Android and iOS
Bitcoin Press Release: LEOcoin, the open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platform now has a new mobile app, LEOcoin Info created by the LEOcoin community. October 24, 2016 LEOcoin Communitys lat (BTC , LEO )
03:38 PM

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