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3 ERC Tokens Under $1 Set to Explode in 2022
Ethereum-based ERC tokens have consistently remained strong throughout the crypto winter. Projects created using the ERC standard benefit from high levels of (ERC , ETH )
Aug 12
03:40 AM
Vitalik Buterin proposes stealth addresses for anonymous NFT ownership
Vitalik Buterin proposed having smart contract wallets include a method that would allow the sender to essentially mask their ERC-721 address to third parties. (ERC )
Aug 08
10:54 AM
How to create and launch a cryptocurrency token with TokenMint?
Launching an ERC-20 token has become a breeze now, thanks to Tokenmint, a no-code tokenization platform. A deep dive into this token builder. (ERC )
Aug 04
04:10 AM
FxWirePro-Blockchain glossary for beginners- Difference between ERC 20 vs ERC 721 - EconoTimes
EconoTimes is a fast growing non-partisan source of news and intelligence on global economy and financial markets, providing timely, relevant, and critical insights for market professionals and those who want to make informed investment decisions.
Aug 04
01:53 AM
The Next Step of GameFi: Generative Weapons
Outer Ring MMO is launching their NFT Lootboxes next June 29th. With this drop, more than 350.000 ERC-721 tokens will be minted, validating in-game assets such as weapons, armors or vehicles. (ERC )
Jun 22
02:39 AM
Shitcoin Season Over? ERC-20 Token Creations Drops 39% In One Month
ERC-20 token creation had ramped up during the bull runs of 2021. These altcoins had been propelled forward by the success enjoyed by the likes of Dogecoin (DOGE , ERC )
Jun 10
04:09 PM
Railgun: Look at Partnerships and Apps for Crypto Privacy Leader
Railgun was built on the Ethereum blockchain to add privacy and anonymity to the transactions of ERC-20 tokens. (ERC , ETH )
May 31
08:40 AM
DESK Is Back: Relaunches Social Token Into the Wild
After beta testing it last year, we're rolling out DESK as an integral part of the experience at Consensus 2022 - and beyond. (ERC )
May 23
07:56 AM
Crypto monitoring app Merkle Science now supports 1,200 ERC-20 tokens
Merkle Science, a predictive crypto risk and intelligence platform, announced it has now extended support to over 1,2000 ERC-20 tokens. This additional (ERC )
May 19
07:09 PM
Jewel chooses ERC-3643 and Tokeny platform to issue stablecoins on Polygon CryptoNinjas
Jewel, a Bermuda-based digital asset banking platform, announced today a partnership with Tokeny, a blockchain-asset compliance infrastructure provider. (ERC )
May 16
08:54 PM
Vitalik Buterin quietly donates $5M ETH to aid Ukraine as total tracked crypto donations reach $133M
BTC and ERC-20 tokens constituted the vast majority of crypto donations to the country. (BTC , ERC , ETH )
Apr 07
10:44 AM
Ukrainian Army Receives $3 Million In Ethereum As Funding Through New DAO
It has gathered several Ethereum based coins worth more than $3 million through its moves. (DAO , ERC , ETH )
Mar 04
06:13 AM
Top 3 Metaverse Crypto Coins Gaining The Most Price Today (LYXe, VRA, BOSON) News
Cryptocurrency markets are showing significant bullish momentum on the first day of March. In response, we've seen many Metaverse crypto coins gain massive price gains, with most seeing double-digit percent growth in the past 24 hours. Let's look at the top three Metaverse crypto coins gaining the most price today, ordered by 24-hour growth, lowest to highest. 3. LUKSO (LYXe) +21.59% Launched in May 2020, LUKSO is a blockchain-based platform looking to provide solutions for physical and digital goods. The project was founded by the creators of ERC-20 and ERC-725 token standards, making this one of the most underrated Metaverse (ERC )
Mar 01
07:42 AM
Strike In Argentina, One Month Later: What Happened And What Is It Good For?
A month ago, with fanfare, Strike launched its App to the Argentinian market. A country facing ever-increasing inflation and an app that promises access to (ERC , ETH , USDT )
Feb 15
02:27 AM
LCX loses $6.8M in a hot wallet compromise over Ethereum blockchain
The LCX hacker successfully transferred eight types of ERC-20 tokens including Sandbox (SAND), Quant (QNT), Chainlink (LINK), Enjin Coin (ENJ) and Maker (MKR). (ERC , ETH )
Jan 08
09:58 PM
Top 3 Crypto Metaverse Coins Gaining The Most Price Today (SHOE, DPS, VIBE) News
While crypto markets are struggling this Monday, many Metaverse coins continue to show bullish momentum. This article looks at the top three crypto Metaverse coins gaining the most price today, ordered by 24-hour gain, lowest to highest. 3. ShoeFy (SHOE) - $0.2197 (+14.43%) As the name suggests, ShoeFy is a platform for digital shoes. It combines NFTs and traditional tokens on the Ethereum blockchain to power its unique digital sNFT collection. Each sNFT is programmatically generated from 10,000 possible results weighted by rarity and stored as ERC-721 tokens. The ShoeFy collection includes fire, water, earth, wind, and more attributes. Users (ERC , ETH )
Jan 03
01:28 PM
CEEK VR Price Up 37%, Biggest Metaverse Coin Gainer Today News
Metaverse coins continue to dominate cryptocurrency markets. CEEK VR's price is up over 37% today, making it the biggest Metaverse coin gainer today. Let's look at CEEK and see why its price is rising so much today. What Is CEEK VR? The CEEK VR platform is looking to become the future of music streaming and publishing. It includes a patented VR headset currently available at major retailers like Best Buy and Target. In addition, CEEK VR features artists like Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Ziggy Marley, and much more. CEEK is the native ERC-20 token to the CEEK VR platform. CEEK (ERC )
09:12 PM
DeBond Pioneers ERC-3475 Standard to Make Digital Asset Bonds Accessible to Any Investor
Bonds - a financial instrument popular among classic investors - are finally hitting the cryptocurrency market with decentralized bonds available for a wide (ERC )
02:13 PM
AscendEX loses $80M following ERC-20, BSC, Polygon hot wallet compromise
Out of the lot, around $60 million worth of tokens were transferred over the Ethereum blockchain alone. Tokens stolen from BSC and Polygon are worth $9.2 million and $8.5 million respectively. (ERC , ETH )
11:26 PM
PlatoFarm Secures $1.8 million In Seed Round Finance
PlatoFarm is a multi-chain blockchain and NFT game that supports the ERC-1155 and HRC-721 token protocols. The game tasks players with farming plants and (ERC )
05:56 AM
Regulatory-Compliant Crypto Exchange BitXmi Has Solid Foundation for Future Growth
Speaking of the BXMI token, its ERC-20 standard paves the way for future integration into decentralized protocols, platforms, exchanges, DeFi. (ERC )
03:57 AM
Newly live feature of Ren can support and bridge almost any asset on any blockchain CryptoNinjas
Ren, a protocol enabling movement of value between blockchains, has announced its Host 2 Host feature is now live on mainnet. With Host 2 Host, RenVM can support and bridge almost any asset on any chain. Some examples of the token types and possibilities Host 2 Host provides: Generic ERC-20 Tokens: Now, RenVM can move [] (ERC )
06:27 PM
Supersize McShib: Shiba Inu the largest ERC-20 holding among ETH whales
We appreciate hearing your interest and continuously evaluate the payments experience, McDonald's said in a non response to the fiery-eyed SHIB community. (ERC , ETH )
09:41 PM
Freemoon Announces the Development of Its Smart Contract Placed on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain
Freemoon, a deflationary token protocol ecosystem, has announced the development of its smart contract placed on the Ethereum ERC-20 and Binance Smart Chain BEP-20. (ERC , ETH )
05:39 AM
Bitfinex launches the first L2 bridge from CeFi to DeFi
In collaboration with the layer-2 DEX DeversiFi, Bitfinex will exclusively facilitate transactions of USDT, but have announced plans to expand the offering to other ERC-20. (ERC , USDT )
07:54 AM Wallet Adds ERC-20 Tokens
The Team is excited to announce the integration of ERC-20 tokens into the Wallet. That means anyone can now buy, sell, receive, (BTC , ERC )
02:09 PM
I'm buying Shiba Inu (SHIB) in September of 2021, and this is why!
Shiba Inu SHIB/USD is an ERC-20 token that allows users to hold billions or even trillions of it. It was inspired by other memecoins such as Dogecoin (DOGE). However, it has grown and created its ow (BTC , DOGE , ERC )
12:09 PM
Bilaxy exchange suspends website after ERC-20 hot wallet hack
Bilaxy cryptocurrency exchange has confirmed a major hacking incident. (ERC )
01:09 AM
Cardano chart painting a bull flag for $3 ADA price ahead of ERC-20 converter launch
Cardano (ADA) appears to be heading towards a new record high as its downside move takes the shape of a bull flag. (ADA , ERC )
04:24 AM
What Is a 'Semi-Fungible' Crypto Token?
The creation of ERC-1155 marked the arrival of semi-fungible tokens, a type of digital asset that starts off fungible and becomes non-fungible. (ERC )
12:54 PM
eBankX Launches With a Lucrative EBX Token Sale!
The EBX token sale is NOW live, visit (eBankX platform) to buy now! What is EBX? EBX is the ERC-20 based native token for the eBankX platform, wi (BTC , ERC )
10:54 AM
OVR and BlackPool: NFTs With Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
The new collaboration adds experience to OVRLands ERC-721 NFTs (ERC )
06:09 AM
FUN Token to kickstart online gambling revolution with move to Polygon
Who doesn't like success stories? In 2021, one of the biggest success stories in crypto has been that of FUN Token, an ERC-20 token with an incredible vision - bringing decentralized online gambling (ERC , FUN )
02:09 AM
FUN Token Goes Layer-2: The Decentralized Future of Online Gambling Draws Closer
Who doesn't like success stories? In 2021, one of the biggest success stories in crypto has been that of FUN Token, an ERC-20 token with an incredible (ERC , FUN )
10:54 AM
FUN Token to Bring 250K Users On-Chain With Layer-2 Token on Polygon
In 2021, one of the biggest success stories in crypto has been that of FUN Token, an ERC-20 token with an incredible vision - bringing decentralized online gambling to the mainstream. (ERC , FUN )
07:39 AM
Crypto exchange Bit2Me launching B2M token in September token sale
Spanish cryptocurrency exchange platform Bit2Me has announced the launch of B2M, its native ERC-20 token. In the final step before the public sale, set to take place starting on September 6th, the company recently completed a seed funding round among private investors in which it has raised 2.5 million. Bit2Me supports 50+ cryptocurrencies on its [] (ERC )
08:09 AM
DeFi aggregator Zerion integrates Gelato for auto smart contract execution
Zerion, a decentralized finance (DeFi) aggregation platform, announced today its integration of the Gelato Network, a protocol that automates smart contract executions on networks like Ethereum. G-UNI, an automated liquidity provision ERC-20 framework for Uniswap v3, will allow users of Zerion to have their Uniswap v3 positions managed automatically to maximize their returns. DApps powered [] (ERC , ETH )
06:09 AM
FUN Token Announces $100K Trading Competition
It has been an exciting year for FUN Token: In January, the unassuming ERC-20 token was given a new lease of life by a Bitcoin casino with over 46 million user (BTC , ERC , FUN )
10:39 AM
Here's How FUN Token Is Changing Online Gambling, Starting with a $100K Trading Contest
It has been an exciting year for FUN Token. In January, the unassuming ERC-20 token was given a new lease of life by a Bitcoin casino with over 46 million (BTC , ERC , FUN )
10:24 AM
FXT token taps into Binance Smart Chain following ERC-20 success
The Binance Smart Chain-based FXT token is designed replicate the success of its variant - ERC-20 Token. (ERC )
09:54 AM
'Undo Button' developer Kirobo launching decentralized P2P token swaps
The firm's new decentralized P2P token swap dubbed Atomic Safe Swap will be compatible with Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens, and enables users to cancel transactions and retrieve funds. (ERC , ETH )
07:54 PM
Enjin Joins UN Global Compact to Promote Sustainability and Equality
NFT ecosystem provider and creator of the ERC-1155 token standard, Enjin, has recently joined the United Nations Global Compact, a global organization that supports businesses working to adopt Sustain (BTC , ERC )
10:09 AM
Axie Infinity Goes Against The Trend, How It Hit New ATH
Investors have been jumping into Axie Infinity (AXS) in a rush to leverage future upside. This ERC-20 token and its protocol could be the beginning of a new mania in the crypto space and a game-change (BTC , ERC )
07:54 PM
The CYCE Token Puts The ECO on Crypto
Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Catch up with CYCE - a new ERC-20 token that will change forever the way we see crypto. It is the first blockchain (BTC , ECO , ERC )
10:39 AM
BarnBridge unveils application to maintain portfolio weightings of ERC-20 tokens
A new application called SMART Exposure allows BarnBridge users to passively maintain asset weightings in their portfolios. (ERC )
10:09 PM
CoinMarketCap launches Ethereum token swaps powered by Uniswap
Users of CoinMarketCap can check the markets and swap ERC-20 tokens at the same time, after the platform announced a Uniswap integration on June 29. (ERC , ETH )
10:54 PM
Ankr's StakeFi launches Avalanche (AVAX) Staking and Bonds CryptoNinjas
Following the launch of ETH2 Internet Bonds a few months ago, StakeFi, Ankr's Internet Bond launchpad, has announced the launch of the Avalanche Bond (aAVAXb), wrapped under an ERC-20 token. StakeFi will enable any user holding AVAX tokens on the Avalanche network to stake and receive the AVAX Internet Bond (aAVAXb) in exchange, either on [] (ERC )
08:39 PM
Enjin Joins Crypto Climate Accord as its Blockchain Becomes Carbon Negative
Following the recent FUD around high energy usage from cryptocurrency projects, Enjin - the NFT ecosystem provider and creator of the ERC-1155 token standard, has turned its JumpNet blockchain carbon (BTC , ERC )
07:24 AM
Japan crypto exchange Coincheck to launch Hashpalette IEO starting July 1 CryptoNinjas
Coincheck, a Japan-based bitcoin/crypto exchange company, announced today that it will officially launch Coincheck IEO, its new Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) platform, on July 1, 2021. For its first step, Coincheck IEO will begin accepting purchase orders on July 1st for Palette tokens (PLT) issued by Hashpalette Inc. Palette tokens Palette tokens are an ERC-20 [] (BTC , ERC )
08:54 PM
Binamon's Monster Metaverse Tops ERC-721 Transactions on Binance Smart Chain
Binamon is a complete metaverse that pits mythical monsters in an all out battle for dominance, and has recently topped the ERC-721 transactions list on BSC. (ERC )
11:39 AM

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