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SpiderDAO unveils first public router firmware test with SPDR wallet functionality CryptoNinjas
SpiderDAO, a hardware-enabled DAO that bundles multi-layered hardware and software tools on top of the Polkadot blockchain, has announced the latest beta (DAO )
May 06
08:09 PM
Open DeFi launches DAO to incubate and build multi-chain powered dApps CryptoNinjas
Open DeFi, a global community of Web3 leaders and DeFi founders, today introduced the Open DeFi DAO (OD DAO), a new open initiative to support Open DeFi's (DAO )
May 06
05:54 PM
Democratizing Defi Data- Dechart DAO Launches Version 1.0 Trading Platform
The Dechart DAO has released version 1.0 of it's trading platform, unveiling the project aimed at democratizing defi data. (DAO )
May 06
09:39 AM
Much DAO: Open DeFi unveils DAO to support the entire ecosystem
Apart from announcing a new DAO, the Open DeFi alliance has launched a hackathon in partnership with Gitcoin offering more than $100,000 in prizes to winning developers. (DAO )
May 05
10:39 PM
Maker Foundation returns dev fund to DAO amid path to decentralization
MakerDAO's foundation has returned most of its tokens to the protocol's DAO, signposting the foundation's transition toward dissolution. (DAO )
May 03
08:54 PM
Jigstack Completes $3M Private And Public Sale To Build The DAO of DeFi
Jigstack has completed its private and public funding rounds. By raising $3 million, the team can continue building the ecosystem and the various decentralized products and services. (DAO )
Apr 29
07:09 AM
DAO platform Dao Bull named winner of the EOSIO Beyond Blockchain Hackathon CryptoNinjas, a software firm specializing in high-performance blockchain technologies & EOSIO developer, today announced that Dao Bull has been named (DAO )
Apr 28
07:24 PM
Badger DAO and RenVM announce launch of BTC-on-Ethereum 'Badger Bridge'
It's easier than ever to bring Bitcoin to DeFi. (BTC , DAO , ETH )
Apr 26
12:24 PM
SpiderDAO (SPDR) launches Liquidity as Utility partnership program with Unido CryptoNinjas
SpiderDAO, a hardware-enabled DAO that bundles multi-layered hardware and software tools on top of Polkadot, has announced the launch of a Liquidity as (DAO )
Apr 22
01:39 PM
State Lawmaker Explains Wyoming's Newly Passed DAO LLC Law
In a bid to squash regulatory uncertainty, the law will allow decentralized autonomous organizations to register as limited liability corporations in the state. (DAO )
Apr 22
11:24 AM
Alphr the 'Etoro' of DeFi Crypto Trading
This month, Alphr, a new DeFi project will achieve major milestones launching DAOMaker's first SHO on their newly revamped DAO Pad. (DAO )
Apr 22
02:54 AM
DAO Maker Brings Its Token Launch Framework to TRON
DAO Maker, whose token sale launchpad has incubated a wave of heavily oversubscribed IDOs, is bringing its model to the TRON network. A partnership between TRON and DAO Maker will bring the latter's f (BTC , DAO )
Apr 20
08:39 AM
Daniel Kuhn: Crypto Is Still the Frontier for Journalism
An interview with ERC-20 co-creator Simon de la Rouviere about his new media project combining NFTs, DAOs and cryptocurrency. (DAO , ERC )
Apr 15
09:24 AM
Badger DAO integrates with institutional DeFi gateway Fireblocks
Crypto custodian and onramp Fireblocks could lead institutional books to Badger's door. (DAO )
Apr 08
02:39 PM
DeFi Hedge Fund Force DAO Attacked; FORCE Token Plunges
The price of Force DAO's native token is now down more than 80% in the last 24 hours. (DAO )
Apr 04
08:09 AM
DAO Maker - Weekly summary 6-35: Growth Days
At the end of another busy week for everyone on the DAO Maker team, we would like to summarize all the developments in a weekly summary to keep you informed! Find out what happened and stay tuned for (BTC , DAO )
Apr 01
01:24 AM
Is this the future of how companies and organizations will be run?
A DAO governance platform allows companies, foundations and hedge funds to be established in a decentralized, open and fair way (DAO )
Mar 29
04:24 AM
Polkadot moves towards sharding as Acala Network secures first Rococo parachain slot
The Polkadot ecosystem is making significant progress, with Acala securing the first parachain slot on Rococo and 11 of the sector's top projects forming a cooperative DAO. (DAO )
Mar 28
09:54 PM
Coinbase Pro lists ANKR, CRV, and STORJ
Coinbase Pro has added support for Ankr (ANKR), Curve DAO Token (CRV), and Storj (STORJ). The exchange unveiled this news through a blog post on March 23, allowing users to deposit the three tokens in (BTC , DAO , STORJ )
Mar 24
08:54 AM
Coinbase Pro Announces Support for Ankr (ANKR), Curve (CRV) and Storj (STORJ)
On Tuesday, March 23, Coinbase Pro announced support for three new tokens - Ankr (ANKR), Curve DAO Token (CRV) and Storj (STORJ). (DAO , STORJ )
Mar 24
04:24 AM
MANTRA DAO Introduces New Project Launchpad ZENDIT
The latest development to emerge from MANTRA DAO's ecosystem is ZENDIT, a crypto token launchpad for new projects coming to market. (DAO )
Mar 21
09:24 AM
SpiderDAO's $SPDR Token Listed on Liquid Exchange
SpiderDAO, the world's first hardware-enabled DAO, has announced the listing of its native $SPDR token on the popular Liquid cryptocurrency exchange. (DAO )
Mar 19
08:24 AM
Badger DAO to acquire '' domain for $300,000
All that's left is a community vote and Badger DAO will have a new digital home (DAO )
Mar 12
10:54 AM
Wyoming Bill to Recognize DAOs as Companies Approved by Senate Committee
Legislation recognizing decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) was approved by Senate Commitee members in the U.S. state of Wyoming. (DAO )
Mar 10
10:09 AM
DeFi DAO StakeWise Secures $2M Fund to Simplify Ethereum 2.0 Staking
Before the launch of the Ethereum 2.0 Proof-of-Stake protocol, StakeWise is now going to streamline the staking process entirely. (DAO , ETH )
Mar 09
01:39 AM
Alpha Sigma Capital, DigiFinex, BitMart, Emirex and Everest join EmiSwap's DAO CryptoNinjas
EmiSwapis the first product in the ecosystem of EmiDAO, an autonomous DAO designed with new ideas and advancements in DeFi. With theESWgovernance token (DAO )
Mar 08
02:54 PM
Venture DAO opens up access to early-stage crypto projects
A new venture DAO is taking on established VC firms by enabling mainstream investors to gain exposure to up-and-coming crypto projects early (DAO )
Mar 08
10:39 AM
'Better as friends': DeFi protocols Yearn and Cover announce cessation of merger
At least one of Yearn's innovative DAO mergers is coming to an end over a (DAO )
Mar 05
07:09 AM
Opinion: NFTs, DAOs and the New Creator Economy
Decentralized autonomous organizations, non-fungible tokens: Building blocks for a new media owned by talent. (DAO )
Mar 04
10:54 AM
DAO Investing in NFTs Raises $1.3M From Crypto VCs
Yield Guide Games will use the funds from Delphi Digital, Scalar Capital and others to invest in virtual land and other in-game assets. (DAO )
Mar 03
03:09 PM
Badger DAO announces $21 million treasury diversification via VC partners
VCs continue their trend of investing directly in and with DAOs, this time with Bitcoin on Ethereum-focused Badger DAO (BTC , DAO , ETH )
Mar 03
11:09 AM
Crypto fund KR1 cashes portion of Stake DAO (SDT) tokens for $255K CryptoNinjas
KR1, a blockchain & crypto-asset investment company, today announced that it has sold 19,634.15 SDT tokens in the Stake DAO (SDT) project at an (DAO )
Mar 02
11:39 AM
Jigstack DAO Acquires Platform to Strengthen Its Token Launch Pad Lemonade
A decentralized finance (defi) protocol announced that it officially acquired an initial coin offering (ICO) listing platform. (DAO )
Feb 23
05:09 PM
NBU Token by Nimbus to List on Uniswap DEX
Nimbus, a DAO-governed platform that offers over 10 reward streams based on IPO participation and other tools in one spot, has announced its NBU token listing (BTC , DAO )
Feb 23
03:24 AM
PTERIA to Mars Celebrates a New All Time High
PRESS RELEASE. While Bitcoin and the greatest part of altcoins are going down, Pteria DAO's token PTERIA could not be outdone and is currently on Mars, (BTC , DAO )
Feb 22
10:09 PM
Evolving the DAO: How decentralized companies can dominate Web3
Are decentralized autonomous organizations reaching their full potential? The current focus on governance means that many other opportunities are being missed (DAO )
Feb 22
07:09 AM
MANTRA DAO Is Boosting Its Ecosystem With OM Ecosystem Incentives
MANTRA DAO is going to occur to decentralize its blockchain network governance and promote platform usage.Read on for more information. (DAO )
Feb 18
04:39 AM
Coinbase Ventures, Paradigm Invest $12M in Synthetix DeFi Platform
Three prominent venture capitalist firms bought tokens directly from the DAO's treasury. (DAO )
Feb 14
07:39 AM
Synthetix announces $12 million raise led by Paradigm, Coinbase Ventures, and IOSG
How should VCs interact with DAOs? Paradigm, Coinbase Ventures, and IOSG are providing a model. (DAO )
Feb 13
04:24 PM
DeFi growth and potential Grayscale YFI security push to $45.9K
Yearn finance's recent partnership with Badger DAO, cross-platform DeFi integration and a potential Grayscale Investments YFI security back YFI's rally to a new high. (DAO )
Feb 11
02:54 PM
WeTeam and Vite collaborate to enable multi-chain DAO service CryptoNinjas
WeTeam, providers of a member motivation and team management tool based on blockchain, has announced live integration with Vite, a smart contract (DAO )
Feb 10
09:54 AM
Can the launch of Colony v2 relieve DeFi's governance woes?
After a disastrous 2017 launch, Colony went back to the drawing board and is now ready to ship the v2 of their DAO governance app. (DAO )
Feb 09
07:09 AM
DAO Maker Exclusive Public Sale
DAO Maker growth over the years is due to a strong and loyal community base, the kind needed for a project to thrive. Read further. (DAO )
Feb 08
10:09 AM
DAO Maker public sale will be completed in the form of a workdrop
The DAO Maker public sale will be completed in the form of a workdrop, exclusively for the DAO Maker community. Read further to know more. (DAO )
Feb 08
04:09 AM
NFT Marketplace Rarible Closes $1.75M Seed Raise From 1kx, Coinbase Ventures
The startup will use the funds to build a DAO governance structure. (DAO )
Feb 03
06:09 AM
Jigstack Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). An All-Inclusive DeFi Commercial Tool Umbrella
Jigstack DAO introduces an alternative and simple way to generate additional DeFi revenue through its automated MLM sales and marketing reward tool, Ethlink. (DAO )
Feb 02
01:39 AM
Blockchain Bites: Scaramucci on GameStop and Bitcoin; Why Flamingo DAO Dropped $762K on an NFT
Anthony Scaramucci sees recent GameStop price action as proving Bitcoin's larger thesis of decentralizing and democratizing finance. (BTC , DAO )
Jan 27
09:53 AM
Early CryptoPunk Digital Collectible Sells for $762K in Ether
Flamingo, a DAO for NFT investments, bought the ultra-rare Alien CryptoPunk for 605 ETH in a Saturday auction. It may have fetched more. (DAO , ETH )
Jan 23
02:54 PM
Another day, another airdrop: power DeFi users can now claim Stake DAO tokens
Not everyone is happy with DeFi's latest airdrop, as some users haven't been able to claim tokens despite being eligible. (DAO )
Jan 21
10:54 AM
Decentral Games makes a monumental announcement on its DAO move
Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Decentral Games makes a monumental announcement on its DAO move, marking the first-ever DAO-governed virtual land (BTC , DAO )
Jan 20
11:39 AM

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