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Vitalik Explores Growth In The Ethereum Network Since 2017, Whats Next In 2020?
The past three years have flown past quickly, as the crypto industry witnessed one of its fastest-growing periods ever. Since hitting all-time highs in price in Dec 2017- Jan 2018, Ethereum has experi (BTC , ETH )
Mar 27
11:54 AM
Price Analysis Mar 27: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, XTZ, LEO
Most cryptocurrencies have turned down from their overhead resistance levels suggesting a minor correction or period of consolidation will occur in the next few... (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LEO , LTC , XRP )
Mar 27
11:24 AM
Ethereum Buy Signal Hints At Sustained Bitcoin Outperformance
Ethereum kicked off the year, showing stellar performance compared to Bitcoin, leaving the leading crypto asset in its dust. But following over 100% (BTC , ETH )
Mar 27
10:09 AM
Crypto Price Analysis & Overview March 27th: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, IOTA
Bitcoin Bitcoin price increased by a total of around 10% this week as it blew past the $6,000 level to reach the resistance at $6,800. It did manage to spike as high as $7,000 but has failed to break (BTC , ETH , MIOTA , XMR )
Mar 27
10:09 AM
Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Rangebound Around $135 But Bears Might Settle In Against Bitcoin
Ethereum saw a small 0.5% price increase today as it continues to battle the $140 resistance level. The cryptocurrency has been bouncing in a very tight range between $135 and $140 for the past 4-days (BTC , ETH )
Mar 27
08:09 AM
Ethereum is Primed For a Rally And Only 1 Thing is Holding it Back
Ethereum is still facing a strong resistance near the $142 and $144 levels. A successful close above $144 could start a strong increase in ETH price in the near term. (ETH )
Mar 27
02:55 AM
Getting Ready for the Altcoin Resurgence
A new era is emerging in crypto, and only the projects quick to adapt to changing needs while delivering value will emerge successful (BTC , ETH )
Mar 27
02:55 AM
Why Circles (USDC) Is Best Placed To Challenge Tethers (USDT) Stablecoin Dominance
OKEx exchange announces addition of ten USDC crypto pairs including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). Following a successful start of the year, can Circles stablecoin challenge Tether (BTC , ETH , LTC , USDT )
Mar 27
02:55 AM
US, European Stocks Up but Crypto Traders Remain Cautious
American and European equity markets extended their gains on Thursday while major cryptocurrencies made only slight moves on the day. (ETH , XMR , ZEC )
Mar 26
01:55 PM
Buterin Envisions Ethereum 2.0 By 2030
Despite the recent unexpected recession that affected not only crypto markets but even larger the traditional financial markets, the young founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin is calm and envisions th (BTC , ETH )
Mar 26
09:40 AM
Ethereum heads toward $153 but it will likely pullback to $135
It has been close to 2 weeks since the market crash took place and since then, the charts of major assets have significantly stabilized. Ethereum continued to exhibit sideways movement between $123 an (ETH )
Mar 25
12:11 PM
Ethereum Gearing For Lift-Off to $150: Rally Isn't Over Yet
Ethereum is currently trading nicely above the $135 support area against the US Dollar. ETH price is likely to break the $142 and $144 resistance levels for a move towards $150. (ETH )
Mar 24
08:54 PM
Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Eyeing Key Upside Break Above $140
Ethereum price is gaining traction above the $120 and $125 resistance levels against the US Dollar.ETH price is likely to grind higher towards the $155 and $160 resistance levels.There is a major bear (BTC , ETH )
Mar 24
04:53 AM
Citigroup Raises Investment in Ethereum-Based Trade Finance Startup
Major investment bank Citigroup announced it has increased its equity stake in Ethereum-based trade finance platform Komgo (ETH )
Mar 22
03:25 AM
Price Analysis Mar 20: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, XTZ, LEO
Current price action from top cryptocurrencies suggests that the path of least resistance is to the upside, indicating the market could be in the early stages o... (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LEO , LTC , XRP )
Mar 20
12:11 PM
Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Waiting For A Breakout As It Trades Around $114
Ethereum currently trades around 0.02193 BTC after breaking slightly below a crucial support The price is readying for a breakout from a symmetrical triangle as trading reaches a tight range on the 4- (BTC , ETH )
Mar 18
08:39 AM
Binance Lending Adds Bitcoin Cash to Flexible Deposits Letting Users Earn Interest on BCH
Bitcoin cash users now have another venue to earn interest on their digital asset holdings. Binance has added support for BCH flexible deposits on its (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH )
Mar 18
03:55 AM
Ethereum Options remain indecisive as market lacks clear direction
Its been a rough past week for the collective digital asset market, with Ethereum emerging as one of the worst affected assets in the industry. At press time, Ethereum was valued at $118.51 after col (ETH )
Mar 17
11:25 AM
Ethereum Classic (ETC) Has Reduced The Block Reward from 4 to 3.2 ETC
The Ethereum Classic (ETC) crypto project has reduced the block reward for miners from 4 ETC to 3.2 ETC as per their monetary policy after just reaching block number 10 Million. This 20% reduction has (BTC , ETC , ETH )
Mar 17
04:10 AM
Mystery Solved: CoinOne Record-Breaking Transaction Fee Of 656 ETH Worth $80,000 Was Human Error
The recent mystery surrounding the incredible $80,000 worth of Ethereum transaction fee has been resolved. Instead of a complicated money laundering scheme compiled by a South Korean exchange, it actu (BTC , ETH )
Mar 15
09:56 AM
EthCC Paris Attendees Urged to Get Tested After Seventh COVID-19 Case
The number of attendees of the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) conference in Paris to contract coronavirus has now increased to seven highlighting the urgent need for attendees to get tested f (ETH )
Mar 14
11:25 AM
Bitcoin Ekes Out Gains but Remains in Red Amid Broader Market Rebound
Bitcoin has recovered slightly from Thursdays brutal selloff as global financial markets creep back into the green. (BTC , ETH , XRP )
Mar 13
02:39 PM
Was MakerDAO (MKR) Free-Fall because of a system exploit that saw $8 million of ETH Stolen?
If todays price action guides, MakerDAO (MKR) posted the highest one-day loss in its short history. The Ethereum-based token almost halved, dropping by 47% in the past trading day, consequently posti (BTC , ETH )
Mar 12
07:26 PM
Warning: Ethereum Gas Prices Go Through the Roof Amid Bitcoin Crash
It appears that the bona fide price crash in Bitcoin isn't only affecting the market; indeed, Ethereum's transaction fee market, too, has been adversely (BTC , ETH )
Mar 12
06:25 AM
Ethereum Down 35% as Crypto Market Loses $68.61 Billion in 30 Minutes
Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, plunged by a massive 35 percent on Thursday, logging its biggest decline in a day (ETH )
Mar 12
06:25 AM
Hive Expands Ether Mining by 20%, Not Worried by Proof-of-Stake
Following a 20% expansion in ETH mining operations at Hive Blockchains Swedish facility, Cointelegraph spoke to Hive regarding contention in the ETH community... (ETH )
Mar 12
12:41 AM
Financial Services Giant Morningstar Rates its First Ethereum-Based Security
Financial services giant Morningstar valued the securities of U.S. restaurant chain Fatburger the first Ethereum-based security ranked by the firm (ETH )
Mar 09
10:10 AM
Noncustodial Smart Wallet Seeks to Widen Access to Crypto and DeFi
A non-custodial smart wallet for both cryptocurrencies and DApps has sealed fresh funding as its attempts to challenge existing offerings in the industry (ETH )
Mar 09
06:26 AM
Ethereum is Outperforming the Market Today, Here's Why
A vast majority of the crypto market has been in a slump for the past 24 hours, but Ethereum stands apart as the lone top 5 coin in the green. Lets take (ETH )
Mar 07
11:24 AM
Analyst Who Predicted Bitcoin's Rally to $9,000 Says Ethereum Is Preparing to Explode
Bitcoin's and Ethereum's strong surge to kick off 2020 has caught many traders aback. Case in point: each leg higher in the price of BTC during January (BTC , ETH )
Mar 06
04:56 AM
Ethereum is Taking a Red Pill as Analysts Eye a Sharp Decline to $100 Region
One analyst is noting that Ethereum (ETH) is currently playing out its red pill scenario that is likely to lead it into the upper-$100 region. (ETH )
Mar 04
03:24 PM
Ripple Chief Critical of Bitcoin, Ethereum 'Wasteful' Energy Consumption
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has blatantly bashed bitcoin and Ethereum for their energy consumption and carbon foot print. (BTC , ETH , XRP )
Mar 04
01:09 AM
Block.one CTO Claims Accessing Ethereum Through EOS is Beneficial to Smart Contracts Hash
Given how the Ethereum user base continues to grow month over month, execution-oriented improvements for smart contracts are more than welcome. (EOS , ETH )
Mar 01
11:24 PM
This Bizarre Factor Suggests Ethereum is Getting Ready for a Big Upwards Movement
One interesting occurrence seen while looking towards the spread between DAI and USDC may suggest that now is a decent re-entry level for Ethereum (ETH) (ETH )
Mar 01
02:23 PM
Ethereum Sees Dire Technical Breakdown as the Bear Case Builds
One top analyst is noting that Ethereum's inability to break above resistance is likely to lead ETH lower in the near-term as its strength degrades. (ETH )
Feb 29
12:11 PM
Market Analysts Naeem Aslam and Ian Balina Debate Coronavirus and Crypto
Analyst Naeem Aslam and Tokenmetrics CEO Ian Balina battle it out over the impact of coronavirus on crypto, and whether the halving is already priced into the m... (ETH )
Feb 29
11:55 AM
Crypto Price Analysis & Overview February 28th: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Chainlink
Bitcoin Bitcoin dropped by a total of 11% over the past week as the cryptocurrency broke beneath previous support at $9,550 and plummetted beneath support at $9,000. It continued to decline until reac (BCH , BTC , ETH )
Feb 28
05:25 AM
Why Has Ethereum Mining Algorithm Approval Caused Community Uproar
The Ethereum community has been locked in battle this week over a controversial change to mining algorithm called ProgPoW. (ETH )
Feb 28
01:08 AM
Ethereum Community Comes out Against Controversial ProgPoW
Opposition continues to grow against implementation of the controversial Programmatic Proof-of-Work (ProgPoW) proposal in the Ethereum community (ETH )
Feb 26
08:23 PM
Formula 1 Open Tokenized Crate Sale on Ethereum Blockchain
F1 blockchain game players are now able to purchase a collection of cars, parts, drivers and racing gear with the ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFT) (ERC , ETH )
Feb 26
01:40 PM
Coronavirus Fear Shakes Up Markets, But Crypto Remains Unaffected
Concerns over the coronavirus are shaking up the stock market and gold, but what does this mean for crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum? (BTC , ETH )
Feb 24
11:26 AM
Are Bitmains Antminer E3 Ethash ASIC Miners Becoming Obsolete
It seems that the life of the Antminer E3 ASIC miners from Bitmain is nearing its end with the Ethash miner apparently becoming useless for Ethereum Classic (ETC) mining and soon for Ethereum (ETH) as (BTC , ETC , ETH )
Feb 24
07:54 AM
Company Lays Out the Benefits of Crypto Wallets for Specific Coins
A crypto wallet provider says many users prefer dedicated, stand-alone apps for storing specific coins rather than multicurrency services (ETH )
Feb 24
03:56 AM
Ethereum Climbs Above 270.49 Level, Up 5%
Ethereum Climbs Above 270.49 Level, Up 5% (ETH )
Feb 23
12:36 AM
Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Rests Above $260 As Bulls May Be Fading Out
Etheruem has seen a sharp 8% price fall over the past week, bringing the price for the coin down to $260. The cryptocurrency was unable to break resistance at $285, causing it to roll over and drop. E (BTC , ETH )
Feb 22
05:25 AM
Crypto Price Analysis & Overview February 21st: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tezos, and Binance Coin
Bitcoin Bitcoin witnessed a turbulent week after dropping by a total of 5.5% to bring the cryptocurrency back beneath $10,000. During the sell-off, Bitcoin fell beneath the previous rising price chann (BTC , ETH )
Feb 21
04:41 AM
Can Ethereum Break The 2020 High On This Next Attempt?
Ethereum witnessed a small 2.5% price drop over the past week as the cryptocurrency trades at $260. Despite the recent price fall, ETH is still up by a total of 55.6% over the past 30-days of trading. (BTC , ETH )
Feb 21
12:40 AM
How Altcoins Could Capitulate if Bitcoin Support Fails
Altcoins have had a good year so far but gains could go up in smoke if bitcoin fails to hold key support levels during this correction. (BTC , ETH )
Feb 20
01:40 AM
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the DeFi 'Flash Loan' Attack
Here's a plain-English breakdown of the bZx attacks and their broader implications for the budding DeFi markets. (ETH )
Feb 19
03:41 PM
Ethereum Nosedives to $250 in Massive Crypto Market Dump
The number two cryptocurrency by market cap, Ethereum, just experienced a massive dump alongside many other major crypto assets, including Bitcoin and the (BTC , ETH )
Feb 19
02:40 PM

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