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Canadian bank plans to launch dollar-backed digital currency 'in the coming months'
Versabank will issue the digital currency to its partners, who will then make the ERC-20 token available to individuals and businesses. (ERC )
Feb 24
08:39 AM
Binance Suspends Ethereum and ERC-20 Token Withdrawals Before Quickly Reversing Course
The rollercoaster-ride in cryptocurrency prices on Monday was accompanied by Binance's fresh restrictions for ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. (ERC , ETH )
Feb 22
04:09 PM
Binance's brief pause of Ethereum withdrawals leaves community perplexed
Binance paused ERC-20 withdrawals without offering a credible explanation, letting speculation about its true motives run wild. (ERC , ETH )
Feb 19
08:39 AM
What Is the ERC-20 Ethereum Token Standard?
The Ethereum ERC-20 token standard is responsible for the creation of many of the leading crypto projects we see today. Here's how it works. (ERC , ETH )
Feb 09
04:54 AM
Interchain platform Blocknet launching support for Ether/ERC-20 trading
Blocknet, a 2nd layer blockchain interoperability protocol that enables communication and exchange between different blockchains, announced it will bring (BLOCK , ERC )
Feb 08
08:09 AM
'Secret' bridge turns ERC-20 tokens into privacy coins
Since announcing the Secret Contracts Mainnet in August, the network has stated it plans to bring privacy features to many public blockchains. (ERC )
04:24 PM
Stanchart rolls out crypto trading for institutional investors
Per the sources, the platform has the support of several mainstream firms, including METACO. Reportedly, the platform will feature an ERC-20-based settlement token that is similar to Tether. Standard (BTC , ERC , USDT )
02:09 PM
ADD.XYZ Is Introducing Privacybydesign, ERC-20 Privacy Anonymizer with Yield Farming relaunched in September 2020 as the first full-stack defi platform aggregating Lending, Insurance, Privacy, Governance and Staking into one platform for ease of use for users. (ERC )
05:24 AM
Lossless Lottery PoolTogether Opens Up to More Coins, More Prizes
PoolTogether v3 will enable more ERC-20 tokens, more yield sources and more prize distribution schemes for the DeFi savings game. (ERC )
08:54 AM
Yield farming fuels 623% growth in DAI supply to nearly $1B
ERC-20 stablecoins USDC and DAI added billions in capitalization amid the third-quarter DeFi frenzy (ERC )
11:09 PM
Top Ethereum City Builder dApp Goes DeFi to Enable Yield Farming
MegaCryptoPolis city builder dApp game running since 2018 on Ethereum and TRON blockchains launching ERC-20 $MEGA token to enable staking, yield farming and liquidity mining on October 1st. (ERC , ETH )
04:39 AM
KuCoin resumes withdrawals and deposits for BTC, ETH, and USDT
The firm claims that it will gradually restore deposits and withdrawals for all tokens. The wallet upgrade for USDT will only support withdrawals and deposits of ERC-20-based USDT. While KuCoin claims (BTC , ERC , ETH , USDT )
03:09 PM
Yearn Finance Connect (YFIC) New DeFi Project Decentralized Finance, Staking, Lending & Yield Farming
Yearn Finance Connect is a decentralized token under ERC-20 protocol, allows users to stake YFIC, borrow assets, and vote for improvements within the community. Yearn Finance Connect staking platform enables investors to earn a yield on YFIC token, depositing (ERC )
10:38 AM
Millions in Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Tokens Hacked From KuCoin Will Be "Covered"
On Friday afternoon, a number of Twitter users began to notice large withdrawals of Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens from Kucoin's designated addresses. In the (BTC , ERC , ETH )
10:39 PM
Polkadot Projects Will Be Able to Mint Their Own Tokens in 2021
A token minting system is coming to the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem, promising to be a leaner, meaner version of Ethereum's ERC-20 standard. (ERC , ETH )
07:08 AM
ERC-20 market cap differential over Ethereum hits all-time high
Ethereum's economic metrics are strengthening as transfer value and ERC-20 market capitalization continue to build bullish momentum. (ERC , ETH )
07:23 PM Pay Now Powers CRO Payments From Any ERC-20 Wallet
HONG KONG, Aug. 28, 2020 - today announced that Pay - the company's payment solution for online merchants - will now support CRO payments from any ERC-20 wallet. (BTC , ERC )
07:09 AM
DEC777 Decentralized Exchange
DEC77 is an outstanding decentralized exchange built on Ethereum's ERC777 platform. Using 0x protocol all ERC-20 tokens can be traded. DEC777 offers the most complete trading experience of all ERC-20 tokens listed. (ERC , ETH , ZRX )
07:38 AM
Ethereum Tokens Worth $1B Vulnerable to 'Fake Deposit Attack'
A software bug that deposits fake balances into cryptocurrency exchange wallets has been detected in 7,772 ERC-20 tokens worth over $1 billion. (ETH )
10:51 AM
Ethereum Tokens Worth $1B Vulnerable to 'Fake Deposit Attack'
A software bug that deposits fake balances into cryptocurrency exchange wallets has been detected in 7,772 ERC-20 tokens worth over $1 billion. (ERC , ETH )
08:53 AM
Anchorage Is Streamlining Custody of Tokensoft's ERC-1404 Security Tokens
The new partnership will add direct custodial support for Arcoin and INX, the upcoming INX Limited security token. (ERC )
10:53 AM
Ternio's ERC-20 TERN Token Listed On Global Crypto Exchange Bibox
Ternio's ERC-20 payment token TERN, has been listed by global cryptocurrency exchange, Bibox. This news comes two months after Ternio's announcement that they would be burning ten percent of the TERN supply, previously hosted on the Stellar Network, and making it available as an ERC-20 asset. Since the Ethereum based coins were first migrated in June, they have been listed on Idex and Uniswap, but the listing of TERN on Bibox marks the first adoption by a major crypto exchange. As of Wednesday, August 12, 2020 users will be able to purchase and trade TERN on Bibox. (ERC , ETH )
10:53 PM
Uniswap Listing of ERC-20 Version of Meter's MTRG Token Scheduled on August 9
Meter is DeFi infrastructure that makes use of two types of tokens - MTR, a Proof-of-Work-based, truly decentralized stable currency, and a Proof-of-Stak (BTC , ERC )
08:24 AM
Bitcoin increasingly 'locked up' in Ethereum blockchain
With ERC-20 tokens like WBTC, Bitcoin could now compete in the red-hot DeFi development space At the end of June, Dune Analytics reported that over $60 million worth of Bitcoin had migrated to Ethereu (BTC , ERC , ETH )
09:53 PM
Why This DeFi Exchange is a One Way Ticket for Ethereum's ERC-20 Tokens?
Uniswap is a decentralized exchange with a unique mechanism for trading ERC-20 tokens on its platform. Apparently, its the perfect platform for pumping tokens. CryptoGainz, prominent crypto trader twe (BTC , ERC , ETH )
01:38 PM
Next Generation Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform, CryptoLocally Now Supports ETH, USDT (ERC-20), and DAI
CryptoLocally, a next-generation peer-to-peer (P2P) trading platform, has recently announced the support for Ethereum-based tokens. With this announcement, the (ERC , ETH , USDT )
05:09 AM
ERC-20 Tokens Make up About 50% of Entire ETH Blockchain
Ether now accounts for only half of the value on the ETH blockchain as DeFi tokens like LINK and stablecoins take its place (ERC , ETH )
09:53 PM
HBZ Investors Urge Court to Block Smart Contract Destruction
A class-action lawsuit seeks to prevent e-scooter firm Helbiz from destroying the smart contract underpinning its ERC-20 token (ERC )
12:08 AM
Token Named After George Floyd Enters Market As Protests Aggravate
A new token allegedly honoring George Floyd is out and about in the market. George Floyd Token aka FLYD is an ERC-20 project that aims to support protesters engaged in the riots happening across the (BTC , ERC )
05:38 PM
ERC-20 Tokens Now Make up Almost 50% of the Total Value Stored on Ethereum
Ethereum is getting closer to being flipped on its own blockchain, as other ERC-20 tokens now make up almost half of the total value stored on the network. Howe (ERC , ETH )
11:08 AM
MyEtherWallet MEW App: Beginners Guide To The Mobile Wallet App
MyEtherWallet is among the most popular and veteran wallets for storing ETH and ERC-20 tokens, which are Ethereum blockchain-based.Besides the well-known web wallet, MyEther had recently launched a m (BTC , ERC , ETH )
09:53 AM
Network Bringing Bitcoin to DeFi Taps Libra Member Bison Trails for Staking Services
DeFi protocol Keep Network has tapped Bison Trails to provide non-custodial staking services for tBTC, an ERC-20 representation of bitcoin (BTC) deposits. (BTC , ERC )
12:09 PM
Blockchain Firms DApp for Ads Now Available on Facebook and Twitter
A company now offers blockchain-based advertising across major social networks, offering advantages for advertisers and content creators alike (ERC , ETH )
05:08 AM
New Details of Reddits Unconfirmed ERC-20-Based Points System Emerge
A video posted to Reddit claims to confirm that Reddit is preparing to launch a reputational currency built on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC , ETH )
09:24 AM
3 Reasons Chainlink [Link] Is Up 36% In 3 Days
In three days, LINK, the ERC-20 token on the oracle service platform, Chainlink, is up a massive 36%. In the last 24 hours alone, the token is changing hands at $3.35, up 18 percent and not surprising (BTC , ERC )
04:39 AM
Power Ledger Inks Deal to Allow French Consumers to Customize Green Energy Mix
Power Ledger is moving into the French energy market with a new partnership that enhances the tracking and certification of green energy on the blockchain. (ERC )
01:09 AM
Formula 1 Open Tokenized Crate Sale on Ethereum Blockchain
F1 blockchain game players are now able to purchase a collection of cars, parts, drivers and racing gear with the ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFT) (ERC , ETH )
01:40 PM
The Birth Of The CoronaCoin (NCOV): An ERC-20 Cryptocurrency Backed By The Coronavirus
The spread of the coronavirus continues, and more countries appear to take serious measures for its containment. Amid the tragic effect on peoples health, the cryptocurrency space recently saw the b (BTC , ERC )
03:39 AM
Tether Says Its Newest Stablecoin Is Backed by Gold in Swiss Vault
Tether is issuing a new stablecoin as ERC-20 and TRC20 tokens, backing their price with one ounce of gold. (ERC , USDT )
08:40 AM
Chrysler Building Owner Sells Stake in Zurich Property for ERC-20 Tokens and Cash
Property firm RFR Holdings accepted a 20 percent stake of the purchasing price in digital securities based on ethereum tech. (ERC , ETH )
07:24 AM
Best Performing Cryptos of 2019 Not Named Bitcoin
Heres a list of the best performing crypto assets excluding Bitcoin for 2019 (BCH , BTC , EOS , ERC , ETH , LTC )
04:09 AM
Why this Crypto Ecosystem is Better Than EOS, Tron for dApps?
The Ethereum platform is streets ahead of its competition in terms of dApps and developers according to recent research. Read on. (EOS , ERC , ETH )
12:09 AM
Orchids OXT Price Slips Over 20% After Launch for Trading on Coinbase Pro
American blockchain and software development firm Orchid Labs has launched its privacy network alongside its native token OXT (ERC , ETH )
06:39 AM
Social Money: After The Succession Of ERC-20 Tokens, This Trend Is Now Shaping The Crypto Industry
Bitcoin might be the father of cryptocurrencies and the first truly decentralized functioning model for digital p2p payments, but the truth is that the mainstream crypto adoption and utility we experi (BTC , ERC )
09:09 AM
TokenSoft and Fidelitys R&D arm complete ERC-1404 use-case PoC pilot
Back in June, CEO of security token platformMason Borda, spoke at Fidelitys Center for Applied Technologys (FCAT) Bits & Blocks Club, a learning (ERC )
03:54 PM
Gods Unchained Triggers ERC-721 Token Transfer Spike on Ethereum Hash
Gods Unchained alone is responsible for seeing 6 million card assets transferred over the Ethereum network in the past few days. (ERC , ETH )
12:54 PM
ShapeShift Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches FOX Token for New Trading Scheme
ShapeShift cryptocurrency exchange has launched new tokens that enable holders to trade on the exchange with no fees (ERC )
10:54 AM
Ethereum USDT On-Chain Volume Breaks $100 Billion
Tether (USDT) keeps building up momentum on the Ethereum network, potentially creating new flows to and from exchanges. While the supply of USDT remains (ERC , ETH , USDT )
09:09 AM
Ethereum [ETH] Transactions Dwindle But Price Likely To Rise: Report
It would appear as if Ethereum is flipping itself going by the current state of the network according to data from Coin Metrics. ETH related transactions have taken a dip as the number of ERC-20 tra (BTC , ERC , ETH )
06:39 AM
How Ethereum Is Shaping Up to Be a Digital Finance Powerhouse
The store of value narrative has largely been applied to Bitcoin over the past couple of years. BTC is often labeled digital gold and this years (BTC , ERC , ETH )
09:09 PM

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