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Atomic Coin News

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Crypto Price Analysis & Overview June 18: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Zcash and Cosmos
Bitcoin The correction that we saw last week was fairly short and part of the parabolic movement built on the chart since the strong resistance was breached. In the past three weeks, the resistance ha (ATOM , BTC , ETH , ZEC )
Jun 18
09:53 AM
Crypto firm KR1 cashes in USD $360K worth of Cosmos (ATOM) tokens
Crypto and blockchain asset investment firm, KR1, announced today an update on its portfolio holdings, informing that it has sold 70,079 tokens from the Cosmos (ATOM )
Jun 11
08:38 AM
Top 5 Crypto Performers: ATOM, LTC, BSV, BNB, XRP
Most major cryptocurrencies are taking a break after the recent upwards move. (ATOM , BTC , LTC , XRP )
Jun 09
09:08 AM
Neptune Dash launches Cosmos validator; invests in ATOM token
Neptune Dash, a blockchain technology company, this week announced it has launched a Cosmos network validator and secured enough delegations to put it in (ATOM )
Jun 06
08:53 AM
Huobi Wallet launches support for Cosmos (ATOM) token
Huobi Wallet, a multi-chain wallet from crypto exchange company Huobi Group, has added support for Cosmos Network's ATOM. In addition, Huobi Wallet now (ATOM )
Jun 05
06:08 AM
Crypto Market Wrap: Is a Red Monday About to Intensify?
Crypto market consolidation continues Monday; XRP, BSV and ATOM still climbing, EOS and Tron falling back. Market Wrap The weekend has seen gains on Crypto market consolidation continues Monday; XRP, BSV and ATOM still climbing, EOS and Tron falling back. (ATOM , EOS , XRP )
Jun 03
12:08 AM
Top 5 Crypto Performers: BSV, TRX, ATOM, MIOTA, ETC, NEXO*
Even after the recovery from the lows, major cryptocurrencies continue to surge. Can the top five performers extend their upwards move? (ATOM , BTC , ETC , ETH , MIOTA )
Jun 02
07:08 AM
Binance announces ATOM trading pairs with stablecoins; abstains from pairing with Tether [USDT]
While the Tether/Bitfinex fiasco continues to boil over with allegations and counter-allegations from all involved parties, a major cryptocurrency exchange has reportedly tried to dodge the Tether bul (ATOM , USDT )
May 06
11:08 PM
Market Watch: Top Coins Recording Gains, Cosmos (ATOM) Surges 35% Following Binance Listing Announcement
Most coins are on the green side of the market today, Sunday, April 18. Top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is trading in the range around $5170 (Bitstamp). (ATOM , BTC )
Apr 28
08:08 AM
Cosmos Mainnett Launch Closer Than Ever - BTCMANAGER
We are edging closer to the launch of Cosmos Hub, which is good news for ATOM holders eager to see whether investing in the blockchain project (ATOM )
Feb 13
12:53 PM

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