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Ethereum's Tamagotchis, CryptoKitties, Raises $12 Million in Series A Funding
Does the name CryptoKitties ring a bell? It is a blockchain-based virtual game that enables players to buy, collect, breed, and sell different types of virtual cats built on ERC-721 tokens; the ventur (BTC , ERC , ETH )
Mar 21
10:54 AM
IDEX undergoing security audit to support newer ERC tokens
Every since launching, thecrypto platform IDEX has been gaining popularity among users looking for a friendly decentralized exchange with a range of options. Today, Aurora DAO, the creators of IDEX gave new updates on the exchange. The team said that they are currently implementing a new smart contract in order to (DAO , ERC )
Mar 05
01:55 PM
10 Signs you are investing in a bad ICO
There are many ICOs. The phenomenon, that started three years ago, has become very accessible due to Ethereum based ERC-20 tokens. After you've learned how to identify a good ICO, in the following lis (BTC , ERC , ETH )
Feb 26
08:09 AM
The Decentralized Web Just Might Need Databases, Too
Bluzelle, which raised $19.5 million in an initial coin offering (ICO), says a decentralized version of structured databases would be more resilient. (ERC , ETH )
Feb 04
01:54 AM
Huobi Is Launching a Token, But It's 'Not an ICO'
The China-based Huobi exchange has announced that it will issue its own token based on the ethereum ERC 20 standard. (ERC , ETH )
Jan 22
06:09 AM
Atomic Action: Will 2018 Be the Year of the Cross-Blockchain Swap?
Atomic swaps herald a way to greatly expand the capabilities of blockchain - but how soon will users be tapping the tech for trading? (BTC , ERC , ETH , LTC )
Jan 10
09:08 PM
Crypto Collectables? Ethereum's Next Killer App Is on Its Way
The rise of CryptoKitties has called attention to ERC-721, an ethereum technical standard that could start a blockchain-based collectibles rush. (ERC , ETH )
05:10 AM
Forget Token Sales? The Father of the ICO Is All About Identity Now
The developer who created the core technology behind launch thousands of initial coin offerings is now focusing on a standard for identity. (ERC , ETH )
01:09 AM
Native Video Box Aims High with Video Advertising ICO
NVB is currently working towards the launch of an ICO on December 15. The ICO will offer an ERC-20 product token, which does not burn up by default on use; (ERC )
11:09 PM
RadarRelay to integrate Lendroid to expand networked liquidity
Lendroid,a non-rent-seeking startup and open protocol for decentralized lending that enables margin trading and short selling of ERC-20 tokens by using ar (ERC )
01:54 PM
Gaze Coin makes it possible to bypass holding ETH to buy ERC-20 tokens
Gaze Coina Sydney-based blockchain start-up working towards building a totally decentralized immersive VR economy has overcome a major hurdle experienced (ERC , ETH )
08:54 AM
Bread Adds Multi-Currency Support and Loyalty Rewards Tokens
This week the cryptocurrency wallet provider, Bread, has announced its new wallet upgrade will soon feature multi-currency support for digital assets such as bitcoin cash, ethereum, and ERC-20 tokens. (BCH , BTC , ERC , ETH )
07:54 AM
Whitelist alert: Ethereum based ICO with live product in market and Visa/Mastercard processing certification.
ICOs are funded with nothing but a promising whitepaper,a slick website and scores of influencers singing their praises. Some projects are fighting back, demonstrating proof of concept, before receiving a single satoshi. Today we explore an ERC-20 ICO offering, with a live product in market and a relationship with Mexico's largest domestic bank. Their native Continue reading Whitelist alert: Ethereum based ICO with live product in market and Visa/Mastercard processing certification. (ERC , ETH )
07:24 AM
Confideal Makes Smart Contracts Accessible to All
(ERC )
01:39 AM
PR: Etherparty Beta Goes Live with Three Real World Use Cases
VANCOUVER, Canada, Easy-to-use smart contracts creation platform Etherparty officially launched their beta release to over 500 pre-registered users. Three smart contract templates are currently available that will enable beta testers to create their own ERC-20 compliant Ethereum tokens, a crowdfunding contract, and a multi-party escrow agreement. (ERC , ETH )
02:39 AM
Ethereum's ERC-20 Token Standard Has Been Formalized
Ethereum's ERC-20 standard which sets the rules for token issuances has been finalized after being introduced in 2015. (ERC , ETH )
10:39 AM
PR: Enjin Coin Chooses Bancor for Tokenizing In-Game Items
SINGAPORE, September 11, 2017 - Enjin has partnered with Bancor and announced their adoption of the Bancor protocol as a component of Enjin Coin, the Ethereum-based cryptocurrency for the game industry. Enjin Coin will be implemented with a Bancor Token Changer and become exchangeable with the rest of the coins on the Bancor Network. More importantly, all game items created on the Enjin Coin Platform will now have the ability to tie into the same network and benefit. (BNT , ERC , ETH )
01:09 AM
There Are Currently Over 5300 ERC-20 Tokens
The Cointelegraph provides a quick overview of the most popular token utilities. (ERC )
08:40 AM
PR: Crypto Users To Invest In Real Estate through REAL Platform
REAL, a Real estate crowdfunding company based in Singapore, announced the launch of its Token Sale, that will allow users to invest in real estate using t (ERC , ETH )
06:39 AM
Mobile Ar Game Reality Clash Announces Token Sale With Erc-20 Armory
20th July, London, UK, Reality Gaming Group has announced Reality Clash, the worlds first augmented reality combat game for iPhone and Andriod, taking mobile combat games to an entirely new level. Familiar places are now your battle fields and the people in your surroundings are either your allies or enemies. Reality Clash will now offer Continue reading MOBILE AR GAME REALITY CLASH ANNOUNCES TOKEN SALE WITH ERC-20 ARMORY (ERC , GAME )
10:09 AM
True Flip: The ERC-20 Decentralized Lottery Revolution
Who doesnt like the excitement seconds before a lottery draw? Its one of the best-known games of fortune and has become an integral part of our leisure time. Guessing the correct number combinations (BTC , ERC )
10:55 AM
Too Easy? Critics Take Aim at Ethereum Token Standard Amid ICO Boom
Ethereum launched its ERC-20 token standard with good intentions, but as ICO fever takes hold, some are wondering if it's now too easy to raise funds. (ERC , ETH )
04:10 AM
Ethereum's ERC-20 Tokens Are All the Rage. But What Are They Anyway?
At the root of a high-profile wave of mega-ICO fundraising efforts on ethereum is a token standard called ERC-20. So what is it anyway? (ERC , ETH )
03:10 AM
XNC a Decentralized Antique Sharing Platform Announce Rlease ERC-20 based Token
Decentralized Community ecosystem considerably grows in this year. in particular Ethereum Community gets a tremendous growth while six month. (ERC , ETH )
06:25 AM
Decentralized antique coin sharing platform to release of ERC-20 based token
XNC, a decentralized antique sharing platform announced the switch to an ERC-20 based token, the token switch event will start ... (ERC )
10:39 AM
TREZOR crypto wallet now fully supports all current ERC-20 tokens
TREZOR, the cryptocurrency hardware wallet today updated its firmware to 1.5.0. This is a stable, optional version of TREZOR firmware. Howev... (ERC )
02:39 PM
MobileGo to Focus on Mobile Gaming Market
MobileGo is a new Ethereum ERC 20 token that is being created to allow for smart contract technology and development within the Gamecredits Mobile Store. (ERC , ETH , GAME )
12:08 AM

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