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Bitcoin Cash Futures Expected to Open up US Market by Q1 2020
Futures contracts on bitcoin cash can be available at a CFTC-regulated exchange by the end of this year or the first quarter of 2020. This will allow (BCH , BTC , ICE )
Sep 18
11:24 AM
Everything You Need to Know About Bakkt Bitcoin Futures
After a year of waiting, Bakkt, the bitcoin futures exchange and digital assets platform from Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the creator of New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), is ready to launch this mo (BTC , ICE )
Sep 11
07:54 PM
ICE Releases Initial Margin Limits for Bakkts Coming Futures Trading
The Intercontinental Exchange, which will house the Bakkts Bitcoin futures contracts, has released requirements for margin trading (BTC , ICE )
Sep 10
10:24 AM
Bitcoin Stored in Bakkt Warehouse Covered by $125M Insurance
Bakkt, the Bitcoin futures trading platform backed by NYSE parent Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), announced on Monday that its custody service is now (BTC , ICE )
Sep 09
12:09 PM
Bakkt Gains Favor Ahead Of Launch As Bitcoin Users Say Hype Justified
Cryptocurrency figures are putting renewed faith in Bakkt to lift markets after the company announced it was ready to launch Bitcoin storage. (BTC , ICE )
Aug 29
05:09 AM
How Bakkt Announcement Could Be a Blessing For Bitcoin Holders
Yesterdays big announcement that regulatory approval has been granted to Bakkt could be the best news bitcoin investors have had this year. (BTC , ICE )
Aug 17
03:09 AM
Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Launch Date Announced: Bitcoin Price Surges Amid The Positive News
Bakkt, by ICE, wants to make Bitcoin as mainstream by allowing its futures to be traded on Wall Street under the regulation of the U.S. Federal Government. After numerous delays and setbacks over the (BTC , ICE )
Aug 16
02:54 PM
Bitcoin futures from ICE supported firm Bakkt to launch in September CryptoNinjas
In August 2018, Bakkt, an Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) supported company for bitcoin futures contracts announced formation. After several delays, the (BTC , ICE )
Aug 16
08:54 AM
Bakkt To Launch Bitcoin Futures In The Very Near Future, Says ICE CEO
The Bitcoin futures trading platform introduced by the owner of the New York Sock Exchange, the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), is supposedly about to launch their physically-settled Bitcoin futures (BTC , ICE )
Aug 01
09:53 AM
Crypto Exchange and Bitlish Wallet: Benefits, Commissions and Legal Framework
Bitlish is included in 30 trading platforms whose trading information is accounted into the quote service of ICE operator in New York. (ICE )
Jul 30
06:08 AM
Bakkt Begins Bitcoin Futures UAT, BTC Price Drops 5%
The highly-anticipated launch of the Bitcoin futures trading platform Bakkt, owned by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) begins user acceptance testing for its Bitcoin Daily and Monthly futures contr (BTC , ICE )
Jul 23
12:53 AM
Opinion: Bitcoin To Go Mainstream Only When Being Necessary
There have been plenty of discussions on what's needed for Bitcoin to go mainstream. Some have argued that the fact that large institutions such as Fidelity and ICE's Bakkt are entering the field is g (BTC , ICE )
Jul 22
01:38 AM
'Moonshot' Bakkt Inches Closer to Launch with July Bitcoin Futures Testing
By CCN Markets: One of the major catalysts expected for the bitcoin price in 2019 is closer to becoming a reality. Bakkt, a bitcoin futures exchange owned by NYSE parent company ICE, will begin testing bitcoin futures trading next month. The regulated exchange made the announcement via a Medium blog (BTC )
Jun 13
11:21 AM
BREAKING: Bakkt to Introduce User Acceptance Testing for Bitcoin Futures in July
The Bitcoin futures trading platform of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), Bakkt, has announced plans to launch user acceptance testing for Bitcoin futures trading and custody in July. Bakkt Acceler (BTC , ICE )
May 13
08:38 AM
ICE Pushes for Bakkt Bitcoin Custody License
The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) is reportedly taking steps to ensure approval from the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) for its bitcoin futures contracts platform - Bakkt. (BTC , ICE )
May 13
02:23 AM
NYSE-owner ICE cool with crypto 'winter' as profits climb
The collapse in value of cryptocurrencies came at on opportune time for Intercontinental Exchange Inc, allowing the exchange operator to buy assets at a discount for its long-awaited crypto-trading platform affiliate Bakkt, the head of the company said on Thursday.
May 02
09:26 AM
Crypto 'Winter' Is Giving Bakkt's Bitcoin Futures Plan a Boost, ICE Chief Says
ICE CEO Jeffrey Sprecher says crypto winter has been (BTC , ICE )
May 02
07:38 AM
ICE's Bakkt Announces Acquisition of Digital Asset Custody Company
Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)-lead institutional cryptocurrency trading platform Bakkt has cquired a crypto custodian service, the firm announced on April 29. (ICE )
Apr 29
09:23 AM
Bakkt Exchange May Be Seeking New York License for Crypto Custody: Report
The owner of theNew York Stock Exchange, ICE, is reportedly eyeing a New York license for its long-delayed crypto exchange Bakkt. (ICE )
Apr 18
06:54 AM
Bitcoin Going Mainstream Might Hinge on New York Crypto License
Now, the owner of the New York Stock Exchange is turning to state watchdogs to get the project over the goal line. ICE's plan is to create a highly regulated Bitcoin ecosystem that would encourage pension funds, endowments and other institutions to invest more money in the space, and make it much easier (BTC )
Apr 18
02:16 AM
Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Exchange Hires New Product Chief
Bakkt, a Bitcoin Futures platform founded by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), is perfectly gearing up for a launch that its CEO (BTC , ICE )
Apr 11
08:38 AM
No, Starbucks accepting crypto is NOT a tax nightmare
Paying capital gains tax on everyday expenses is not appealing to many, so it's understandable that there is some concern around the soon-to-be launched Bakkt solution. Amongst other things, the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) venture would provide Bitcoin-to-fiat conversions for businesses simplifying (BTC )
Mar 24
04:01 AM
Bakkt Series A valuation estimated at $740 million; investor pressure ramps up prior to launch
Bakkt, the highly anticipated digital assets platform spearheaded by Intercontinental Exchange [ICE] reached a valuation point of $740 million in its Series A (ICE )
Mar 22
08:38 PM
Source: Bakkt Valued at $740M But Will Have Tough Time Appeasing Investors
Bakkt, the much-anticipated institutional trading platform developed by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), has reached a $740 million post-money valuation after (ICE )
Mar 22
08:23 AM
Bakkt and ErisX are not the same, clarify Adam White and Thomas Chippas
Bakkt, the digital asset platform spearheaded by Intercontinental Exchange [ICE] and ErisX, the cryptocurrency exchange, are often clubbed together because of (ICE )
Mar 20
04:23 AM
In the Daily: Crypto Data Feed, BSV Sale, Bitmain Office Closed
Intercontinental Exchange has added new coins to its cryptocurrency data feed and we've got the details in this installment of The Daily. This edition Intercontinental Exchange has added new coins to its cryptocurrency data feed and we've included the details in The Daily. This edition also features Coincheck's announcement that it plans to sell its BSV holdings and reimburse users with Japanese fiat currency. Also, Chinese mining giant Bitmain has closed its office in Norway. (ICE )
Mar 20
03:38 AM
Intercontinental Exchange Adding Long List of Cryptocurrencies to Dedicated Data Feed
ICE Data Services recently tweeted out a lengthy list of cryptocurrencies to be included in its Cryptocurrency Data Feed. (ICE )
Mar 18
11:21 PM
When Bakkt? Bitcoin Futures Market's Approval Appears Stuck in Limbo
More than six months since ICE revealed its vision for Bakkt, the bitcoin futures market is still awaiting regulatory approval. (BTC , ICE )
Mar 17
07:08 PM
Intercontinental Stock Exchange Seemingly to Expand Cryptocurrency Data Feed
NYSE's operator ICE hinted at expanding its Cryptocurrency Data Feed with a thousand new coins. (ICE )
Mar 15
02:08 PM
CoinFLEX Basks in Bakkt Delay
While we continue to wait for the official launch of the Bakkt Bitcoin Futures platform backed by the International Continental Exchange (ICE) (BTC , ICE )
Mar 13
01:38 PM
New Security Token Exchange ABE Wants to Bring Back Small-Cap IPOs
A new security token trading venture is coming out of stealth mode with a novel strategy to help small U.S. companies go public at a lower cost. (ICE )
Mar 06
02:08 AM
Pantera Predicts Institutions to Invest in Crypto After Next Bull Trend is Established
Dan Morehead, the chief executive officer of Pantera Capital, recently discussed the cryptocurrency bear trend on an episode of the Unconfirmed podcast. Morehead argued that the crypto sector has much more robust fundamentals than it did during the previous bear trend, asserting that the industry has developed the infrastructure necessary in order to attract institutional investors. The company has also raised $130 million for a third venture fund. (ICE )
Feb 24
11:08 AM
In the Daily: Sirin Labs Smartphone, Middle East Cbx Exchange, IPC's Connexus Cloud
In this edition of The Daily we cover a number of cryptocurrency-related business collaborations from around the world. These include Sirin Labs and (BCC , CBX , ICE )
Feb 21
03:08 AM
Bakkt: What Should We Expect From an Exchange Tailor-Made for Wall Street Investors?
A deeper look into ICE's digital assets platform backed by Microsoft and Starbucks. (BTC , ICE )
Feb 15
06:23 AM
In the Daily: New FSB Chair Fears Crypto, Wikileaks Goes After CSW, Bakkt Update
In this edition of The Daily we cover recent remarks from the new Chair of the Financial Stability Board (FSB), a spat between Wikileaks and Craig S. (ICE )
Feb 12
06:23 AM
NYSE Parent ICE Anticipates Over $20 Million Spend on Bakkt This Year
NYSE parent firm Intercontinental Exchange is likely to spend over $20 million building its bitcoin futures trading platform Bakkt in 2019. (BTC , ICE )
Feb 11
01:08 AM
Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) Chief Confident About Future for Bakkt and Crypto
The ongoing regulatory delays and hurdles imposed by the US government have not dampened the enthusiasm for crypto related products such as the highly The ongoing regulatory delays and hurdles imposed by the US government have not dampened the enthusiasm for crypto related products such as the highly anticipated Bakkt launch. (ICE )
Feb 11
01:08 AM
Bakkt Is Our 'Moonshot Bet' Says ICE CEO, Plans to Launch the Platform Later This Year
Photo: Metro Atlanta Chamber / FlickrNYSE parent company Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) announced the arrival of its crypto trading platform Bakkt last year in (ICE )
Feb 10
02:38 AM
Bakkt furthers acquisitions, pushes for increased manpower in anticipation of imminent launch
Bakkt, the highly anticipated digital asset exchange backed by the New York Stock Exchange [NYSE] and the Intercontinental Exchange [ICE] has announced that it (ICE )
Feb 10
01:08 AM
Bakkt Will Launch Later This Year
The CEO of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) expects the firm's digital asset platform Bakkt to launch later in 2019. The comment was made by ICE CEO Jeff (ICE )
Feb 09
08:08 PM
Bakkt to Launch Later This Year According to ICE CEO
The CEO of Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), Jeff Sprecher, said he expects the company's much-anticipated cryptoasset platform, Bakkt, to launch later this year. (ICE )
Feb 09
04:38 PM
Someone Is Impersonating Bitcoin Futures Platfom Bakkt to Raise Money
There's a website out there masquerading as Bakkt in an apparent attempt to bilk people out of their bitcoin. (BTC , ICE )
Feb 07
08:08 AM
Bakkt Announces Details of Bitcoin Futures Contracts
Bakkt has announced some details surrounding its much-anticipated Bitcoin futures product. However, the platform is still pending regulatory approval. (BTC , ICE )
Jan 24
03:08 PM
Bakkt New Acquisition Yet No Regulatory Approval Crypto News 24/7
Fresh from completing its maiden funding round, Bakkt announced its first acquisition on Monday, Jan. 14, 2019. The daughter company of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) is also eyeing the possibili (BTC , ICE )
Jan 17
02:23 PM
Bakkt Makes First Expansion Acquisition to Prepare Crypto Platform
At the end of 2018 Bakkt announced the closure of its first round of financial funding as a huge success. It has just expanded on that success with the At the end of 2018 Bakkt announced the closure of its first round of financial funding as a huge success. (ICE )
Jan 15
01:08 AM
Bakkt Expands Compliance Capabilities With Its First Acquisition
Fresh from completing its maiden funding round, Bakkt announced its first acquisition on Monday, Jan. 14, 2019. The daughter company of the Fresh from completing its maiden funding round, Bakkt announced its first acquisition on Monday, Jan. 14, 2019. (BTC , ICE )
Jan 14
12:08 PM
Bakkt Futures by ICE is Now Supported by World's 23rd Richest Man Li Ka-Shing
TL;DR Li Ka-Shing, the 23rd richest man in the world, and founder of Horizons Ventures has publically pledged his support to the soon-to-launch Bakkt Exchange. Ka-Shing is now one of the exchanges mos (BTC , ICE )
Jan 09
12:53 AM
CoinFLEX Beats Intercontinental Exchange and ErisX to Launch First Physically-DeliveredBitcoin Futures
According to a January 6, 2019, report from Bloomberg, CoinFLEX, an offshoot of CoinFloor, has launched the first physically-delivered Bitcoin futures, beating out heavyweights like ErisX and Intercon (BTC , ICE )
Jan 08
04:23 AM
Bitcoin Futures Battle Heats Up With New Player
A lot of hopes have been pinned on institutional heavyweights entering the crypto space in 2019. The promise of more Bitcoin futures and crypto products The promise of more Bitcoin futures and crypto products from the big players could be the catalyst that drives market recovery. (BTC , ICE )
Jan 07
02:08 AM
Bakkt Raises a Whopping $182 Million Funds for Further Expansion
A group of 12 high-profile investors and partners have poured this large sum of money for the further development of the Bakkt infrastructure and its expansion.ICE's Bakkt platform has recently raised (BTC , ICE )
Jan 02
12:23 AM

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