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Elon Musk unfazed by rumored possibility of SEC probe into Dogecoin tweets
Meming about meme cryptocurrencies going to the moon may have legal consequences for the CEO of Tesla, but he's taking it in good humor. (DOGE )
04:39 AM
SEC Investigates Tesla's CEO Elon Musk over Tweets Promoting DOGE
After Klarna CEO expressed his concern over tweets promoting Bitcoin, reports revealed that the SEC is investigating Musk over DOGE tweets. (BTC , DOGE )
12:54 AM
Musk Says He Hopes Rumors That He's in the SEC's DOGE House Are True
Should the rumor be true, evidence that the CEO has been a vocal booster of DOGE it wouldn't be hard to find. (DOGE )
Feb 25
04:09 PM
Robinhood added 6 million crypto users in last two months
Online brokerage Robinhood on Thursday said 6 million new users signed up for its cryptocurrency services in the first two months of 2021 amid higher retail trading volumes and sharp rises in the prices of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. (BTC , DOGE )
Feb 25
01:30 PM
SEC investigates Elon Musk for Dogecoin tweets By BTC Peers
SEC investigates Elon Musk for Dogecoin tweets (DOGE )
Feb 25
01:06 PM
Ebang planning to expand business to mine LTC and DOGE
The company has already announced plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange in the first quarter and establish a Bitcoin mining business. (BTC , DOGE , LTC )
Feb 25
10:54 AM
Flare Finance: Expanding DeFi to Ripple, Dogecoin, and Litecoin
The field of decentralized finance (DeFi) is booming over the past year. There are hundreds of decentralized apps (dApps) built on top of a multitude of networks, with the predomina (BTC , DOGE , LTC )
Feb 25
09:54 AM
What is Dogecoin (DOGE)? 5 Facts About the Crypto That Started as a Joke
Dogecoin has been around since late 2013, starting as a joke initially. The coin has been designed to be a satirical homage to Bitcoin. Besides being a joke and meme coin, Dogecoin wasn't intended to (BTC , DOGE )
Feb 24
02:54 PM
Flare Finance Brings DeFi to XRP, LTC, and DOGE
Leveraging the Flare Network, Flare Finance is bringing DeFi to XRP, LTC, and DOGE coin making those fully programmable money. (DOGE , LTC , XRP )
Feb 22
05:54 AM
Bitcoin Climbs Above $53,000 as Musk Backs Crypto Over Cash
(Bloomberg) -- Billionaire Elon Musk defended Tesla Inc.'s $1.5 billion Bitcoin investment on Twitter, calling the cryptocurrency a less dumb version of cash.When fiat currency has negative real interest, only a fool wouldn't look elsewhere, Musk said in a reference to the sub-zero returns on cash caused by negative-yielding debt. The comments pushed Bitcoin to a record on Friday, with prices climbing above $53,000.In a sense, Musk's comments sum up one of the big issues facing markets this year. With so much cash being pumped into the financial system from governments fighting the pandemic, investors are increasingly worried about inflation and looking for alternative places to put their money.Having some Bitcoin, which is simply a less dumb form of liquidity than cash, is adventurous enough for an S&P 500 company, Musk wrote, adding that Tesla's decision to buy Bitcoin doesn't directly reflect his opinion.Bitcoin is almost as bs as fiat money. The key word is 'almost,' he added.Bitcoin was up as much as 2.4% to $53,263 as of 9:55 a.m. Friday in New York. Just this week, prices have jumped about 10%.Musk's posts were in response to remarks by Binance Holdings Ltd.'s chief Changpeng Zhao. In a Bloomberg Television interview, Zhao wondered why Tesla bought Bitcoin if he's so gung-ho on Dogecoin. Musk said he's an engineer, not an investor, and doesn't own any publicly traded stock besides Tesla.This year, the billionaire has tweeted about cryptocurrency-related topics more frequently, with his memes and jokes about Bitcoin and Dogecoin -- a tongue-in-cheek digital currency -- often moving markets.(Updates with record prices in second and sixth paragraphs and chart)For more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.comSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted business news source.2021 Bloomberg L.P. (BTC , DOGE )
Feb 19
09:27 AM
Kiss Star Simmons Turns into Cardano's Dr. Love, Denies Shilling ADA
Gene Simmons. Source: Alberto Cabello/Wikipedia Rock veteran Gene Simmons of Kiss has ended the week with (what else?) a flurry of crypto-related tweets. But after his previous bitcoin (BTC) endorseme (ADA , BTC , DOGE )
Feb 19
09:24 AM
Transaction fees on Dogecoin (DOGE) surge to unprecedented levels
Dogecoin (DOGE) has continued its impressive gains, quickly attaining the 13th position when it comes to top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The cryptocurrency started its rise after the Ga (BTC , DOGE )
Feb 19
06:24 AM
Palantir Replaces GameStop As WallStreetBets' Top Interest
Palantir Technologies Inc (NYSE: PLTR) is emerging as the new darling of the Reddit investor forum r/WallStreetBets. What Happened: The comment volume on the Peter Thiel co-founded company stood at 2,535 as against 1,465 on GameStop Corp (NYSE: GME), according to SwaggyStocks, a website that monitors WallStreetBets trends. The data analytics firm's shares fell to their lowest level since late January after it reported disappointing fourth-quarter results with earnings per share of 6 cents per share. On average, analysts estimated a profit of 2 cents per share. On Thursday, the company's shares extended losses for the sixth straight trading day as a stock lock-up period expired, freeing up 80% or 1.8 billion shares for sale. Since declaring results, Palantir stock has fallen over 16%. Why It Matters: The selloff has attracted the attention of the online crowd who are further enthused by the loose association with Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk - who was a former business partner of Thiel, the Wall Street Journal reported. Previously, WallStreetBets targeted heavily shorted stocks such as GameStop and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (NYSE: AMC). Unlike GameStop or AMC, Palantir is not in the crosshairs of short-sellers. The GameStop short squeeze drama has now moved to Congress where on Thursday the House Financial Services Committee held a special hearing on the matter. See Also: GameStop Fame's Roaring Kitty To Congress: 'In Short, I Like The Stock' Price Action: Palantir shares closed nearly 7% lower at $25.17 on Thursday and rose 4.85% to $26.39 in the after-hours session. Photo by Tech.Co on Flickr See more from BenzingaClick here for options trades from BenzingaMusk's Dogecoin Army Recruit Gene Simmons Turns Cardano Adherent - Here's WhyDelay Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine's 2nd Inoculation To Boost Supply? Here's What Research Is Saying 2021 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved. (ADA , DOGE )
Feb 19
03:57 AM
Elon Musk On Why Tesla Invested in Bitcoin, Not Dogecoin
Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk said on Thursday gave an indication on why the electric vehicle maker invested in Bitcoin (BTC) and not Dogecoin (DOGE) - a meme cryptocurrency often at the center of his tweets., What Happened: The entrepreneur was responding to a tweet that contained comments by Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance where the latter said while he was surprised that Elon's so gung-ho on Dogecoin, it was worth noting Tesla's actual investment came in Bitcoin. Musk said Tesla's investments are not (BTC , DOGE )
Feb 19
12:27 AM
Gene Simmons says he's added $300K of Cardano to his bags
After shilling investments in Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin earlier this month, Kiss bassist Gene Simmons now claims to have found a passion for Cardano. (ADA , BTC , DOGE , ETH )
Feb 18
09:39 PM
Crypto Exchange CEO Is Surprised Elon Musk Is So Into Dogecoin
Elon Musk's love for Dogecoin is turning heads even in the crypto world. (DOGE )
Feb 18
06:57 PM
Robinhood to Allow Deposits, Withdrawals for Cryptos Including Dogecoin
Online brokerage app Robinhood says it plans to enable withdrawals and deposits of cryptocurrencies including dogecoin. (DOGE )
Feb 18
12:39 AM
Emily Parker: Why We Should Take Dogecoin Seriously
Far from a joke, Dogecoin's rise reflects the power of collective belief and a longing for a more ideal form of crypto, writes Emily Parker. (DOGE )
Feb 17
02:39 PM
Cryptocurrency Sleuths Point to Robinhood as Dogecoin Whale
There's a prime suspect as to the identity of the owner of the world's biggest Dogecoin cryptocurrency wallet and it's a name that should be familiar: Robinhood Markets. (DOGE )
Feb 17
01:57 PM
Dogecoin Has a Top Dog Worth $2.1 Billion
Records show that a person, or entity, owns about 28% of all of the cryptocurrency in circulation-a stake worth about $2.1 billion at current prices. The holder's identity isn't known, which is common in the opaque world of digital currencies. (DOGE )
Feb 17
03:03 AM
Elon Musk accuses Robinhood of being a major Dogecoin whale By BTC Peers
Elon Musk accuses Robinhood of being a major Dogecoin whale (DOGE )
Feb 16
05:03 PM
How Dogecoin Became So Popular
The story of Dogecoin and how a joke cryptocurrency based on a meme ended up being the world's richest man's favorite digital asset. (DOGE )
Feb 16
11:39 AM
Elon Musk Urges Dogecoin Whales to Dump Their Coins - Even Offers to Pay Them
Tesla CEO Elon Musk believes that too many dogecoins are held by too few whales and has made them a huge offer. He will give his full support if they sell most of their coins, and will even pay actual money for them to destroy their coins in some provable fashion. Some believe that major dogecoin holders need to consider Musk's offer for the long-term health of the meme cryptocurrency. (DOGE )
Feb 16
03:24 AM
Elon Musk Asks 'Major Dogecoin Holders' To Sell Most Of Their Coins
Feb 15
11:00 PM
Dogecoin price tracker: Track dogecoin's latest price in real time
DOGECOIN (DOGE) prices have tumbled to a weekly low on Monday morning despite weeks of bullish trading and endorsements from celebrities like Elon Musk and Snoop Dog. Track dogecoin's latest price movements in real-time here. (DOGE )
Feb 15
07:18 AM
Dogecoin drops after Tesla's Musk supports holders selling 'most of their coins'
The price of the cryptocurrency, which was on the edge of $50,000 over the weekend, has pulled back to start the week. (DOGE )
Feb 15
04:42 AM
After Pumping Dogecoin (DOGE) Elon Musk Wants Major Holders to Sell Their Coins
Elon Musk said that concentration of DOGE coins in the hands of big players is a matter of concern and wants holders to sell their coins. (DOGE )
Feb 15
02:39 AM
Dogecoin price: How to buy dogecoin in the UK?
DOGECOIN (DOGE) is a minor cryptocurrency that has quickly attracted the world's attention, following endorsement by SpaceX founder Elon Musk. So how can you buy dogecoin in the UK? (DOGE )
Feb 15
01:48 AM
Dogecoin drops 23% as Elon Musk slams DOGE rich list
Dogecoin lost 23% of its value in hours as Elon Musk turned his attention to the unequal distribution of the DOGE coin supply. (DOGE )
Feb 15
01:09 AM
Elon Musk Says He'll Support Top Dogecoin Holders Selling Coins
Elon Musk, who's been a vocal supporter of Dogecoin, said there's too much concentration of the coins among its major holders and he will support them if they sell their coins. (DOGE )
Feb 14
05:06 PM
What Does Dogecoin Have to Do With Government Crypto Bans?
Dogecoin and the community supporting it illustrate how enthusiasm is a market force that governments will need to increasingly respect. (DOGE )
Feb 14
02:09 PM
Tesla buys BTC, Mastercard supports crypto, DOGE founder speaks out: Hodler's Digest, Feb. 7-13
Tesla buys BTC, Mastercard supports crypto, DOGE founder speaks out: Hodler's Digest, Feb. 7-13
Feb 13
12:30 PM
Dogecoin founder says crypto's rise is 'not something I can comprehend'
Billy Markus said he sold all of his crypto in 2015 after he was laid off from a job (DOGE )
Feb 12
12:06 PM
Dogecoin price: Is Dogecoin worth buying?
DOGECOIN (DOGE) recently rose to prominence following Elon Musk endorsements and its involvement in the Reddit r/WallStreetBets forum. But despite the hype, many would-be investors are unsure whether dogecoin really is worth buying. (DOGE )
Feb 12
11:06 AM
Dogecoin price: How many dogecoin are there?
DOGECOIN (DOGE) prices have experienced a true renaissance this year with the value of the meme cryptocurrency skyrocketing by 1,400 percent - but how many dogecoin are there? (DOGE )
Feb 12
09:42 AM
Dogecoin Co-Founder Says He Can't 'Comprehend' Calls For The Joke Crypto He Created In 3 Hours To Hit $1
Feb 12
06:49 AM
Founder of $8.4B Dogecoin sold everything in 2015 for 'a used Honda Civic'
Doge founder Billy Markus can't comprehend discussions of a rally to $1 after selling his stash back in 2015. (DOGE )
Feb 11
09:09 PM
Mysterious Address With $3 Billion in Dogecoin Sends Cryptic Binary Messages to Elon Musk
This week, the dogecoin wallet with $3 billion worth of the crypto asset has been creating odd transactions with binary messages. (DOGE )
Feb 11
05:39 PM
Dogecoin's Creator Is Just as Baffled as You Are About Its Rise
Imagine you're the founder of a multibillion dollar enterprise. Got a big house? Check. Vacation on an exclusive Caribbean island? Keep the drinks coming. Fast cars? Yea, got to have those. (DOGE )
Feb 11
10:42 AM
How Elon Musk's Tweets Moved GameStop (GME), Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Other Stocks
From Signal to Dogecoin, the man keeps moving the needle all over the place. (BTC , DOGE )
Feb 11
07:00 AM
Will Elon Musk's Dogecoin Support Pay Off Investors? Bitcoin Bulls Ask Investors to Maintain Caution
Nic Carter thinks that Dogecoin doesn't have any real value, he doesn't agree with Elon Musk's suggestion of HODLing Dogecoin. (BTC , DOGE )
Feb 11
05:39 AM
Elon Musk Shoots Down Crypto Wallet App Freewallet After It Tried to Ride His Dogecoin Fame
An attempt to capitalize on the ongoing Elon Musk hype around Dogecoin has backfired for the crypto wallet app Freewallet. (DOGE )
Feb 10
09:39 PM
Dogecoin's Surging Price Has Resurrected Its Technical Development
Wow, after such price rise, Dogecoin's developers have much coding to do. (DOGE )
Feb 10
08:49 PM
Dogecoin's Surging Price Resurrects Its Tech Development
Dogecoin hasn't had a major release in nearly 2 years, but the DOGE price pump has become a call to action to its dormant developer base. (DOGE )
Feb 10
02:24 PM
The Danger Of Musk's Dogecoin Tweets
Shortly before Tesla revealed its major bitcoin buy, CEO Elon Musk was pumping doge. But is that funny, or just disingenuous? (BTC , DOGE )
Feb 10
01:09 PM
Youngest HODLer ever? Elon Musk buys DOGE for his 9-month-old son
The boy, named X A-Xii, has reportedly received some Dogecoin from his father Elon Musk. (DOGE )
Feb 10
11:39 AM
Price analysis 2/10: BTC, ETH, ADA, XRP, DOT, BNB, LTC, LINK, DOGE, BCH
Bitcoin and select altcoins are witnessing profit-booking at higher levels, a signal that a short phase of consolidation could occur over the next few days. (ADA , BCH , BTC , DOGE , DOT , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Feb 10
11:24 AM
Dogecoin price: Elon Musk's DOGE tweets worry crypto analysts 'Going to lose money'
DOGECOIN owners risk losing their money over the 'meme cryptocurrency' thanks to celebrities like Elon Musk driving wild speculation, crypto experts have warned. The news comes as the South African billionaire has announced he bought DOGE for his son X AE A-Xii. (DOGE )
Feb 10
10:06 AM
Musk DOGE'ing Again, Lindsay Lohan Fails To Send BTC To The Moon
Source: Dogecoin Memes While coronavirus ruled the markets in 2020, it seems that the meme virus is in charge this year. As bitcoin (BTC) is playing by its playbook today - once again correcting its g (BTC , DOGE )
Feb 10
09:39 AM
Dogecoin? A lot of 'retail punters are going to lose money,' says crypto expert
Crypto venture capitalist Nic Carter says dogecoin has the potential to harm individual investors, as a number of celebrities and captains of industry have... (DOGE )
Feb 10
09:19 AM

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