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Boolberry News

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CME's Bitcoin Futures Hit New Records
Ever since Cboe announced it was ending it's bitcoin futures products back in March, CME Group has seen a huge influx of bitcoin derivatives volumes. (BBR , BTC )
Jun 11
11:38 AM
WildRig - A New AMD/Nvidia GPU Miner for the Wild Keccak Algorithm
WildRig is a relatively new closed source miner for both AMD OpenCL and Nvidia CUDA GPU miners for the Wild Keccak algorithm used by crypto coins such as Boolberry (BBR) or PURK. It seems to be perfor (BBR , BTC , XBB )
07:54 PM
Poloniex Delists 17 Cryptocurrencies, Sending Prices Plummeting
Poloniex announces snap decision to remove a long list of altcoins on May 2, 2017, news of which quickly erased the majority of their value -- some falling by as much as 90% within hours of the news. Coin holders will be left to move their bags to wallet addresses not residing at Poloniex, and trading opportunities will be limited to platforms such as Bittrex, among others. Coins affected: BBR, BITS, C2, CURE, HZ, IOC, MYR, NOBL, NSR, QBK, QORA, QTL, RBY, SDC, UNITY, VOX, XMG (BBR , BITS , C2 , CURE , HZ , IOC , MYR , NOBL , NSR , QBK , QORA , QTL , RBY , SDC , UNITY , VOX , XMG )
06:50 PM

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