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EOS price analysis: EOS/USD nursing losses of 6%, moving in lockstep with crypto market cooling
The EOS price has been under selling pressure during trading on Thursday, very much moving in lock-step with the rest of the industry. In terms of (EOS )
Feb 22
11:52 AM
Altcoin Analysis: NEO, EOS, LTC, DASH and Lumens
There is a broad base correction back as we are seeing in pairs as NEO, EOS, LTC and even Lumens. DASH remains resilient but there is room for downside especially if we see any depreciation below $620. (DASH , EOS , LTC , STR )
Feb 21
09:55 PM
Bitfinex Plans Launch of Decentralized Exchange Eosfinex
Bitfinex has announced that it will launch a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on the Eos.io platform. The new platform, Eosfinex, will be the first exchange to be hosted using Eos.io's dece (BTC , EOS )
Feb 17
01:09 PM
Altcoin Analysis: NEO, EOS, LTC, IOT and Lumens
It is likely that most altcoins will complete a 3-bar bull reversal pattern known as a morning star right at key support levels in the weekly chart. LTC, Lumens, EOS/USD will lead the charge and offer wonderful buy opportunities next week. (EOS , LTC , STR )
Feb 16
11:39 PM
EOS price analysis: EOS/USD up 3.5% Thursday, resistance seen 50% Fibonacci, $10.12 & 50 DMA, $10.65
EOS price up 3.5% on Thursday, moving in lock-step with market Resistance seen at 50% Fibonacci & 50 DMA Support notable at the $7.00 mark (EOS )
Feb 15
12:47 PM
Altcoin Analysis: NEO, EOS, LTC, NEM and Lumens
Most alt coins are recovering and the best demonstration of this radiant alt coin price action is LTC/USD pair. Even though there had been hints of possible bullish breakout, the explosion north was impressive. As such, buyers can start fine tuning long entries in lower time frame. (EOS , LTC , STR )
Feb 14
09:39 PM
What is EOS and is it a Good Investment?
Following the success of Ethereum as a blockchain platform for developing decentralized applications (DApps), a substantial number of similar platforms have emerged in the blockchain space since. EOS (BTC , EOS , ETH )
Feb 14
06:24 AM
Bitfinex Announces Imminent Launch of EOSfinex Decentralized Trading Platform
EOSfinex is the first high-performance decentralized exchange platform built on top of EOS technology. This will help Bitfinex push the boundaries of the cryptocurrency market. (EOS )
Feb 14
06:09 AM
EOS price analysis: EOS/USD up 6% on Wednesday, 100 DMA resistance at $9.70
The EOS price has gradually been moving back in the momentum of the bulls, holding gains of around 6% during trading Wednesday. Since the lows last (EOS )
Feb 14
05:17 AM
Bitfinex and EOS to launch a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange
(EOS )
Feb 13
06:54 AM
Bitfinex to Build Decentralized Exchange using EOS
All crypto traders will agree that one major drawback to the entire ecosystem at the moment is centralized exchanges. Crypto exchange Bitfinex is planning to alleviate this problem with a decentralized exchange of its own. (EOS )
Feb 13
12:10 AM
Altcoin Analysis: NEO, EOS, Lumens, NEM and LTC
Unexpectedly, altcoins inched higher yesterday even after bears seem to be driving prices lower. From the charts, we can see that LTC/USD pair is moving along the middle BB and finding it hard to breach and close above $170 (EOS , LTC , STR )
Feb 12
08:09 PM
Bitfinex to build high performance decentralized exchange on EOS
Today, Bitfinex announced EOSfinex, a high-performance decentralized exchange to be built on EOS.IO technology. In order to push the boundaries its service (EOS )
Feb 12
09:54 AM
Everipedia Secures US$30M Investment For P2P Encyclopedia On The Blockchain
Everipedia, a wiki-based, online encyclopedia, has secured a US$30 million investment to help it launch a new open source, peer-to-peer knowledge network built on the EOS.io blockchain. (EOS )
Feb 08
10:08 AM
Altcoin Analysis: NEO, EOS, LTC, NEM and Lumens
There is a wholesome alt coin price recovery all across the board, and that's a wonderful thing to see in this otherwise bearish trend. If there is a push and close above key Fibonacci resistance levels and the middle BB in most pairs, then the better for buyers. (EOS , LTC , STR )
Feb 07
08:54 PM
Weiss Ratings Responds to Critics of Ethereum, Bitcoin, EOS, NEO and Cardona Grades
Weiss Ratings, the leading rating agency for financial institutions, released a 14-page report in response to ongoing criticism and controversy from crypto enthusiasts for giving bitcoin a meager C+ r (BTC , EOS , ETH )
Feb 07
04:09 AM
Alt coin Analysis: NEO, EOS, LTC, NEM and Lumens
We expect a short to medium term alt coin recovery and considering these set ups, I recommend buying LTC, Lumens and NEM. Reason? The depreciation has been rapid and right now, these pairs are recovering at key Fibonacci or price action support levels. (EOS , LTC , STR )
Feb 02
10:54 PM
Alt coin Analysis: NEO, EOS, LTC and IOTA February 2, 2018
Irrespective of what your view is, the only coin you should look to short is NEO. First, its over-valued compared to peers and yesterday prices broke below the middle BB which as we know was a key support line. (EOS , LTC , MIOTA , STR )
Feb 01
08:54 PM
IOTA, NEO and EOS price prediction: risking a drop to 2-weeks low
Sales have emerged in the last hours, affecting IOTA, NEO and EOS heavily. Prices are approaching important levels for altcoins' mid-term development. Stron (EOS , MIOTA )
Feb 01
04:28 AM
Alt coin Analysis: NEO, EOS, LTC and IOTA February 1, 2018
After January 30 rapid slide, alt coin sellers should be a little bit disappointed because there was a general slowdown across most alt coin under our radar. IOTA, LTC and NEO couldn't muster a close below yesterday's lows. (EOS , LTC , MIOTA )
Jan 31
09:54 PM
Alt coin Analysis: NEO, EOS, LTC and IOTA January 31, 2018
Our focus over the last couple of days has been on NEO and the significance of $155. After yesterday's ceiling and NEO bulls cold showers at $155, prices are dropping like a stone and if this bear pressure cranks up in the coming sessions, $100 round number will be our host. (EOS , LTC , MIOTA )
Jan 30
09:54 PM
Best Bitcoin, Ripple and EOS price prediction for today: BTC/USD $10,800 level is the key
Bitcoin toying with dangerous levels as purchases don't appear. EOS in a similar position, while Ripple paves the way for them. (BTC , EOS )
Jan 30
03:17 AM
Altcoin Analysis: NEO, EOS, LTC and IOTA
Besides NEO, which is now testing key resistance line in the 4HR chart-and IOTA, EOS and LTC are trending lower. Even though I expect LTC to find footing and gain bullish momentum, EOS looks likely to trend lower in the coming days. (EOS , LTC , MIOTA )
Jan 29
09:39 PM
Major South Korean E-Commerce Firm's Integration of Cryptocurrencies Will Fuel Adoption - Coinjournal
WeMakePrice, one of South Korea's largest e-commerce platforms, will integrate 12 cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Ripple, Qtum, and Bitcoin Cash to its existing payment application, to allow its consumers to pay for products using cryptocurrencies. Local mainstream media outlets have reported that WeMakePrice will partner with Bithumb, the country's largest cryptocurrency exchange to integrate (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH )
Jan 29
02:09 PM
Alt coin Analysis: NEO, EOS and LTC January 29,2018
My view is that this week will be significant for most BTC alternatives and being under our radar, I really think we should look to buy LTC. On our entry chart we can see that prices are actually trending higher above the main resistance line. (BTC , EOS , LTC )
Jan 28
09:53 PM
Alt Coin Analysis: Neo, Stellar Lumens, Eos, Ltc And Nem
Other than NEM, the middle BB is acting as a good support line in most alt coins. Because we were expecting Lumens and EOS to appreciate, we can see the big role the middle BB had in shoring prices. (EOS , STR , XLM )
Jan 26
10:39 PM
Altcoin Analysis: Neo, Stellar Lumens, Eos, Ltc And Nem
Interesting developments over the last 24 hours and one noteworthy development is how alt coin NEO and LTC buyers are kind-off slowing down. For recovery, we need price pressures and most importantly close above middle BB in both instances. (EOS , LTC , STR , XLM )
Jan 24
09:54 PM
Altcoin Analysis, Stellar, Nem, Litecoin, Neo, Eos January 24, 2018
Today, our altcoin analysis should be on Stellar Lumens inverted head and should pattern and how buyers are loading up positions. If it continues this way, the recovery might see buyers testing the main resistance trend line. (EOS , LTC , STR , XLM )
Jan 23
09:54 PM
Block.one and Mike Novogratz's Galaxy Digital announce $325M EOS.IO Fund
Block.one, the developer behind the leading blockchain softwareEOS.IO, and Galaxy Digital LP, a full service, digital assets merchant bank, today announce (EOS )
Jan 23
09:08 AM
Eos Short Term Trend Depends On Bear Reaction At $12
Besides Lumens where buyers may found support at $0.43, most alt coins are on a slide. EOS short term trend is our focus today and while at it, the significance of $12 should be brought to your attention. (EOS , STR )
Jan 22
09:39 PM
Block.one and TomorrowBC to create blockchain fund using EOS
Block.one today announced with TomorrowBC the creation of a fund to exclusively invest in opportunities leveragingEOS.IOsoftware. This is the first annou (EOS )
Jan 16
06:24 AM
EOS Has a $1 Billion War Chest
On paper, EOS is a $6 billion company and the 14th largest cryptocurrency project in the world whose token changes hands for $10 a pop. It has raised over $700 million to date in the world's longest r (BTC , EOS )
Jan 08
10:24 PM
As EOS Tops $8 Is the Sun About to Set on Ethereum's Reign?
EOS hype is off the chart, but does it have the capacity to outperform Ethereum? Contributor Mark Fidelman answers that question and more. (EOS , ETH )
02:24 PM
EOS Raises $700M Despite Token Affording No Rights, Uses, Purpose, or Features
Block.one's EOS ICO has raised approximately $700 million USD, despite EOS' FAQ page clearly stating that token-holders will not be afforded any rights or functions. The token sale currently comprises (BTC , EOS )
07:24 AM
ICONOMI adds 5 new digital assets for crypto managers
ICONOMI, the digital asset management application that makes it easy to invest in or get managed crypto portfolio's announced 5 new digital assets which Di (EOS , ICN )
10:39 PM
Why the Price of Ethereum has Risen Over 5,000 percent During 2017
What's common between Golem, EOS, Qtum, OmniseGo, Augur, BAT, Iconomi and Gnosis? That they are all cryptocurrencies with market cap of at least $100 million while first three of the list have crossed (BAT , BTC , EOS , ETH , GNO , GNT , ICN , REP )
01:53 PM
Encyclopedia Blockchainica: Wikipedia Co-Founder to Disrupt His Own Creation
A co-founder of Wikipedia doesn't like what Wikipedia has become. Dr. Larry Sanger has been an outspoken critic of the online encyclopedia he helped found for some time, but his latest move, joining venture-backed startup Everipedia as its chief information officer shows just how serious he is about disrupting the model. Revealed today alongside news (EOS )
09:09 AM
Alternative Blockchain Development: Xenon Becomes the Most Widely Held Token Ever
The Xenon project announces that their XNN token, which is derived from a blockchain that was forked from the EOS project, has become the most widely held (BTC , EOS )
09:54 PM
eSports platform Unikrn raises over $100m through UnikoinGold ICO
We have already seen some very successful ICOs this year with the likes of Filecoin, Tezos, EOS and many others. Yet there hasn't been as much talk about t (EOS )
06:25 AM
$3 Billion: Initial Coin Offering Fundraising Hits Another Milestone
(EOS )
07:09 AM
EOS token sale generates over $185 million in first 5 days
block.one, the developer of EOS.IO software, a new blockchain operating system designed to support commercial-scale decentralized applications, today has s (EOS )
02:26 AM
OpenLedger adds EOS and OMG token gateways on DEX
Denmark-based OpenLedger, the blockchain powered conglomerates supporting an ecosystem which includes the OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and OpenL (EOS )
12:09 PM
Massively Distributed EOS-Derived Blockchain XenonNetwork to Begin Token Distribution
(EOS )
03:24 AM
Bitcoin, OmiseGo, Qtum and EOS temporarily unavailable for exchange on Exodus
Exodus, the blockchain asset and cryptocurrency wallet and exchange platform had announced early today on September 10, 2017, at 4:19 AM Pacific Time, Bitc (BTC , EOS )
09:39 AM
BRIEF-EOS Imaging H1 operating loss widens to 2.7 million euros
09:45 AM
40+ ICO Platforms Closing in China
Following the token sale ban by the Peoples Bank of China (PBOC), more than 40 Initial Coin Offering (ICO) platforms are reportedly suspending their ICO services. Banks have also been instructed to stop providing service to ICO platforms. However, some token sale prices have slightly recovered as speculators returned, while many ICO platforms face challenges in refunding investors. (BTC , EOS )
03:09 AM
EOS ICO Bans Chinese Investors in Response to PBoC Squeeze
(EOS )
08:24 AM
Bitfinex Suspends Sale of Select ICO Tokens Citing SEC Concerns
Bitfinex has become the first major cryptocurrency exchange to halt the trading of ICO tokens in response to U.S. regulators. (EOS )
03:24 PM
Universa expects to raise over $100 million in the upcoming ICO
Universa is expected to make a rival to such financially successful projects as Tezos ($230 million) and EOS ($200 million). (EOS )
12:39 AM
Ethereum vs EOS Shots Fired On Reddit As Vitalik, Dan Larimer Clash
Clash of the Titans over Ethereum or EOS as better (EOS , ETH )
03:54 AM

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