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Ardor News

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Ardor Network Gains Traction in Real-World Enterprise Blockchain Solutions
Blockchain is among the technologies that are gradually defining the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) era. Over the years, more people and institutions (ARDR )
Jun 29
04:09 PM
Ardor's BridgeChamp Project Announces Launch Roadmap
Jelurida Swiss SA is pleased to announce the publication of the launch roadmap for one of its flagship applications, BridgeChamp. (ARDR )
Mar 24
07:54 AM
Sustainability, Loyalty, Gaming: How Ardor is Attracting Real-World Use Cases for Blockchain
Ardor was the first platform to launch with a multi-chain architecture -a central parent chain with customizable child chains. (ARDR )
Feb 05
05:54 AM
Ardor and Ignis
With each new mainnet launch, along comes another platform that claims to do everything that its predecessors failed to deliver. This year, Polkadot and Cardano have both been through high-profile lau (ADA , ARDR , BTC )
11:24 AM
Unorthodox DeFi Project 'DeadFish' Launches on Ardor
A group of developers has announced the launch of a revolutionary new defi token, but something about the pitch has a funny smell to it. (ARDR )
01:08 PM
DeFi Is DeadFish? Decentralized Finance Parody Launches on Ardor Blockchain
Decentralized finance (defi) is escaping the Ethereum ecosystem that birthed it and permeating other crypto networks. From TRON to Polkadot and Cosmos to (ARDR , ETH )
10:24 AM
Austria to Put Ardor Blockchain-Based Comms in Citizens' Hands
Source: Adobe/sdecoret A child chain called Ignis by software company Jelurida will be a part of a new project - QualiSig - that has for a goal secure, blockchain-based communication between Austrian (ARDR , BTC )
09:54 PM
Austrian Government Grants Ardor Blockchain Project Share of $26M COVID-19 Tech Fund
Following two funding rounds and 132 applications, QualiSig was one of 45 entries selected for investment. (ARDR )
12:54 AM
Austrian Government Funds Development of Blockchain-Based COVID-19 App
Austria's economic affairs ministry awarded a $67,600 grant to a project called QualiSig, which uses the Ardor blockchain to verify COVID-19 testing. (ARDR )
12:09 PM
Jelurida Announces Ardor on Android
Yesterday, Jelurida announced their Java-based Ardor blockchain can now run as a full node on Android OS. This development eliminates the need for users to manage a server in order to participate in t (ARDR , BTC )
09:24 AM
Ardor blockchain users can now run a full node on Android OS
Jelurida, developers of the Nxt and Ardor blockchain platforms, today announced the launch of a new package of the Ardor software, allowing users to run a (ARDR )
01:54 AM
Jelurida partners with EU-funded Blockchers to power blockchain Startups
Jelurida, a set of public blockchain platforms, including NXT and Ardor, has announced a new partnership with Blockchers, an EU-funded project accelerating the adoption of distributed ledger technology (DLT) in real use cases. Blockchers, which is offering 12 projects up to 50,000 euros of equity free funding in its first (ARDR , NXT )
06:53 AM
Over 60% of Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Have No Working Product, Study Claims
Of the top 100 cryptocurrencies listed by market capitalization, only 36 are actually what the authors term working products in a study recently published online. (ARDR , BCN , BNT , BTC , DCR , ETH , GNT , PIVX , REP , USDT , WAVES , XMR , ZEC , ZRX )
11:23 PM
Which Altcoins Are Winning in the $20 Billion Crypto Bull Run
FOMO Moments Crypto land is cooking this morning; top altcoins are Stellar, Cardano, EOS, Zcash, 0x, Icon and Ardor. Finally it is party time in crypto Finally it is party time in crypto land, a big bull run has starting and markets are awash with green this morning. Over $20 billion has entered the markets in the past 24 hours pushing total capitalization over $290 billion for the first time in a month. (ADA , ARDR , EOS , STR , XLM , ZEC , ZRX )
03:24 AM
Global property platform Dominium chooses Ardor blockchain technology
Dominium B.V., a company registered in the Netherlands which is developing its property software system - Dominium platform, today announced they have (ARDR )
11:39 AM
How Jelurida's Ardor Platform Could Revolutionize the Crypto Industry
As it stands, cryptocurrencies and various other financial systems are the primary and most widely used application of the blockchain and its associated technology.However, the true potential of bloc (ARDR , BTC )
05:38 AM
How Can You Integrate Smart Contracts in Your Business Operations?
Smart contracts have quickly become one of the must-have business innovations of 2018. Here are some things you need to know before integrating smart contracts into your business. (ARDR )
01:24 PM
Cooling Ardor for Flashy Smartphones Spells Trouble for Suppliers
Consumers seem less willing to shell out for pricey phones. That means bad weather ahead for Asian companies who make their components. (ARDR )
08:34 PM
Nxt Launches 'Blockchain Creation Kit'
Nxt has announced the launch of its Blockchain Creation Kit, which allows third party developers to create their own blockchain. (ARDR )
11:39 PM
Blockchain tech company Jelurida prepares for 2nd round of crowdsale for IGNIS tokens
Jelurida, the development company behind the Nxt and Ardor blockchain platforms today announced its second round out of five for theIGNIS crowdsale. Over (ARDR )
04:09 AM
Bitswift to Join the Ardor Platform as a Child Chain
Jelurida BV, theholder of intellectual property rights for Nxtsoftware and the Ardor platformtoday announces that Bitswiftwill be added to Ardor, a blockchain-as-a-service platform that allows organizations to create a blockchain without worrying about development or network security. The Ardor platform incorporates Nxts features and a unique architecture that prevents blockchain bloat through pruning where transaction (ARDR , SWIFT )
06:25 AM
Facebook Measurement Mistakes Test Advertisers' Ardor
Four flubs since September have ad buyers calling for more independent audits. Some consider shifting budgets elsewhere. (ARDR )
06:00 PM
Freewallet users will soon be able to buy zCash with credit cards
While Bitcoins slowly passing away, Freewallet announced the release of zCash, Ardor and NXT wallets. (ARDR , BTC , ZEC )
05:09 AM
HitBTC Launches Ardor, Redistributes ARDR between NXT Holders
09:08 AM
Ardor (ARDR) Tokens Begin Trading On Poloniex Exchange
The ARDR/BTC pair has just been added, and is now actively trading on Poloniex exchange. After opening at a price of .04999997, and dropping to .00002503, ARDR regained some ground to reach 5500 satoshis. Currently trading in the range of .00004000 - .00005500 BTC (ARDR )
07:54 PM
HitBTC Launches Ardor, Redistributes ARDR Between NXT Holders
October 13, 2016 HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange adds support for the freshly launched digital asset - Ardor. The new ARDR to BTC market is already open for trading on the HitBTC exchange. (BTC , NXT )
04:38 AM

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