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Cathie Wood's ARK Invest throws weight behind new bitcoin futures ETF
Star stock picker Cathie Wood's ARK Invest has given its brand name to a new bitcoin futures ETF that will invest in cryptocurrency futures contracts and trade on the CBOE BZX Exchange, a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission showed.
Oct 14
05:52 AM
New tickers and ARK filing shows Bitcoin futures ETF approval imminent: Analyst
Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas said that the addition of a ticker to Valkyrie's proposed Bitcoin futures ETF prospectus suggests that an SEC approval could be announced soon. (ARK , BTC )
Oct 13
06:24 PM
Chinese crackdown on bitcoin another blow to Cathie Wood's ARK ETF
China's moves to crack down on bitcoin trading dealt another blow to Cathie Wood's ARK Innovation Fund, which outperformed all other U.S. equity funds last year but is now mired among the worst of its peers.
Sep 24
10:06 AM
Cathie Wood approves of Ethereum following transition to PoS
ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood also noted that her firm's stance on Ethereum had changed in recent months Speaking at the SALT Conference in New York, Cathie Wood of asset management firm ARK Invest asser (ARK , BTC , ETH )
Sep 15
04:24 AM
Cathie Wood's Fund May Reportedly Invest in Canadian Bitcoin ETFs
Cathie Wood's ARK Next Generation Internet ETF may invest in Canadian Bitcoin in a bid to diversify her assets. (BTC )
Sep 13
08:42 AM
Cathie Wood: Institutions Used The Correction This Year To Move Into Bitcoin
What Happened: Cathie Wood, the founder, and CEO of ARK Investment Management, believes that institutions viewed the crypto market's correction in March as a buying opportunity. According to @yassineARK's on-chain analysis, institutions also used the correction this year to move into bitcoin. - Cathie Wood (@CathieDWood) August 29, 2021 Referring to on-chain analysis by ARK's crypto analyst Yassine Elmandjra, Wood said on Twitter that institutions used the correction to m (BTC )
Aug 30
11:00 PM
Morgan Stanley Bought $240M Shares Of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust
What Happened: Investment banking giant Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) is now the second-largest shareholder of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (OTCMKTS: GBTC) after ARK Investment Management. According to recent SEC filings, Morgan Stanley owns over 6.5 million shares of GBTC worth over $240 million at the time of writing. Cathie Wood's ARK Invest funds currently own 9 million shares worth $350 million. Morgan Stanley's GBTC holdings are spread out across a series of funds, of which the Morgan Stanley I (BTC )
Aug 28
09:40 AM
The Big Short's Michael Burry takes aim at Cathie Wood's ARK Innovation ETF
A number of big funds are betting against Cathie Wood and the ARK Innovation ETF new filings reveal. (ARK )
Aug 17
10:24 PM
Cathie Wood Emerges as Guiding Light for Meme-Stock Generation
The fund manager's enthusiasm for Tesla, bitcoin and other volatile investments has boosted ARK's exchange-traded funds, but this year has been a challenge. Ms. Wood said she maintains her faith in 'disruptive investing.'
Aug 06
07:24 AM
Robinhood surges another 13% a day after jumping past IPO price
Cathie Wood purchased 89,622 shares of HOOD on Tuesday in ARK Fintech Innovation ETF, a position worth roughly $4.2 million.
Aug 04
04:48 AM
Cathie Wood's ARK Invest Scoops Up 1.3M Robinhood Shares on Nasdaq Debut
The New York-based investment manager invests heavily in crypto and blockchain companies.
Jul 30
12:30 PM
Cathie Wood's ARK Invest Scoops Up 1.3M Robinhood Shares on Nasdaq Debut
The New York-based investment manager picked up a total of 1,297,615 HOOD shares via its tech-centric ARKK fund. (ARK )
Jul 29
10:09 PM
Riot Blockchain and Other Crypto Assets Rise as Digital Currencies Move Higher
The reason cited for the moves is supportive Bitcoin comments from Tesla's Musk and ARK Investment Management's Wood. (BTC )
Jul 26
08:51 AM
When Elon Musk Met Jack Dorsey Over Bitcoin: The Key Takeaways From B Word
Hosted by the Crypto Council for Innovation and sponsored by Square and ARK Invest, The B Word was a day-long Bitcoin centric online event that aired on Wednesday, aiming to correct mainstream narr (ARK , BTC )
Jul 25
07:39 AM
What Did Musk, Dorsey, And Wood Say About ESG, Green Energy, And Bitcoin Mining?
The billionaires had a Zoom meeting yesterday, and it's all crypto Twitter talks about today. Bitcoin should embrace ESG concerns, thinks Cathie Wood. (ARK , BTC )
Jul 22
02:09 PM
Jack Dorsey Avoids Conflict With Elon Musk On The B Word 's Online Panel
The battle of the billionaires was a bit of a letdown. In The B Word conference, Elon Musk repeated the views he's expressed on Twitter. Jack Dorsey (ARK , BTC )
Jul 21
03:54 PM
DraftKings Launching An NFT Ecosystem & Exchange
DraftKings has announced the 'DraftKings Marketplace', a new initiative from the firm to enable consumers to (ARK )
Jul 21
11:09 AM
Bought the Dip? Cathie Wood's ARK Invest Purchased 450,000 GBTC Shares in Two Days
The latest retracement that drove bitcoin to sub-$30,000 levels has not deterred Cathie Wood's investment management company ARK Invest. The firm has bought more than 140,000 additional shares of the (ARK , BTC )
Jul 21
04:39 AM
Rothschild Investment Corp has increased its Bitcoin exposure by 300% since April
Several funds like ARK and Rothchild Investment Co. are boosting their Bitcoin exposure, the latest data shows. (ARK , BTC )
Jul 20
04:24 AM
Cathie Wood's ARK Invest Raises Square Holdings After Dorsey Announcement
Square's intentions to build out crypto products, including a hardware wallet, align with ARK ambitions to realize its exchange-traded fund.
Jul 19
12:30 PM
Cathie Wood's ARK Invest Ups Square Holdings Amid Dorsey Announcement
Square's intentions to build out crypto products, including a hardware wallet, align with ARK ambitions to realize its exchange-traded fund. (ARK )
Jul 19
12:39 AM
By The Numbers: How Much Is Tesla 's Bitcoin Worth Now?
It's time for another edition of By The Numbers. This time, we'll use a pseudonymous analyst's numbers to find out if Tesla is in the red when it comes (ARK , BTC )
Jul 14
03:24 PM
Bitcoin Mining Energy Consumption Becomes A Blockchain Heated Debate
Research by ARK Investment Management discovered the Bitcoin ecosystem depletes less than 10% of the energy needed for the traditional banking system. (ARK , BTC )
Jul 08
09:09 AM
ARK Investment becomes the latest firm to file for a Bitcoin ETF
Cathie Wood's Ark Invest yesterday filed for a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) alongside Swiss-based 21Shares Asset management company ARK Invest has partnered with 21Shares in a joint application (ARK , BTC )
Jun 30
12:09 AM
CORRECTED-Cathie Wood's ARK Invest teams up on a bitcoin ETF
Star stock picker Cathie Wood's ARK Invest is teaming up with 21Shares US LLC, which filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday to create a bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF), the latest fund manager attempting to cash in on investors' growing interest in cryptocurrencies. Wood, whose ARK Innovation ETF was the top-performing U.S. equity fund last year, has been a vocal proponent of bitcoin, and Wood's firm will provide marketing for the proposed ETF, according to the filing. Her flagship ARK Innovation fund owns around $820 million worth of shares in cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Global, making it the fund's 10th largest holding.
Jun 29
01:48 PM
Cathie Wood's ARK Invest files to offer a bitcoin ETF
Cathie Wood's ARK Invest files to offer a bitcoin ETF
Jun 28
04:24 PM
Bitcoin ETF Filing by Cathie Wood's ARK Faces Regulatory Hurdle
Bitcoin proponent and ARK Invest founder Cathie Wood has requested approval from the SEC to list a Bitcoin ETF, but the cryptocurrency failed to push higher as regulatory hurdles still linger. (BTC )
Jun 28
03:30 PM
Cathie Wood's Ark Invest just applied to offer the first bitcoin ETF
You can throw Cathie Wood's ARK Invest in the ring of companies hoping to eventually offer a bitcoin-back exchange-traded fund?
Jun 28
02:24 PM
Cathie Wood's ARK Invest Enters Bitcoin ETF Race
Cathie Wood's ARK Invest has joined the race to get a bitcoin ETF approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. (ARK , BTC )
Jun 28
01:54 PM
Cathie Wood's ARK Invest files to create a bitcoin ETF
Cathie Wood's Ark Invest filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday to create a bitcoin exchange-traded fund.
Jun 28
01:36 PM
Jack Dorsey And Elon Musk Will Have THE Talk About Bitcoin
Let the games begin! The battle of the billionaire CEOs has a time and a place. In the blue corner, the Bitcoin maximalist, Jack Dorsey, Square and (ARK , BTC )
Jun 26
10:54 PM
Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey plan bitcoin chat at July event and Ark Invest's Cathie Wood thinks it's 'brilliant'
Bitcoin bulls Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk agreed over Twitter to discuss the world's No. 1 crypto at a coming event next month and ARK Invest's Cathie Wood... (BTC )
Jun 25
09:27 AM
Cathie Wood bought 1 million shares of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust during crypto's drop below $30,000
Wood purchased 1,046,002 shares of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust in the ARK Next Generation Internet ETF, a position worth roughly $12 million. (BTC )
Jun 23
05:27 AM
Why ARK's Cathie Wood Blames ESG for the Crypto Crash
May 29
11:47 PM
BTC can't be shut down despite increasing ESG concerns, Cathie Wood says
Renowned investor Cathie Wood has come out to reassure investors that Bitcoin will remain standing despite the current regulatory uproar. Wood, who is the founder of ARK Investment Management, shared (ARK , BTC )
May 28
05:54 AM
Bitcoin tumbles to $36K as ARK's Cathie Wood addresses BTC regulatory fears
The flagship cryptocurrency faces a higher profit-taking sentiment near its 200-day simple moving average wave as investors continue to assess risks associated with harsher crypto regulations in the US. (ARK , BTC )
May 28
03:39 AM
ARK's Cathie Wood blames Elon Musk, ESG investors for recent crypto crash
Speaking Thursday at CoinDesk's Consensus 2021 conference, Wood said the recent plunge in crypto prices
May 27
05:56 PM
Cathie Wood's Ark Invest Buys the Bitcoin Dip, Adds $20 Million in GBTC
Without a doubt, Cathie Wood has been one of the most vocal proponents of Bitcoin's technology and value on Wall Street. Her fund Ark Invest was the first (ARK , BTC )
May 26
08:54 PM
Putting Things In Perspective: Bitcoin Is Down, But Up 400% YOY
Despite the market crash, ARK Invest Analyst @yassineARK points out that Bitcoin is still +400% up compared to this time last year. A look back to that (ARK , BTC )
May 20
05:09 PM
Bitcoin energy debate: two opposing views; which is true?
Crypto-critics keep underlining how crypto-mining is energy-intensive and doesn't use clean technology. Despite the colossal carbon footprint that Bitcoin is accused of Cathy Wood's ARK Invest recentl (ARK , BTC )
Apr 26
02:54 AM
Wood's ARK says Bitcoin mining can be good for the planet
Bitcoin mining is often decried as an energy hog, but according to Cathie Wood's ARK Investment Management LLC it could actually be good for the planet. (BTC )
Apr 22
05:52 AM
Cathie Wood's ARK Says Bitcoin Mining Is Good for the Planet
Bitcoin mining is often decried as a highly energy-intensive activity. But Cathie Wood's ARK Investment Management LLC has done some new research that maintains it isn't as environmentally damaging as some claim. (BTC )
Apr 22
01:27 AM
Cathie Wood Is Loading Up On These Four Tech Stocks In 2021
Cathie Wood, the founder of ARK Invest, is taking Wall Street by storm with her unconventional thematic investing. Namely, she follows an innovative fund style to find hyper-growth stocks with game-changing technology. Certainly, her unique method is working. To be sure, five out of six ARK ETFs posted more than 100% returns in last year alone. Result? Her funds saw a massive inflow of $20.6 billion, according to data from Morningstar, Portfolio Insider, and Nasdaq. Recently, Wall Street saw a heavy rotation into value stocks. But don't count Cathie Wood as one of them. Instead, she is doubling down her bets on these innovative companies. The benchmarks are filling up with value traps due to the pace of innovation in fields including artificial intelligence and robotics, Wood said. We think the big risk is in the benchmarks, not what we're doing. Billionaire Cathie Wood's predictions are must-follow because of her historic returns in the last three years -- with her picks soaring many times above their original share prices. Case in point: Last year, Ms. Wood's ARK Genomic Revolution ETF, ARK Innovation ETF, and ARK Next Generation Internet ETF reaped returns of 159%, 203%, and 157%, respectively. Now, here are four technology stocks with huge potential that Cathie Wood has bought for her funds: 1. Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN) Surely, Cathie Wood is bullish on cryptocurrency. She has been buying hand over fist in the largest cryptocurrency exchange and digital wallet service provider Coinbase. On the day when Coinbase made its public debut, ARK Invest scooped up 749,205 shares. A few days later, it added another 340,273 shares (worth nearly $112,970,000 million) to its position. Never shy from making bold predictions, Wood believes that digital wallets can develop into the most valuable technology of this era, pointing out its unprecedented speed of organic growth.
Apr 20
05:03 PM
Ark Invest Adds $350 Million In Coinbase Shares: A Crypto Bull Case?
Throughout the years, ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood has been a fan of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. In fact, Ark was the first ever public fund (ARK )
Apr 18
09:54 PM
ARK buys another $64 mln in Coinbase shares, sells $99.5 mln of Tesla shares
Cathie Wood's ARK funds bought more shares of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Global Inc on Friday while selling shares of electric carmaker Tesla , according to the firm's daily trade summary.
Apr 16
05:57 PM
Cathie Woods' Ark buys a further $110M worth of Coinbase shares
ARK now has over a million shares in Coinbase. (ARK )
Apr 16
05:09 AM
ARK buys $110 mln Coinbase shares, adding to positions
Ark funds, managed by celebrity stockpicker Cathie Wood, bought shares of Coinbase (COIN.O) worth $110 million, a day after the cryptocurrency exchange's Nasdaq debut, according to the firm's daily trade summary on Thursday.
Apr 15
08:18 PM
Breaking: Cathie dumps Tesla (TSLA) to COIN it in
Cathie Wood of ARK Invest fame clearly likes the crypto space as her ARK Invest fund purchased $246 million worth of COIN on the first day of trading.
Apr 15
02:24 AM
ARK snaps up $246 million worth of Coinbase in market debut
ARK Invest bought cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase undefined, which went public on Wednesday, for three of the ARK exchange-traded funds, including the...
Apr 14
11:54 PM
ARK buys $246M of Coinbase stock, adds COIN to three ETFs
Three of ARK's ETF's now hold a combined 750,000 shares in Coinbase, following yesterday's direct listing. (ARK )
Apr 14
11:09 PM

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