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Price analysis 5/7: BTC, ETH, BNB, DOGE, XRP, ADA, DOT, BCH, LTC, UNI
Altcoins continue to rally higher and Bitcoin's repeat tests of the $58,000 level signal that bulls are building momentum. (ADA , BCH , BTC , DOGE , DOT , ETH , LTC , XRP )
May 07
12:09 PM unveils EVM blockchain functionality and related fund
EVM support will allow for simple porting of apps from other chains, driving exponential ecosystem growth for, a fully decentralized, open-source, public chain,
May 07
11:09 AM
Goldman Sachs launches limited BTC derivatives trading desk
Crypto trading is off to a lukewarm start at Goldman Sachs. (BTC )
May 07
10:24 AM
Bitcoin's upcoming Taproot upgrade and why it matters for the network
The upcoming Taproot activation stands to potentially make the Bitcoin ecosystem more user-friendly as well as secure. (BTC )
May 07
07:54 AM
DOGE as internet money? TikTokers and sports fans see a use case for Dogecoin
As experts pinpoint various groups as Dogecoin's vanguard, the coin's potential base seems to be a wide coalition. (DOGE )
May 07
06:09 AM
Cardano breaks out vs. Bitcoin as ADA price discovery nears $2
Cardano joins the altcoins making new all-time highs. (ADA , BTC )
May 07
05:54 AM
Watch out Amazon Web Services: Decentralized rival launches testnet
A decentralized network has launched its private testnet as it aims to dramatically reduce waste when it comes to how the world's computing resources are used.
May 07
05:39 AM
Bank of England governor issues crypto investment warning
The governor of the Bank of England has warned the investment public to be prepared to lose all their money when investing in cryptocurrencies.
May 07
04:54 AM
Elon Musk scales back Dogecoin hype while DOGE price rebounds 23%
Elon Musk appeared in a more serious mood ahead of his upcoming Saturday Night Live appearance, reminding investors to proceed with caution in the cryptocurrency market. (DOGE )
May 07
03:54 AM
Turkish government to track crypto transactions over $1,200
Turkey's central bank has also defined crypto as a nonmonetary asset and banned the use of cryptocurrency as a form of payment.
May 07
03:09 AM
'Unprecedented' capital inflows into Bitcoin remove 12K BTC from Coinbase in an hour
Someone withdraws 12,000 BTC from Coinbase in Bitcoin's (BTC )
May 07
03:09 AM
Tajik government taps blockchain firm for e-government infrastructure
The partnership between Fantom and the Tajik government will focus on researching, developing and implementing blockchain-based data-sharing, transparency and automation solutions.
May 07
02:54 AM
Three reasons why EOS price has pumped 100% in three days
Multi-year resistance breakouts and protocol upgrade proposals are among some of the likely reasons why the EOS price is on a tear as altcoins gain further momentum against Bitcoin. (BTC , EOS )
May 07
02:24 AM
Citigroup considers crypto amid surge in customer demand on Wall Street
Wall Street investment bank Citigroup has begun to weigh launching crypto-related services in response to rising customer demand.
May 07
02:09 AM
Ethereum Classic gains 300% in one week as traders rush to buy the 'wrong Ethereum'
Barry Silbert has plenty to smile about as Ethereum Classic tops $180. (ETC , ETH )
May 07
12:54 AM
Almost twice as much ETH locked in DeFi as on exchanges: Glassnode
Decentralized finance is eating the lunch of centralized exchanges, with DeFi protocols holding almost twice as much ETH as is stored on centralized exchanges according to Glassnode. (ETH )
May 06
10:39 PM
The fees sting but Uniswap v3 sees more volume on launch day than v2's first month
Hayden Adams stated Uniswap v3's first 24 hours were twice as successful as v2 in terms of a volume to TVL efficiency ratio.
May 06
08:24 PM
Ivanka Trump's luxury Miami apartment block accepting crypto for condos
Miami's most luxurious surfside condominium tower will accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for all the remaining residences. Prices start at $10.3 million
May 06
07:54 PM
Ripple sold twice as much XRP this quarter, as demand grows for its ODL service
As XRP continues to surge, Ripple posted its Q1 results which revealed it made $150 million in XRP sales, a 97% increase from Q4 2020. (XRP )
May 06
07:24 PM
Square's earnings 2.5X expectations, Bitcoin revenue up 1000% in 12 months
Square's Jack Dorsey wants the firm's Cash App to enable Bitcoin to become the native currency of the internet. (BTC )
May 06
06:54 PM
Shanghai Man: VeChain on TV, DOGE flips BTC, Hotbit hack, blockchain dev $$$ ...
Hotbit responds to losing user data, VeChain recognized for business use cases, blockchain engineer salaries on the rise, and a new smart chain testnet launched by Hoo. (BTC , DOGE )
May 06
04:39 PM
Altcoins rally as bulls pile into large-cap tokens and layer-1 projects
EOS, LTC, ETC and ETH are just a few of the altcoins that chased after new multi-year highs as layer-1 projects saw an increase in trading volume. (EOS , ETC , ETH , LTC )
May 06
03:09 PM
IDEX's 'hybrid liquidity pool' aims to tackle some of DeFi's biggest problems
DeFi isn't for the faint of heart. IDEX is trying to bring more predictability to the ecosystem with its latest protocol upgrades.
May 06
02:24 PM
ConsenSys exec joins CoinFund to assist early-stage blockchain firms
NYSE and ConsenSys veteran Vanessa Grellet will be responsible for guiding CoinFund's portfolio of more than 50 companies and projects.
May 06
02:09 PM
EOS price rallies 100% following a proposal to increase staking rewards
A proposal to boost staking rewards and increase the inflation rate triggered a 100% rally in EOS price. (EOS )
May 06
01:54 PM
Nuvei eyeing $250M acquisition of crypto startup Simplex
Payment providers have recognized the potential of cryptocurrency. The Montreal-based Nuvei has already made a strategic pivot towards digital assets.
May 06
01:39 PM
Reports suggest Goldman Sachs is now offering Bitcoin derivatives
Goldman Sachs reportedly lessens its risk to the Bitcoin volatility by buying and selling futures in block trades on the CME Group using Cumberland. (BTC )
May 06
12:54 PM
BakerySwap, Syscoin and Utrust rally as altcoin season kicks into high gear
BAKE, SYS and UTC have secured triple-digit gains as large and small-cap altcoins capitalize on Bitcoin's range-bound price action. (BTC , SYS )
May 06
12:09 PM
SEC chair hints at greater regulatory oversight for US crypto exchanges
In the third hearing discussing the controversy over GameStop stock shorts, SEC chair Gary Gensler said investors could benefit from crypto exchanges operating under a better defined regulatory framework, but largely deferred to congress to enact it.
May 06
12:09 PM
Coinbase stock plunges to record low, further decoupling from crypto
COIN stock risked falling below its pre-IPO reference price of $250.
May 06
11:24 AM
They see ETH rollin': Why did Ether price reach $3.5K, and what's next?
Attention is firmly on the short-term future of Ether after Ethereum's native cryptocurrency surged to new all-time highs above $3,500. (ETH )
May 06
11:09 AM
Flippening? Record $10B Ethereum futures volume briefly outpaces Bitcoin's
The volume on Ethereum futures flipped Bitcoin's after hitting a new record at $10 billion, and derivatives data suggests further upside for Ether price. (BTC , ETH )
May 06
10:54 AM
Crypto on the casino floor? Las Vegas resort partners with Gemini
Expected to open in June, the Resorts World Las Vegas will reportedly allow customers to use Gemini wallets in the hotel and casino to convert funds.
May 06
10:09 AM
Boost for smart contracts as oracle system goes live on Binance Smart Chain
An oracle system has launched on Binance Smart Chain - enhancing DApps by allowing smart contracts to access real-world data.
May 06
09:39 AM
Invictus Capital AUM reaches $112M as crypto adoption booms
Institutional uptake of digital assets is on the rise as investors seek greater exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum. (BTC , ETH )
May 06
09:24 AM
Nokia announces blockchain-powered data marketplace
Nokia has launched a blockchain-based data marketplace to drive trusted data exchange among clients across different industries.
May 06
08:24 AM
LTC price hits 13-month high against Bitcoin
Litecoin continues to gain strength as traders' attention shifts to a broader altcoin market against Bitcoin's slowing uptrend. (BTC , LTC )
May 06
07:24 AM
Nasdaq-listed insurer Metromile plans $10M Bitcoin purchase
Metromile is in the process of incorporating Bitcoin into its primary business offerings. (BTC )
May 06
06:39 AM
Digital Currency Group backs South Korean crypto exchange operator
Digital Currency Group, or DCG, becomes Streami's second-largest shareholder.
May 06
06:09 AM
Indian start-up organization proposes regulatory framework for crypto
There is significant uncertainty regarding the legal status of crypto in India, with many anonymous sources distributing rumors of plans to ban crypto in the country.
May 06
05:54 AM
Bitcoin clips $58K as Dogecoin stalls and adoption news fuels bulls
Bitcoin price is back at $58,000 with Dogecoin suddenly losing steam. (BTC , DOGE )
May 06
05:24 AM
Deep tech: Why C-suite execs are pursuing blockchain
A new survey reveals blockchain and cryptocurrency to be among the top priorities of companies exploring deep tech solutions for their business.
May 06
05:09 AM
Blockchain celebrates first anniversary with series of engaging contests
A decentralized blockchain is celebrating its first anniversary with a series of engaging contests - and anyone can get involved.
May 06
05:09 AM
In crypto, sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing
The story of a Redditor's failure to hold onto Dogecoin and other investments for long enough reveals the importance of doing absolutely nothing. (DOGE )
May 06
04:39 AM
South Korean Bitcoin miners can deduct electricity costs from crypto tax filings
Crypto miners in South Korea can deduct their operating expenses when filing cryptocurrency taxes starting in 2022. (BTC )
May 06
04:09 AM
Coinbase crypto exchange to close San Francisco headquarters in 2022
Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase aims to become completely remote.
May 06
02:24 AM
Bitcoin Cash price jumps 68%: Looming hard fork to boost BCH user base?
Bitcoin Cash is surging ahead of its scheduled hard fork on May 15, with two quality of life improvements set to be implemented. (BCH , BTC )
May 06
01:54 AM
Kazakhstan opens public consultation for central bank digital currency
Kazakhstan's central bank has launched a public consultation to study the benefits and risks of adopting a state-backed digital currency.
May 06
01:39 AM
South Korean regulators tell banks to open the books on cryptocurrency exchanges
South Korean regulators have asked banks to reveal customer information relating to cryptocurrency exchanges, as authorities look to gain a firmer grip on the industry.
May 06
01:24 AM
Early Bitcoin bull market buyers are hodling strong, but short term trading increasing
The share of Bitcoin's supply that was last realized on-chain in the past six months has doubled since Q3 2020. (BTC )
May 05
11:09 PM


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