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Poloniex Delists Clams, Pascal, Steem, Navcoin, GameCredits and LBRY
Major crypto exchange Poloniex is delisting five digital currencies: Clams, Pascal, Steem, Navcoin, GameCredits and LBRY Credits (GAME , LBC , NAV , STEEM )
02:24 AM
What is GameCredits and Is It a Good Investment?
The crypto asset investment universe has grown into a $330 billion asset class that is composed of a wide range of different digital currencies and tokens. The variety of digital assets is one of the (BTC , GAME )
09:09 PM
Great Achievements BIT.GAME Has Made in the World's Largest LoT, Blockchain & AI Tech Expo in London
2017 witnessed an explosive growth of cryptocurrencies and blockchain ecosystem. That's the background of the establishment of BIT.GAME. Against such a backdrop, the world's first digital asset exchange and technology provider for blockchain games has been established. It is BIT.GAME (GAME )
10:09 AM
A Growth Spurt, Not Only for The Number of Fans in BIT.GAME Telegram
In recent years, the development of blockchain has continuously grown vigorously around the world. Blockchain technology catalyzed a tremendous growth in related industries in 2017. The popularity of (BTC , GAME )
04:09 AM
GShare, the Application That Helps You Earn with Your GPU/CPU
GameCredits, the company behind GAME tokens has recently launched its much awaited GShare application. This application allows crypto-hobbyists to mine var (GAME )
02:24 AM
BIT.GAME: The Breakthrough North America's Game Industry Has Been Waiting For
There are over 500,000 games in Apple's App Store alone. For an industry growing at less than four percent per year, that does not leave much room for opportunity for upward mobility. The problems in (BTC , GAME )
03:24 AM
Blockchain Game Becomes The Main Topic In Global Blockchain Summit
On April 3rd, 2018 Global Blockchain Summit was held ceremoniously in National Convention Centre, Beijing, and the Global Blockchain & Game Forum was hosted by World Blockchain Council (WBC) and co-hosted by GMGC and BIT.GAME. (GAME )
03:24 PM
Business Model and Strategic Layout of BIT.GAME
After announcing FIRST Exchange for Blockchain Game in the world, BIT.GAME takes pleasure in sharing its business model and strategic layout with every walk of life. (GAME )
06:09 AM
Exchange Matrix, the Future of CEX
In Feb. 2018, the official website and white paper of the BIT.GAME project as the first blockchain game exchange project in the world were published. We can perceive the future trend of the centralized exchanges from this project. (GAME )
03:54 PM
GameCredits Partners with Unity Technologies to Bring Blockchain to Mobile Gamers - Coinjournal
GameCredits, a blockchain companywhich focuses on thegaming industry has announced that it is teaming up with game developer Unity Technologies to accelerate the adoption of the blockchain and digital assets in the gaming industry. The partnership has the potential to make GameCredits' blockchain assets accessible to three million mobile gamers running Unity-made apps and games. (GAME )
12:39 AM
GameCredits signs deal with Unity Technologies to bring blockchain to game developers
GameCredits Inc., a blockchain company driving innovation in the video gaming industry has announced the firm has signed a deal with Unity Technologies, cr (GAME )
05:39 AM
GameCredits Signs Deal with Unity Technologies to Bring Blockchain to Game Developers and Gamers
03:54 AM
GameCredits Sponsors Largest Blockchain Conference in Serbia With Industry Leaders
GameCredits, the $100 million blockchain network targeting 2.6 billion gamers worldwide with a universal cryptocurrency and virtual wallet, has recently sponsored Blockemon 2017 held on August 26. The event was the largest blockchain conference ever held in Serbia, participated by speakers and executives from multi-billion dollar technology conglomerates and blockchain leaders including IBM, Microsoft, Lykke, Continue reading GameCredits Sponsors Largest Blockchain Conference in Serbia With Industry Leaders (GAME , LKK , MGO )
12:24 AM
Gamecredits Aims to Be the Digital Currency for 2.6 Billion Gamers Worldwide
GameCredits has taken an edge in the online gaming industry right from the end of its ICO in May 2017 and the launch of its mobile store. (GAME )
02:54 AM
Bitbay Exchange Enters Indian Cryptocurrency Markets
BitBay has announced that it will enter the Indian cryptocurrency markets, with the company's Indian exchange expected to be operational before the end of (BAY , BTC , ETH , GAME , LSK , XMR )
12:09 PM
This Is How Gamecredits to Increase Adoption of Cryptocurrency Worldwide
Game development has been in the limelight since the launch of the GameCredits blockchain payment gateway by the global game developer, Datcroft in December 2016. (GAME )
09:39 AM
The Market Behind MobileGo Tokens that Leads Towards New Prospects
The mobile gaming store now has a proprietary payment gateway, which allows gamers utilize their Gamecredits tokens to purchase in-game content (GAME , MGO )
12:39 AM
Credit Cards & Dozens of Cryptocurrency to be added to Gamecredits
GameCredits Inc., providing innovative blockchain solutions since 2015, recently announced that it has now added credit cards and various crypto currencies to its web wallets. (GAME )
04:24 AM
All About MobileGos Successfully Positioned Platform
The MobileGo, from the views of current investors and users, seems to be a great starting platform, similar to Gamecredits site and Slack. (GAME , MGO )
03:54 AM
Mobile Ar Game Reality Clash Announces Token Sale With Erc-20 Armory
20th July, London, UK, Reality Gaming Group has announced Reality Clash, the worlds first augmented reality combat game for iPhone and Andriod, taking mobile combat games to an entirely new level. Familiar places are now your battle fields and the people in your surroundings are either your allies or enemies. Reality Clash will now offer Continue reading MOBILE AR GAME REALITY CLASH ANNOUNCES TOKEN SALE WITH ERC-20 ARMORY (ERC , GAME )
10:09 AM
GCesports App to Include Gamecredits & MobileGO
Blockchain community members, especially those belonging to gaming industry, are pleased to know that GameCredits and MobileGo eSports will be available on PC and mobile platforms very soon. This exciting announcement was made in a recent interview collaboratively responded by Sergey Sholom, the CEO of the GameCredits, and Aladin Ben, the Managing Director of GCeports. Continue reading GCesports App to Include Gamecredits & MobileGO (GAME )
10:10 PM
GameCredits & MobileGo A New Era for Online Mobile Gaming
GameCredits & MobileGo A New Era for Online Mobile Gaming (GAME )
03:39 PM
New Dual Blockchain Crowdfund set to run by GameCredits Team
MobileGo is the new dual blockchain token developed by Gamecredits . The MobileGo Crowdsale begins April 25th and will help finance and brand the Gamecredi (GAME )
11:09 AM
Understanding the Difference between GameCredits and MobileGO
GameCredits Inc. is an international, multi-cultural company bringing together experts from both the blockchain and gaming. (GAME )
11:54 PM
MobileGo to Focus on Mobile Gaming Market
MobileGo is a new Ethereum ERC 20 token that is being created to allow for smart contract technology and development within the Gamecredits Mobile Store. (ERC , ETH , GAME )
12:08 AM
GameCredits to Benefit Gaming Companies with its Advanced Payment Gateway
GameCredits Inc., an international, multi-cultural company, is looking to revamp the payment system in the industry with their cutting edge payment solutions. (GAME )
02:23 AM
GameCredits to Simplify Payments in the Gaming Industry
Bitcoin News: GameCredits to Simplify Payments in the Gaming Industry (BTC , GAME )
05:09 PM
MobileGo Tokens to Benefit Gamers and Game Developers Alike
GameCredits Inc. is an international, multi-cultural company bringing together experts from both the blockchain and gaming. (GAME )
04:09 PM
MobileGo Tokens and Gamecredits to Exist Symbiotically
After two years of development with gaming industry leaders, Datcroft LTD., Gamecredits is near completion of development of the first crypto mobile gaming store. (GAME )
02:24 PM
In Conversation with Jon Comer, the CMO of Gamecredits, a Decentralised Mobile Gaming Store
Jon Comer discusses why game developers discuss something better than Apple and Play Store to monetise their work. (GAME )
02:25 PM
MobileGo Tokens to Gamify the Gamecredits Mobile Store
MobileGo is the first Crypto-centric mobile gaming platform and store for in-game purchases. (GAME )
10:25 AM
Gamecredits Mobile Store Announces MobileGo Token Crowdfund
Worlds first crypto mobile gaming store Gamecredits has announced the crowdsale of its MobileGo Token. (GAME )
12:40 PM
GameCredits Launches Payment Gateway with Fragoria
GameCredits is a name not often brought up when you think of altcoins. With a weekly increase of market capitalization of over 40 percent and trading volume approaching $1 million, shown below, it may (GAME )
06:53 PM

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