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Bancor Price Analysis: BNT Surges 15% in 24 Hours Despite Bitcoins Latest Drop
Bancor regained momentum after rising above a two-week resistance with 42% gains in a week. It may pull back to the previous breakout level if buying volume starts to decrease. An increase above the c (42 , BNT , BTC )
Jun 24
06:39 AM
Alphabet (GOOGL) Stock Up 0.42%, Google to Diversify Its Management
Alphabet (GOOGL) stock price rose slightly as CEO Sundar Pichai announced sweeping changes in the company's approach to diversity. (42 )
Jun 18
04:39 AM
Thailand's Finance Ministry Announces Blockchain Enabled Sale of Cheap Bonds
Thailands Public Debt Management Office announced plans to sell $6.42 million worth of cheaply priced bonds using blockchain enabled e-wallet. (42 )
Jun 17
02:39 AM
Ransomware Gang Demands $42M or it Releases Trumps Dirty Laundry
The ransomware gang that stole almost 1TB of legal secrets from the biggest names in the entertainment industry is now demanding $42 million in cryptocurrency or else it will expose U.S. President Don (42 )
May 14
11:24 PM
Brazils Largest Crypto-Friendly Bank Posts 42% Rise In Q4 2019
The largest standalone investment bank in Latin America, Banco BTG Pactual SA, recorded an impressive 42% net income growth during last years fourth quarter. The bank is regarded as one of the crypto (42 , BTC )
Feb 14
05:55 AM
Bitcoin Core developer reports 42% drop in build time since peak
Bitcoin Core contributor and guest writer for BitMEX Research, Michael Ford, recently published a report about the build system improvements for Bitcoin, while also expanding on his involvement in rem (42 , BTC )
Jan 08
08:09 PM
EOS Price Analysis: EOS Holds Support At $2.42 But Can The Bulls Push Any Higher?
EOS saw a slight increase of 5.25% over the past 24, and it now trades at $2.42. The cryptocurrency is trading sideways against BTC within a 6-month old symmetrical triangle. EOS has been climbing the (42 , BTC , EOS )
09:54 AM
Mysterious Wallet Moves Millions in ETH For The First Time, Selloff Ensues?
On 25th September, a mysterious Ethereum account sent out 42,500 ETH starting a string of withdrawals over the past three months totaling over 334,000 ETH (approx. $47 million USD) the latest a 60,0 (42 , BTC , ETH )
01:09 PM
Shopin Founder Pleads Guilty to Orchestrating Fraudulent $42 Million ICO
Shopin founder and former CEO Eran Eyal pleads guilty to felony charges for running a fraudulent initial coin offering that raised more than $42 million (42 )
02:39 PM
US SEC Charges Shopin Founder With Orchestrating Fraudulent $42 Million ICO
Shopin Founder and CEO Eran Eyal allegedly spent $500,000 of investor funds on personal expenses (42 )
05:09 PM
U.S. SEC charges Shopin blockchain startup CEO with coin offering fraud
The chief executive of Shopin was charged on Wednesday by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission with defrauding investors in a $42.5 million initial coin offering by falsely telling them that his blockchain startup had close ties to major retailers and a Silicon Valley entrepreneur.
04:57 PM
SEC Charges Shopin CEO With Fraud Over Unregistered $42M ICO
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged Shopin and its founder Eran Eyal with fraud after a $42 million initial coin offering. The SEC announced Wednesday that Eyal had been charged with defrauding investors by selling unregistered securities in the form of Shopin Tokens. While Eyal was supposed to develop a platform which [] (42 )
02:09 PM
Bitcoin Price Jumped 42% Last Time It Hit This Level, and BTC Has Tapped It Again
Late last month, Bitcoin (BTC) saw a jaw-dropping trading session, with the cryptocurrency's price gaining 42% in a 24-hour time frame; this was BTC's (42 , BTC )
04:09 AM
Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Falls Below $0.26 But A Bullish Crossover Could Suggest A Trend Reversal
XRP saw a small decline of around 1.42% over the past 24 hours and it currently trades at $0.2590. The cryptocurrency has seen a further drop of 10.63% over the past week and it fell below the support (42 , BTC , XRP )
07:24 AM
Technicals Lean Bullish as Massive Bitcoin Price Move Brews
Bitcoin (BTC) is about to see a massive bout of volatility, according to a long-term technical indicator. Sure, the leading cryptocurrency spiked by 42% (42 , BTC )
02:54 PM
Ether Price Breaks Key Resistance Can It Repeat Bitcoins 42% Gain?
Ethers USD and BTC pair suggest the continuation of the bullish breakout that started on Nov. 3, over a week after Bitcoins 42% daily gains (42 , BTC , ETH )
11:24 PM
Bitcoin Signal That Preceded 42% Price Jump to $10,500 Flashes Again
A custom technical signal that has predicted Bitcoin's price trends to a tee over the past six weeks is printing a buy, implying that BTC may soon mount (42 , BTC )
04:09 AM
Sunday Crypto Market Watch: Bitcoin Price Consolidation To End In a Violent Move
Bitcoin, once again, shocked the world last weekend when it surged with 42% in less than 24 hours. However, with that event behind our backs, Bitcoins volatility has been declining. After touching $1 (42 , BTC )
09:24 AM
Is Bitcoin Setting The Stage For Another Move? Sunday Crypto Market Watch
It goes without saying that Bitcoin, once again, shocked the world last week when it surged with 42% in less than 24 hours. However, with that event behind our backs, Bitcoins volatility has been dec (42 , BTC )
08:54 AM
Ether and Bitcoin Price Look for Direction After Last Weeks 42% Rally
Indicators show Ethereums price is neutral and awaiting the result of Bitcoins weekly close (42 , BTC , ETH )
04:54 PM
Bakkt Bitcoin Futures See Huge Week: Growing Institutional Interest
It seems that the now-infamous China pump of 2019 has awoken something in Bakkt's Bitcoin futures. On the day of the jaw-dropping 42% pump last week, the (42 , BTC )
01:39 PM
Bitcoin Price Analysis: The Suspicious Calmness Anticipating a Huge BTC Move Following Last Saturdays $4,000 Surge
The past weekend was crazy even for the most experienced crypto traders, who couldnt remember when was the last time they saw a 42% change in the price of Bitcoin in under 24 hours took place. Since (42 , BTC )
03:53 AM
Despite The 42% Price Spike, The Majority Are Still Bearish On Bitcoin Short-Term
Despite Bitcoins latest surge which was undoubtedly among the most impressive ones in years, a lot of people continue to be fairly bearish in the short-term. Bitcoin gained around $3,000 in less than (42 , BTC )
02:24 AM
Who Caused the 42% Bitcoin (BTC) Rally?
The Bitcoin rally late last Friday added a dramatic 42% gain to its peak at above $10,000. The days before that saw seemingly disconnected whale (42 , BTC )
08:09 AM
Bitcoin Flash-Crashes $400, Altcoins In Green: Crypto Market Watch
Bitcoin went on one of its most impressive price rallies last week, surging over 42% in just a day. Not only did this made last week the best one for Bitcoin since May, but it also returned the positi (42 , BTC )
03:24 AM
Altcoins Prepare to Rally in the Shadow of Bitcoins Recent 42% Gain
Bitcoins recent 42% rally may have prepared altcoins for a new upcycle (42 , ADA , BTC , ETH )
02:39 PM
Bulls Jumping the Gun, Bitcoin Price Not Bullish Yet at $9,400: Analyst
Last weekend, Bitcoin (BTC) saw a historic move: in under 24 hours, the leading cryptocurrency shot higher by 42%, finding itself trading at $10,500 after (42 , BTC )
05:09 AM
3 Reasons Bitcoin Price May Hit $20,000 by Year-End
Days after a depressing flash crash, Bitcoin had a mind-bending rally, snapping up a 42% gain. BTC moved up from $7,500, briefly touching $10,000. Then (42 , BTC )
07:09 AM
Ether Price: 30% Weekly Gain Driven by Bitcoin Rally Next Stop $225?
Ether flipped bullish, gaining 24% as Bitcoin rallied 42% on Oct. 25. The altcoin now aims for $200 (42 , BTC , ETH )
09:24 PM
Bitcoin Price Falls Under $9,000 After Remarkable 42% Rally
Bitcoin (BTC) has been on a record-setting rally over the past 36 hours. In around the span of some 18 hours, the leading cryptocurrency shot higher by (42 , BTC )
12:39 PM
3 Reasons That Could Explain Why Bitcoin Price Surged 42% In One Day
Never a dull moment in the crypto community as bitcoin has once again shown that it is highly volatile. The leading coin, which consolidated around the $8,000 region since late September and traded as (42 , BTC )
03:09 AM
Bitcoin Price Soars 42% to $10,500 Biggest Daily Gain Since 2011
Crypto markets are in shock as Bitcoin price posted its biggest daily gain since 2011, squeezing $150 million in short positions to the disbelief of bears (42 , BTC )
12:54 AM
RBI Ban Stops Indian Police From Cashing Out Seized Crypto
The effects of banking restrictions by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have reached an Indian police department. The police sold some cryptocurrencies they seized only to find out that they cannot access the Rs 8.42 crore (~$1.2 million) proceeds due to the current RBI banking ban. (42 , BTC )
08:24 PM
XLM Price Analysis: Stellar Skyrockets 42%, Can It Go Any Higher?
Stellar Lumens has seen an extraordinary 41% price surge over the past few days, bringing its price to the $0.082 level. This latest increase made XLM the strongest performing cryptocurrency out of th (42 , BTC , STR , XLM )
07:39 AM
Can Brexit Affect Bitcoin? Hash
It was in June 2016 when the UK voted to exit the EU. It was a shocking result and many inventors were left with the uncertainty of how the market will turn out in the next two years. This indeed caused the pound currency to drop from 1.42 to 1.36. What cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, investors were pleased to see was that its price rose. It was that time when the price of Bitcoin rose to $750 from its usual price range of $500 to around $600. This may be one of the reasons why Bitcoin and other forms of cryptos (42 , BTC )
01:09 PM
Bitcoin, Tron and Litecoin Price Prediction and Analysis For August 21st: BTC, TRX, and LTC Hash
Bitcoin Price Analysis (BTC/USD) On an hourly chart, the bulls have dominated the market of BTC/USD pair. The 7 day MA was seen gravitating above the 21 day MA that signaled an increase in bullish pressure. The top cryptocurrencyhas slightly gained by 0.17%, having escalated from $10731.71 to $10750.00. Apparently, a bullish engulfing candle started the session that shifted the price up to a high of $10737.38. A medium-term period of consolidation also followed between $10671.09 and $10741.42 level. The pairs price later fluctuated upwards before a decline down to the current price of $10750.00. The RSI indicator that moved (42 , BTC , LTC )
12:54 AM
Report by nobl Insurance Details Changes in Crypto Activity
The cryptocurrency market has grown by a whopping 42 percent in the United States over just the last year alone, but many companies seem intent on adding to the technology thats witnessed within the (42 , BTC )
01:39 PM
Binance's total monthly volume of 42.1 billion USD ensures exchange's dominance
Digital asset data provider, CryptoCompare recently launched a crypto exchange guideline which aimed at ranking exchanges. The latest report from CryptoCompare revealed an array of exchange volume ran (42 )
08:23 PM
Pantera Capital CEO Believes Bitcoin Could Reach $356,000 in a Couple Years
Pantera Capital founder Dan Morehead says Bitcoin could likely reach $42,000 by the end of 2019 and even $356,000 by 2022 on the Unchained podcast (42 , BTC )
06:38 PM
Ripple Price Analysis: Following Bitcoin Plunge, XRP Drops Back Into $0.42 Support Area
Ripple has seen a steep fall, which totals over 12% throughout the past 24 hours of trading, bringing the current price for the coin down to around $0.42. Although the cryptocurrency has been struggli (42 , BTC , XRP )
08:53 AM
Ethereum Price Analysis May 24: ETH Back Above $250, Can It Hold?
Ethereum has seen a rebound over the past 24 hours which amounts to positive 3.78 percent, allowing its price to climb back above $250 where it currently trades at $251. Ethereum has now seen a 42% pr (42 , BTC , ETH )
08:23 AM
Cointext Adds the Ability to Pay Bitpay Invoices Using SMS
Cointext has added the ability to pay the BIP70 protocol so users can pay Bitpay invoices using the wallet's text messaging abilities. (42 , BCH )
10:23 AM
Litecoin (LTC) Price Positioned For Next Bullish Break
Litecoin price declined sharply after trading as high as $53.50 against the US Dollar.LTC price tested the $42.50 support and it is currently moving higher (42 , LTC )
03:08 AM
30 File Complaint Against Crypto Mining Firm in Thailand for Alleged Scam
A possible cryptocurrency mining scam involving an estimated 42 million Thai Baht (USD $1.34M) has been exposed in Thailand when 30 alleged victims showed up at (42 )
10:53 AM
Is BitTorrent (BTT) Success Capping Tron (TRX) Demand?
Tron prices slow down as TRX slip to ninth BitTorrent (BTT) could be capping TRX demand Transactional volumes are low and well below 42 million of Feb 4 (42 )
11:08 AM
$15.4 Billion of New Crypto Value Created During 2018 Survives Year
A report recently published by Diar has estimated that nearly $15.42 billion of value was added to the current market capitalization of the combined cryptocurrency markets in the form of newly created tokens and crypto asset inflation during 2018. (42 , BTC , ETH )
04:08 AM
Rocke Group's Monero Mining Malware now More Powerful than Cloud Security Software
According to a January 17, 2019, press release from Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42, a threat intelligence team, a Linux mining malware developed by Rocke group has advanced to uninstall cloud security pr (42 , BTC , XMR )
10:53 AM
Ripple Price Analysis: XRP/USD Likely To Climb Toward $0.42
Ripple price is positioned nicely for more gains against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. XRP/USD is likely to accelerate gains towards the $0.4200 level in the near term. (42 , BTC , XRP )
11:08 PM
Are BCH miners using their Bitcoin to fund the war? Bitcoin hash rate drops by 10%
On November 3, 2018, Bitcoin's hash rate was standing on 57.5 million TH/s. Now, the BTC hash rate dropped below 42 million TH/s, and we suspect that the Bitcoin Cash hash wars have the answers for th (42 , BCH , BTC )
05:23 AM
Tokyo Police Arrest Eight Men In A Cryptocurrency Pyramid Scheme
Tokyo police arrested eight men on November 14, 2018, for a cryptocurrency-related pyramid scheme that scammed 6,000 people of 7.8 billion yen (approximately $68.42 million). According to Japanese New (42 , BTC )
03:23 PM

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