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Crypto Wallet BitKeep Raises $15M at $100M Valuation
Dragonfly Capital led the round, which will fund a cross-chain DAO for wallet users. (DAO )
11:54 AM
ShapeShift creates FOX Foundation as intermediary for successful DAO transition
ShapeShift said the entity will serve as an intermediary step before its full decentralization. (DAO )
10:09 AM
Tron DAO Reserve Acquires Millions in TRX, Bitcoin, and Tether to Safeguard USDD
The Tron DAO Reserve has continued to purchase large quantities of digital assets to bolster the project's reserves. (BTC , DAO , USDT )
May 15
03:39 PM
DAOs, DEXs and whales? How Web3 organizations became the new crypto beasts
The industry works to accommodate the influx of assets from whale traders via DAOs. Now, the industry must develop DEXs to keep up the pace. (DAO )
May 14
07:24 PM
The TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Returns for Season 2
PRESS RELEASE. Geneva, Switzerland / May 13 / - TRON DAO and BitTorrent Chain (BTTC) are gearing up for Season 2 of the TRON Grand Hackathon 2022, with (DAO )
May 13
10:54 AM
Is FIREPIN Token (FRPN) a flash in the pan or an inevitable success like Solana (SOL)?
While FIREPIN Token (FRPN) is a community-driven DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) platform that plans to integrate the metaverse, it also has (DAO )
May 12
11:39 AM
Bancor 3 goes live with impermanent loss protection for liquidity providers
The new improved liquidity mining strategy promises to bring organic on-chain liquidity and make DeFi staking easier for DAOs. (BNT , DAO )
May 11
05:39 AM
Decentralized network releases Minecraft clone metaverse on SXP Blockchain
DAOs break down walls previously built by Web2 infrastructure, enabling communities to achieve world-changing missions without centralized oversight (DAO )
May 11
03:09 AM
Solana-built DeFi app Jet Protocol transitions into DAO to enable on-chain governance CryptoNinjas
Jet Protocol, a Solana-based non-custodial liquidity app offering lending products for the DeFi ecosystem, announced today it has taken the first step in (DAO )
May 10
06:09 PM
CULT DAO Prepares for Revolt 2 Earn (RVLT) Token Airdrop and Gains Anonymous Group Recognition
CULT DAO, one of the projects pushing for faster adoption of decentralized finance, revealed plans for a Revolt 2 Earn (RVLT) token, which earned the (DAO )
May 09
10:24 AM
Tiger VC DAO Looks To Impress The DeFi Community Through Innovative Features And Services
Still, with that being said, there is nevertheless a need for reliable, profitable, and trustworthy DeFi initiatives that aren't just based on hype and (DAO )
May 09
10:09 AM
Tiger VC DAO: Outfit for Decentralized Venture Capital Investments
Tiger VC DAO is a platform that will be controlled by the community and invest in innovative NFT and DeFi projects. (DAO )
May 09
05:25 AM
CULT DAO's Revolt 2 Earn Concept Draws the Attention of Anonymous
CULT DAO, a blockchain-based DAO seeking to advance the decentralized finance revolution, announces Revolt (RVLT), which attracted the attention of Anonymous. (DAO )
May 09
01:15 AM
Tron DAO Reserve Purchases $38 Million in TRX to Safeguard the Stablecoin USDD
On Saturday, the Tron DAO Reserve announced it purchased 504.6 million tron (TRX) to back the algorithmic stablecoin USDD. (DAO )
May 07
09:09 PM
Digital sovereignty: Reclaiming your private data in Web3
How can we handle personal data in a way compliant with the ideals of Web3? DeFi, DAOs and Web3 aim to grant users full control over their digital lives. (DAO )
May 07
02:54 AM
New Zealand VC Launches $5 Million Web3 and Crypto-Focused Fund
The fund will invest in pre-seed to Series A companies across defi, DAOs, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Web3. (DAO )
May 06
03:39 AM
TRON DAO Reserve Appoints Alameda Research as the First Member and Whitelisted Institution
Geneva, Switzerland / May 5 / - The TRON DAO Reserve has announced Alameda Research as the first Member and Whitelisted Institution to mint Decentralized USD (DAO )
May 06
01:24 AM
Hop Protocol reveals details of Hop DAO and Optimism-style airdrop
Cross-chain bridging solution, Hop Protocol, has announced an airdrop that will incentivise adoption of its network. Early users will receive 8% of the total supply, in an attempt to create liquidity and streamline transfers between rollups. (DAO )
May 05
07:54 PM
TRON DAO Launches USDD Jointly with Blockchain Leaders
H.E. Justin Sun, Founder of TRON, has announced the launch of USDD through the TRON DAO Reserve on Thursday, May 5. SunSwap, Uniswap, PancakeSwap and (DAO )
May 05
05:24 AM
Apecoin Integrates With Polygon, DAO Board Member Says Native APE Chain Was Never Discussed
Apecoin announced that with Polygon support, APE is now available via MATIC's 19,000 decentralized applications (dapps) and games. (DAO )
May 04
12:09 PM
An Interview with Ivica Simatovic
Decentralised applications are gaining momentum. So far, this trend is of little concern, but in cryptocurrency, we increasingly hear about DAOs - (DAO )
May 03
10:24 PM
DAOs: A blockchain-based replacement for traditional crowdfunding
Decentralized autonomous organizations are providing relief from some of the problems that plague fundraising. (DAO )
May 02
06:09 AM
DeGods DAO Buys $625,000 Basketball Team In Ice Cube's Big3 League
High-ticket items have been on the shopping list of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) over the last 12 months, and on April 29, the DeGods DAO (DAO )
May 02
01:09 AM
NFTs, DAOs and the importance of roadmaps
Communities are driving the NFT growth and mass adoption, and DAOs are the best ways to organize those communities keeping the values of decentralization. (DAO )
May 01
05:24 AM
Ice Cube's Big3 Professional Basketball League Sells Team to a DAO for 25 NFTs
On April 28, 2022, the Degods DAO revealed it acquired a Big3 professional basketball team called the Killer 3s. (DAO )
Apr 30
01:39 PM
Hacker Steals $13 Million In DEUS Finance Exploit, Its 2nd Attack In Last 60 Days
Thursday's multimillion-dollar decentralized finance breach resulted in the theft of around $13.5 million. DEUS Finance DAO was impacted this time. (DAO )
Apr 29
05:55 AM
Megaverse Public Sale Soon: Know Token Price, Allocation and More
Mega DAO is a multichain experience set to onboard social media users across the globe to the metaverse. Built on Polygon, Megaverse is the cornerstone of the (DAO )
Apr 29
03:10 AM
MEXC Global to List DAO Maker, The Industry-Leading Public Sale Platform
The leading digital asset and cryptocurrency trading platform MEXC Global will list DAO Maker, the prestigious IDO & IGO launchpad for crypto projects, on (DAO )
Apr 29
03:10 AM
FOMOLab Unveils Private Sale Date and Accompanying Initial DEX Offering on UpLift DAO
Participating Investors Can Improve Allocation Likelihood Based On Promotional Efforts. (DAO )
Apr 28
08:09 AM
Solana DAOs can now bug you to vote with phone calls and texts
The Notifi Network notification system has integrated with the Solana Realms DAO platform in order to improve lines of communication between a DAO and its governance token holders. (DAO )
Apr 27
04:54 PM
Nexity Joins Polygon DAO Accelerator Program After Receiving Development Grant
Nexity Network is joining the Polygon DAO Accelerator Program to fund social, environmental and economic initiatives led by Nexity. (DAO )
Apr 27
02:09 PM
Solana To Get Uncollateralized Borrowings Finally
Institutional capital markets based on Maple Finance Blockchain Technologies have extended support to the Solana blockchain. It has utilised a $45 million (DAO )
Apr 26
01:09 PM
Build Up and Visualize Your 3D Decentralized Identity
By analyzing blockchain data, MetaVisa Protocol helps users to establish and display reliable on-chain identity & credit records and makes it easier for DeFi, NFT, GameFi, DAO, and other DApps to serve their users better through our credit system. (DAO )
Apr 26
02:24 AM
DAO Maker, UniX, and SL2 Teams up for Its One of a Kind 'FINAL ROUND' Launchpad
PRESS RELEASE. Zug, Switzerland, April 25, 2022) - UniX Gaming, a leading crypto gaming guild, has partnered with industry giants DAO Maker and SL2 (DAO , ROUND )
Apr 25
04:09 PM
ECORISE DAO: Where Blockchain Meets Nature
Blockchain project ECORISE DAO has made its debut in the space with a unique offering. Where leading blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are raising (BTC , DAO , ETH )
Apr 22
11:39 PM
$RISE Token Launches on TrustSwap Launchpad on May 10th, 2022
The ECORISE DAO aims to collaborate with local communities worldwide to fund, safeguard, and operate natural ecosystems for long-term sustainability (DAO , RISE )
Apr 22
05:54 AM
Tron DAO Reveals Decentralized USD Stablecoin Called USDD Coming May 5
Tron DAO Reserve, a new organization founded by Justin Sun has announced the creation and launch of the USDD stablecoin. (DAO )
Apr 22
03:24 AM
DAO regulation in Australia: Issues and solutions, Part 3
Part 3 of discussing the new legislative package in Australia will address issues in DAO operations and how to regulate them. (DAO )
Apr 15
10:29 PM
Into the Metaverse with Megaverse
Mega DAO is a multichain experience built to introduce social media users and the world's most active global communities to the metaverse. (DAO )
Apr 08
07:58 AM
'Docklands DAO' plan to help Melbourne precincts recover from the pandemic
RMIT's Blockchain Innovation Hub has released a report proposing a pilot program for a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to be used to increase economic efficiency and community involvement in Melbourne's Docklands precinct. (DAO )
Apr 06
11:13 PM
DAO Maker Entering the NFT Market with the Launch of Limited PFP NFTs of Global Sports Stars
The latest cryptocurrency project to join the metaverse adoption wave is the decentralized finance (DeFi) project, DAO Maker. (DAO )
Apr 06
03:28 PM
ApeCoin Continues to Expand Its Ecosystem With Bittrex Listing and Integration News
ApeCoin made headlines when it released its token last month to reward Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT members and enter the Metaverse and Web3 space in cryptocurrency. As the fifth-largest Metaverse crypto coin by market cap, according to CoinMarketCap, ApeCoin has tremendous long-term potential as The Ape Foundation and the ApeCoin DAO lead the cryptocurrency into the Metaverse. Let's look at ApeCoin and see what the cryptocurrency has been up to in the past few weeks. ApeCoin News Yesterday, on April 4th, Bittrex announced its listing of the USDT-APE market. Bittrex is one of the most reputable and longest-running exchanges (DAO , USDT )
Apr 05
09:12 AM
Metaverse Coin vEmpire DDAO (VEMP) Price Up 45% Today News
vEmpire DDAO (VEMP) price is up over 45% today and up over 200% over the past seven days as the Metaverse cryptocurrency continues its bullish run. Let's look at vEmpire DDAO and its token VEMP and see why the price is rising this weekend. What Is vEmpire DDAO (VEMP)? Launched in September 2021, vEmpire DDAO (VEMP) is one of the top-rated Metavsers gaming guilds governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). vEmpire's primary mission is to invest in undervalued and underrated Metaverse coins as a group, like other Metaverse gaming guilds on the market, such as Yield Guild Games and (DAO )
Apr 03
07:13 AM
DAO regulation in Australia: Issues and solutions, Part 1
The new legislative package in Australia will address issues in DAO operations, with the ultimate goal being to regulate decentralized autonomous organizations. (DAO )
Apr 02
10:28 PM
ShapeShift DAO launches NFT auction in support of female artists
ShapeShift made headlines last July when it revealed that it will fully decentralize its organization. (DAO )
Mar 31
10:14 AM
BlockShow returns as a DAO for community engagement and democratizing events
As a DAO, the BlockShow conference aims to allow attendees to own a stake in the show and participate in organizing events whether they're a large sponsor or someone joining for the first time. (DAO )
Mar 30
08:43 AM
Big Shiba Inu
Big Shiba Inu will be launching in mid-March 2022 on the Ethereum blockchain and will not only change crypto but will quickly prove that DAOs are the future of business. (DAO , ETH )
Mar 30
02:42 AM
FlatQube DEX Unveils QUBE Utility Token and Sets DAO Governance in Motion
Over the past six months, the Everscale network has gone through a complete metamorphosis. Originally called FreeTON, the network has made great strides (DAO )
Mar 28
10:12 PM
Decentralization, DAOs and the current Web3 concerns
It is important to remember that while there is a considerable list of concerns and obstacles to overcome, Web3 is still in its infancy and there is a chance for a better future. (DAO )
Mar 25
11:43 PM
Prime Numbers makes significant development to foster adoption
Prime Numbers is an innovative DAO that intends to create an enabling ecosystem incorporating NFT and staking mechanisms. Its value proposition is unique as (DAO )
Mar 23
03:28 AM

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