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Mischief-Maker Promises to Livestream a 51% Altcoin Attack
On Oct 13, 3:00 CDT I will be doing a 51% attack against the cryptocurrency Einsteinium, began the call-to-arms. As promises go, this one was as bold as it was brazen. The anonymous attacker has promised to assume majority hashrate control of an altcoin to demonstrate how easy the process is. As proof, they've not (ALT , BTC , EMC , EMC2 )
10:23 PM
Dell Eyes Blockchain Investment to Boost Business Growth
Multinational data storage, analytics and information security firm Dell EMC plans to invest in emerging technologies, including blockchain, the company announced Wednesday. Dell EMC, a subsidiary to the computer manufacturer Dell, announced on Wednesday that it has plans to invest in emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, blockchain, data analytics and cloud-compliance,the Economic Timesreported. In particular, (EMC )
01:38 PM
Cryptocurrency Market Update: Bitcoin Dominance Reaches New 2018 High
FOMO Moments Altcoins are still suffering; Cardano, Nem and VeChain still dumping, Emercoin and Waves rising. There has been virtually no movement in the There has been virtually no movement in the crypto markets over the past 24 hours. They are still thoroughly depressed and in their worst state for over a year. (ADA , BTC , EMC )
03:09 AM
Hashing24.com Boosts the Security in Cooperation with Emeroin
Hashing24.com, actively participating in Bitcoin mining business since 2012, partners up with Emercoin. (BTC , EMC )
03:38 PM
Emercoin's Trusted Diploma Platform Aims to Combat Fraud in Education - Coinjournal
Emercoin's Trusted Diploma platform is hoping to tackle fraud and fake degrees in the education sector with the aid of the blockchain. (EMC )
10:24 AM
Emercoin Blockchain Solution Combats Global Manipulation Epidemic in Education Sector
Emercoin announced today the successful implementation of its open-source Trusted Diploma blockchain platform by the Business & Technology University (BTU). (EMC )
04:54 AM
Global Changes in Emercoin Blockchain: SegWit, TX Optimizer, STUN and 13 More Updates
After six months of development, we are ready to release 16 updates that are coming to Emercoin blockchain. (EMC , TX )
09:10 AM
New Emercoin micropayment system to be deployed by DeNet
It was announced today that DeNet, a developer of cloud services for distributed storage of confidential information will be deploying RandPay, a new (EMC )
02:09 PM
Emercoin Deploys First Blockchain-Based VoIP Application
Emercoin announced today that ENUMER, its free blockchain-based VoIP (voice over IP) system, now is a consistent stand-alone service that is being adopted by multiple companies. (EMC )
01:24 PM
Coca-Cola and the U.S. State Department Teams Up To Reduce Forced Labour Using Blockchain
Coca-Cola is joining forces with the U.S. State Department and three other organizations Bitfury Group, Blockchain Trust Accelerator (BTA), and Emercoin to launch a blockchain-based project that aims to create a secure registryfor workers to fight the use of forced labor worldwide. This is the State Department's first major blockchain project, and serves Continue reading Coca-Cola and the U.S. State Department Teams Up To Reduce Forced Labour Using Blockchain (BTA , EMC )
02:38 PM
Japan VC IT-Farm makes strategic investment in Emercoin
Japanese early-stage venture capital firm IT-Farm Corp. announced it will invest in Emercoin,the blockchain platform for a wide range of distributed trusted services to help the provider expand its activities in Japan, a country friendly to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Morio Kurosaki, president of (EMC )
04:39 AM
XTC Unicorn Fund makes strategic investment in Emercoin
The XTC Unicorn Fund today announced it will invest in Emercoin, the cryptocurrency, and decentralized blockchain platform to help the provider of blockcha (EMC , XTC )
09:39 AM
Bitfury and First Block Capital Make Strategic Investment In Emercoin
The Bitfury Group and First Block Capital announced they have invested in Emercoin and will support the provider of blockchain solutions and services for customers around the world. The decision to su (BTC , EMC )
01:39 PM
Bitfury and First Block Capital invest in Emercoin
The Bitfury Group and First Block Capital today announced they have invested in Emercoin and will support the provider of blockchain solutions and services (EMC )
12:09 PM
Stable growth for Emercoin continues from year to year
On December 11, 2017, Emercoin, a blockchain service for business and personal use celebrated its 4th anniversary. While not the flashiest of coins out the (EMC )
12:39 AM
Cryptocurrency: Mining, Investing and Trading in Blockchain, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Dogecoin, Emer
Price: $12.55 Lots of investment opportunities have come and gone. Now is the time for cryptocurrencies, so do not miss the boat. These currencies have a market cap of over $100 billion as of October (AUR , BTC , DOGE , EMC , ETH , LTC , PUT )
12:39 AM
Emercoin (EMC) cuts transactions fees by 99%
It was recently announced from Emercoin, that the digital currency and blockchain service platform reduced their fees for transactions and creating blockch (EMC )
09:24 AM
Emercoin has created a script to protect the public blockchain from unauthorized interventions
(EMC )
02:09 AM
Emercoin releases iOS wallet app
Emercoin,a digital currency and blockchain service platform for business and personal applications announced the launch of the (EMC )
08:09 PM
Emercoin leads consortium to offer blockchain technology for largest system integrator in Russia
The Emercoin Team, in collaboration with Estonian company Hashcoins OU and Russian system integrator I-Teco, signed a Tripartite Agreement f... (EMC )
09:09 AM
HashCoins, Aspanta, and Emercoin launch passwordless authorization system
The teams from HashCoins, Aspanta, and Emercoin have announced launch of (EMC )
09:41 AM
Emercoin Develops Web App for System of Precise Proof of Ownership
Emercoin has announced it releases EMC DPO, a web app making the blockchain-based system of precise proof of ownership more convenient and simple. EMC DPO was initially released two years ago. Over th (EMC )
10:11 AM
Miners Now Can Mine Bitcoin and Emercoin Simultaneously
According to Emercoins Ivan Kuznetsov, Emercoin is to officially switch to merged mining this February. From now on, all users of the platform will be able to mine two cryptocurrencies at once, Emer (BTC , EMC )
12:54 PM
Emercoin Claims Spammers Attempt to Discredit the Project
(EMC )
07:54 AM
Strictly Confidential: Blockchain-based Solutions for Securing User Data
Last year HashCoin started playing around the idea of creating the worlds first decentralized system of digital key management based on Emercoin Blockchain - emcSSL. (EMC )
09:09 AM
Chronobank to Use Emercoin Solutions
(EMC )
01:09 PM
FriGate Now Supports Emercoin Domain Zones
(EMC )
07:54 AM
Hot Stuff Blockchained: Emercoin Rescues Russian Adult Site From Regulators
Russian adult torrent resource Pornolab is leveraging Emercoins Decentralized Domain Zone to bypass Russias latest ban on certain websites. (EMC )
06:53 AM
HashCoin Uses Emercoin Blockchain For Vehicle Registration And Tracking
HashCoin says it has created a vehicle certification system using the Emer Blockchain that appeals to Russia, other European countries and manufacturers. (EMC )
05:38 AM
HashCoins Presents a Blockchain Solution for Vehicle Title Certification System
Russian blockchain startup HashCoins is developing a service for certification of vehicle titles based on EmerCoin blockchain, which seeks to make the work of relevant state offices more efficient. Th (EMC )
05:38 AM
Pornolab Creates a Mirror in EmerCoins Decentralized Domain Zone
Pornolab, one of the biggest adult torrent trackers in post-Soviet states, has created a mirror to bypass the ban of the main domain. Pornolab.net has been blocked in Russia on November 7th. The websi (EMC )
08:53 AM
Emercoin to Implement Blockchain in Smart House Concept
The Emercoin team has announced a new project focused on implementing blockchain-based solutions in alternate power supply systems and smart house concept. The team has partnered with Kolionovo farm (EMC )
04:53 PM
HashCoins CTO About Corporate Use of EmerCoin Services
The EmerCoin team has repeatedly stated that the project puts its stake mostly in implementing its services in real businesses rather than in developing a cryptocurrency. A brief look at EMC price cha (EMC )
03:55 AM
United Nations Will Adopt Emercoin For Its Car Fleet Management Project
United Nations Development Programme will use Emercoin in the vehicles fleet management. (EMC )
08:53 AM
HitBTC trading platform adds support for Emercoin
HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange adds support for Emercoin (EMC), opening EMC to BTC exchange market. EMC/EUR pair will also be listed soon. (BTC , EMC )
02:53 AM
Bitcoin Using Darknet Marketplaces Supply Safer Drugs, EMCDDA Report
The drugs procured from darknet marketplaces are much safer than those available on the streets due to various reasons, states a recent report by EMCDDA. Read more... (BTC , EMC )
12:08 PM
First Bitcoin Capital Corp. Signs Evaluation Pact With Emercoin, Will Promote Its Technology
First Bitcoin Capital Corp., which bills itself as the first vertically-integrated, publicly-traded bitcoin entity, has signed an evaluation agreement with Emercoin International Development Group to provide distributed blockchain services for business and personal use. First Bitcoin Capital Corp. is a Vancouver, Canada-based mining company holding concessions in gold in Venezuela and is working on a (BTC , EMC )
02:53 PM
Another Look at Emercoin Blockchain as It Rides Higher on Microsoft Azure Release
Emercoin recorded a surge in its 24 hour trade volume, after the Emercoin Blockchain Engine was released on Microsofts Azure platform. (EMC )
05:08 AM
Emercoin Blockchain Engine Becomes First Blockchain Solution Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace
This is the first application in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace which working with a blockchain technology that is designed for end users to be released on the Azure platform. (EMC )
08:53 AM
Emercoin: Leading the way Towards a Decentralized World; An Interview with CCO Jason Cassidy
Emercoinwas founded in 2013 as a hybrid of PPCoin and Namecoin and was established with the vision of creating a fully functioning merchant platform. (EMC , NMC , PPC )
04:00 AM
Emercoin Set To Launch Blockchain Lab To Help Drive The Crypto Industry Forward
The Chief Communications Officer at Emercoin, Jason Cassidy, speaks to Cointelegraph about the development of the Emercoin Blockchain Lab. (EMC )
05:00 AM
Emercoin To Launch Blockchain R&D Lab
Emercoin, a leading digital currency and blockchain platform has begun the process of launching its R&D lab for blockchain technology (EMC )
07:00 PM
Prepaid And Bank Cards Can Now Be Loaded Using Emercoin
Emercoin partners with Load Debit Card for mutual benefits and plans many more partnerships for 2016. (EMC )
12:00 PM
EmerCoin Fever Quickly Making a Name Among Fintech Projects
Emercoin is working OpenLedger to make its first step into real-world trading. (EMC )
05:00 PM

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