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Bitcoin, Elon Musk and United Airlines - 5 Things You Must Know
U.S. stock futures point to a mixed open for Wall Street on Tuesday, as traders return to their desks after the Christmas holiday....TSLA (BTC )
02:47 AM
7 Biggest Tech Moments of 2017 From Around the World
Technology has had one big year. From the rise of bitcoin to the launch of Apple's most expensive iPhone ever, tech stole the show in 2017. Here are several of the top moments....BIDU
05:21 AM
Overstock CEO: How I Am Using Blockchain to Stop Wall Street Mischief
Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne is now focused on shaking up how Wall Street does business. His approach: tapping in the power of blockchain technology....OSTK
05:19 AM
Why Bitcoin's Latest Rally and Plunge Feel Different This Time
The mania surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies hit a fever pitch in December. For that reason, the correction that has followed might not end so quickly....RIOT (BTC )
12:52 PM
Overstock CEO: Gods of Economics Want Us to Sell to Bricks and Mortar Retailer
Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne has made headlines lately for trying to sell his company to invest in blockchain. Is he closing in on a big deal for the internet retailer? Byrne talks with TheStreet about the move....TJX
12:07 PM
Strategist on the Big Bitcoin Correction: 'I'm Surprised It Took So Long'
The cryptocurrency's dramatic fall on Friday has prompted many to wonder if the Bitcoin bubble has finally burst....FB (BTC )
10:53 AM
Overstock CEO: Bitcoin's Mysterious Plunge Could Reflect 3 Possible Things
Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne was an early adopter of bitcoin. In fact, Overstock started to accept bitcoin as payment in 2014. Here is what Byrne thinks about the crypto's plunge from recent highs....OSTK (BTC )
09:58 AM
As Bitcoin Plunges, Cryptocurrency Fans Chant 'HODL' For Comfort
Stalwart crypto investors are repeating their favorite mantra in the belief that the long-term bull market for cryptocurrency remains intact. (BTC )
08:46 AM
Bitcoin: Birth of the World's First 'Teal' Equity
Sponsored: Despite its phenomenal growth in value, bitcoin is currently too small an entity to pose any threat to the stability and growth of the global economy. (BTC )
08:42 AM
Bitcoin's Plunge Below $12,000 Sends Cryptocurrency Stocks Reeling
Traders are taking profits, but long-term holders will stick it out, says this expert. Look for prices to rise again before 2017 is up....GBTC (BTC )
07:29 AM
Bitcoin Is Absolutely Being Blown to Pieces and It's Fun to Watch
Investors in bitcoin are getting rocked after a robust price run-up. That's unfortunate for many folks. Do Apple bulls have new reason to worry?...OSTK (BTC )
05:07 AM
Wall Street Edge Highers, Bitcoin Swings Wild as Markets Close Out Record Year
Investors are looking to close out a record year for stocks on a high note, with Wall Street futures edging higher after lawmakers averted a government shutdown following their $1.5 trillion tax reform bill....NKE (BTC )
03:57 AM
Bitcoin, Google, Papa John's and Nike - 5 Things You Must Know
U.S. stock futures point higher on Friday, as Wall Street awaits a number of economic data releases in what's expected to be a quiet trading day ahead of the long Christmas weekend....NKE (BTC )
03:14 AM
Bitcoin Plunge Continues; Prices Dip Below $13,000 in Cryptocurrency Corrrection
Bitcoin prices have fallen nearly 40% this week as global digital currency markets correct in the face of increasing questions over safety and volatility....RIOT (BTC )
01:37 AM
Europe Stocks Slip, Wall Street Futures Rise, Bitcoin Plummets
A surprise win for separatists in Catalonia's parliamentary elections has European stocks on the back foot, but Wall Street futures are trading higher following a vote to avert a government shutdown this month. (BTC )
12:37 AM
Bitcoin Plays Continue Rising; BlackBerry's Comeback Takes Shape -- ICYMI
Bitcoin Plays Continue Rising; BlackBerry's Comeback Takes Shape -- ICYMI...NETE (BTC )
04:02 PM
Caveat BitCoin: Feds Warn Investors of Pump & Dump
While the introduction of bitcoin futures on the Chicago-based exchanges CME Group Inc. CME and Cboe Global Markets Inc. CBOE has brought some legitimacy to the cryptocurrency, financial regulators are stepping up vigilance and warnings of fraudulent or misleading offerings....CBOE
11:03 AM
Long Island Iced Tea Surges 200% Because It's Now ... a Blockchain Company
The beverage company will still make ready-to-drink teas, but now they'll be served with a side of blockchain instead of ice and a straw....LTEA
07:07 AM
Interest in a $1,300 Yellow Metal May Torpedo Bitcoin Prices
Remember gold? Maybe you should instead of loading up on bitcoin ahead of 2018. (BTC )
06:57 AM
Coinbase Insider Trading Probe Highlights Bitcoin's Growing Pains
The popular cryptocurrency exchange is looking into whether insiders profited ahead of its launch of Bitcoin Cash trading. (BCH , BTC )
12:02 PM
Why Riot Blockchain Will Suddenly Crash 50%
Riot Blockchain's fundamental picture is tough to translate, so what can the stock's technical chart tell us?...RIOT
06:06 AM
Maybe the Stock Market and Bitcoin Will Be Pulverized at the Same Time
Investors may be too bullish on stocks right now. They should take a look at bitcoin as a guide on how quickly sentiment could change. Meanwhile, Facebook's stock has been ice cold of late....CRCW (BTC )
05:03 AM
The Bitcoin Bubble Explosion Will Be Mind-Blowing: Gold Pro Jim Rogers
Bitcoin is a bubble, says legendary investor Jim Rogers. Given recent price movements for bitcoin, he may be right....CRCW (BTC )
04:42 AM
Bitcoin Prices Just Plunged $2,000
Bitcoin prices are under siege. Here's what is triggering a fresh round of selling. (BTC )
03:19 AM
It's a Bitcoin vs. Gold Smackdown: Cramer Goes 'Off the Charts'
Bitcoin has gold bears growling, but there are reasons the metal's likely to gain in weeks ahead....MSFT (BTC )
04:02 PM
Dow Dips as Tax Bill Hits a Snag; Coinbase Exec Talks Cryptocurrency Craze-ICYMI
Dow Dips as Tax Bill Hits a Snag; Coinbase Exec Talks Cryptocurrency Craze-ICYMI...QQQ
03:58 PM
Riot Blockchain Issues PIPE as Citron Discloses Short
Riot Blockchain Issues PIPE as Citron Discloses Short...RIOT
12:17 PM
Sports Bra Maker-Tuurned Digital Currency Firm Sees Trading Suspended
Bitcoin's meteoric rise has attracted speculators and opportunist. Now the SEC has suspended stock trading in a company that went public earlier this year as a cryptocurrency investor....CRCW (BTC )
11:22 AM
Coinbase Exec: 'Every Person Should Own a Little Bit of Digital Currency'
Adam White, vice president of Coinbase, discusses Bitcoin's meteoric rise and where prices might go from here, the impact of the new futures exchanges and his philosophy on investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies....OSTK (BTC )
10:22 AM
Bitcoin Futures Can Shrink Cryptocurrency's Volatility, Says Tyler Winklevoss
Adding a futures market can scale back some of the intense volatility in bitcoin. Here's what billionaire Tyler Winklevoss says....CBOE (BTC )
09:17 AM
Tyler Winklevoss Says Bitcoin Is a Gold Disruptor
'Whatever gold has going for itself, bitcoin has that and more,' says famed investor Tyler Winklevoss....FB (BTC )
07:22 AM
Venture Capitalists Warming Up to Cryptocurrency Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)
More and more high-profile venture capitalists are getting serious about initial coin offerings, a controversial investment vehicle fueled by bitcoin mania that has the potential to upend the traditional IPO process....TSLA
04:32 AM
How We Could Get to Bitcoin $50,000 by the End of 2018
The entry of big players such as CME Group and TD Ameritrade is a good sign for Bitcoin prices....AMTD (BTC )
10:17 AM
Bitcoin Could Become the Global Currency of the Future: Overstock's Johnson
Unlike a fiat currency, bitcoin could allow more participants to jump in on the global economy, even if they're unbanked. Could bitcoin become the everyman's currency?...OSTK (BTC )
07:57 AM
Bitcoin Exchanges Draw Scrutiny as Banks Fret Over Costs of Default
Exchanges like Cboe and CME guarantee transactions across a wide swath of trading contracts on pork bellies and interest-rate derivatives. Regulators are urging monitoring of the exchanges, while banks worry that bitcoin futures could trigger a failure that might cascade across the financial system....CBOE (BTC )
07:31 AM
Tax Bill, Bitcoin Futures, Hershey and Amplify - 5 Things You Must Know
Wall Street looks set to open with strong gains on Monday, as investors prep for passage of a U.S. tax reform bill....HEI (BTC )
03:17 AM
Bitcoin Prices Converge as Futures Smooth Gaps; France Wants G-20 To Talk Rules
The CME Group's new futures contract, the second in as many weeks linked to the booming cryptocurrency market, looks to have eased some of the price discrepancies in major markets. (BTC )
01:27 AM
CME Group CEO: What Our Bitcoin Futures Trading Launch Really Means
CME Group gets ready to get into the bitcoin mix with bitcoin futures trading. TheStreet talks with CME Group chairman and CEO Terry Duffy about the big launch....CME (BTC )
04:17 AM
GOP Tax Bill Could Obliterate This Sector of the Stock Market
The GOP tax bill is not without its many faults. The repeal of the individual healthcare mandate could be a problem for healthcare stocks and ETFs. Meanwhile, bitcoin is still hot on everyone's mind....PG
06:47 AM
Will Bitcoin's Stunning Rally Sustain or Sour in 2018?
Bitcoin transaction costs are rising, like in 2010 and 2013 when the cryptocurrency collapsed. Will the red-hot market weather the spike this time around? (BTC )
04:32 AM
Only The Dumbest on Wall Street Try to Compare Bitcoin to Apple (AAPL)
Bitcoin is by all measures still a revolutionary advancement in finance and one that's not going away. But if you think bitcoin will grow bigger than the likes of Apple and Alphabet, you're wrong....AAPL (BTC )
04:11 AM
3 Biggest Things That Happened to Bitcoin This Week
There's no such thing as a slow week for bitcoin, but this is what matters most - from futures to rivals....CBOE (BTC )
01:08 PM
Bitcoin Rival Ripple Erupts to New Record
Ripple has overcome bitcoin cash as the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. (BTC )
07:03 AM
H&M Should Be Ashamed and Bitcoin Fans Should Get Ready for Explosiveness
H&M's stock gets slaughtered after a brutal quarter. Meanwhile, bitcoin prices are starting to come on strong ahead of futures trading on the CME on Dec. 18....AMZN (BTC )
05:03 AM
Top Things to Look for When Choosing a Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Exchange
As new cryptocurrency investors flood the market, it's never been more important to choose your platform carefully. (BTC )
04:32 AM
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Gets Bitcoin!
The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a huge fan of cryptocurrencies and has warned banks will disappear due to Bitcoin. (BTC )
10:07 AM
Is Square Becoming the Go-To Stock Play on Bitcoin?
Square stock is starting to feel an impact from bitcoin's price gyrations, in part because it allows select users to buy and sell the cryptocurrency on its Cash App....SQ (BTC )
08:52 AM
Sell Your Bitcoin Immediately and Buy Gold Before 2018
Gold prices have been challenged this year as investors have flocked to stocks. What does 2018 hold? (BTC )
08:42 AM
Bitcoin Could Make Banks Extinct: Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu isn't bullish on the future of banks. (BTC )
07:12 AM
Microsoft Has Been Anointed the King of Technology
Sometimes it's not a good thing to be viewed as a bitcoin stock play. Just ask investors in Square about that one. Microsoft, on the other hand, has been anointed the king of technology....SQ
05:07 AM


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