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Bitcoin Edges Close to Record High Price as October Rally Continues
After hitting a record price of $5,000 per coin in August, bitcoin crashed, with prices as low as $3,000 in mid-September as China cracked down on the cryptocurrency. Here's why bitcoin is back....GS (BTC )
Oct 10
05:11 AM
Understanding the Upcoming Ethereum Hard Fork
As cryptocurrencies mature, they go through a protocol change that requires all users to upgrade. This is what's expected with Ethereum's upcoming hard fork. (ETH )
Oct 06
12:01 PM
Fundstrat Introduces Reference Indices for Cryptocurrencies
Financial institution Fundstrat on Friday introduced new reference indices to track the comparative price performance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. (BTC )
Oct 06
07:56 AM
Think NVIDIA's (NVDA) Rally Is Over? Think Again.
It's hard to mention Nvidia without looking at bitcoin. Take a look where analysts see the pair later this year....NVDA
Oct 05
09:51 AM
CoinShares, the 'BlackRock iShares Equivalent' of Crypto-Finance, Launches
The team behind XBT Provider, issuer of two Bitcoin Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs), and GABI, the first regulated Bitcoin hedge fund, has combined those two entities to launch CoinShares, a product that has $300 million in crypto-assets....JPM (BTC )
Oct 05
08:06 AM
Nvidia Stock to Power Higher Driven by Gaming, Cryptocurrency, Data Center
Shares of Nvidia were flat during Thursday morning trading after analysts at Loop Capital reiterated their "Buy" rating on the semiconductor giant while raising their price target on its stock to $205 from $181....NVDA
Oct 05
06:46 AM
ECB Discussed 'Dangerous Hype' Around Digital Currencies, Austria's Nowotny Says
The European Central Bank has started seriously discussing digital currencies including bitcoin, Governing Council member Ewald Nowotny told Austria's Trend magazine.
Oct 05
04:36 AM
CFTC Pivots to FinTech Regulation to 'Foster the Good, Protect Against the Bad'
Launched in May, LabCFTC is designed not only to make the CFTC more accessible to fintech innovators, but also to serve as a platform for international and domestic regulators to deliberate best practices for leveling the playing field in a booming fintech landscape.
Oct 04
02:11 PM
Watch Out, Bitcoin: Cryptocurrency Zcash Added to South Korea Bithumb
Despite the recent South Korean cryptocurrency ban Bithumb has gone ahead and added cryptocurrency Zcash (ZEC) to its exchange. (BTC , ZEC )
Oct 04
12:36 PM
BlackRock's Larry Fink: 'I am a Believer' in Cryptocurrencies Potential
Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock , a global investment management firm, said on Tuesday that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could help identify the extent of money laundering happening worldwide....BLK
Oct 03
10:51 AM
Goldman's Blankfein to JPMorgan's Dimon on Bitcoin: Hold My Beer
The cryptocurrency space has caught the attention of one the largest banks in the world, but Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein support for the cryptocurrency stands in stark contrast to JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon's antagonism. A battle is brewing, and Blaknfein has thrown down the gauntlet....GS (BTC )
Oct 03
10:12 AM
3 Investments I Like for October (and 2 That I Hate)
Bitcoin looks good, bit dividend stocks don't....EUFN (BTC )
Oct 03
08:31 AM
ION Media sweetens offer to Fox for local-TV station venture
ION Media is eager to form a joint venture with 21st Century Fox to own and operate their local-TV stations, according to sources close to the talks....FOXA (ION )
Oct 02
11:51 AM
Goldman May Add Operations Dedicated to Bitcoin
Banking giant Goldman Sachs GS is considering adding a trading operation devoted to bitcoin and other digital currencies, making it the first Wall Street firm to consider such a move....GS (BTC )
Oct 02
09:46 AM
China's War on Bitcoin Might Be Failing
One Bitcoin operator in China says demand has continued for Bitcoin despite the government's recent crackdown. Here's a view from the ground. (BTC )
Oct 02
04:06 AM
World's Big Banks Should Wake Up When It Comes to Crytocurrencies: Carly Fiorina
Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina wasn't too keen on cryptocurrencies. TheStreet talked to the former tech executive.
Sep 30
01:56 PM
This Could Flip the Digital-Coin Realm
AML Bitcoin is the latest development among rapidly changing cryptocurrencies....SBUX (BTC )
Sep 30
05:46 AM
Bitcoin Can Fuel Your Retirement
Can this cryptocurrency add security to your golden years? With most Americans believing their retirement investments are inadequately diversified, it may be high time for them to dip a toe in Bitcoin IRAs....JPM (BTC )
Sep 30
05:41 AM
In Rapidly Changing World of Cryptocurrencies, There's a New Contender
AML Bitcoin is the latest development among rapidly changing cryptocurrencies....SBUX (BTC )
Sep 30
05:06 AM
Trump's North Korea Bombast is Out of Sync with Gradual Sanctions Squeeze
The president's bombastic rhetoric on North Korea is out of sync with the deliberate diplomatic measures being taken by the rest of his administration. (SYNC )
Sep 28
02:01 PM
Diversification Eludes Crypto Investors as SEC Ramps Up Enforcement
Diversification has long been recognized as one of the keys to successful investing, helping limit excessive and undue exposure to any one asset type. And despite controversy, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can help you achieve an balanced asset allocation. (BTC )
Sep 28
12:08 PM
Swedish Firm Accuses JPMorgan CEO of Bitcoin Market Abuse
Swedish firm Blockswater LLP has filed a market abuse report against JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon for 'spreading false and misleading information' about Bitcoin....JPM (BTC )
Sep 27
03:08 PM
Should You Add Bitcoin to Your IRA?
Diversifying your assets is always a good idea. Investors looking to add cryptocurrency exposure to their individual retirement accounts (IRAs) will need to do their research and know the basics. (BTC )
Sep 27
02:08 PM
Would You Buy a Cryptocurrency Backed by a Guy Named 'Broken Tooth'?
Japanese banks and Macau gangsters are developing Asian digital currencies....MFG
Sep 27
08:08 AM
Bitcoin Is a Fraud, 'Wolf of Wall Street' Jordan Belfort Proclaims
Another view on bitcoin, this time from the infamous Belfort. Indeed, Belfort knows a thing or two about frauds. TheStreet talks exclusively with Belfort....JPM (BTC )
Sep 26
02:38 PM
Ethereum Expected to Split Again in October
Ethereum, a cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology, is expected to split on October 17. (ETH )
Sep 26
09:46 AM
The U.S. Dollar Is a Scam and Bitcoin Is the Future, Veteran Forecaster Predicts
Bitcoin has been slammed by an array of parties in September. But, the reality is that the cryptocurrency looks like the future one veteran forecaster told TheStreet....JPM (BTC )
Sep 26
08:08 AM
Will Bitcoin Ruin Your Tax Return?
Bitcoin has seen a wild ride over the past month. But, here is a look at how the cryptocurrency could impact your taxes. (BTC )
Sep 24
11:45 AM
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Attacks Bitcoin Again
Dimon is really laying into the cryptocurrency. Last week, he dismissed Bitcoin as a bubble on par with tulip mania. Now, he's back at it, trashing the digital commodity....JPM (BTC )
Sep 22
07:07 AM
Bitcoin's Yo-yoing Price Will Remain Resilient And Rise Again
Bitcoin value has experienced a roller coaster ride this month, but things are looking up....JPM (BTC )
Sep 21
02:15 PM
Bitcoin Is Garbage Says This $1.2 Billion Money Man
Bitcoin has been all over the map in September for a variety of reasons. But, one well-known money manager thinks the cryptocurrency is nothing more than a pile of trash. (BTC )
Sep 21
11:45 AM
Bitcoin Futures-Based ETF Likely to Be Approved in the U.S.
Bitcoin is hot, and this American Bitcoin ETF could be the first of its kind. (BTC )
Sep 21
09:15 AM
World Governments Have Declared War on Bitcoin: John McAfee
The battle lines have been drawn between sovereign governments and the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies. Go inside the war on Bitcoin. (BTC )
Sep 21
07:15 AM
Bitcoin Crackdown Is Now Inflicting Pain On Next Generation of Profit Seekers
Bitcoin's future is highly uncertain in light of developments in China. Go inside a day of one up and coming miner just looking to make a few bucks. (BTC )
Sep 21
03:30 AM
Unlock the Secrets Behind Bitcoin Investing: One Expert's Take
Some call it a bubble and others call it a bonanza. So what does Bitcoin really offer average investors? One Bitcoin expert has some good answers. (BTC )
Sep 20
01:00 PM
Google Launches India-Only Mobile Payments App
Google has debuted its first digital payments app for India called Tez....GOOGL
Sep 18
10:45 AM
Bitcoin Secretly Being Used for Money-Laundering?
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has joined the rising chorus of voices warning about bitcoin and other digital currencies. The wild ride continues for Bitcoin, with China leading the pack on the crackdown on the cryptocurrency....BLK (BTC )
Sep 18
07:46 AM
Bitcoin's Biggest Challenge? Too Many Americans Think It's Illegal to Own
Bitcoin is, in fact, completely legal to own. But the decentralized cryptocurrency, which runs on blockchain technology, is often associated with transactions on the dark web and has consequently earned a bad reputation. (BTC )
Sep 18
07:01 AM
Here Is One Question Every Investor Should Be Asking About Bitcoin
Investors should start asking plenty of questions when it comes to bitcoin, according to Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic adviser for Allianz. (BTC )
Sep 17
01:46 PM
Why Has China Declared War on Bitcoin and Digital Currencies?
China's government is starting an all-out war against bitcoin and other digital currencies. Here's why....JPM (BTC )
Sep 17
04:30 AM
What Makes Bitcoin So Tough to Value, and Why a Selloff Could Be in Store
Bitcoin remains a bet on how others will view it in the future. And the recent surge in cryptocurrencies has seen the kind of speculative frenzy one saw during the Dot.com bubble. (BTC )
Sep 16
06:15 AM
Bitcoin Takes a Hard Pounding Amid China Ban
Bitcoin has plummeted below $3,000 amid the ban on initial coin offerings in China. Should investors be worried? (BTC )
Sep 15
09:00 AM
Bitcoin Surges Following a Rough Week
Bitcoin is was rebounding on Friday after an awful week as people start to question its use globally. Volatility is likely to continue in the near-term. (BTC )
Sep 15
07:15 AM
Bitcoin Is Being Thrashed Again -- It Has Now Crashed 33% In Just a Few Days
Bitcoin is headed for an awful week as people start to question its use globally. Volatility is likely to continue in the near-term....JPM (BTC )
Sep 15
03:45 AM
Buy Gold Or Bitcoin?
With Bitcoin prices on the skids, gold is looking pretty attractive again. Should you invest in the yellow metal? (BTC )
Sep 14
03:31 PM
Bitcoin Has Cratered, but Don't Expect It to Vanish Says Mohamed El-Erian
Investors should start asking plenty of questions when it comes to bitcoin, according to Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic adviser for Allianz. (BTC )
Sep 14
01:45 PM
Bitcoin Is Still a Gigantic Bubble Waiting to Explode, Veteran Forecaster Warns
Bitcoin has been on a wild ride of late. More recently, the cryptocurrency has crashed for a number of reasons....JPM (BTC )
Sep 14
01:45 PM
Bitcoin Has a New Fan: Kiss Legend Gene Simmons
Bitcoin is no longer on fire for several reasons. TheStreet talks with Kiss legend Gene Simmons on whether he is investing in Bitcoin like other celebrities. (BTC )
Sep 14
11:02 AM
John McAfee And Global Bitcoin Fans Challenge Jamie Dimon's 'Fraud' Comments
Earlier this week JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon caused Bitcoin to plummet in value when he called the cryptocurrency a 'fraud' and 'worse than tulip bulbs.' But staunch Bitcoin supporters like John McAfee are fighting back. One critic even says Dimon is just a cry-baby who is afraid banks will become obsolete....JPM (BTC )
Sep 14
10:01 AM
Kiss Rocker Gene Simmons Gives Perfect Advice on How to Handle Bitcoin's Crash
TheStreet sits down for an exclusive with legendary rocker Gene Simmons, and of course the topic of Bitcoin came up....JPM (BTC )
Sep 14
08:00 AM


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