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Last 24h's Top Cryptocurrency Tickers

(68) BTC
(17) BCH
(10) ETH
(4) XRP
(3) LTC
(2) XEM
(2) EOS
(1) GLD
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(1) XMR
(1) HEAT

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Tron (TRX) up 16% over the past 8 days; fresh fundamental optimism
TRX daily average transaction volume reaches over 1 million, double that of its peer Ethereum. The Tron foundation detailed several developments via their (ETH )
Nov 07
05:16 AM
Stellar (XLM) investors salivate for massive airdrop
By offering XLM to our users for free, we hope to help build a bigger community of crypto users, Blockchain.com. Stellar hit a dead end at $0.27 but
Nov 07
04:17 AM
Bitcoin (BTC) to gain traction to $6,700-says Brazil-based Atlas Quantum
Bitcoin is testing the newly established support $6,500. In the wake of Bitcoin Satoshi whitepaper 10-year anniversary BTC/USD has resumed the bullish (BTC )
Nov 07
03:11 AM
Ethereum (ETH); this recovery could hit $250: ETH/USD 1.46% daily rise
The crypto market volatility is back following stable October trading activities. Ethereum breaks above $220; $230 is in sight with $250 being the (ETH )
Nov 07
02:07 AM
BCH/USD is unstoppable, gaining over 46% in 7 days; GMO starts mining Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash continues growing strongly with $700 in sight. The RSI implies that the downside correction may start soon. GMO Internet Group mined more (BCH , BTC )
Nov 07
01:41 AM
Litecoin price analysis: LTC/USD stays above $55.00, but the upside may be limited
LTC/USD is gaining ground in sync with other altcoins. Litecoin now can be purchased from the official website of the project. Litecoin is changing hands (LTC )
Nov 07
01:06 AM
Bitcoin price analysis: Battle to stay above $6,500 is on
Bitcoin is trading in the green as other digital assets trim weekly gains. BTC/USD is primed for gains above $6,600 with the ultimate resistance at (BTC )
Nov 07
12:21 AM
Waiting for Casper: will Ethereum (ETH) break free from the long-term range?
ETH/USD is on the upside quest with $232 area in focus. Ethereum developers published a new version of Casper. ETH/USD jumped as high as $223.79 during (ETH )
Nov 07
12:01 AM
Stellar goes ballistic as the community waits for $125M to start falling from the sky
Blockchain and Stellar Development Foundation announced upcoming massive airdrop. The upside momentum is capped by $0.27 resistance. Stellar coin (XML) is
Nov 06
10:31 PM
Bitcoin (BTC) spikes above $6,500, Christmas finally upon us?
BTC/USD stays above DMA50, more gains to come. Bitcoin is losing the market share. Investors are getting ready for Christmass rally. One Bitcoin goes for (BTC )
Nov 06
07:31 PM
Breaking News: Bitcoin surging above $6,500 as the SEC stops accepting comments
(BTC )
Nov 06
04:31 PM
Bitcoin Cash TechnicalAnalysis: BCH/USD gate to further glorious gains just ahead
Bitcoin Cash held healthy gains in the latter stages of trading on Tuesday, over 7% in the session. BCH/USD major near-term challenge ahead, bulls must (BCH , BTC )
Nov 06
11:41 AM
Bitcoin Cash price analysis: Fireworks ahead of hard fork
Bitcoin Cash rises 9.6% ahead of hard fork. The MACD is advancing into the positive territory. The Bitcoin Cash comminuted showing the excitement for the (BCH , BTC )
Nov 06
07:11 AM
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) bulls heavily knocking on the door for a lift to the skies
Bitcoin bulls continue to press the upper part of the current range. Key near-term resistance seen running from $6400-500 region. Expert panel median (BTC )
Nov 06
05:51 AM
Litecoin TechnicalAnalysis: LTC/USD breakout from bullish technical set up, next area is crucial
Litecoin price on Tuesday was seen holding decent gains of 1.2% through the mid-point of the session. LTC/USD price action broke out from a bullish (LTC )
Nov 06
05:01 AM
Bitcoin price analysis: Bull flag pattern breakout lingers
Bitcoin has established a support at $6,380 while defending the short-term support at $6,400. The crypto market is in the green following an extended (BTC )
Nov 06
04:21 AM
XRP/USD targets $0.6102 after the recent surge
Ripple rips higher in the past 24 hours and stands out from the rest of the crypto crowd. One of the recent developments in the past day has been
Nov 06
03:51 AM
Ripple (XRP) ballistic past $0.55: XRP/USD adds a massive 12%
Ripple lagging reaction bursts in an incredible swing above $0.55. Ripple is placing itself at the forefront of UAE Government's blockchain services and
Nov 06
03:01 AM
Ethereum (ETH) developers oust 'Hodl' and take up 'Buidl'
Ethereum developer to overhaul ICOs giving power to the investors while keeping projects on their toes to deliver. Ethereum has recovered above the (ETH )
Nov 06
02:21 AM
Bitcoin backed loans launch in Canada: BTC/USD looming breakout past $6,500
Canadians to access crypto backed loans powered by Ledn Inc. Bitcoin will hit $20,000 after the second quarter of 2019, says Mike Novogratz. Canada's (BTC )
Nov 06
01:26 AM
What will happen to Bitcoin if FED starts raising rates
Robert Leshner explains the correlation between cryptocurrency and FED's policy Stablecoins are going to gain popularity. The Federal Reserve decision to (BTC )
Nov 06
12:56 AM
Bitcoin to hit $20,000 somewhere in 2019, Mike Novogratz says
Galaxy Digital Capital Management CEO updated its forecast on Bitcoin. BTC/USD hovers around $6,400 amid directionless trading. One Bitcoin goes for (BTC )
Nov 05
11:21 PM
BancorX launched allowing direct EOS to ETH conversion; the market reaction is muted
Bancor launched its BancorX tool into operation. EOS/USD remains unchanged since this time on Monday. EOS ventured a move above $5.6 on Sunday, but the (BNT , EOS )
Nov 05
10:11 PM
DASH set to conquer crisis-stricken Venezuela with Dash Text service
Easy DASH transfers are now available in Venezuela. DASH/USD stays above $160 with more gains to come. Dash coin grew strongly during the previous two (DASH )
Nov 05
09:26 PM
Bitcoin futures volatility is dying out as BTC/USD resumes the downside
Bitcoin flirts with $6,400 amid low trading activity. Bitcoin futures weekly volatility slashed in half. Bitcoin slipped below $6,40o amid uneventful (BTC )
Nov 05
08:21 PM
Crypto market overview: Bitcoin (BTC) dangerously close to $6,400; Ripple defies gravity
All major coins are rangebound after the successful start of the week. Ripple's XRP is the best-performer with nearly 9% gains on a daily basis. (BTC )
Nov 05
07:11 PM
Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Experts forecast above $16,000 by end of the year
Bitcoin price nursing minor losses late on Monday, seen down just some 0.30%. Experts panel median forecast for Bitcoin is above $16,000 by the end of (BTC )
Nov 05
01:36 PM
Bitcoin Cash (BCH/USD) gains a whopping 45% in just over a week, eyes on $600 and beyond
Bitcoin Cash profit taking observed, as price drops around 2.8% in the session on Monday. Despite the cooling from highs on Sunday, price action for (BCH , BTC )
Nov 05
10:46 AM
Litecoin TechnicalAnalysis: LTC/USD cools while bulls sharpen their horns
Litecoin price on Monday was nursing losses of 1.5% in the latter stages of the session. LTC/USD price action has formed a bullish pennant pattern, like (LTC )
Nov 05
09:06 AM
Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH/USD needs to break down $215 for big bull buying
Ethereum has entered into consolidation mode, ahead of further buying pressure. ETH/USD key near-term resistance is eyed at $215, a breakdown here could (ETH )
Nov 05
07:36 AM
Ethereum is eyeing $235 after Vitalik Buterin's optimism on Proof of Stake
The price of Ethereum topped $200 and continued marching forward. Vitalik Buterin, the brain behind the world's No. 1 Altcoin, said that Ethereum's path (ETH )
Nov 05
07:36 AM
Bitcoin TechnicalAnalysis: BTC/USD big bad bull flag eyed
Bitcoin price on Monday was trading marginally in negative territory, down just 0.10% through the mid-point of the session. BTC/USD price action has (BTC )
Nov 05
07:01 AM
Cryptocurrency market sentimental analysis: The bulls have awoken
The crypto market gets ready for a bull rally in the last quarter of 2018 and 1st quarter of 2019. Institutional investors influx and Bitcoin ETF approval (BTC )
Nov 05
06:51 AM
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and the impending rally: What to expect next?
Bitcoin Cash bulls awoken ahead of the hard fork scheduled for November 15. BCH/USD recovered from the lows around $410 to test the resistance at $600. (BCH , BTC )
Nov 05
05:56 AM
Ethereum price analysis: Volatility ousted after recovery above $200
The cryptocurrency market adds $2 billion in 24 hours as digital assets recovery slightly. Ethereum tested the resistance at $218 before retreating below (ETH )
Nov 05
04:07 AM
Bitcoin price driven below $6,400: EOS tops as Bitcoin plunges in China rankings
Bitcoin shows stability around $6,400 following a retracement from $6,450. Bitcoin drops significantly in the latest Chinese blockchain rankings. There (BTC , EOS )
Nov 05
02:11 AM
Bitcoin trading volumes decreased in October amid non-existant volatility
Bitcoin sits above $6,400, waiting for new triggers. Cryptocurrency exchanges registered lower trading volumes in October. Bitcoin stays marginally above (BTC )
Nov 05
01:06 AM
Bitcoin trading volumes decreased in October amid nin-existant volatility
Bitcoin sits above $6,400, waiting for new triggers. Cryptocurrency exchanges registered lower trading volumes in October. Bitcoin stays marginally above (BTC )
Nov 05
01:01 AM
Cryptocurrency market update: Tron purges 98% of all ERC20 TRX tokens from circulation
Tron 7th token burn removes $800 million of ERC20 TRX tokens from circulation. Tron network hits 1.1 million transactions while Ethereum (ETH) is (ETH )
Nov 05
12:21 AM
"We are just at the beginning", Litecoin's creator says; LTC/USD gains 4.3%
LTC/USD gains ground after a prolonged period of consolidation. Charlie Lee dwells on the future for the industry. Litecoin is changing hands at $53.96, (LTC )
Nov 04
11:11 PM
ETH/USD stays above $200 as the Ethereum Foundation wants to create mining hardware for ethereum 2.0
ETH/USD gains 4% since this time on Sunday, but the momentum is fading away. The Ethereum Foundation partners with Filecoin. ETH/USD managed to break (ETH )
Nov 04
10:56 PM
Bitcoin's bear market will continue until 2019, BitMEX CEO projects
Bitcoin settles above $6,400, but the upside momentum is fading away. Arthur Hayes says Bitcoin may repeat the history of 2014 and 2015. Bitcoin is (BTC )
Nov 04
09:31 PM
BCH/USD gains 25% in two days as the hard fork is looming
Bitcoin Cash broke free from the range and touched $570, the highest level since September 27. Bitcoin Cash hard fork may prove to be supportive for the (BCH , BTC )
Nov 04
08:01 PM
Crypto market overview: Bitcoin (BTC) still capped by $6,500, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) defies gravity
All major coins are gaining ground with Bitcoin Cash as a growth leader. Bitcoin lags behind as the upside momentum is waning on approach to strong (BCH , BTC )
Nov 04
07:41 PM
Bitcoin the King has still not moved
BTC hasn't moved much inspite of being on the breakout point. BCH, EOS broke out on the short term chart. Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market (BTC , EOS )
Nov 04
12:51 AM
EOS is yet another crypto breaking out
EOS follows BCH in breaking out on short term. Momentum needs to continue for further upside. EOS follows other cryptos such as Bitcoin Cash in breaking (BCH , BTC , EOS )
Nov 04
12:06 AM
Ripple's short term breakdown has some more pain left
XRP breaks down on the short term chart. Has some more pain left before a bounce. Ripple, the crypto has broken down on the short term chart and has some
Nov 03
10:51 PM
Bitcoin Cash bulls get what they needed - a breakout
BCH breaks out on the medium term. Good enough upside potential ahead. Bitcoin Cash, the ambitious split cousin of the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin, has (BCH , BTC )
Nov 03
09:26 PM
NEO breakout just short of confirmation
NEO breaks out on the chart. Confirmation still pending. NEO, the crypto that lost more than 90 percent of price from the peak, has given a small breakout
Nov 03
01:06 AM
Ethereum price analysis: Shrinking range, breakout far off
ETH continues to stay ranged. No breakout seen in the near term. Ethereum, the ambitiuos second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation is stuck (ETH )
Nov 03
12:01 AM


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