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HashCash plans to invest $10 million in the Indian crypto economy in 2020 CryptoNinjas
HashCash Consultants, a global blockchain infrastructure and software company, announced today it is planning to invest $10 million in the Indian crypto
Mar 09
07:25 AM
Blockchain asset management protocol Melon releases v2.0 of manager interface CryptoNinjas
The Avantgarde Finance, a lead developer of blockchain asset management protocol Melon, recently announced the release of v2.0 of the Melon Terminal (MLN )
Mar 06
09:41 AM
NetCents to expand white-label crypto banking solution within Europe CryptoNinjas
NetCents, acryptocurrency payments technology solutions provider, announced that it is expanding its global presence with a defined growth plan for its
Mar 03
12:10 PM
Blockchain development platform Chainstack adds support for Hyperledger Fabric 2.0 CryptoNinjas
Chainstack, a fully managed service to create and deploy blockchain networks, today announced that it has added Hyperledger Fabric 2.0 as the latest
Mar 02
07:10 PM
Manufacturing blockchain SyncFab debuts commercial solution for tokenization of OEM parts CryptoNinjas
SyncFab, a blockchain for manufacturing, recently launched a highly-anticipated feature to tokenize parts at their point of production for real parts
Mar 02
07:10 PM
Crypto betting app ZenSports closes additional $770K+ in seed funding CryptoNinjas
ZenSports, the mobile peer-to-peer sports betting marketplace where anyone can create and accept sports bets, announced today the company has closed an
Feb 26
06:24 AM
Streetcred launches full-stack self-sovereign identity platform CryptoNinjas
Streetcred, a full-stack SSI provider with all the tools so anyone even non-technical people can build an entire end-to-end self-sovereign identity
Feb 25
11:55 AM
BTSE to conduct its own exchange token sale on Blockstreams Liquid Network CryptoNinjas
BTSE, a crypto derivatives exchange company that utilizes bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies to develop financial products and services, has (BTC )
Feb 25
11:55 AM
Stellar marks first major release of open-source API with Horizon 1.0 CryptoNinjas
Stellar, the powerful open-source blockchain for payments, announced today the release of Horizon 1.0, the first major release of its open-source API.
Feb 25
03:56 AM
Bitpanda to join upcoming SelfKey Cryptocurrency Exchange Marketplace CryptoNinjas
SelfKey, a blockchain-based identity management system, announced that Bitpanda, the global cryptocurrency exchange company, will be a part of the
Feb 24
05:54 AM
Centotrenta launches credit securitization management platform based on IBM Blockchain technology CryptoNinjas
IBM and Centotrenta Servicing, today announced the HyperMast STS platform, an end to end credit securitization management platform based on IBM Blockchain
Feb 20
08:10 AM
Sea cargo blockchain CargoX approved by the International Group of P&I Clubs CryptoNinjas
CargoX, the provider of the CargoX Smart B/L document transfer platform, today announced it has been granted prestigious approval by the International
Feb 20
05:40 AM
FOAM releases Kepler, a Haskell-based Cosmos SDK CryptoNinjas
The development team of decentralized location and map protocol FOAM, have now released Kepler, a Haskell language SDK for building blockchain
Feb 20
05:40 AM
Blockchain IoT identity solution Spherity joins European Blockrocket Accelerator CryptoNinjas
Blockrocket (European Blockchain Labs), an accelerator for startups utilizing blockchain and DLT technologies, announced that Spherity, a blockchain
Feb 18
01:26 PM
Harbor acquired by BitGo to include securities capability CryptoNinjas
BitGo, a provider of blockchain financial services, announced today that it is acquiring Harbor, a platform for digital securities, and its broker-dealer
Feb 18
11:39 AM
Quantum-resistant blockchain platform QAN implements Chainlink CryptoNinjas
QANplatform, a quantum-resistant blockchain platform, today announced the planned integration of Chainlink, a decentralized oracle network that enables
Feb 18
06:39 AM
Blockstation ready for issuers to tokenize equity on the Jamaica Stock Exchange CryptoNinjas
Canadian firm Blockstation, today has announced that qualified issuers may now utilize its digital asset platform to conduct capital raises via tokenized
Feb 18
05:26 AM
Enjin blockchain game platform now live on Ethereum mainnet CryptoNinjas
The team of Enjin, an all-in-one blockchain game development platform, announced that a key element of its ecosystem the Enjin Platform is now live on (ETH )
Feb 18
05:26 AM
blocknox to offer cryptocurrency custody for institutions CryptoNinjas
Within Boerse Stuttgart Group, blocknox GmbH takes care of the custody of cryptocurrencies on an escrow basis. The service was established at the end of
Feb 18
02:10 AM
ConsenSys Grants funds third cohort of projects to benefit the Ethereum ecosystem CryptoNinjas
Initially announced at Devcon 4 in 2018, Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and the founder of ConsenSys, one of the worlds largest blockchain (ETH )
Feb 17
02:26 AM
Bakari supports the launch of the first property-backed security token in Africa CryptoNinjas
Bakariis supporting the launch of theFlyttoken, which allows investors to subscribe for, transfer and redeem shares in the Flyt Hospitality Fund, an
Feb 17
01:55 AM
ShipChain blockchain increases logistics data visibility for KeepTruckin CryptoNinjas
ShipChain, a blockchain-based logistics solutions provider, today announced a new partnership with KeepTruckin, a provider of modern fleet management
Feb 14
05:55 AM
Blockchain casino gaming project One Play moves from EOS to Telos CryptoNinjas
Today, the team of One Play, a casino gaming project based on blockchain technology, announced today that it will be moving its game platform to the Telos (EOS )
Feb 13
11:10 AM
ChainRift closing crypto exchange in pivot to software development CryptoNinjas
ChainRift, a small cryptocurrency exchange, announced today it will stop operating in order to focus on software development. The software development
Feb 13
10:54 AM
SBI Crypto to be hosted at Northern Data's new bitcoin mining facility in Texas CryptoNinjas
Northern Data AG and Whinstone US Inc., have announced a strategic cooperation with SBI Crypto Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of SBI Holdings Inc. (BTC )
Feb 13
03:10 AM
Outlier Ventures opens applications for Web 3 Accelerator Base Camp Berlin CryptoNinjas
European-based blockchain and web 3.0 venture capital firm Outlier Ventures, today announced it is opening applications for its Base Camp Berlin
Feb 12
02:54 AM
SKALE to be the first project to launch a token on Activate by ConsenSys Codefi CryptoNinjas
Activate, by ConsenSys Codefi, a platform designed to launch decentralized networks and allow customers to purchase, manage, and use their tokens all in
Feb 11
09:12 AM
NKN launches dataRide: Messaging, streaming and file transfer service for human or machine CryptoNinjas
NKN, a P2P network connectivity protocol and ecosystem powered by a novel public blockchain, announced today the launch of dataRide, a decentralized PaaS
Feb 11
02:09 AM
Chintai testing custom Merchant Network for token creation, leasing, and trading CryptoNinjas
Chintai, a tokenized ecosystem for leasing, issuing, trading, and managing blockchain-based digital assets, has announced the test pilot program for its
Feb 10
11:54 PM
Komodo launches stablecoin module collateralized with BTC-based assets CryptoNinjas
Komodo, a multi-chain architecture project that lets users build their own customizable, sovereign, and independent blockchains or Smart Chains today (BTC )
Feb 10
12:25 PM
Matic nodes now available for deployment on the Ankr cloud CryptoNinjas
Ankr, the distributed cloud sharing platform, today announced the launch of its one-click deployment solution for hosting Matic testnet nodes on the Ankr
Feb 10
06:10 AM
Pundi X's XPOS crypto payment terminal now available on NewEgg CryptoNinjas
Pundi X, a provider of blockchain and cryptocurrency payments technology, announced today that its XPOS cryptocurrency payment processing solution is now
Feb 10
05:25 AM
VeriTAG moves anti-counterfeiting tracking system to NULS blockchain CryptoNinjas
VeriTAG, a Singapore-based developer of cloud tag technology, has announced the decision to move from a private blockchain to the NULS public blockchain.
Feb 07
06:25 AM
Hedera Hashgraph partners with Armanino for audited HBAR account data CryptoNinjas
Hedera Hashgraph, the enterprise-grade distributed ledger platform, has announced a partnership with Armanino LLP, one of the 25 largest accounting and
Feb 07
04:40 AM
nOS blockchain app and development portal launches public testnet CryptoNinjas
nOS, a blockchain platform with built-in DApp store allowing for fair and transparent distribution and discovery of web-apps, announced today the official
Feb 07
03:10 AM
Copper integrates OTC crypto-asset liquidity provider DV Chain CryptoNinjas
London-based institutional custody and prime brokerage firm, Copper, today announced a new partnership with OTC crypto liquidity provider, DV Chain. The
Feb 06
02:25 PM
New LATAM-based crypto exchange Banexcoin now open CryptoNinjas
Banexcoin, a new cryptocurrency and blockchain asset exchange is now live and actively registering new users in Latin America. Notably, Banexcoin is an
Feb 06
09:40 AM
Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) rebrands in move to Estonia CryptoNinjas
The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), a cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2018, announced today that GBX is being rebranded as theGlobal Blockchain
Feb 05
10:55 AM
Unbound Tech developing custom MPC service for crypto-asset startup KeyFi CryptoNinjas
Unbound Tech, a leader in cryptographic key management and protection, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with crypto-asset
Feb 05
10:10 AM
Blockpass crypto KYC service app launches members-only club CryptoNinjas
Blockpass, an KYC onboarding gateway to financial services and other regulated offerings, today revealed the creation of a members-only club.
Feb 05
02:53 AM
Cryptocurrency exchange CEX.IO lists Tezos (XTZ) CryptoNinjas
Crypto exchange CEX.IO, today announced it will be listing XTZ, the crypto asset token of the Tezos platform. On February 5, the exchange will enable
Feb 04
09:25 AM
Band Protocol 2.0 alpha built on Cosmos SDK goes live on testnet CryptoNinjas
Band Protocol, a secure and scalable decentralized oracle network for blockchain apps, announced today the upcoming alpha release of Band Protocol 2.0,
Jan 31
06:54 AM
Blockchain-powered user monetized video journal app Vid available Feb 29 on iOS CryptoNinjas
Vid,a video-centric social media app that allows users to control their data and monetize their memories, announced today the dates of its upcoming
Jan 31
03:39 AM
Asensys introduces asynchronous consensus zones to solve blockchain scalability CryptoNinjas
Asensys, a next-generation, high-performance blockchain system, emerged from stealth mode today with the launch of their new website. The project's
Jan 31
03:39 AM
TTC blockchain DApp ecosystem project Tigris Protocol now open-source CryptoNinjas
TTC, a decentralized and token-incentivized protocol for social network services and online communities,announced today it has made the decision to
Jan 30
03:25 AM
Crypto exchange CoinJar releases major upgrade for Android app CryptoNinjas
Australian bitcoin and crypto exchange company CoinJar, today released a major update to the CoinJar app for Android. The upgrade provides users a better (BTC )
Jan 30
02:41 AM
NFT blockchain platform 0xcert launches API CryptoNinjas
0xcert, a blockchain platform for non-fungible tokens and certification, has announced the launch of the 0xcertAPI. The fully decentralized API is a web
Jan 29
09:10 AM
Liquid launching leveraged bitcoin perpetuals up to 100x CryptoNinjas
Global cryptocurrency exchange company, today announced the closed beta launch of Liquid Perpetuals, a forthcoming bitcoin trading product (BTC )
Jan 27
03:40 AM
DApp platform ArcBlock launches native token swap service and asset chain CryptoNinjas
ArcBlock, a custom blockchain development platform, today announced the official release of its Token Swap Service and asset chain. From today, ArcBlock
Jan 24
03:39 AM
Cross-chain private exchange protocol Ren inches closer to mainnet CryptoNinjas
Ren, an open protocol that enables the permissionless and private transfer of value between any blockchain, has announced today it is now closer than ever
Jan 23
01:25 PM


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