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EOS, MATIC, DASH Price Analysis: 20 July
Several cryptocurrencies have taken a beating this week, with altcoins leaving their consolidation phase behind to enter the bearish territory. EOS broke off its technical support level of $3.40 to tr (DASH , EOS )
Jul 20
09:24 AM
Dash price analysis: is now a good time to buy this cryptocurrency?
The price of Dash DASH/USD has been moving in a downtrend last several weeks, and for now, there is no signal of the negative trend reversal. The cryptocurrency market remains under pressure, and if y (BTC , DASH )
Jul 10
04:39 PM
Earn crypto while playing BitKong
BitKong is an engaging crypto casino that features a free-to-play mode. This game supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies on their site and Android app (BTC, ETH, DASH, DOGE, LTC, and XRP), and they (BTC , DASH , DOGE , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Apr 14
02:11 AM
In Venezuela, USD, Not Bitcoin, Still Reigns Supreme - Report
Source: Adobe/Comugnero Silvana The United States dollar, not crypto, is still king in Venezuela, despite suggestions otherwise, a new report has alleged. As previously reported, crypto adoption is on (BTC , DASH , ETH )
Mar 22
12:39 PM
DASH launches stDASH to offer users staking rewards and DeFi access
DASH, a payments-focused crypto project, has rolled out stakedDASH (stDASH), creating a bridge to Ethereum's DeFi ecosystem. A press release was shared on March 10 noting that DASH Core Group and DASH (BTC , DASH , ETH )
Mar 11
03:09 PM
ChainLink, Stellar and Dash price analysis
The technical outlook for LINK/USD, XLM/USD and DASH/USD suggests bears could eye fresh moves ChainLink, Stellar and Dash are all struggling to stay above a key support level, with fresh declines look (BTC , DASH , XLM )
Feb 25
06:54 AM
Privacy coin season? DASH price gains 100% in a week as Monero, Zcash flip bullish
Privacy coins such as Monero, Dash and Zcash are beginning to show signs of life. (DASH , XMR , ZEC )
Feb 15
04:24 AM
Crypto Exchange Bittrex Delists Privacy Coins XMR, ZEC and DASH
advertisement U.S.-based exchange Bittrex today announced the delisting of 3 privacy coins namely Monero [XMR], Zcash [ZEC], and Dash [DASH] as of January 15th, 2021. Earlier South Korean exchanges we (BTC , DASH , XMR , ZEC )
Jan 03
03:39 PM
Monero (XMR), Dash, and Zcash (ZEC) prices crash after Bittrex announced delisting
Recently, crypto exchange Bittrex announced that it will delist the three largest privacy coins. The coins, DASH, XMR, and ZEC, have all seen major price drops following the announcement. Bittrex aims (BTC , DASH , XMR , ZEC )
Jan 03
07:39 AM
Privacy Coins Targeted: Bittrex to Delist Monero, ZCash, and Dash
Just a few days after announcing the delisting of Ripple (XRP) following the SEC charges, Bittrex has added three more coins to the list of removals. Interestingly, they are all so-called security tok (BTC , DASH , XMR , XRP , ZEC )
Jan 01
11:39 AM
DoorDash (DASH) Stock Debuts at $182 per Share on NYSE and Closes 5% Higher
DoorDash went public on the New York Stock Exchange Wednesday starting the day with its DASH stock at $182 per share and closing at $189.51. (DASH )
06:39 AM
DASH price retreats to $78 after sellers reject bulls' advances near $100
Dash cryptocurrency price is 5% down at the time of writing after bears strongly rejected the surge to $100 DASH price smashed through multiple price levels to touch highs of $105 before bears pushed (BTC , DASH )
04:25 PM
ShapeShift delists DASH; Dash team asserts DASH is not a privacy coin
ShapeShift alleges it delisted DASH, XMR, and ZEC because of their regulatory concerns. Per Dash Core Group CEO, Glenn Austin, the DoJ might have influenced ShapeShift to delist DASH. Austin asserts t (BTC , DASH , XMR , ZEC )
08:09 AM
Up or down? Dash (DASH) price prediction for November
If the price jumps above $80 resistance the next target could be located at $85 or even $90 Analysts predict the bright future for Dash because it solves two of Bitcoin's biggest problems If the price (BTC , DASH )
04:09 PM
Another crypto exchange opts to get rid of Zcash (ZEC)
US crypto exchange, ShapeShift, recently removed as many as three cryptocurrencies at once. All three coins - XMR, DASH, and ZEC - are privacy coins. ZEC was removed despite the firm's large investmen (BTC , DASH , XMR , ZEC )
08:09 AM
ShapeShift Delists Privacy Coin Zcash Over Regulatory Concerns
11:24 AM
Crypto Asset Volumes: 5 New Assets Hit the 20
The 20 lists crypto assets ranked by market volume. New assets are Algorand (ALGO), Cosmos (ATOM), Cardano (ADA), Kyber (KNC) and Omisego (OMG). Bitcoin SV (BSV) and Dai (DAI) are both off the CoinDesk 20. So are privacy currencies Zcash (ZEC), Monero (XMR) and Dash (DASH). (ADA , ATOM , BTC , DASH , OMG , XMR , ZEC )
10:39 AM
Venezuela Unveils State-run Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Petro Exchange
Source: Adobe/MyriamB The Venezuelan government has doubled down on its pro-crypto stance by launching a crypto exchange - with support for Caracas' petro (PTR) token as well as bitcoin (BTC), litecoi (BTC , DASH , LTC )
07:54 AM
South Korean financial watchdog to ban privacy coins
The amendment to South Korea's Special Payment Act - set to be enforced starting in March 2021 - would not allow VASPs to handle privacy coins like ZEC, XMR, and DASH. (DASH , XMR , ZEC )
02:09 PM
Up or down? Dash price prediction for November
If the price jumps above $80 the next target could be located around $85 Analysts predict the bright future for this cryptocurrency because Dash solves two of Bitcoin's biggest proble Dash can be a ve (BTC , DASH )
04:09 PM
Dash (DASH) price explodes on DeFi and masternode news
Dash has traded between a low of $73 and a high of $77 on the day Dash has seen its price surge by more than 18% in the past 24 hours. The price is posting to the upside on the back of increased posit (BTC , DASH )
03:54 PM
Dash Rallies On A DeFi Bridge
Source: Adobe/Ruslan Grumble Dash (DASH), one of the most widely adopted cryptocurrencies in the market, outperformed 98 largest coins by market capitalization today, rallying on a decentralized finan (BTC , DASH )
06:24 AM
Privacy Coins (XLM, ZCASH, DASH) Are Back On The Rise Despite Mounting Regulatory Threat
advertisement Several privacy-focused coins have noted interesting rallies over the past couple of weeks. Coins such as Monero [XMR], ZCash, DASH have been surging despite the current stagnancy in the (BTC , DASH , XLM , XMR , ZEC )
03:39 PM
XRP, Dash, Compound Price Analysis: 13 October
Positive trends and strong fundamentals seemed to be on the side of the three alts XRP, DASH and Compound.Moving averages favored a bullish trend for XRP. DASH too was favored by the buying sentiment (DASH , XRP )
03:39 PM
Up or down? Dash price prediction for October
The technical picture implies that the price may advance above $80 this October Analysts predict the bright future for Dash because it solves two of Bitcoin's biggest problems If the price jumps above (BTC , DASH )
03:23 PM
DOJ says use of privacy coins is 'indicative of possible criminal conduct'
A new task force report stated trading XMR, DASH, and ZEC was a high-risk activity sometimes associated with criminal behavior (DASH , XMR , ZEC )
10:38 AM
DASH, Synthetix, Litecoin Price Analysis: 17 August
Litecoin, Synthetix, and Dash were trading above or at historically significant levels, at the time of writing. In fact, Litecoin was showing vigor in the market as it resumed its recovery from its lo (DASH , LTC )
06:53 AM
Virtual Panda BTM Launched for Colombian Residents: Dispenses BTC, BCH, DAI, and Dash
Panda BTM a virtual automated teller machine that dispenses four types of cryptos; bitcoin cash (BCH), bitcoin (BTC), DAI, and dash (DASH). (BCH , BTC , BTM , DASH )
10:08 AM
DASH Price Analysis: DASH Charts Mild Gains To $123 But Bears Might Be Plotting A Comeback
DASH is showing strength across trading pairs with 4.5% growth The long-term bullish trend could continue once DASH reclaims the monthly high DASH may drop if the XABCD harmonic pattern completes DASH (BTC , DASH )
09:24 AM
Top 5 Cryptos This Week (Jan 26): HEDG, DASH, BSV, ETC, XTZ
The next few days will decide whether cryptocurrencies will fall in tandem with equity and crude oil due to coronavirus or will they buck the trend (BTC , DASH , ETC , ETH )
08:55 AM
RightBTC adds new savings account service; lists DASH
RightBTC, a bitcoin/crypto exchange company, has announced the launch of a savings accounts service. Interest calculation commences after assets have been (BTC , DASH )
07:09 AM
Why a Bitcoin Cash-Dash Merger Would Be Awful
A Dash Invest supervisor has made a proposal which involves a hypothetical merger of Dash and Bitcoin Cash. Here's why that wouldn't work. (BCH , BTC , DASH )
10:24 AM
PolisPay crypto wallet and payment card app integrates DASH
PolisPay, a blockchain-powered cryptocurrency wallet and payment platform, today announced it has now integrated cryptocurrency DASH. The PolisPay app is (DASH )
01:39 PM
Dash Investors' Missing Funds Returned, Moocowmoo Resurfaces
After months of speculation as to the whereabouts of Moocowmoo and the location of Dash investors funds, it seems hes finally woken up. (DASH )
06:54 AM
Dash [DASH] Carries Lower Risk of Regulatory Non-Compliance Than Bitcoin: Dash Executive
Dash [DASH], which is deemed as a privacy coin, has come under fire for its alleged non-compliance with FATFs travel rule. Many exchanges including OKEx, Coincheck and have already delisted Da (BTC , DASH )
06:24 AM
Cryptocurrency Exchange OKEx Delists XMR, DASH, ZEC, ZEN, SBTC
South Korean cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has halted trading of Monero, DASH, Zcash, Horizen and Super Bitcoin. (BTC , DASH , XMR , ZEC , ZEN )
11:24 AM
UTRUST adds DASH for crypto payments; Whow Games now partner
UTRUST, a cryptocurrency payment solution offering instant transactions, buyer protection, and crypto-to-cash settlements, announced today the integration (DASH )
04:24 AM
South Korea's Upbit Becomes Latest Exchange to Delist Privacy Cryptocurrencies
Upbit support for monero (XMR), dash (DASH), zcash (ZEC), haven (XHV), bittube (TUBE), and PIVX (PIVX) will end Monday, September 30. (DASH , PIVX , XMR , ZEC )
02:54 PM
Privacy Coins Must Change to Survive as Delistings Loom
Privacy coins are facing a threat over the latest regulatory requirements for transparency. Relatively well-accepted assets like Dash (DASH), Monero (DASH , XMR )
11:54 AM adds support for Dash (DASH)
After announcing support for DASH on its advanced trading platform Coinbase Pro last week, today US-based crypto exchange Coinbase confirmed the addition (DASH )
10:54 AM
Tron, Dash and Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis and Prediction for September 18th: TRX, DASH, and, BCH Hash
Another slow day for cryptocurrency markets except for XRP and Stellar that are blowing up the last few hours. Let's take a look at some of our favorite cryptocurrencies and see what the charts have in store for us. Tron Price Analysis (TRX/USD) The crypto market of TRX/USD pair is today giving a bullish performance, having recorded an upsurge of about 10% over the intraday. The pairs price found strong support near $0.0158 that lead to an intense buying pressure that impressively pushed the price momentum North ways. TRX/USD pair, therefore, escalated from the opening price of $0.0159 to the (BCH , BTC , DASH , XRP )
04:24 PM
Binance to Launch Lending for XMR, ZEC and DASH This Week
After starting up Binance Lending Service in late August, Binance expands its lending products this week, with support for Monero, Zcash and Dash (DASH , XMR , ZEC )
11:09 AM
Coinbase Pro to Add Support for DASH Trading
Major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announces that its professional trading platform Coinbase Pro will launch support for DASH token next week (DASH )
03:39 AM
Coinbase Pro Adds Dash But Excludes New York and UK Traders
Coinbase Pro confirmed the addition of the Dash (DASH) digital coin to its trading mix, but under certain conditions. New York and the United Kingdom will (DASH )
06:09 AM
Dash (DASH) getting listed on Coinbase Pro
Coinbase, the US-headquartered bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, announced today that on Monday, September 16th at 10 am PST, it will be listing (BTC , DASH )
01:54 PM
Top-5 Crypto Performers: XMR, EOS, BCH, BTC, DASH
Can the top performers of the past week build on the gains and turn bullish? Lets look at the charts (BCH , BTC , DASH , EOS , XMR )
10:39 AM
Binance Coin, IOTA and DASH Cryptocurrency Analysis and Prediction for September 3rd 2019: BNB, IOTA, and DASH Hash
Binance Coin Price Analysis (BNB/USD) On an intraday chart, BNB/USD pair has dug deep to trade below the $25.0000 level. However, it has maintained a downside mode with a dip of about 0.98% over the last 24hrs. A high volatile movement was also encountered with price hovering between $21.6957 and $21.1765 (Support and resistance level). Afterward, the moving averages suggest a lack of dominance since they have intertwined severally. The RSI indicator is now at level 40, which shows that a further dip is likely to the oversold region. The dip has defined the current price of BNB/USD pair at (DASH , MIOTA )
06:09 PM
Venezuelan Pharmacy Chain Accepts Bitcoin Cash for Medicine and Products
Farmarket's pharmacy franchise has 22 stores and the new Xpay machines will allow people to purchase medicine with BCH, DASH, DAI, and BTC.. (BCH , BTC , DASH )
07:54 AM
Top-5 Crypto Performers: BNB, BTC, XMR, LEO, DASH
Most top performers of the past week are at critical levels. Will they break out and move up or break down and drop lower? Lets look at the charts (BTC , DASH , LEO , XMR )
12:09 PM
The first new decentralized fair payment system for masternodes Hash
Overview of the new Decentralized Fair Payment System (dFPS) Masternodes are typically a node that can be ran on certain cryptocurrency networks. They take a certain collateral amount to provide a dynamic or static reward from the consensus method of that cryptocurrency. Popular masternode coins such as Dash (DASH) and Pivx (PIVX) havecentralizedandnon-random rewards systems. This system usually involves a pair of keys controlled by a centralized party or party(s) that pays out based on the first to start a masternode, and then proceed to pay out down by rank an ordered list ofactive masternodes. Thiscentralized rewards systemis neither random (DASH , PIVX )
06:24 PM

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