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DigixDAO News

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5% Over Spot: Gold-Backed Tokens Tether Gold and Digix Sell for Higher Premiums
Cryptocurrencies that claim to be backed by gold are selling for 1-5% above golds .999 per Troy ounce spot price. (BTC , DGD , ETH , USDT )
Apr 07
02:23 PM
This Token Project Offered to Shut Down. Its Market Cap Shot Up $10M
Should DigixDAO completely dissolve its treasury or keep making grants to enhance the ecosystem? That's the question for token holders to decide. (DGD )
02:54 AM
Maker's Stability Fee Drops to 5.5% After Multi-Collateral Dai Announcement
On October 28, it was reported that Makerdaos stability fee was reduced by a 'whale' with roughly 94% of the voting power. (DGD , ETH , GNT , OMG , REP , ZRX )
11:38 AM
Freewallet is Listing New Stablecoins in a Time of Need
The list of added stablecoins includes True USD (TUSD), DigixDAO (DGD), Paxos (PAX), STASIS EURS (EURS) and USD Coin (USDC). This move comes during a time in which increasing volatility in the cryptom (BTC , DGD )
10:53 PM
Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Tron Moving Monday Markets
FOMO Moments Motionless Monday on crypto markets; Tron and 0x climbing well, DigixDAO dropping back. A very predictable decline saw markets fall back During Asian trading this Monday morning they have made small gains but nothing significant as total market capitalization is still below $220 billion. (DGD , ZRX )
07:54 PM
Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Gold Backed DigixDAO Defies Selloff
After several days of bullish momentum crypto markets have slid back once again quashing hopes of any real recovery. Altcoins are predictably in the red this morning in Asia, and just as predictably the only one that performs well during a selloff is DigixDAO. (DGD )
09:26 PM
Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Investors Buying up DigixDAO
Crypto markets have been yo-yoing all week, one day up the next down. Altcoins as usual have been hit even harder with a sea of red across the boards this morning. Only one way outside the top 25 is posting a gain today, and it is DigixDAO. (DGD )
11:09 PM
Asian Altcoin Trading Update: DigixDAO Defies Crypto Correction
The crypto correction is in full effect this morning as Asia joins the big selloff. Everything is in the red at the moment as traders take profits from the recent run, and only two cryptocurrencies are in the green in the top 50 at the time of writing and they are Golem and DigixDAO. (DGD , GNT )
09:09 PM
Bitcoin Price Plunges Toward $8,000 as Market Grows Heavy
The Bitcoin price plunged toward $8,000 on Thursday as the cryptocurrency market began to grow heavy across the board. Just two top 100-cryptocurrencies Kin and DigixDAO managed to advance against the US dollar, while the other 98 endured another day in the red. Bitcoin Price Dips Below $8,000 On (BTC , DGD )
10:47 AM
Asian Altcoin Trading Roundup: Top Cryptocurrency is DigixDAO
Crypto markets are bleeding this morning as we hurtle towards a new monthly low. Google's decision to ban advertising, while at the same time investing in a crypto company, has caused a wave of panic selling once again. Altcoins are all tanking and only one is in the green this morning, DigixDAO. (DGD )
09:39 PM
Litecoin, DigixDao, and BlockMason Credit Protocol: The Top Performing Cryptocurrencies of February 2018
February 2018 began with the tail end of a massive correction that recently plagued crypto markets since the middle of December. Keeping this time frame in mind, three coins stood out among the rest a (BTC , DGD , LTC )
07:25 AM
Litecoin Booms But Gold Crypto Was Best February Price Performer
Lesser known DigixDao was February's top-performing large-cap cryptocurrency, data from reveals. (DGD , LTC )
05:39 AM
Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Roundup: Top Altcoin is DigixDAO
The pullback after a couple of days in the green is becoming a regular pattern now. Altcoins are pretty much all in the red, declining from the small gains they have made over the past couple of days. Only DigixDAO marches relentlessly upwards leaving all of its brethren behind. (DGD )
07:54 PM
End of Month Roundup: February's Cryptocurrency Winners and Losers
Another month has passed in crypto land and it is time to review the winners and losers over the past four weeks. A lot has happened in February and looking back at the top performing cryptocurrencies plus those that have lost out may give us an indication of what is to come in March. (DGD , ETC , ETH , OMG )
01:09 AM
Asian Altcoin Trading Roundup: Top Cryptocurrency is DigixDAO
The selloff continues as the week ends in crypto land. Asians are leading the way and dropping their digital currencies for the third day in a row. Altcoins as usual have been hit harder and are all in the red during this morning's Asian trading session. (DGD )
09:09 PM
Morning Asian trading roundup: the leading altcoin is Dentacoin
The carnage on the crypto markets has continued this morning. Asian trading is bleak and everyone is selling, it looks like the mass media is winning the battle and reveling in a falling cryptocurrencies. (DGD )
09:39 PM
Morning Asian trading roundup: the leading altcoin is DigixDAO
A train wreck is the best way to describe the markets today. The Asian trading session has not been pretty and we have had to go beyond the top 25 to find an altcoin that is in the green. There is one and it is relatively unknown but it is up by 45% when many in the top ten have fallen by over 30%. (DGD )
09:09 PM launching Golem (GNT), TenX (PAY) and Digix (DGD), the digital asset exchange for global users, registered in the Republic of Seychelles, born from Chinese exchange Huobi has announced today it l (DGD , GNT )
09:09 PM
Gatecoin says no to SegWit2x and forced to delist DGD, ICN, PAY, and MCO
Gatecoin, a Hong Kong-headquartered crypto exchange announced a few days ago that based on a compliance review conducted with its legal advisors the compa (DGD , ICN )
08:09 AM
Keep it Simple: HitBTC Helps Digix DAO Users Receive ETC Bounty With Ease
The Hong Kong-based exchange HitBTC is working with DigixDAO to refund DGD tokens with Ethereum Classic near End of May 2017. (DAO , DGD , ETC , ETH )
02:39 AM
ShapeShift Adds DGD and DAO Support
ShapeShift, the crypto-to-crypto digital currency exchange has announced the inclusion of two new crypto-assets on the platform.
02:00 PM
Gold Struck on OpenLedger With Ethereum Based DigixDAO asset (DGD)
Bitcoin Press Release: OpenLedger has added Ethereum based gold backed crypto-token DigixDAO asset (DGD), allowing users to trade DGD for Ethereum, Bitcoin and (BTC , ETH )
10:00 PM

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