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Social token provider Roll raises $10M to tokenize online interaction
Roll helps integrate social tokens into web applications such as marketplaces, streaming services and DAOs. (DAO )
06:09 AM
Launchpad TG DAO 3.0 Has Announced Its Launch and Is Preparing for a Private Token Sale Round
Launchpad TG DAO 3.0 has announced that it is launching its platform and is preparing for a private round of TGDAO token sales. (DAO )
01:54 AM
Senator Warren's office confuses MakerDAO for failed 2016 project The DAO
Representatives of MakerDAO say Senator Warren's office had them confused with The DAO - an early DeFi experiment that failed during 2016. (DAO )
Sep 20
09:09 PM
Soldex Secures VC Funding from CSP DAO
The Soldex team and community are excited to announce they signed a strategic investment partnership with CSP DAO. CSP DAO is community-driven and offers (DAO )
Sep 20
09:54 AM
Bitcoin is great, but real crypto innovation has moved elsewhere
Bitcoin will always be the boss, but the real innovative and groundbreaking developments are happening in layer-2 solutions, DAOs, NFTs with utility and the emerging Metaverse. (BTC , DAO )
Sep 18
12:09 PM
American CryptoFed DAO seeks US SEC consent for stable utility tokens
Wyoming-based American CryptoFed DAO files Form 10 and Form S-1 with the SEC for launching stable tokens. (DAO )
Sep 18
07:39 AM
SpellFire Introduces First NFT Experience of Owning In-game Cards in Real Life
SpellFire was established back in 1994 and is currently on the Ethereum blockchain whereby it utilizes the DAO concept. (DAO , ETH )
Sep 17
12:54 AM
PrimeDAO Successfully Accumulates $2 Million For The Development of DAOs In DeFi
In a recent report, a project known as PrimeDAO is planning to launch a platform where many DAOs in the DeFi sector can meet for greater cooperation and (DAO )
Sep 16
02:09 PM
PrimeDAO raises $2M to build cooperative platform for DAOs
Signum Capital, LD Capital, and Stacker Ventures backing PrimeDAO's plans to build a platform enabling collaboration between decentralized autonomous organizations. (DAO )
Sep 14
09:54 PM
Redline DAO Blockchain Investment Institution Announced Rebrand Initiative
Seychelles, September 10, 2021 - Redline Capital, a leading investment institution focusing on investing in the field of blockchain technology, today has offic (BTC , DAO )
Sep 13
11:24 AM
Blockchain Investment Institution Redline DAO
Seychelles, September 10, 2021 - Redline Capital, a leading investment institution focusing on investing in the field of blockchain technology, today has (DAO )
Sep 13
02:09 AM
Decentral Games to deploy on Polygon to enhance play-to-earn economy in the metaverse CryptoNinjas
Polygon, a full-stack Ethereum scaling solution, today announced it has formed a strategic partnership with Decentral Games, a metaverse gaming decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), to solve challenges around scalability, interoperability, speed, and transaction costs during play-to-earn games. Under the partnership, Decentral Games will leverage Polygon's Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain as an ultra-low fee, sustainable, and efficient [] (DAO , ETH )
Sep 09
05:54 PM
Decentralization at Core: How DAOs Will Pave Way for Democratic Governance in Organizations
DAOs represent one of the more intriguing governance experiments in recent memory. (DAO )
Sep 08
12:39 PM
A gaming DAO metaverse and yield farm come together in this recently launched NFT collection
An intergalactic war has broken out, and so the story of SIDUS, a space hero-themed NFT collection unfolds (DAO )
Sep 07
03:24 AM
Pollen DAO Raises $5M to Build the Uniswap of Asset Management
Pollen DAO Is proud to announce successful fundraising to the tune of $5 million. The DAO project aims to become the Uniswap of As (BTC , DAO )
Sep 03
02:24 AM
a16z shines the spotlight on DAOs by leading Syndicate's Series A
Syndicate raised $1 million in seed investments in March 2021, followed by $800,000 in June. (DAO )
Aug 31
08:39 AM
DAO VC Conducts a Lottery for Participants in the Closed AMA
On Thursday, August 26th, 2021, the decentralized autonomous venture ecosystem DAO.VC will hold a private AMA session, during which it will raffle prizes for (BTC , DAO )
Aug 23
09:39 AM
Prioritizing humanity ahead of profits through NFTs
NFTs, DAOs and retroactive public funding make it easier to build a new financial order, in which humanity - and not profit - is the priority. (DAO )
Aug 22
12:24 AM
Polygon to Form Decentralized Autonomous Organization
Polygon's aim is for the DAO to attract 100 million users. (DAO )
Aug 19
08:39 AM
ShapeShift, DAOs and the Future of Work
ShapeShift, an exchange, recently became a decentralized autonomous organization, and DAOs are common in DeFi. Are they the startups of the future? (DAO )
Aug 18
06:39 AM
3 reasons why Gitcoin (GTC) price has rallied 100% in a month
A push to decentralize the grant distribution process, new DAO governance features and a growing ecosystem all back GTC's 100% rally over the past month. (DAO )
Aug 15
03:54 PM
XinFin selects Butterfly Protocol for XDC blockchain domain naming system CryptoNinjas
Butterfly Protocol, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) building a decentralized naming system, and the XDC Network, announced this week that the Butterfly Protocol will be used for an XDC blockchain-specific domain system. Created by XinFin, the XDC Network is an open-source, delegated proof of stake consensus network (XDPoS), which enables hybrid relay bridges, instant block [] (DAO )
Aug 14
07:09 PM
Popular DAOs Compared: Who's the Winner?
The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists. Blockchain has been a powerful tool to automate transactions in a trusted manner without a centralized auth (BTC , DAO )
Aug 13
11:24 PM
Musician sells rights to deepfake her voice using NFTs
Users who want to make their own deepfakes using Holly Herndon's unique voice and image can submit their artwork for consideration to the DAO, which will decide which artwork to mint using a smart contract and auction on NFT marketplace Zora. (DAO )
Aug 13
08:39 AM
xDAO: Creating Decentralized Autonomous Organizations With Ease
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have become an integral part of the blockchain industry and are no longer a topic out of reach for the majority of users involved in it (BTC , DAO )
Aug 13
02:24 AM
DAO Maker crowdfunding platform loses $7M in latest DeFi exploit
Christoph Zaknun, CEO of DAO Maker, said hackers were able to remove roughly $7 million in USDC from 5,251 user accounts using an exploit in the platform's Strong Holder Offering contract. (DAO )
Aug 12
08:54 AM
DAOs, VCs Put $6M Behind Governance Startup Tally
If DAOs are basically a (DAO )
Aug 12
08:39 AM
DAO Maker Hacked: Project Reports No 'Detrimental' Damages Despite 5,251 Affected Users
The multi-investment DeFi platform Dao Maker has become the latest victim to a security breach in the industry. The attackers have managed to affect over 5,000 accounts holding USDC. At first, Wu Bloc (BTC , DAO )
Aug 12
08:09 AM
Crypto Fundraising DAO Loses Over $7M in Latest Crypto Exploit
DAO Maker, a fundraising platform for crypto projects that has no relation to the more widely known MakerDAO, was exploited Thursday. (DAO )
Aug 12
07:09 AM
Solana-Based Mango Markets Pulls $70M from Sale of MNGO Tokens
Mango Markets, a Solana based decentralized exchange has raised $70M from its token sales. The cash will be used for the DAO's insurance fund (DAO )
Aug 12
04:24 AM
Plot Twist: The $600M PolyNetwork Hacker 'is Ready To Return The Funds'
The drama with the largest DeFi hack worth more than $600 million has taken another turn. After the perpetrator dabbled with potentially allowing a DAO to decide where the funds will go, he actually n (BTC , DAO )
Aug 11
01:09 AM
DAO-led DeFi Hub, NearPad, Announces $2m Seed Raise
NearPad, the DeFi hub on NEAR's layer 2 protocol - Aurora, has announced the successful close of its $2m seed round. (DAO )
Aug 10
01:54 PM
DAO-ledDeFiHubNearPad Announces $2M Seed Raise
NearPad, the DeFi hub on NEAR's layer 2 protocol - Aurora, has announced the successful close of its $2m seed round. The raise was led by NGC with participatio (BTC , DAO )
Aug 10
07:54 AM
Biggest DAOs Now Hold $6B Worth of Digital Assets: ConsenSys
The 20 largest DAOs hold $6 billion worth of digital assets, according to the latest DeFi report from ConsenSys. (DAO )
Aug 03
09:24 AM
Biggest DOAs Now Hold $6B Worth of Digital Assets: ConsenSys
The 20 largest DAOs hold $6 billion worth of digital assets, according to the latest DeFi report from ConsenSys. (DAO )
Aug 03
09:09 AM
Index Coop, Bankless DAO Team Up to Launch New Crypto Index
The BED token represents an even split of bitcoin, ether and Index Coop's DeFi Pulse Index. (BTC , DAO )
Jul 22
12:09 PM
5 years after The DAO crisis and Ethereum hard fork
A vulnerability of a smart contract in one private DAO fund firstly to the leak of cryptocurrency worth tens of millions of dollars (billions as of today) and then to the hard fork of the second-large (DAO , ETH )
Jul 17
09:09 AM
Takeaways: 5 years after The DAO crisis and Ethereum hard fork
How the conclusions that we make today, looking back on events of the loss of thousands of Ether in one DAO, can lead to fateful changes in the crypto market and industry. (DAO , ETH )
Jul 17
08:24 AM
FOX Token Rally: Yield Play or ShapeShift DAO Craving?
Crypto analysts look at the FOX token's price gains and ask if they're a reflection of the latest promotion - or the start of a new trend. (DAO )
Jul 16
09:24 AM
Where to buy FOX Token: ShapeShift's token is up 178%
Non-custodial exchange ShapeShift's loyalty token, FOX, has rallied by 178% today on the back of the announcement of the ShapeShift DAO Crypto veteran Erik Voorhees' non-custodial exchange, ShapeShift (BTC , DAO )
Jul 15
04:54 PM
Voorhees Applauds Crypto's Hyper-Capitalism as ShapeShift Goes 'Gray'
Founder Erik Voorhees said on TV today he's converting his exchange into a DAO in part due to (DAO )
Jul 15
02:39 PM
Interview with DAO Consensus CEO Ilya Churakov
Ilya Churakov is the CEO of the global blockchain platform DAO Consensus, which aims to give businessmen around the world the opportunity for development and unlimited interaction. We asked Ilya a few (BTC , DAO )
Jul 15
07:54 AM
Australian digital finance industry wants to legally recognize DAOs
According to the lawyers, legalizing DAOs in Australia could make the country more attractive for global digital asset businesses. (DAO )
Jul 15
06:54 AM
ShapeShift to Shutdown in Next 12 Months, Airdrops FOX Tokens to DAO, FOX Price Shoots 180%
ShapeShift is planning to conduct one of the largest airdrops in the history of the crypto industry, FOX tokens jumped 180% in 24 hours. (DAO )
Jul 15
06:39 AM
Australian Lawyers Propose Creation of a DAO Legal Entity: Report
Lawyers and developers are asking for a new limited liability legal entity in Australia to represent decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). (DAO )
Jul 15
04:39 AM
FOX Token Up 77% on ShapeShift DAO, Airdrop News
What's being billed by ShapeShift as the largest airdrop in history is doing wonders for the FOX token's price. (DAO )
Jul 14
11:24 AM
ShapeShift to Shut Down, Airdrop FOX Tokens to Decentralize Itself Out of Existence
Storied crypto exchange ShapeShift is closing its doors, handing over its legacy to a DAO controlled by holders of its FOX token. (DAO )
Jul 14
08:09 AM
Superfluid Raises $9M for a New Take on Streaming Payments
Multicoin Capital is betting Superfluid's real-time payments can power DeFi and DAOs -and also subscriptions and salaries. (DAO )
Jul 13
06:09 AM
Decentralized Autonomous Venture Ecosystem DAO.VC Announces Its Launch
The first fully legitimate and autonomous decentralized venture ecosystem DAO.VC announces the launch of both the project and the sale of its own DAO.VC tokens. (DAO )
Jul 12
02:39 AM
Moon Rabbit Longevity DAO Is Officially Launched
Moon Rabbit AngoZaibatsu, an integrated crypto-meritocratic techno-conglomerate seeking to help humans attain longevity is proud to announce that longevity DAO (BTC , DAO )
Jul 08
01:24 PM

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