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Bitcoin.com Partners With Mecon Cash, Enabling Withdrawal at ATMs Across South Korea
Bitcoin Cash has been added to Mecon Cashs M.Pay platform which is integrated with over 13,000 ATMs in South Korea. By making bitcoin cash usable for (BCH , BTC )
12:25 AM
Bitcoin.com Partners With Mecon Cash, Enabling BCH to Korean Won Withdrawal at Over 13,000 ATMs Across South Korea
Bitcoin Cash has been added to Mecon Cashs M.Pay platform which is integrated with over 13,000 ATMs in South Korea. By making bitcoin cash usable for withdrawing won across the country, Mecon Cash is (BCH , BTC )
Jan 19
11:55 PM
How to Create Custom SLP Tokens With the Bitcoin.com Mint
On January 17, Bitcoin.com CEO Stefan Rust introduced the companys new SLP minting application. The Bitcoin.com Mint is a noncustodial web wallet that allows users to store bitcoin cash (BCH) and Sim (BCH , BTC )
Jan 18
11:55 PM
Bitcoin Cash Analysis: Primed For More Upsides Above $350
Bitcoin cash price started a downside correction from the $367 high against the US Dollar.The price found support near the $310 level and it is currently surging towards $360.There was a break above a (BCH , BTC )
Jan 17
05:56 AM
BTC Miami Blockchain Conference Kicks Off Its Seventh Year
On January 16, The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) opened its doors at the James L. Knight Center in Miami for its seventh year. (BCH , BTC )
Jan 16
03:55 PM
BSV Soars 95% Challenging Its Original Fork Bitcoin Cash for Top 5
As Bitcoin rallied to a multi-month high at $8,859, altcoins vigorously shook off their current malaise by posting double-digit gains, most notably, Bitcoin SV (BCH , BTC )
Jan 14
01:55 PM
These Factors Suggest Bitcoin Cashs Recent Rally is Just Getting Started
Analysts are noting that Bitcoin Cash's recent uptrend could soon turn parabolic as BCH's technical and fundamental confluence grows increasingly bullish (BCH , BTC )
Jan 13
05:09 PM
Price Analysis Jan 8: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS, BNB, BSV, XMR, ADA
Profit booking seen at higher levels. However, if the major cryptocurrencies can bounce off their strong support levels, it will indicate strength (ADA , BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XMR , XRP )
Jan 08
12:39 PM
Japanese Firms SBI and GMO Join the Digital Gold Rush in Texas
Whinstone revealed plans to build a 100-acre mining facility in Rockdale and so far the plant has attracted clients like SBI Holdings and GMO Internet. (BCH , BTC )
Jan 08
07:09 AM
Bitmain Responds to Layoff Rumors From Ousted Co-Founder Zahn
Ousted Bitmain co-founder Micree Zahn took to Weibo on Monday to speak out against a reported Bitmain (BCH , BTC )
Jan 07
12:09 PM
Market Update: Top Cryptos Face Strong Resistance Ahead
Since the crypto price spike, most cryptocurrencies have tested heavy resistance and a slew of digital assets are being held back. (BCH , BTC , USDT )
Jan 07
08:09 AM
Bravio to Develop fully Tokenized iGaming & Lottery Platform for LFE Group Holding
Bravio Technologies Limited. ( (BCH , BTC )
Jan 07
02:54 AM
How to Sell Anything for Bitcoin on Your Website
Selling things for bitcoin online doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it shouldn't be, given the decentralized nature and low fees of peer-to-peer (BCH , BTC )
Jan 07
12:09 AM
Meet the Multi-Cryptocurrency PoS Device Eletropay
The crypto PoS device manufacturer aims to make cryptocurrency payments simple and secure without the need to use mobile phones or computers. (BCH , BTC , LTC )
Jan 06
06:09 PM
Price Analysis Jan 06: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS, BNB, BSV, XLM, XMR
Several altcoins have made their first move from longtime lows and if Bitcoin is able to confirm a bottom, a marketwide rally is likely to pick up steam (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XLM , XMR , XRP )
Jan 06
10:24 AM
Crypto Booking Service Sees 33% Boost After Partnership With Booking.com
Revenue of crypto accommodation booking service Travala increased by over 33.5% month-on-month after partnering with Booking.com (BCH , BTC )
Jan 06
09:09 AM
Top-5 Cryptos This Week (Jan 5): BSV, XMR, ETC, BCH, LEO
Few of the top five cryptocurrency performers of the past seven days are showing signs of bottoming out. Can they start a new uptrend? (BCH , BTC , ETC , ETH , LEO , XMR )
Jan 05
08:09 AM
Why a Technical Analyst Believes Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Will Surge by 80%
Those who held Bitcoin Cash (BCH) during its meltdown in the latter half of 2019, there may still be time to generate enormous gains. Famous crypto (BCH , BTC )
Jan 04
04:24 PM
New SLP Telegram Bots Introduced to Bitcoin Cash Supporters
There's a new SLP Telegram-based dice bot that claims to provide provably fair gaming and a developer has also launched an SLP dividend Telegram bot. (BCH , BTC )
Jan 04
12:54 PM
Grassroots Bitcoin Cash House Movement Expands to Ghana
With one Bitcoin Cash House now established in Venezuela, the grassroots movement is independently spreading to other locations. Read.cash user Koush has announced that the new BCH House Ghana has s (BCH , BTC )
Jan 04
12:24 AM
Bitcoin Cash Analysis: BCH Sighting Crucial Break Above $215
Bitcoin cash price is trading above the key $192 support area against the US Dollar.The price is showing positive signs above the $200 pivot level.There is a major bullish trend line forming with supp (BCH , BTC )
Jan 03
04:38 AM
Ticker Tool Uses the BCH Blockchain to Provide Reliable Rate Data
Instantly verifiable, unhackable and forever retrievable are some of the key features of information stored on a blockchain. These are also the characteristics that traders of various assets, commodit (BCH , BTC )
Jan 03
03:38 AM
Why Double Spends on BCH Are Not the Same as Replace-By-Fee Fraud
When it comes to creating a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, accepting zero confirmation transactions becomes critically important. When a models main aim is to just hodl or push an isolated st (BCH , BTC )
Jan 03
12:23 AM
Bitcoin & Crypto Market Facing Hurdles: BNB, BCH, LTC, EOS Analysis
Bitcoin (BTC) and the crypto market cap are gaining bearish momentum. Many altcoins such as Ethereum (ETH), binance coin (BNB), ripple, litecoin, BCH, EOS, TRX, and ADA are sliding. (ADA , BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XLM )
Jan 02
09:24 PM
Read.cash Platform Rewards Content Creators With Bitcoin Cash Incentives
During the last few months since the platforms launch, the Bitcoin Cash-centric blogging site, read.cash has gathered a lot of traction. (BCH , BTC )
Jan 02
03:08 PM
Why Nick Szabo Probably Isnt Satoshi
Search online for 'possible creators of Bitcoin' and Bit Gold creator Nick Szabo will always appear near the top of the list. His long history in the (BCH , BTC )
Jan 02
05:54 AM
Bitcoin & Crypto Market Signaling Downsides: BCH, XLM, EOS, TRX Analysis
Bitcoin (BTC) and the crypto market cap are signaling more downsides. Ethereum (ETH), BCH, stellar (XLM), ADA, EOS, ripple, and tron (TRX) remain at a risk of another decline. (ADA , BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XLM )
Jan 01
10:09 PM
Price Analysis Jan 01: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS, BNB, BSV, XTZ, XLM
2020 has started on a subdued note but traders are anticipating an increase in activity that could lead to a strong directional move in the next few days (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XLM , XRP )
Jan 01
10:38 AM
Case of Bitcoin Cash, is Total Miner Distribution Becoming a Fairy Tale?
Perfect miner or node distribution in Proof of Work networks like Bitcoin only worked the first time. The same applies to token distribution in initial coin/exchange offerings. This is according to (BCH , BTC )
01:53 PM
A Tor-Integrated Cashfusion Build for Bitcoin Cash Is Coming
The Tor-integrated Cashfusion build is the big piece the development team needs to get from alpha to beta stage, Fyookball detailed. (BCH , BTC )
11:23 AM
Bitcoin & Crypto Market Showing Bullish Signs: LTC, BNB, BCH, TRX Analysis
Bitcoin (BTC) and the crypto market cap are showing bullish signs. Ethereum (ETH), litecoin, ripple, BCH, XLM, TRX, BNB, and EOS are likely to climb higher steadily. (ADA , BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XLM )
09:38 PM
Ethereum, XRP, and BCH: Why Traders are Optimistic on Altcoin Market
One analyst is noting that he believes Ethereum, XRP, and Bitcoin Cash are all positioned to see further upside against USD in the near-term. (BCH , BTC , ETH , XRP )
09:39 AM
Top-5 Cryptos This Week: BCH, BSV, ETC, EOS, ATOM
The top five performers of the past seven days are bouncing off their support levels, which indicates a pick up in demand (ATOM , BCH , BTC , EOS , ETC , ETH )
08:09 AM
Harsh Laws Make Bitcoin Holders Consider Renunciation or Dual Citizenship
Because of the nation states' harsh rules against cryptos, there are individuals who plan to renounce their citizenship in order to become stateless. (BCH , BTC )
09:24 AM
Job Losses and Indirect Finances: The "Darker Side" of Ethereum?
No doubt Ethereum (ETH) is a hardcore crypto asset thats not to be messed with. Its the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, and it holds its ground over the likes of Ripple (XRP), bitcoin c (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XRP )
08:09 PM
Why a Bitcoin Cash-Dash Merger Would Be Awful
A Dash Invest supervisor has made a proposal which involves a hypothetical merger of Dash and Bitcoin Cash. Here's why that wouldn't work. (BCH , BTC , DASH )
10:24 AM
Price Analysis Dec 27: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS, BNB, BSV, XTZ, XLM
Several short-term buying opportunities might crop up for Bitcoin and other cryptos in the next few days. What are the critical levels to watch out for? (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XLM , XRP )
09:39 AM
Bitcoin Cash Analysis: BCH Setting Stage For Fresh Increase
Bitcoin cash price is trading nicely above the $182 support area against the US Dollar.The price is facing a couple of important hurdles near the $198 and $204 levels.There is a declining channel or a (BCH , BTC )
04:09 AM
Bitcoin & Crypto Market Could Rise Again: BNB, BCH, LTC, EOS Analysis
Bitcoin (BTC) and the crypto market cap are holding key support levels. Many altcoins such as Ethereum (ETH), binance coin (BNB), ripple, litecoin, BCH, EOS, TRX, and ADA are consolidating. (ADA , BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XLM )
08:38 PM
Price Analysis Dec 25: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS, BNB, BSV, XTZ, TRX
Bitcoin (BTC) and most major cryptocurrencies have entered a consolidation period and a decisive breakout or breakdown from it is now to be expected (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XRP )
10:24 AM
Someone Redeemed a 100 BTC Casascius Bar Worth Over $700K
Over the last two months, a bunch of people redeemed their Casascius coins and on December 23 someone peeled a 100 BTC ($723k) Casascius bar. (BCH , BTC )
03:09 AM
Banking Platform Cashaa Sees Indian Trading Volume Soar, Adding 5 More Cryptocurrencies
Banking services platform Cashaa has seen significant growth in crypto trading volume in India since it began offering INR deposits and withdrawals. The platform has cut its fees by more than 50% and is getting ready to add five more cryptocurrencies for users in India, Cashaa has shared with news.Bitcoin.com. (BCH , BTC )
09:08 PM
2019 Google and Yahoo Searches for Bitcoin Decline Significantly
According to data from Google Trends and Yahoo Finance, searches for the terms bitcoin and cryptocurrency are much less than they were in the summer. (BCH , BTC , ETH , MIOTA )
12:08 PM
Rakuten Customers Can Use Their Loyalty Program Points to Buy Crypto
Japanese retail giant Rakuten enabled its customers in Japan to exchange Rakuten Groups loyalty points to Bitcoin, Ether, or Bitcoin Cash (BCH , BTC , ETH )
06:54 AM
Best Performing Cryptos of 2019 Not Named Bitcoin
Heres a list of the best performing crypto assets excluding Bitcoin for 2019 (BCH , BTC , EOS , ERC , ETH , LTC )
04:09 AM
Cashshuffle and the SLP Token Universe Shined Brightly in 2019
The BCH network has seen a lot of development in 2019, but two projects, Cashshuffle and the SLP universe have shined brightly throughout the year. (BCH )
01:09 AM
Price Analysis Dec 23: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS, BNB, BSV, XTZ, TRX
Bitcoin strong move to $7,600 signals that trend change could be in the making and has also created buying opportunities for select altcoins (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XRP )
11:24 AM
Bitcoin And Crypto Market Smash Resistance: BCH, BNB, EOS, TRX Analysis
The crypto market cap and bitcoin (BTC) are gaining bullish momentum. Ethereum (ETH), binance coin (BNB), ripple, BCH, tron (TRX), litecoin and EOS are showing positive signs. (ADA , BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , XLM )
09:38 PM
These Myth-Busting Articles Dispel Common Bitcoin Myths
Recently, a few Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponents have been writing a series of myth-busting articles that describe Bitcoin technicals generally thought to be true but which are not. The articles posted o (BCH , BTC )
10:39 AM
Real Bitcoin Double Spends Are Hard, Looking Into Alleged Issue
Bitcoin Cash-focused firm BitcoinBCH has potentially misled the public into believing that Bitcoin double-spends is easy to carry out (BCH , BTC )
08:38 AM

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