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FTC Commissioner Cites Libra In Support of Fed's Real-Time Payment System
FTC Commissioner Rohit Chopra cited Libra concerns in his letter supporting the Fed's potential FedNow real-time payments service. (FTC )
10:09 PM
US FTC Settles With Alleged Crypto Pyramid Scheme for $500,000
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has settled charges it filed in 2018 against a crypto pyramid scheme involving four individuals, with the defendants paying $5... (BTC , FTC )
02:54 PM
FTC Settles With Promoters of Multi-Level Marketing Crypto Scheme
Four promoters of crypto-denominated chain-referral scams are ordered to pay fines totaling less than $500,000. (FTC )
06:09 AM
New Rules Make Korean Bitcoin Exchanges Liable for Customer Losses
Bithumb and other bitcoin exchanges in South Korea are adopting an FTC directive which makes them more responsible for user losses. (BTC , FTC )
03:08 AM
Facebook Roundup: Regulatory, FTC Fine & More of The Usual - May 14, 2019
Among the top stories from last week were calls for the split-up of Facebook while it heads for an FTC fine and undergoes a change of heart toward cryptocurrencies.
10:56 AM
FTC Sues Smart Backpack Crowdfunder Who Spent Proceeds On Bitcoin
The Federal Trade Commission is suing a crowdfunder who promised a smart backpack but instead spent the proceeds on bitcoin. (BTC , FTC )
11:08 AM
'Real Risk': Blockstream Exec Warns Over Bitcoin Cash 51 Percent Attack
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) average hashrate over the past week has fallen below 8 percent of Bitcoin's (BTC) - is compared to Feathercoin. (BCH , BTC , FTC )
06:08 AM
US Federal Trade Commission Issues Warning on Bitcoin Blackmail Scam 'Targeting Men'
The Division of Consumer and Business Education of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) published an article August 21 titled How to avoid a Bitcoin blackmail scam. The FTC's letter focuses on co (BTC , FTC )
12:24 AM
FTC Issues Warning on Bitcoin Blackmail Scams
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning consumers warns about a new type of bitcoin scam aimed at blackmailing men. (BTC , FTC )
12:08 PM
Crypto Scams Could Cost Consumers Billions of Dollars This Year, FTC Says
Regulators, lawyers and cryptocurrency experts discussed ways of protecting investors at the FTC's (FTC )
03:09 PM
Deciphering Cryptocurrency Scams: The FTC Roadshow
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is to host a day's event at DePaul University, the largest institution in Chicago with over 23,000 students, on June 25, 2018. Through their Bureau of Consumer Prote (BTC , FTC )
03:54 PM
FTC Offers Free Workshop to Inform the Public of Crypto Scams
The Federal Tade Commision has announceda free educationalforum on avoiding cryptocurrency based fraud to be held in June. (FTC )
12:39 AM
US Federal Trade Commission To Offer Free Workshop On Crypto Scams
The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will be holding a free workshop this summer titled Decrypting Cryptocurrency Scams according to a press release published today, April 30. The workshop's main a (FTC )
05:54 PM
FTC to Host Consumer Protection Workshop on Cryptocurrency Scams
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is planning to host a workshop on cryptocurrency scams and fraud in June. (FTC )
09:09 AM
Judge Backs FTC Asset Freeze in Crypto Fraud Case
U.S. Magistrate Lurana Snow has recommended that a preliminary injunction be enforced against four alleged scammers. (FTC )
02:39 PM
US Trade Regulator Launches Blockchain Working Group
The Federal Trade Commission has formed a working group to examine the ways in which blockchain and cryptocurrencies will affect its missions. (FTC )
08:39 AM
FTC Halts Activities of Four Floridians Involved in Crypto-Related Chain Referral Schemes
At the request of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida has halted the activities of four individualswho allegedly promoted deceptive money-making schemes involving cryptocurrencies. These schemes falsely promised participants they could garner huge returns by using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin to enroll themselves and Continue reading FTC Halts Activities of Four Floridians Involved in Crypto-Related Chain Referral Schemes (BTC , FTC , LTC )
01:24 PM
US Trade Regulator Shuts Down Crypto Investment Schemes
A U.S. district court has issued a restraining order against four individuals accused of operating a string of cryptocurrency investment schemes. (FTC )
11:40 AM
FTC approves Integra purchase of J&Js Codman business
Medical device maker Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corp has received U.S. antitrust approval to buy Johnson & Johnson's Codman Neuro Division, the Federal Trade Commission said on Wednesday. (NRO )
09:01 AM
Feathercoin: Interview With Peter Bushnell
(FTC )
07:10 PM
FTC to Host Blockchain Panels at March FinTech Event
(FTC )
10:55 AM
FTCs Fintech Forum to Focus on Blockchain Technology
The implications of blockchain technology in the consumer sector will be the focus of the Federal Trade Commissions (FTC) 2017 FinTech Forum in March. (FTC )
10:24 AM
FTC to Host Blockchain Panels at Upcoming FinTech Event
The US Federal Trade Commission is hosting a FinTech gathering on 9th March, dedicated in part to blockchain tech and its impact on consumers. (FTC )
06:10 AM
LogMeIn Gets U.S. FTC Clearance For Proposed Merger With Citrix's GoTo Business
LogMeIn Inc. (LOGM) announced the early termination of the waiting period under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act (HSR Act) for its proposed merger with Citrix Systems Inc. (FTC )
06:15 AM
Did CFTC Regulations Prevent Bitfinex From Offering Cold Storage?
Some notable experts claim that this regulatory framework presented by the CFTC may have prevented Bitfinex from using cold storage (FTC )
08:53 AM
Petition Pushes CFTC to Clarify Rules on Blockchain 'Delivery'
A US law firm has filed a petition that argues the CFTC needs to provide clarity on the definition of "delivery" as it pertains to blockchain. (FTC )
12:23 PM
CFTC Fines Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex $75,000 For Offering "Illegal" Transactions
The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) ordered Bitfinex, a Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange, to pay $75,000 for offering illegal, off-exchange, financed retail commodity transactions in cryptocurrencies, and for failing to register as a futures commission merchant (FCM) as required by law, according to a CFTC press release. (BTC , FTC )
01:00 AM
CFTC Fines Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex $75000 Over Trading Violations
(BTC , FTC )
08:00 PM
CFTC Fines Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex $75,000 Over Trading Violations
Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange Bitfinex has settled with the CFTC following an investigation into its financed trading activities. (BTC , FTC )
02:00 PM
CFTC Grants Full Registration to Bitcoin Swaps Trading Platform
(BTC , FTC )
09:00 PM
CFTC Official: Early Internet Regulatory Model Will Help Blockchain Evolve
The CFTC Commissioner has told a Depository Trust & Clearing Corp. symposium that blockhain should be allowed to develop with minimal government regulation. (FTC )
03:00 AM
CFTC Commissioner Advocates Lenient Regulation For Blockchain
There has always been a question of whether blockchain startups should worry about regulation before or after launching their business. (FTC )
06:00 AM
CFTC Commissioner: Agency Should Revisit Rules for Distributed Ledgers
CFTC's J Christopher Giancarlo said today that he believes his agency should reexamine existing rules for distributed ledger technology. (FTC )
02:00 PM
Butterfly Labs Corrects Record on Settlement With FTC and Future Plans
Butterfly Labs Inc . has spoken out to Bitcoin Magazine for the first time since reaching a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission and denies. (BTC )
03:00 PM
US CFTC Advisor Chou Calls Blockchain Without Bitcoin Efforts Misguided
Paul Chou, CEO ofLedgerXand the bitcoin advisor to the U.S. CFTC, says companies trying to use the blockchain without bitcoin are seriously misguided, and so far the concept is unproven, (BTC , FTC )
06:00 AM
Bitcoin Weekly 2016 February 24: Butterfly Labs FTC slap on the wrist, Ledger segwit approval, Bitcoin Core 0.12
After really messing up the lives of potential customers and finally losing a fraud case to the United States Federal Trade Commission, Butterfly Labs receives (BTC , FTC )
10:00 PM
CFTC Hearing Explores Role of Regulators in Blockchain Future
A meeting of the Commodity Futures Trading Commissions Technology Advisory Committee discussed how blockchain could reshape the derivatives market. (FTC )
04:00 PM
Bitcoin Mining Firm Butterfly Labs Settles with FTC Over Customer Deception Charges
The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced that bitcoin mining hardware company Butterfly Labs and two of its operators have agreed to settle charges that pointed to the company deceiving customers. (BTC , FTC )
05:00 PM
FTC Settles Charges Against Bitcoin Mining Firm Butterfly Labs
The US Federal Trade Commission says it has reached a settlement with bitcoin mining firm Butterfly Labs after it sued the company in 2014. (BTC , FTC )
04:00 PM

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