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2018: The Year Blockchain, AI and IoT Converge
Cryptocurrencies emerged as a leading tech in 2017, but 2018 may find them merging with other technologies to become even more ubiquitous.
Jan 12
01:23 AM
Jonas Schnelli Wants You to Run a Bitcoin Full Node
Bitcoin Core contributor and maintainer Jonas Schnelli is on a mission to make running full nodes easier for non-geeks. Decentralization is at stake. (BTC )
Jan 11
11:08 PM
KFC Canada Is Accepting Bitcoin for Fried Chicken
Fried chicken chain KFC Canada is accepting bitcoin for a limited time for a so-called (BTC )
Jan 11
07:25 PM
Ukraine Forms Cryptocurrency Oversight Working Group
Ukraine's national defense chief called for legislation regulating cryptocurrencies at a recent meeting on cybersecurity.
Jan 11
02:39 PM
Arizona Lawmakers Want to Let People Pay Taxes in Bitcoin
A new bill submitted to the Arizona Senate would, if approved, allow people to pay their state tax liabilities using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. (BTC )
Jan 11
11:55 AM
U.S. State Regulators Hit BitConnect With Second Cease-And-Desist
North Carolina became the second state to halt BitConnect's ICO after issuing a temporary cease-and-desist. (BCC )
Jan 11
10:11 AM
White Paper Published for Blockchain Privacy Tech Zk-starks
The highly-anticipated white paper for zk-starks, which does away with the so-called trusted setup made famous by zcash, is out. (ZEC )
Jan 11
09:09 AM
Defying Wider Market Downtrend, Bitcoin Cash Eyes $3K
Bitcoin cash looks set for a gravity-defying move, with chart analysis suggesting gains to above $3,000 may be in order. (BCH , BTC )
Jan 11
07:53 AM
US Marshals Service to Auction Off $54 Million in Bitcoin
The U.S. Marshals Service has announced that it will auction off more than 3,800 bitcoins later this month. (BTC )
Jan 11
07:24 AM
MoneyGram to Pilot Ripple's XRP Token for International Payments
International money-remittance firm MoneyGram is partnering with Ripple to test the startup's XRP token for international payments. (XRP )
Jan 11
07:24 AM
Korean Official: Cryptocurrency Exchange Ban 'Not Finalized'
South Korea's Presidential Officesaid today that a plan to ban trading cryptocurrencies via exchanges in the nation is still not set in stone.
Jan 11
06:09 AM
Japan's Fisco Launching $2.66 Million Cryptocurrency Fund
Japanese Corporate analyst and bitcoin exchange operator Fisco has announced that it will launch a cryptocurrency fund this month. (BTC )
Jan 11
04:55 AM
Bitcoin Price Stays Heavy Amid Korean Regulatory Reports
Despite the two-way action on the price of bitcoin over the last 24 hours, the bears still appear to have the upper hand. (BTC )
Jan 11
04:24 AM
SETL's Fund Record-Keeping Platform Trials Live Blockchain Transactions
Blockchain-based payment and settlement firm SETL and OFI Asset Management have started to process live blockchain transactions.
Jan 11
03:24 AM
Korea's Central Bank Forms Task Force to Study Cryptocurrency Impact
The Bank of Korea, South Korea's central bank, has launched a cryptocurrency task force to explore the technology's effects on the financial system.
Jan 11
02:09 AM
Crypto Cat and Mouse: 2018 Will Be the Year of Policy Subterfuge
Global regulators have staked out a diverse set of rules for blockchain, but entrepreneurs may be better off playing arbitrage until the dust settles.
Jan 11
01:09 AM
Florida Bill Would Legally Recognize Blockchain Signatures, Smart Contracts
A new bill introduced to the Florida House of Representatives aims to legally recognize blockchain records and smart contracts.
Jan 10
11:24 PM
Atomic Action: Will 2018 Be the Year of the Cross-Blockchain Swap?
Atomic swaps herald a way to greatly expand the capabilities of blockchain - but how soon will users be tapping the tech for trading? (BTC , ERC , ETH , LTC )
Jan 10
09:08 PM
South Korea Reportedly Expands Crackdown on Bitcoin Exchanges
New reports suggest that the South Korean government is intensifying its moves against the country's bitcoin exchanges. (BTC )
Jan 10
06:54 PM
Mike Novogratz Unveils Plan for Cryptocurrency 'Merchant Bank'
Billionaire and ex-fund manager Mike Novogratz has unveiled the launch of a cryptocurrency
Jan 10
03:09 PM
Bitmain Expands to Switzerland as China Cools to Bitcoin Miners
Bitmain, the China-based bitcoin mining giant, has set up a new subsidiary in Switzerland. (BTC )
Jan 10
01:09 PM
Goldman Sachs: Bitcoin Could Be Viable Money In Troubled Economies
A new report published by Goldman Sachs highlights how bitcoin and cryptocurrencies could serve as alternative forms of money in troubled economies. (BTC )
Jan 10
11:54 AM
Kodak's Cryptocurrency Is Already Being Presold
The company licensed by Kodak to use its name in conjunction with a new cryptocurrency has already begun pre-selling it ahead of a public initial coin offering (ICO).
Jan 10
10:09 AM
Kodak Debuts Bitcoin Miner as Blockchain Pivot Juices Stock Price
Kodak has licensed its name to a new bitcoin mining product, an announcement that came after the U.S. firm made waves by revealing that it is lending its name to a new photo-centric cryptocurrency. The Kodak KashMiner, as Business Insider reports, was on display at the CES tech trade show in Las Vegas yesterday. The (BTC )
Jan 10
08:54 AM
Warren Buffett: Cryptocurrencies Will Come to a 'Bad Ending'
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett said cryptocurrencies would come to a
Jan 10
08:08 AM
Down But Not Out: Ripple Bulls May Regain the Upper Hand
The 50 percent declineof Ripple's XRP token from the record highs may have strengthened the bears, but further downside may be limited. (XRP )
Jan 10
07:39 AM
Coinbase: Massive Buy Demand Caused Bitcoin Cash Launch Hiccups
Coinbase has said that overwhelming demand from buyers was behind issues experienced during its launch of bitcoin cash trading last month. (BCH , BTC )
Jan 10
06:39 AM
Goodbye ICOs, Hello TAOs? How Tokens Will Change in 2018
The landscape for tokens and ICOs will change this year, but the effects might be farther reaching and more impactful on society than you'd think.
Jan 10
05:38 AM
Overstock Payments Glitch Mixes Up Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash: Report
Online retail giant Overstock.com has reportedly experienced a bug that meant it mixed up payments made in two different cryptocurrencies. (BCH , BTC )
Jan 10
05:23 AM
Overstock Payments Glitch Mixes Up Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
Online retail giant Overstock.com has experienced a bug that meant it mixed up payments made in two different cryptocurrencies. (BCH , BTC )
Jan 10
05:09 AM
Downside Exposed? Bitcoin Continues Slide to Below $14K
Bitcoin is looking weaker on charts today, courtesy of a three-day losing streak, and could drop even lower in coming days. (BTC )
Jan 10
04:09 AM
Microsoft Resumes Bitcoin Payments After Halt Over 'Instability'
Tech giant Microsoft is once more accepting bitcoin payments after it halted transactions in the cryptocurrency last week. (BTC )
Jan 10
03:09 AM
Venezuela's Planned Petro Cryptocurrency 'Illegal,' Says Congress
Venezuela'sopposition-run congress has declared that a planned new oil-backed cryptocurrency called the petro is illegal.
Jan 10
02:08 AM
Beyond the Red Tape: The Path Ahead for Token Sales
Mason Borda is a tech entrepreneur focusing on blockchain infrastructure and security. He is currently the CEO and co-founder of TokenSoft Inc, a crypto treasury management and white label token sale platform. The following article is an exclusive contribution to CoinDesk's 2017 in Review. It began with some source code and a white paper. Bitcoin, (BTC )
Jan 10
01:08 AM
Quebec Lures Cryptocurrency Miners as China Sours on Industry
Cheap and abundant electricity, cold weather and a stable political climate are making the Canadian province attractive to bitcoin mining operators. (BTC )
Jan 09
09:08 PM
Telegram's $1.2 Billion ICO Could Be the Most Ambitious Token Sale Yet
Not only in size, but also in scope: the messaging app provider wants to bring crypto payments to the masses and decentralize online communication.
Jan 09
04:39 PM
Report: South Korea Eyes Joint Crypto Regulations With China, Japan
Finance regulators in South Korea are reportedly looking to cooperate with authorities in China and Japan on new rules for cryptocurrency trading.
Jan 09
02:54 PM
Bitcoin ETF Proposals Withdrawn After SEC Pushback
Several firms seeking to list exchange-traded funds (ETFs) tied to bitcoin have withdrawn their filings at the request of officials from the SEC. (BTC )
Jan 09
01:09 PM
Smart Contracts Proposal MAST Inches Closer to Bitcoin's Code
A long-standing proposal to bring (BTC )
Jan 09
12:09 PM
Kodak Is Launching a Cryptocurrency for Photographers
U.S. technology firm Kodak has announced that it will launch its own cryptocurrency, with plans to host an initial coin offering (ICO).
Jan 09
11:09 AM
Nebraska Lawmaker Files 3 Blockchain Bills
A lawmaker in Nebraska has filed a trio of bills focused on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
Jan 09
10:09 AM
Malaysia Securities Watchdog Issues ICO Cease-And-Desist
Malaysia's securities market watchdog has issued a cease-and-desist to a startup ahead of its planned initial coin offering (ICO).
Jan 09
09:09 AM
Swiss Government Launches Blockchain Task Force
The Swiss government has launched a new initiative to cement its regulatory framework surrounding blockchain startups and ICOs.
Jan 09
08:09 AM
Ether Bucks Bearish Trend to Hold Above $1,200
The price of ether, the native token of the ethereum platform, is bucking the downtrend seen across the top 10 cryptocurrencies. (ETH )
Jan 09
07:09 AM
Jamie Dimon Says He Regrets Calling Bitcoin a Fraud
JPMorgan Chase chief executive Jamie Dimon now reportedly regrets calling bitcoin a (BTC )
Jan 09
06:54 AM
$35 Million: Smart Contracts Platform Mobius Completes ICO Presale
Smart contracts provider Mobius successfully raised $35 million in a token presale based on the Stellar network.
Jan 09
06:08 AM
Ethereum All-Time Highs Overshadow Wave of Technical Issues
With ether price reaching all-time-highs, fundamental issues that relate to the most basic operation of ethereum's blockchain are popping up. (ETH )
Jan 09
05:08 AM
Below $15,000: Bitcoin On The Defensive as Bear Grip Strengthens
Bitcoin is on the defensive today, despite yesterday's sharp recovery from $14,000 levels. (BTC )
Jan 09
03:54 AM
TD Ameritrade: Bitcoin 'Great Opportunity' to Get Millennials Trading
Investment services firm TD Ameritrade sees cryptocurrencies as the (BTC )
Jan 09
03:09 AM
Bank of Israel: Digital Currencies Are an Asset Not a Currency
The deputy governor of Israel's central bank has said that digital currencies like bitcoin are more of an asset than a currency. (BTC )
Jan 09
02:08 AM


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