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GoodFi Adds Terra, Bancor, Polygon, and The Graph to the Alliance and Announces DeFi Matchmaker Service
GoodFi today announced leading DeFi projects Terra, Bancor, Polygon, and The Graph are joining the initiative. (BNT )
Aug 19
01:54 PM
GoodFi's DeFi Alliance Launches a DeFi Matchmaker Service and Adds Terra, Bancor, Polygon, and The Graph
GoodFi, a not-for-profit organization with the mission of getting 100m people into DeFi by 2025, today announced leading DeFi projects Terra, Bancor, (BNT )
Aug 19
10:54 AM
13 New Grayscale Candidates, Goldman Galaxy, Danske Ban + More News
Source: Adobe/Alexey Novikov Get your daily, bite-sized digest of cryptoasset and blockchain-related news - investigating the stories flying under the radar of today's crypto news.___ Investments news (BNT , BTC )
Jun 20
03:54 PM
Cryptocurrency Custodian Anchorage Adds 5 More DeFi Tokens
1inch (1INCH), Bancor (BNT), Curve Finance (CRV), Ren (REN), and Sushiswap (SUSHI) have been added to the regulated custodian's platform. (BNT )
May 14
07:54 AM
New Bancor set-and-forget optimized staking solution xBNT now live CryptoNinjas
Bancor, an on-chain liquidity protocol that enables automated, decentralized exchange on Ethereum and across blockchains, today announced that xBNT is now (BNT , ETH )
Apr 26
04:39 PM
Bancor releases no-liquidation lending with Vortex as AMMs continue diversification
The exchange introduced new mechanics to its vBNT token, making it both a lending tool and a way to distribute protocol revenue to BNT holders. (BNT )
Apr 05
04:09 AM
US Judge Dismisses Motion Against Bancor After Finding Allegations Inadequate to Give It Jurisdiction
A federal judge dismissed a securities fraud case against Bancor after ruling the allegations were not enough to give it jurisdiction. (BNT )
Feb 24
02:39 PM
Lawsuit Against Crypto Project Bancor Dismissed in New York
A lawsuit against Bancor alleging unregistered security offerings worth 153 million has been tossed by a New York judge. (BNT )
Feb 24
06:54 AM
US judge dismisses crypto fraud case against BNT token issuer
A federal district court in the United States has dismissed a securities fraud class action against Israel-based cryptocurrency firm Bancor. (BNT )
Feb 24
02:54 AM
Bancor to expand its decentralized liquidity protocol to Polkadot CryptoNinjas
Bancor, an on-chain liquidity protocol, today announced that work is now underway on a cross-chain bridge that would allow Bancor to expand its (BNT )
Feb 02
08:09 AM
Swap fees exceed impermanent loss insurance costs
Bancor has released a status report for its v2.1 decentralized exchange upgrade, covering the performance of its decentralized exchange over the last three months.According to the document, the total (BNT )
Jan 12
08:09 AM
Bancor v2.1 report: Swap fees exceed impermanent loss insurance costs
Bancor says its swap fee revenue has exceeded its impermanent loss compensation payments over the last three months. (BNT )
Jan 12
07:39 AM
Crypto exchange Shapeshift integrates DEXes, relieves user KYC burdens
Exchanges include Uniswap, Balancer, Curve, Bancor, Kyber, 0x, mStable, and mean that users don't necessarily need to undergo KYC (BNT , ZRX )
Jan 06
06:09 AM
Bancor soars 86% in two days as Coinbase lists BNT, DEX volume spikes
The price of BNT, the native token of the Bancor protocol, gains 86% in two days. (BNT )
11:54 PM
Bancor price increases after Coinbase listing
Bancor (BNT) price rocketed over 28% in 24 hours as traders prepared for the listing of the token on major crypto exchange Coinbase Bancor token is among the three newly listed tokens on cryptocurrenc (BNT , BTC )
10:39 PM
Uniswap loses 57% TVL as rivals up rewards
With leading decentralized exchange Uniswap having ceased its yield-farming incentive program, rival automated market makers 1inch, SushiSwap and Bancor are snapping up liquidity providers with target (BNT )
12:57 AM
Attack of the vampires: Uniswap loses 57% TVL as rivals up rewards
SushiSwap's TVL exploded by 150% in a day after introducing rewards targeting former Uniswap liquidity providers - and 1inch and Bancor are on the hunt too. (BNT )
10:11 PM
Investors fight to keep Bancor securities case out of Israeli court
The case is part of a lawsuit filed in April alleging that BProtocol Foundation sold unlicensed securities without a broker-dealer license. They also claim the company engaged in market manipulation. (BNT )
02:39 PM
Bancor updates DEX to try a new approach against impermanent loss
It seems that someone always has to pay for impermanent loss. (BNT )
05:54 AM
NYC court has no right to hear 'international' case argues Bancor firm
The case against Bancor is part of a class-action lawsuit alleging the firm violated US securities laws with the sale of its Bancor Network Token. (BNT )
05:09 PM
Decentralized Exchange Bancor Officially Launches Upgraded V2 Platform
After months of work, Bancor V2 finally launches promising to improve the user experience for both traders and liquidity providers (BNT )
09:39 AM
Crypto Conversation: Bank on Bancor
The project's on-chain liquidity protocol is now less risky for liquidity providers. (BNT )
09:09 AM
Bancor Invites Bounty Hunters to Peek Into Its Code Ahead of V2 Launch
Bancor V2 is getting ready for release as it publishes both the code of its smart contracts and a bug bounty for researchers to report vulnerabilities (BNT )
06:09 AM
Crypto Price Analysis & Overview July 3: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Kyber Network, and Bancor
Bitcoin Bitcoin pretty much moved sideways this week after slipping by a small 1%. While predominantly trading in a tight range, BTC did slip beneath a critical level on a couple of occasions but has (BNT , BTC , ETH )
07:38 AM
Bancor Price Analysis: BNT Surges 15% in 24 Hours Despite Bitcoins Latest Drop
Bancor regained momentum after rising above a two-week resistance with 42% gains in a week. It may pull back to the previous breakout level if buying volume starts to decrease. An increase above the c (42 , BNT , BTC )
06:39 AM
Bancors Bug Exposes Dangerously Common Practice in Ethereum DeFi
Many DeFi smart contracts can withdraw unlimited amounts of money from user wallets, potentially spelling disaster (BNT , ETH )
10:09 AM
Bancor Discovers Critical Vulnerability, Hacks Itself to Prevent Theft
The Bancor decentralized exchange has released a smart contract with a critical vulnerability, and is now hacking itself to save user funds from malicious actors (BNT )
04:09 AM
7 Crypto Firms Targeted by 11 Lawsuits in New York
Seven major crypto exchanges and issuers are facing 11 new class-action lawsuits that were filed in a New York federal court on Friday (BNT )
11:08 PM
Bancor begins ETHBNT airdrop to help decentralize exchange liquidity
Bancor, an on-chain liquidity protocol that enables automated, decentralized exchange, confirmed that by the end of this week, thousands of new liquidity (BNT )
10:53 AM
Bancor Exchange Token Gains 8.65% after Announcement of $1.8 Million in Airdrop
$BNT, Bancor Network token gains 8.65% as it announces an airdrop of $BNTETH. The token will be used to provide liquidity for the exchange. In return, the holders will benefit from the trading fees. T (BNT , BTC )
09:54 PM
Bancor Claims Liquidity Token Airdrop Will Increase DeFi Users by 500%
The decentralized liquidity network Bancor announced its upcoming airdrop, which aims to increase the liquidity of decentralized exchanges (BNT )
05:24 AM
Launch of Binance US Can Have Far-Reaching Effects on Crypto Market
Will Binances entry into the U.S. market pave the way for other prominent exchanges as well? (BNT )
11:39 AM
US a Crypto Exchange Scarecrow
Half of the top-30 crypto exchanges try to avoid dealing with U.S., despite it being one of the biggest markets. (BNT , BTC )
12:23 PM
Crypto Mogul Moshe Hogeg's ICOs Have Unusual Patterns, Analysis Finds
Controversy looms overhead as Israeli entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg promote's Sirin Labs' blockchain phone. (BNT )
08:38 PM
Bancor Launches Wallet for On-Chain Conversions Between ETH and EOS Tokens
Decentralized liquidity network Bancor introduced its non-custodial wallet for on-chain conversions between Ethereum and Eos tokens. (BNT , EOS , ETH )
11:08 AM
Bancor launches new EOS and Ethereum unified wallet
Bancor, a decentralized liquidity network for blockchain assets and cryptocurrency, today announced it has officially unified its Ethereum and EOS (BNT , EOS , ETH )
03:23 PM
A David vs. Goliath Battle Is Brewing in Ethereum Decentralized Exchange Race
Data provided to shows that one of the biggest ICOs ever isn't guaranteeing success for Bancor. For two days last week, the three-month-old Uniswap saw more volume. (BNT , ETH )
02:53 PM
BancorX launched allowing direct EOS to ETH conversion; the market reaction is muted
Bancor launched its BancorX tool into operation. EOS/USD remains unchanged since this time on Monday. EOS ventured a move above $5.6 on Sunday, but the (BNT , EOS )
10:11 PM
ETH/USD Price Analysis: SEC Streamlining ICOs a Huge Boost for Ethereum
ETH/USD is bottoming out and in the midst of that, the SEC plans to publish a guidance that classify tokens either as securities or utilities. (BNT , EOS , ETH )
06:24 PM
Bancor launches EOS based cross-blockchain liquidity network: BancorX
On 5th November, the decentralized liquidity network, Bancor announced the launch of their new enhanced product named BancorX. This will help the users convert between Ethereum and EOS based tokens au (BNT , EOS , ETH )
12:08 PM
PR: Effectively Contains Breach of Cold Storage Wallet and Protects TIO Holders
The security team was alerted to a large transaction originating from our wallet holding 50M Trade Tokens (TIO) owned by reserved for the liquidity pool. Immediately following the alert, our trade monitoring observed abnormal trading of TIO on external exchanges. These exchanges were immediately alerted to disable deposits/withdrawals and trading of TIO, and our security team began its investigation. The responsiveness by the various teams within prevented the situation from deteriorating and helped quarantine the issue. The security team was alerted to a large transaction originating from our wallet holding 50M Trade Tokens (TIO) owned by reserved for the liquidity pool. Immediately following the alert, our trade monitoring observed abnormal trading of TIO on external exchanges. These exchanges were immediately alerted to disable deposits/withdrawals and trading of TIO, and our security team began its investigation. The responsiveness by the various teams within prevented the situation from deteriorating and helped quarantine the issue. (BNT , ERC )
10:38 AM
Pesamill Africa Launche
Pesamill Africa on Wednesday started trading in one of Africa's most active bitcoin markets. The exchange ushered itself into cuthroat competition. (BNT , BTC , ETH )
08:53 AM
Ethereum dApp Bancor Moves to EOS to Open up BancorX
Bancor, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) protocol and one of the most popular decentralized applications (dApps) on the Ethereum network, is bringing its trustless token trading to the re (BNT , BTC , EOS , ETH )
12:23 PM
Ethereum's Bancor Moves to EOS Blockchain Turning into a New Cross-chain BancorX
One of the most popular decentralized applications on Ethereum, Bancor, will launch BancorX on EOS to offer fast and free trading. (BNT , EOS , ETH )
11:38 AM
The Daily: Ethfinex Gets DEX, Cloudflare Goes Interplanetary
While the cryptocurrency world never sleeps, the last 24 hours have been particularly active. Everyone is building right now, as the stories we've got coming up in The Daily demonstrate. Ethfinex launches its new DEX, Cloudflare embraces decentralized storage, and Bancor makes a beeline for EOS. (BNT , EOS , ETH )
03:38 AM
How Bancor Plans to Fix the Cryptocurrency Trading Process
Leading blockchain project Bancor is attempting to introduce automated cryptocurrency trading through its innovative technological solutions. Using a combination of its proprietary algorithm called th (BNT , BTC )
04:38 PM
Ethereum Dapp Bancor Is Expanding to EOS for Fast, Free Transactions
The dapp, which recently saw token transfers frozen following a hack, could benefit from EOS block producers' ability to intervene in the chain. (BNT , EOS , ETH )
11:08 AM
PR: More Stamps Global Launches
More Stamps Global accepts forty different popular cryptocurrencies, allowing its customers to book flights, hotels, rental cars, and more at a variety of locations around the world. The agency's launch marks a significant step forward in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. (BNT , DCR , ETH , REP , ZRX )
02:39 AM
Bancor Exchange Signs Agreement to List Crypto Casino Coins
Bancor Exchange has understood the industry's as well as community's needs and acted upon it by signing an agreement to list the crypto casino coins on its platform. (BNT )
02:08 AM
Over 60% of Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Have No Working Product, Study Claims
Of the top 100 cryptocurrencies listed by market capitalization, only 36 are actually what the authors term working products in a study recently published online. (ARDR , BCN , BNT , BTC , DCR , ETH , GNT , PIVX , REP , USDT , WAVES , XMR , ZEC , ZRX )
11:23 PM

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