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Dogecoin News

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Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Stellar (XLM) Defies Market Pullback
FOMO Moments Crypto land is correcting this morning; top altcoins are Stellar, Cardano, Dogecoin, Bytom and Kin. The bull run has slowed down and a The bull run has slowed down and a pullback has occurred in crypto land. Markets hit a six week high of a shade below $300 billion before retreating back to around $290 billion as short term traders took profits. (ADA , DOGE , STR , XLM )
Jul 19
03:39 AM
Robinhood Continues to Broaden Its Crypto Offering Adding Support for Dogecoin
Financial services mobile app Robinhood has added support a peer-to-peer digital currency called Dogecoin (DOGE) on its Robinhood Crypto Platform. (DOGE )
Jul 17
06:39 AM
Is Pied Piper Serious? How HBO Inspired Crypto's Most Confounding Coin
What began as a parody quickly became a coin. Soon it might - might - become its own blockchain. What is happening? (DOGE )
Jul 16
09:24 PM
FOMO for Dogecon: What You Missed At the Gathering of the 'Shibes'
Dogecon, a conference about (DOGE )
Jun 26
09:10 PM
PR: GIN Hits Three Milestones in One Week
The still young GINcoin cryptocurrency continues its ascension in the crypto market. With its rapid development, the project is ticking three important boxes last week: getting listed on Cryptopia, adding PIVX to the turnkey masternode deployment platform, and launching an all-in-one Investor Dashboard, where masternode owners can keep a close eye on all of their masternode investments. PIVX masternodes can now be deployed on GIN's masternode platform Since its launch, the GINcoin platform has become the go-to utility tool for anyone looking to set up a masternode, regardless of their technological knowledge. By constantly adding coins to the platform, they enabled masternode enthusiasts to easily diversify their portfolio. (BTC , DOGE , LTC , PIVX )
Jun 18
10:24 AM
DogeCon Bringing Blockchain Memes to Vancouver
Coming June 21-24, the DogeCon convention is intended to unite the blockchain community with light-hearted educational activities. (DOGE )
Jun 10
04:54 PM
Are cryptocurrencies making a dent in the iGaming industry?
The Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency and it was the first one to start being adopted by casinos. When other cryptos such as Litecoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin were launched, they also became favorite (BTC , DOGE , ETH , LTC )
Apr 21
08:09 AM
Pornhub Prefers Verge Over Litecoin but Signals Wider Acceptance of Crypto
An adult entertainment streaming website and one of the largest pornography sites Pornhub has now declared an affiliation with Verge (XVG), formerly known as Dogecoin Dark. It will now accept the coin (BTC , DOGE , LTC , XVG )
Apr 18
05:24 PM
ICEX implements new updates with SegWit, Zcash, and DASH support
South African Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange ICE3X has announced a few updated features improving user experience along with some new coin supports. First,the exchange has added new crypto assets with Dash, Zcash, Dogecoin, all are paired with bitcoin. (BTC , DASH , DOGE , ZEC )
Apr 02
05:24 PM
Digital Wallet Abra Adds Support For 20 Cryptocurrencies - Coinjournal
Cryptocurrency and digital wallet Abra has announced that it is expanding its support to 20 cryptocurrencies in a single app, providing users with greater access to the market. The new Abra app is available globally with bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, bch, litecoin, dash, ethereum classic, omisego, qtum, zcash, dogecoin, golem, and vertcoin available straight away. Over (BTC , DOGE , ETC , ETH , GNT , LTC , OMG , VTC , ZEC )
Mar 16
10:39 AM
Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Cash Are Neck-and-Neck in the Payments Race
While Bitcoin is still overwhelmingly preferred for transacting, the latest data shows that Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and surprisingly Dogecoin, are currently neck-and-neck in the cryptocurrency payments race. (BCH , BTC , DOGE , LTC )
Mar 06
09:09 AM
Estimated 2018 Cryptocurrency Prices: Major Gains for Cardano and Dogecoin
When looking at all of the predicted cryptocurrency prices, it is evident the panelists have high hopes for two specific coins. Cardano will see a meteoric rise in value, surging by nearly 600%. (ADA , DOGE )
Mar 02
02:25 AM
How to Easily Recover Old wallet.dat Private Keys With PyWallet
From time to time people tend to remember that they have minded BTC, LTC, DOGE or another of the earlier cryptocoins back in the day when they suddenly find an old wallet.dat file and then the problem (BTC , DOGE , LTC )
Feb 27
09:10 AM
How Dogecoin is Solving Ethereum's Scalability Problem
Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency that started in 2013 inspired by a dog meme, could finally be on the verge of finding the scalability solution facing both Ethereum and Bitcoin. Going Where No Shiba Inu H (BTC , DOGE , ETH )
Feb 22
09:54 AM
What Is Dogecoin And Is It A Good Investment?
Following the early success of bitcoin and the rise of the Shiba Inu dog meme in 2013, Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus created the altcoin, Dogecoin. Palmer, who at the time worked at Adobes Sydney of (BTC , DOGE )
Feb 22
07:40 AM
Dogethereum (DOGX), an Upcoming Unofficial DogeCoin (DOGE) Fork
It seem that lately it is easier to just fork an established coin than to think of something new and original and try to realize your ideas, after all who refuses free money, right? The next in line i (BTC , DOGE )
Feb 21
02:40 AM
Shibe Vibes: Dogecoin Hard Forks To 'Dogethereum' Later In 2018
News that Dogecoin had become a test asset for Ethereum's inter-coin Rinkeby testnet has sparked a project aiming to hard fork it later this year. (DOGE , ETH )
Feb 20
10:39 AM
BitStarz Adds Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE) Support!
With an undeniable eye for expansion, BitStarz Casino is showing that it's a true trailblazer, as it now accepts both Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE) for deposits and wagers. (DOGE , ETH )
Feb 18
11:39 AM
Dogecoin Is Helping Ethereum Solve Its Biggest Issue
Years after it was written off as a joke, dogecoin continues to prove useful, this time factoring into a major ethereum test. (DOGE , ETH )
Feb 18
02:09 AM
Dogecoin's $2 Billion Value: So High, Much Fall
Dogecoin started as a joke, based on grammatically-challenged shiba inu memes, poking fun at the rise of cryptocurrencies in 2013. But in 2018 that joke turned into a serious $2 billion market cap as investors didn't care. Bloomberg's Ramy Inocencio speaks one-on-one with co-creator Jackson Palmer, a cryptocurrency bear, who says his creation should stay a joke. (Headline and description changed to better reflect interview.) (Source: Bloomberg) (DOGE )
Jan 22
07:29 PM
Dogecoin Reaches New Milestones: Is the $1.6 billion Valuation a Distraction?
Dogecoin, the alternative cryptocurrency that has the Japanese dog Shiba Inu as its mascot, reached new milestones as we entered the new year. The market capitalization of the blockchain network excee (BTC , DOGE )
Jan 09
10:24 AM
Dogecoin: 'Joke' Cryptocurrency Hits $2 Billion Market Cap
Dogecoin wasn't able to maintain that new high and is now sitting closer to $1.7 billion. The rise to a $2 billion market cap comes as a surprise to the developers behind the virtual currency, which hasn't been in active development for years. It says a lot about the state of the cryptocurrency space (DOGE )
Jan 08
03:33 PM
Forget Bitcoin - now Dogecoin goes wild
Even in the turbulent world of cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin is seen as a pretty wild creature. (BTC , DOGE )
Jan 08
04:51 AM
A parody cryptocurrency just broke $2 billion for its market cap
Dogecoin's market value crossed the $2 billion mark on Sunday, according to data from CoinMarketCap. (DOGE )
Jan 07
09:42 PM
Dogecoin Developers Lament Billion Dollar Market Cap Milestone
Following last month's boom in price, Dogecoin now boasts a total market capitalization of over $1 billion USD. Curiously, the price milestone appears to have garnered criticism from the projects deve (BTC , DOGE )
Jan 05
04:38 PM
Dogecoin Woofs at Moon with a Billion Dollars
Defying its creator's belief, DOGECOIN has risen 900% in the past six weeks from $0.001 to its current high of $0.01. (DOGE )
Jan 05
06:09 AM
Market Capitalization of 'Parody' Cryptocurrency Dogecoin Breaks $1B Barrier
Having its springs from parody Internet meme altcoin Doge makes a headline by suddenly emerging into market and joining cryptowagoon. According to CoinMarketCap we have 38 cryptoassets now worth more than $1B in network value, and Dogecoin is the 35th. (DOGE )
Jan 05
05:09 AM
Bitcoin latest: Cryptocurrency Dogecoin that started as parody now valued at over $1bn
A cryptocurrency that started as a parody named after an internet meme about a Shiba Inu dog now has a market value of more than $1.2bn (900m). After a long period of stagnation, dogecoin has increased in value more than five-fold in the last month as the interest in cryptocurrencies has exploded. The rapid rise demonstrates the mania that has engulfed digital coins and has worried even the creator of dogecoin. (BTC , DOGE )
Jan 05
02:57 AM
Dogecoin Market Cap Hits $1 Billion, to Its Creator's Dismay
Dogecoin has set all-time high after a long period of stagnation. Yet the joke currency's founder worries the rally is a sign of market excess. (DOGE )
Jan 04
03:53 PM
Much Wow? Dogecoin $1B Market Cap Fails To Impress Pundits
Dogecoin has become the latest cryptocurrency to seize a $1 billion market cap as commentators suggest the metric is now of little use. (DOGE )
Jan 03
06:24 AM
PR: mBit Casino Adds Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin
11:08 AM
Cryptocurrency: Mining, Investing and Trading in Blockchain, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Dogecoin, Emer
Price: $12.55 Lots of investment opportunities have come and gone. Now is the time for cryptocurrencies, so do not miss the boat. These currencies have a market cap of over $100 billion as of October (AUR , BTC , DOGE , EMC , ETH , LTC , PUT )
12:39 AM
Ledger Blue Hardware wallet for Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Dogecoin Dash Zcash Fido
Price: $388.99 Ledger Blue A Super POWERFUL AND FLEXIBLE DEVICE The Ledger Blue is the latest generation product from Ledger, result of more than two years of research and development. This high-end d (BTC , DOGE , ETH , LTC , ZEC )
08:24 AM
LindaCoin is Trying to Take on The Famous Dogecoin
A new and emerging cryptocurrency called LindaCoin is trying to take on the famous and tongue-n-cheek Dogecoin. (DOGE )
12:09 PM
Dogecoin Creator: Crypto Bubble 'More Epic Scale' than Dot-Com Bust
05:24 PM
More Crypto-Criticism, This Time from Dogecoin's Creator.
The latest in the slew of crypto critics is Jackson Palmer, the creator of Dogecoin. Palmer claims that thanks to the proliferation of scam ICOs, a similar fate might be lurking in wait for the rest of crypto as that which caused him to leave his pet-project in 2015. For those who dont know what Continue reading More Crypto-Criticism, This Time from Dogecoins Creator. (DOGE )
03:09 AM
Is There a Cryptocurrency Bubble? Just Ask Doge.
Dogecoin was meant to poke fun at the hype around virtual currency. But now, its creator says, Dogecoin illustrates the risks. (DOGE )
02:15 PM
Moolah Exchange Founder Denies Fraud Charges in First Court Hearing
The trial of Ryan Kennedy, founder of the now-defunct dogecoin exchange Moolah, began in U.K. courts this week. (DOGE )
03:09 AM
Calvin Ayre Foundation Asks Crypto Community For Hurricane Aid in Barbuda Will Match Donations
Barbuda resident, Calvin Ayre, wants people to send relief aid to the island. Hurricane Irma plowed over the island system and caused tons of damage. (BTC , DOGE )
04:45 PM
Lee suggests Dogecoin and Litecoin Merger
Lee suggests Dogecoin and Litecoin Merger (DOGE , LTC )
03:40 PM
Daily Altcoin Price Analysis: Nothing Can Stop ETH and Dogecoin
ETHs price recalls the behavior of a locomotive without brakes while Dogecoin keeps its position in the top ten on the Poloniex exchange. (DOGE , ETH )
08:43 AM
Daily Altcoin Price Analysis: Sensational Growth of Dogecoin and ETH
Daily Altcoin Price Analysis by Frederic Racine (DOGE , ETH )
08:43 AM
Weekly Altcoin Price Review: The Triumph of Dogecoin in January
Dogecoin was the sensation of January. Litecoin this week feels quite sure, DASH and Peercoin have strong positions, while ETH faces a remarkable volatility. (DASH , DOGE , ETH , LTC , PPC )
08:43 AM
Daily Altcoin Price Analysis: One More Dance After The Party
Litecoin for some moments returned to the previous level. DASH price surely and quietly grows, but Peercoin and Dogecoin are falling. (DASH , DOGE , LTC , PPC )
08:43 AM
Altcoin Weekly: Dogecoin, DASH And ETH Are Growing But Neucoin Falls
A week of success for Dogecoin, DASH makes tremendous jumps and falls, ETH showed a constant growth but Neu cant find support. (DASH , DOGE , ETH , NEU )
08:43 AM
'Lower Bitcoin Prices are More in Favor for Bad Actors and Ponzi Schemes
The German-directed, Bermuda-registered corporation offers not only Bitcoin mining contracts but also diversifies its hashing power to the most promising altcoins such as Dogecoin and Litecoin. (BTC , DOGE , LTC )
02:39 PM
Cryptocurrency hardware wallet KeepKey implements real-time notification system
KeepKey, a hardware wallet that secures bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, dash, and namecoin has announced some minor new features this week for versi (BTC , DOGE , ETH , LTC , NMC )
05:39 AM
Dogecoin Exchange Founder Ryan Kennedy In Hot Soup Over Theft of Bitcoins, Money Laundering
Dogecoin exchange founder and convicted rapist Ryan Kennedy lands in fresh hot soup over the theft of Bitcoins in excess of 1 mln, that were then spent on a luxury lifestyle. He was also charged with money laundering and fraud. (BTC , DOGE )
05:39 AM
Former Dogecoin Exchange CEO Faces Fraud Charges
UK police have brought fraud and money laundering charges against Ryan Kennedy, the founder the now-defunct dogecoin exchange service Moolah. (DOGE )
12:55 PM
Dogecoin Creator Jackson Palmer Is Concerned About Ethereums ICO Bubble
The one of biggest stories in cryptocurrency over the past couple of months has been the meteoric rise of the ether price and the speculative frenzy. (DOGE , ETH )
10:31 AM

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