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Jigstack DAO Acquires Platform to Strengthen Its Token Launch Pad Lemonade
A decentralized finance (defi) protocol announced that it officially acquired an initial coin offering (ICO) listing platform. (DAO )
Feb 23
05:09 PM
NBU Token by Nimbus to List on Uniswap DEX
Nimbus, a DAO-governed platform that offers over 10 reward streams based on IPO participation and other tools in one spot, has announced its NBU token listing (BTC , DAO )
Feb 23
03:24 AM
PTERIA to Mars Celebrates a New All Time High
PRESS RELEASE. While Bitcoin and the greatest part of altcoins are going down, Pteria DAO's token PTERIA could not be outdone and is currently on Mars, (BTC , DAO )
Feb 22
10:09 PM
Evolving the DAO: How decentralized companies can dominate Web3
Are decentralized autonomous organizations reaching their full potential? The current focus on governance means that many other opportunities are being missed (DAO )
Feb 22
07:09 AM
MANTRA DAO Is Boosting Its Ecosystem With OM Ecosystem Incentives
MANTRA DAO is going to occur to decentralize its blockchain network governance and promote platform usage.Read on for more information. (DAO )
Feb 18
04:39 AM
Coinbase Ventures, Paradigm Invest $12M in Synthetix DeFi Platform
Three prominent venture capitalist firms bought tokens directly from the DAO's treasury. (DAO )
Feb 14
07:39 AM
Synthetix announces $12 million raise led by Paradigm, Coinbase Ventures, and IOSG
How should VCs interact with DAOs? Paradigm, Coinbase Ventures, and IOSG are providing a model. (DAO )
Feb 13
04:24 PM
DeFi growth and potential Grayscale YFI security push to $45.9K
Yearn finance's recent partnership with Badger DAO, cross-platform DeFi integration and a potential Grayscale Investments YFI security back YFI's rally to a new high. (DAO )
Feb 11
02:54 PM
WeTeam and Vite collaborate to enable multi-chain DAO service CryptoNinjas
WeTeam, providers of a member motivation and team management tool based on blockchain, has announced live integration with Vite, a smart contract (DAO )
Feb 10
09:54 AM
Can the launch of Colony v2 relieve DeFi's governance woes?
After a disastrous 2017 launch, Colony went back to the drawing board and is now ready to ship the v2 of their DAO governance app. (DAO )
Feb 09
07:09 AM
DAO Maker Exclusive Public Sale
DAO Maker growth over the years is due to a strong and loyal community base, the kind needed for a project to thrive. Read further. (DAO )
Feb 08
10:09 AM
DAO Maker public sale will be completed in the form of a workdrop
The DAO Maker public sale will be completed in the form of a workdrop, exclusively for the DAO Maker community. Read further to know more. (DAO )
Feb 08
04:09 AM
NFT Marketplace Rarible Closes $1.75M Seed Raise From 1kx, Coinbase Ventures
The startup will use the funds to build a DAO governance structure. (DAO )
Feb 03
06:09 AM
Jigstack Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). An All-Inclusive DeFi Commercial Tool Umbrella
Jigstack DAO introduces an alternative and simple way to generate additional DeFi revenue through its automated MLM sales and marketing reward tool, Ethlink. (DAO )
Feb 02
01:39 AM
Blockchain Bites: Scaramucci on GameStop and Bitcoin; Why Flamingo DAO Dropped $762K on an NFT
Anthony Scaramucci sees recent GameStop price action as proving Bitcoin's larger thesis of decentralizing and democratizing finance. (BTC , DAO )
Jan 27
09:53 AM
Early CryptoPunk Digital Collectible Sells for $762K in Ether
Flamingo, a DAO for NFT investments, bought the ultra-rare Alien CryptoPunk for 605 ETH in a Saturday auction. It may have fetched more. (DAO , ETH )
Jan 23
02:54 PM
Another day, another airdrop: power DeFi users can now claim Stake DAO tokens
Not everyone is happy with DeFi's latest airdrop, as some users haven't been able to claim tokens despite being eligible. (DAO )
Jan 21
10:54 AM
Decentral Games makes a monumental announcement on its DAO move
Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Decentral Games makes a monumental announcement on its DAO move, marking the first-ever DAO-governed virtual land (BTC , DAO )
Jan 20
11:39 AM
3 reasons why the price of Curve DAO Token (CRV) tripled in a week
Crypto friendly regulations, rising user activity and a recent collaboration with Yearn finance back Curve DAO Token's recent triple-digit rally. (DAO )
Jan 18
01:09 PM
MANTRA DAO's Newly Announced Partnership with e-Money Signals the Start of Another Exciting Year in DeFi
The partnership will explore the true potential of stablecoin integration in the decentralized finance space. (DAO )
Jan 18
12:54 AM
Aragon merges with Vocdoni to improve governance for DAOs
Aragon, an Ethereum-based DAO, is merging with a blockchain voting protocol to improve governance tech for its ecosystem. (ANT , DAO , ETH )
Jan 11
07:39 AM
'Wen $DIGG?' Badger DAO preps for hotly anticipated synthetic BTC launch
Vaults are tough, algorithmic assets are tougher, and keeping it all together might be toughest of all... but Chris Spadafora is working to do just that (BTC , DAO )
Jan 10
02:54 PM
Eosfinex set to list 18 DeFi tokens from Ethereum
The Eos-based exchange will have a large offering of Ethereum DeFi and DAO tokens, powered by pNetwork. (DAO , EOS , ETH )
07:09 AM
DeFi's biggest names contribute to $1.1M investment in dHEDGE's fund managers
The dHEDGE DAO and six of the platform's investors will inject $1.1 million sUSD into fund managers' pools. (DAO )
09:09 PM
The DAO of Value: Gnosis Launches Prediction Markets-Based DAO
Gnosis, one of the earliest companies building on Ethereum, has announced the launch of GnosisDAO, the industry's first prediction market-driven collective. (DAO , ETH , GNO )
09:54 AM
Ethereum-based market platform unveils a new DAO
Gnosis shaped its DAO based on concepts from an alternative government structure birthed by an associate professor at George Mason University. (DAO , ETH , GNO )
08:09 AM
FORSAGE has become a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO)?
(DAO )
01:27 AM
Binance Introduces Unifi Protocol DAO (UNFI) as 8th Project on Binance Launchpool
Binance has highlighted that its users can stake their ETH, BNB, and BUSD in different pools of choice to earn new Unifi tokens. (DAO , ETH )
06:25 AM
DAO treasuries still down 40% after October's DeFi downtrend
Despite DAO treasuries falling 40% in a month, total DAO membership increased by more than 10% over the same period (DAO )
09:10 PM
Maker DAO Members Voting on a Safeguard Against BProtocol Flash Loan-Type Attack
The Maker DAO community is voting on a proposal to harden the protocol's governance structure against flash loan voting. (DAO )
12:24 PM
Maker DAO's Embrace of Centralized Stablecoins Offers Risks and Rewards
MakerDAO's ingestion of centralized stablecoins may help maintain a $ peg. But it could also invite more regulatory scrutiny. (DAO )
07:54 AM
Ethereum Is Manhattan and Everyone Is Moving to the Suburbs
Off-chain solutions and alternative base layers are looking increasingly attractive for DAOs and DeFi ahead of Ethereum 2.0's launch. (DAO , ETH )
07:09 AM
A new DAO wants to bring sanity to the tipsy world of DeFi
This VC says he doesn't want to play a game of DeFi musical chairs. (DAO )
06:08 AM
A Trip Down the Crypto Rabbit Hole in Search of the DAO Hacker
A reporter's investigation of the massive heist that shook Ethereum leads from cyberspace to a Tokyo blockchain entrepreneur. (ETH )
03:09 AM
The number of active DAOs is up 660% since 2019
DeepDAO has launched a new interface for examining the health and wealth of the top decentralized organizations in crypto. (DAO )
07:08 PM
Yield farming satire MEME turns into multi-million dollar crypto project
A fake advertisement intended to send up the yield farming frenzy has turned into a genuine NFT farming DAO with a $3 million market cap. (DAO )
07:53 PM
OKEx Adds Polkadot Ecosystem's First DeFi Project Mantra DAO
The leading crypto spot trading and derivatives exchange platform, OKEx has followed up with its recent listing of Polkadot's DOT token with another (DAO , DOT )
10:24 AM
TitanSwap will be Launched soon to Provide Better User Experience
2020 is the year of DeFi. The total market value, user volume, and lock-up funds of DeFi have skyrocketed, driving the rapid rise of decentralized lending, derivatives, decentralized stablecoins, DAOs (DAO )
11:39 PM
EpiK Protocol: The Mingzhi Protocol Was Officially Launched, Leading the New Trend of Knowledge Inheritance
EpiK Protocol is committed to the construction of a decentralized ultra-large-scale knowledge graph through IPFS, DAO and Token Economy. (DAO )
12:38 AM
Newest DAO Project Was Thrown a Curve, but the Team Is Rolling With It Anyway
An anonymous DeFi user deployed Curve Finance's DAO and token smart contracts without the team's permission, but the Curve team is adopting it anyway. (DAO )
01:23 PM
Crypto Porn Startup Says Its New Governance System Is Better than DAOs
PornVisory is moving to a decentralized governance structure based on the DFO standard, which allegedly allows greater user influence than DAOs (DAO )
03:23 AM
ParaFi Invests and Begins Staking in Bitfinex Spin-Out Exchange
ParaFi and D1 have invested a total of $450,000 into Bitfinex spin-out DeversiFi and will now play a governance role in the project's DAO. (DAO )
06:38 AM
As Demand for DeFi Grows, Cross-Chain Network Launches DAO
A network that aims to facilitate the cross-chain movement of assets has launched a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO )
09:09 AM
pTokens project launches pNetwork DAO with staking rewards of 42% APR interest
London, Friday 31st July 2020 - The pTokens project has today launched the pNetwork DAO, giving holders of the governance token $PNT the opportunity to (42 , DAO )
08:08 AM
Live Recap: The DAO Hack Is Still a Mystery
The DAO attack was a foundational episode in Ethereum history. On Tuesday, Live gathered a handful of blockchain veterans to look back. (DAO , ETH )
08:24 PM
New Bitcoin ETP, Trading Records, Synthetix Gets 3 DAOs + More News
Source: Adobe/pauchi Get your daily, bite-sized digest of cryptoasset and blockchain-related news - investigating the stories flying under the radar of today's crypto news. Crypto adoption news FiCAS (BTC , DAO )
09:23 AM
pNetwork Launches Yield Farming Programme, Steroids
The pNetwork, the decentralised ecosystem backing the cross-chain pTokens solution, has announced the launch of its yield farming programme, Steroids. The programme will run for a period of one month and will award Uniswap liquidity providers with up to 10% monthly interest, distributed in pNetwork Token (PNT). Designed to onboard new users, increase liquidity and boost adoption of the entire pNetwork ecosystem, Steroids will go live later this month to coincide with the launch of the pNetwork DAO. (DAO )
12:08 AM
Tezos-Based DAO Goes Live With Launch of STKR Token
(DAO )
09:09 AM
Your Free Digital Red Carpet Tri-Launch Invitation
10:54 AM
Maker (MKR) Skyrockets 50% In 24HR Following Coinbase Pros Listing Announcement
Coinbase Pro, the professional trading platform of leading American cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider Coinbase, is adding support for Maker DAOs token (MKR) again after a failed listing att (BTC , DAO )
01:08 AM

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