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Cryptocurrency Price Check: Paulson Calls Crypto Worthless Bubble
Billionaire investor John Paulson says cryptocurrency is 'a limited supply of nothing.'
Aug 30
06:06 AM
Buy the Dip Candidates: Tesla, Bitcoin, Honeywell Stocks
These stocks that have declined recently could be 'buy the dip' opportunities, including Tesla, Bitcoin, Honeywell, and others. (BTC )
Aug 26
04:33 AM
Cryptocurrency Basics: Here's How You're Taxed (Video)
Watch: TurboTax Expert Lisa Greene-Lewis explains the ways that cryptocurrency transactions can be taxed.
Aug 25
09:27 AM
Powerbridge Stock Wavers After Pact to Buy Cryptomining Machines
Shares of Powerbridge waver after the Chinese software and blockchain company agrees to buy 5,600 bitcoin and ethereum mining machines.
Aug 25
07:45 AM
Bitcoin Powers Back to $50,000 - Where From Here?
Bitcoin continues to chug higher as bulls are buying the dips. Now that it's at multimonth highs, what's next? The charts hold a hint. (BTC )
Aug 23
11:54 AM
El Salvador to Open ATMs, Kiosks for Bitcoin Exchanges
The facilities are to open Sept. 7 and allow citizens to convert Bitcoin into U.S. dollars and then withdraw those dollars in cash. (BTC )
Aug 23
11:48 AM
Visa Jumps Into NFT's With CryptoPunk Purchase
Visa paid 49.50 Ether for the CrpytoPunk 7610 NFT, according to the blockchain ledger.
Aug 23
10:12 AM
Cryptocurrency Price Check: PayPal Expands Crypto Services, Coinbase Buys Crypto
Cryptocurrency prices are climbing as PayPal expands its crypto services and Coinbase Global commits to investing its own money.
Aug 23
06:30 AM
Coinbase and MicroStrategy Stocks Rise as Bitcoin Surges
Coinbase and MicroStrategy, two of the biggest Bitcoin players, have benefited from the digital currency's 50% jump over the past six months. (BTC )
Aug 23
06:24 AM
Six Reasons Why Ethereum Has Intrinsic Value
Ether is no longer following bitcoin's price fluctuations as closely as it once did, and it is starting to be driven by its own catalysts. (ETH )
Aug 23
05:06 AM
PayPal Expands Crypto Trading To UK
PayPal Holdings expands its cryptocurrency services outside of the U.S., allowing customers in the U.K. to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. (BTC )
Aug 22
05:31 PM
Paysafe Agrees to Acquire Viafintech
Paysafe agrees to acquire Berlin-based fintech company Viafintech in an all-cash deal.
Aug 22
11:48 AM
How the Winklevoss Twins Became Billionaires
The Winklevoss twins were known for the legal battle with Mark Zuckerberg over Facebook but since then, they have built a crypto-based empire that is ever expanding.
Aug 20
08:04 AM
Coinbase Plans to Invest 10% of Profits in Cryptocurrencies
Coinbase shares rise on Friday as CEO Bruce Armstrong says the largest U.S. crypto-assets exchange is putting its own money into cryptocurrency.
Aug 20
06:33 AM
Crypto and Infrastructure: What Is a Broker, What Does It Mean For Your Taxes?
With the $1 trillion federal infrastructure bill heading to the House, crypto investors are still unclear on what defines a broker and how crypto transactions will be taxed.
Aug 17
09:45 AM
Cryptocurrency Price Check: Bitcoin Surges, Walmart Looks for Crypto Leader
Walmart searches for a cryptocurrency leader, while Bitcoin prices climb. (BTC )
Aug 16
06:39 AM
3 Ways to Gain Exposure to Crypto Through Equities
A safer way to gain exposure to the burgeoning cryptocurrency financial instrument could be via equities.
Aug 16
04:33 AM
Why Cryptocurrency Ecosystem is Attractive to Investors - Top Expert
The network is paying out rewards to crypto miners, who are helping to validate the integrity of the blockchain, says Matthew Sigel, head of digital assets research for VanEck.
Aug 14
04:06 AM
This Is One of the Biggest Risks to Cryptocurrency Adoption - Top Expert
One of the biggest risks to the wide adoption of cryptocurrency is the 'regulatory backdrop,' says Matthew Sigel, head of digital assets research for VanEck, in this video interview.
Aug 13
08:48 AM
Blockchain Could 'Redefine the Way We Do Business' - Top Expert
Blockchain is 'helping to redefine the financial system,' says Ed Lopez, Head of VanEck's ETF products, in this video interview.
Aug 13
07:06 AM
A Look at the Top 5 Cryptocurrency Heists
Here are some of the biggest cryptocurrency heists in history.
Aug 12
08:06 AM
Has Gold Lost Its Shine to Bitcoin? - RealMoney
As the market plays ping pong between its reflation vs. deflation view and moves with U.S. bond yields, both gold and bitcoin are part of the larger macro trade. (BTC )
Aug 11
08:36 AM
Coinbase Stock Jumps As Crypto Trade Volumes Power Earnings Beat
Coinbase Global shares traded higher Wednesday after the cryptocurrency trading platform posted better-than-expected second quarter earnings and a surge in dealing volumes.
Aug 11
03:54 AM
Could Cryptocurrency Education End Poverty? Top Tokenization Influencer
'In all of those developing countries, you will see that those people are kept uneducated,' says Eloisa Marchesoni, Blockchain, DeFi, NFT, Token Model Architecture Influencer.
Aug 10
05:06 AM
Coinbase Stock Rises Ahead of Tuesday's Earnings Report
The Coinbase analyst consensus compiled by Bloomberg is adjusted earnings of $2.44 a share on revenue of $1.88 billion. The crypto exchange reports Tuesday.
Aug 09
10:42 AM
Bitcoin - Is $50,000 Next as It Makes Multi-Month Highs?
Bitcoin is hitting its highest level since May. Is the cryptocurrency finally a buy or is this just a rally of false hope? (BTC )
Aug 09
09:19 AM
How to Invest in Companies Doing Business in the Crypto Ecosystem
During a recent webinar, VanEck experts explain its Vectors Digital Transformation ETF, and how investors can have exposure to innovative companies including miners, exchanges, and more.
Aug 09
07:48 AM
Future Fintech Jumps After Meme-Stock Investors Trade Notes
Future Fintech shares jumped 20% Friday and are up again Monday as retail investors on internet forums discuss the company.
Aug 09
06:30 AM
Cryptocurrency Price Check: Bitcoin Rises as Lawmakers Gear Up Oversight
Cryptocurrency prices rise at a time when regulators in both the U.S. and China are looking at increased regulation. (BTC )
Aug 09
06:30 AM
Bitcoin Miner Goes Viral
Bitcoin miner Idan Abada's TikTok video using free Starbucks electricity to mine bitcoin went viral on TikTok, with 2.9 million views and counting. (BTC )
Aug 07
05:06 AM
What This Former NYSE Trader Thinks About SEC Regulation in Cryptocurrency
What does Kenny Polcari, managing partner at Kace Capital Advisors, think about Bitcoin and regulation? (BTC )
Aug 06
11:30 AM
What Is the Shiba Inu Coin?
Shiba Inu Coin was created in August 2020 following the popularity of Dogecoin. (DOGE )
Aug 05
01:33 PM
Ethereum Gives Bulls a Perfect Dip to Buy
Ethereum rallied hard in a short period of time and now it's dipping lower. Here's where to buy the dip. (ETH )
Aug 04
09:48 AM
Forget Robinhood, Here Are the Best Fintech Stocks to Own
It makes sense to take a look at more established fintech companies, like Square, that offer similar upside to Robinhood without the extra noise.
Aug 04
06:00 AM
Bitcoin Volatility: Experts Say, 'Here's How to Invest With Caution'
New to cryptocurrency investing? Worried about volatility? Top experts say invest in bitcoin, ethereum, blockchain, and more. Understand that volatility is a feature, not a bug. (Video) (BTC )
Aug 03
07:30 AM
Buying Bitcoin? Here's How to Think About 'Risk' - Top Expert
'Risk is a feature, not a bug' says Ed Lopez, Head of VanEck's ETF products, in this video interview. (BTC )
Aug 03
05:06 AM
Watch: How Gen Z and Millennials Are Changing the Crypto Investing Ecosystem
'Young traders are forward looking,' says John Patrick Lee, CFA and Product Manager at VanEck, in this video interview.
Aug 02
10:24 AM
Square Is Close to Hitting on All Cylinders: Here's How to Trade It - RealMoney
Yet I'm not all that crazy about such a reliance upon Bitcoin for performance....SQ (BTC )
Aug 02
09:24 AM
Cryptocurrency Price Check: Prices Lower After Bitcoin Surge
Cryptocurrency prices are down following a weekend surge while governments step up regulatory efforts. (BTC )
Aug 02
06:42 AM
U.S. Regulators Reportedly Focus on Tether, Facebook's Diem
Concerns raised about Tether's holdings of commercial paper to back digital currency. (USDT )
Jul 27
12:10 PM
Lucid Motors, Bitcoin, and Lockheed Martin: 3 Things to Watch Into Happy Hour
Need another reason to watch LCID or what exactly led to the surge in Bitcoin. Consider this your guidebook into happy hour. (BTC )
Jul 26
01:33 PM
Stock Market Today With Jim Cramer: Robinhood IPO, Crypto
Robinhood's IPO is the biggest market event this week, Jim Cramer said Monday.
Jul 26
11:51 AM
Riot Blockchain and Other Crypto Assets Rise as Digital Currencies Move Higher
The reason cited for the moves is supportive Bitcoin comments from Tesla's Musk and ARK Investment Management's Wood. (BTC )
Jul 26
08:51 AM
Five Top Stock Gainers for Monday: Riot Blockchain, Hasbro, Aon
Hasbro, Aon, Riot Blockchain, SPX Flow and RBC Bearings are five top stock gainers for Monday.
Jul 26
08:39 AM
Tether Executives Face Possible DoJ Bank Fraud Probe - Report
Tether Ltd. could be facing a criminal probe into allegations that executives engaged in bank fraud by hiding that fact that some of its transactions were related to the cryptocurrency market. (USDT )
Jul 26
06:45 AM
Cryptocurrency Price Check: Bitcoin Rises on Amazon Crypto Speculation
Bitcoin climbs on speculation that Amazon might be entering the crypto arena. (BTC )
Jul 26
06:27 AM
Tesla Earnings Preview: Berlin Buildout, Bitcoin, Margins in Focus
Record revenues of more than $11.4 billion are forecast for the clean-energy carmaker when it reports second quarter earnings after the closing bell, but focus now shifts to its Berlin expansion plans and improving profit margins. (BTC )
Jul 26
04:27 AM
Dow Futures Slip Ahead of Key Earnings Week: Bitcoin Tops $38,000
Wall Street futures slipped from record highs Monday ahead of a busy week for U.S. corporate earnings punctuated by what could be a game-changing policy meeting from the Federal Reserve. (BTC )
Jul 26
03:09 AM
Cryptocurrency Weekend Surge Calms Down
Cryptocurrencies traded lower on Sunday after surging the previous day following comments by Tesla's Elon Musk and Twitter's Jack Dorsey.
Jul 25
11:27 AM
Twitter Stock Jumps as CEO Dorsey Touts Bitcoin as 'Big Part' of Future
Twitter shares rise after posting better-than-expected earnings and CEO Jack Dorsey confirms that Bitcoin will be a 'big part' of the company's future. (BTC )
Jul 23
03:48 AM


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