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Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, ADA, THETA, XMR, AMP
Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, ADA, THETA, XMR, AMP
Jun 20
02:45 PM
Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, ADA, THETA, XMR, AMP
If Bitcoin price remains in the current range, ADA, THETA, XMR and AMP could bounce higher over the coming days. (ADA , AMP , BTC , XMR )
Jun 20
12:09 PM
Flexa's AMP Cryptocurrency Registers 1700% Gains in 2021
The Flexa's AMP price touched an all-time high of $0.12 on Wednesday, June 16. Since the beginning of 2021, the AMP price has surged 20x. (AMP )
Jun 18
03:09 AM
Where to Buy AMP While Its Price Is At This Level
AMP price has already provided year-to-date gains of about 1,700%, but recent developments could boost its price further. Amp provides a platform for collateralising asset transfers through a system o (AMP , BTC )
Jun 17
07:24 AM
Flexa AMP cryptocurrency hits new highs on Coinbase listing
Altcoin AMP from crypto payment firm Flexa has hit new record highs thanks to Coinbase. (AMP )
Jun 17
01:39 AM
Are you Amped up for AMP? Where to buy
Amp has made significant gains of around 66% over the last two weeks. Amp provides assets like BTC with instant, verifiable assurance for any real-world application. The project has seen a rise in i (AMP , BTC )
Jun 12
03:09 PM
Bitcoin and Ethereum Trim Gains, AMP Rallies
Bitcoin price spiked above the USD 38,000 level, but it failed to surpass the USD 38,500 resistance. BTC started a downside correction and traded below USD 37,000. It is currently (04:39 UTC) showing (AMP , BTC , ETH )
Jun 11
01:09 AM
Gitcoin (GTC), Enzyme Token (MLN) and Amp (AMP) to Launch on Coinbase Pro
Coinbase Pro now will support the trading of Gitcoin (GTC), Enzyme Token (MLN), and AMP as it was officially announced on Tuesday. (AMP , MLN )
Jun 09
03:39 AM
Crypto Payment App Flexa Raises $20M, Unveils New Backend
Crypto payment app Flexa raised $20 million in a private sale of its AMP token, which will replace the FXC token, and unveiled a new backend. (AMP )
06:23 AM
Poloniex Cryptocurrency Exchange To Delist Three Altcoins, Remove Margin and Lending Products for U.S. Traders
As part of its effort to improve and professionalize its platform, Poloniex, the 46th largest digital assets trading platform in the world, has announced it would stop offering margin trading and lend (AMP , BTC , EXP , GNO )
12:08 PM
Synereo Lights Up the Crypto Space: Burns 33% of its Tokens and Launches WildSpark
Liberating the attention economy, Synereo officially launches WildSpark, a blockchain-based social network where content creators can profit freely; Hitting several target milestones, Synereo also announces it will burn 33.33% of its AMP tokens. (AMP )
04:54 AM
Bitcoin Researchers are Launching Atomic Multi-Path Payments (AMP) via Lightning Network
A new scheme for solving the issue of Bitcoin's scalability has been designed by Conner Fromknecht and Olaoluwa Osuntokun. Atomic Multi-Path Payments over Lightning promises to enhance privacy and decentralization to facilitate Bitcoin payments. (AMP , BTC )
06:10 AM
Synereo Launches Creator Program, Allocates $500,000 in Rewards
WildSpark, Synereo's first product, offers creators of original content an opportunity for direct monetization. (AMP )
03:09 AM
Synereo Integrates Changelly's API, Allows Users to Purchase AMPs Using Any Currency
According to the Synereo's chief executive, the partnership with Changelly will enable users of its platform to reward content creators with any currency they have. (AMP )
05:24 AM
Synereo Launches WildSpark to Reward Content Creation with Cryptocurrency
Quality Content is Incentivized on WildSparks Beta Platform Launching August 9. (AMP )
04:09 AM
Synereos WildSpark Platform is now in Beta - The Bitcoin News
Synereos WildSpark Platform is now in Beta (AMP , BTC )
03:39 AM
Synereo Releases Content Monetization Platform WildSpark
Synereo Releases Content Monetization Platform WildSpark (AMP )
07:39 PM
Synereo Finally Lunched Content Monetization Platform WildSpark
WildSpark allows you to share the content you like in a way that rewards both you and its creator using AMPs, Synereos digital currency. (AMP )
04:54 PM
Synereo Renames QRator to WildSpark, Announces Beta Launch
Synereo has announced the upcoming beta release of its WildSpark, previously known as QRator platform. Read more... (AMP )
06:40 AM
Blockchain Startup Synereo Renames Flagship Product Qrator to WildSpark
WildSpark turns out to be the first product to make real use of the AMP, the digital currency issued by Synereo. (AMP )
04:10 AM
Synereo Rebrands QRator to WildSpark, Opens Beta Registration
Tel Aviv, Israel, 19 June, 2017 Synereo Ltd., a blockchain startup creating an Internet meta-layer for equitable, decentralized content creation and distribution, is rebranding its flagship product Qrator to WildSpark. ( rebrand coincides with the launch of, where individuals can register for the platforms Beta version to be launched on June 30. The Continue reading Synereo Rebrands QRator to WildSpark, Opens Beta Registration (AMP )
10:39 AM
Synereo announces first attention economy app Qrator
Bitcoin News: Synereo announces first attention economy app Qrator (AMP , BTC )
02:54 PM
Synereo Launches First Attention Economy App Qrator
Bitcoin News: Synereo Launches First Attention Economy App Qrator (AMP , BTC )
08:54 PM
Synereos Qrator Is The First Application for the Attention Economy
Bitcoin News: Synereos Qrator Is The First Application for the Attention Economy (AMP , BTC )
12:54 PM
Synereo Unveils Tech Behind Its Decentralized Web
(AMP , BTC )
09:56 AM
Blockchain Startup Synereo Threatens Monopoly of Ethereum as Major DApps Host
Blockchain startup, Synereo, has initiated an attempt to break the monopoly of Ethereum as the only major platform that hosts distributed applications. (AMP , ETH )
06:23 AM
Publishers Should Not Throw Google AMP Under The Bus Yet
Optimizing web pages for mobile users is a difficult task. Modern platforms have mobile-ready versions of the desktop site available, albeit they do not always translate to smaller screens all that we (AMP )
01:53 PM
Synereo Aims to 'Fundamentally Redesign the Internet'
The Israel-based blockchain 2.0 company Synereo has recently announced some new innovations and a successful funding campaign raising $4.7 million USD. (AMP )
05:09 AM
Synereo Raises $4.7 Million, Continues to Expand the Team
Synereo blockchain platform to expand its team following a successful fundraising campaign to raise $4.7 million. Read more... (AMP )
04:23 AM
Synereo Bringing Decentralized Social Media to China
The social media layer promises to protect privacy and freedom of speech in a country where the Internet is heavily controlled. (AMP )
04:24 AM
Synereo Partners Silicon Valleys NFX Guild to Accelerate Decentralised Apps
Synereo gets a push from a Silicon Valley company for its technology that allows for the building of decentralised applications. (AMP )
09:08 AM
Synereo Partners with NFX Guild to Promote its DApps Ecosystem
Synereo blockchain platform has announced its partnership with NFX Guild to accelerate the development of its DApps ecosystem. Read more... (AMP )
12:08 PM
Blockchain Network Synereo Partners Silicon Valleys NFX Guild to Accelerate dApp Dev Teams
The NFX Guild partnered Synereo, a blockchain-based, decentralized social network, to develop an ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps) on top of Synereos Blockchain 2.0 platform. (AMP )
09:08 AM
Silicon Valleys NFX Guild Picks Synereo to Decentralize Internet
Silicon Valley-based NFX Guild has partnered with Synereo to develop an ecosystem of decentralized applications on top of Synereos blockchain 2.0 platform. (AMP )
06:38 AM
Synereo 2.0 Tech Stack to Compete with Ethereum Protocol?
Synereo has announced the launch of two new products to augment its Rchain blockchain infrastructure. Rchain may soon give Ethereum a run for its money. (AMP , ETH )
12:08 PM
Synereo Burns $146 Mln Worth of Its Coins, Giving Users More Control
Synereo destroys half of all its platforms native Cryptocurrency to give users more control over its platform (AMP )
04:53 AM
Facebook-Killer Synereo Raises $2M in First Six Hours of Crowdsale
(AMP )
09:08 PM
Facebook-Killer Synereo Raises $2M in Six Hours
Synereo, a new social platform with ambitions to 'decentralize the web,' has raised almost $2 million USD in the first six hours of its second crowdsale. (AMP )
10:08 AM
Synereo Launches Fundraising Campaign after Destroying Holdings worth $146m
The campaign means to compensate for 50% of Synereo AMP holdings that were recently destroyed following a strategic decision. (AMP )
04:53 AM
Synereo Unveils Tech Behind Its Decentralized Social Network, RChain To Replace Blockchain
Decentralized social media platform, Synereo, disclosed a 4-layer tech stack that would power its system, with RChain To Replace Blockchain. (AMP )
07:38 PM
Blockchain Startup Synereo Destroys Native Cryptocurrency Worth $145 Million
Synereo, the startup behind its namesake decentralized blockchain-based social network has burnt half its holdings of pre-mined AMPs, its native token cryptocurrency. (AMP )
06:08 AM
Synereo Explained: the Social Media Layer
Synereo is back in the spotlight with another crowdsale and the alpha model of their decentralized social media network. But how does it work? (AMP )
06:08 PM
Synereo Discloses What Powers Its Ambitious Social Network Project
Israeli startup Synereo yesterday disclosed the underlying Blockchain Technology Stack that powers its decentralized social network. (AMP )
06:08 AM
Synereo Unveils Tech Behind Its Decentralized Web
Decentralized computing startup Synereo has revealed more details about its Technology Stack, as it also prepares for another fundraising... (AMP )
12:38 PM
Synereo Allocates $200k Fund for dApps Developers
Synereo has called for signups from decentralizers, a term combining developers, entrepreneurs and curators passionate about decentralized systems. (AMP )
12:53 PM
Steemit or Synereo? Comparing Decentralized Social Networks
With both Steemit and Synereo claiming to be the game-changing decentralized social networks, CoinTelegraph looks into the debate comparing these two platforms. (AMP )
11:23 AM
Synereo Announces Alpha Phase As Worlds First Decentralized Social Network
Synereo, a Tel-Aviv based company developing a blockchain-based, decentralized social network and a platform allowing web applications to exist without centralized servers, will move into alpha phase this September. (AMP )
08:23 AM
Blockchain Project Synereo Promises Evolution in Social Networking Space
(AMP )
12:08 PM
Beware, Facebook! Decentralised Social Network is Approaching
Tel-Aviv based decentralized tech stack development company, Synereo has announced that it will be releasing the Alpha phase of decentralised social network in September. The company claims that this development will allow web applications to exist without centralized servers. (AMP )
10:23 AM
Synereo CTO on DAO Bitter Lesson: How to Avoid Trust Abuse
Synereo proposes a semi-autonomous system which requires human involvement in roles defined in smart contracts. (AMP , DAO )
07:23 AM

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