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Central Banks Are Privacy Providers of Last Resort
If central banks issue digital currencies, they'll be thrown into a debate about financial privacy in the modern era. Is that what they want?
Jul 30
07:38 AM
Bank of England Building Payments Network to Support a Potential Digital Pound
understands the Bank of England's new settlement system is being built so it can be forwards compatible with a digital pound.
Jul 30
07:23 AM
China Aims to Be the World's Dominant Blockchain Power
China's BSN could be met with geopolitical resistance as it continues to extend its global reach.
Jul 30
06:39 AM
Coda Protocol Touts User Growth One Year Into Testnet
The O(1) Labs project thinks recursive zk-SNARKs are the key to more manageable blockchains.
Jul 30
06:39 AM
Circle Gets $25M From DCG to Drive USDC Mainstream
USDC backer Circle is teaming with Genesis Trading in a $25 million deal aimed at pushing the stablecoin to the fintech masses.
Jul 30
06:09 AM
Paxful Chips Away at LocalBitcoins' Russian P2P Market Dominance
Paxful's year-old foray into Russian crypto markets is paying off for the peer-to-peer exchange.
Jul 30
06:09 AM
Dapp Data Storage Provider Bluzelle to Begin Mainnet Launch in August
Distributed data storage network Bluzelle is starting the launch of its mainnet on Aug. 8, the company announced Thursday.
Jul 30
05:09 AM
First Mover: Sleepy Fed Meeting Belies Tense Economic Reality (Brrr) That May Buoy Bitcoin
It didn't really matter to bitcoin tradersthat the Federal Reserve's meeting this week was so anticlimactic. The real action is ongoing - in the form of more money injections. (BTC )
Jul 30
05:09 AM
tZERO Slashes Jobs, Salaries as It Gears Up for Another Funding Round
In an attempt to improve its cash burn rate, tZERO has cut its headcount and asked senior staff to take equity as it prepares for a new raise.
Jul 30
04:09 AM
Police Arrest 27 Alleged Masterminds Behind $5.7B Plus Token Crypto Scam
Chinese police have arrested 27 leaders and 82 others suspected of operating the massive Plus Token Ponzi scheme.
Jul 30
03:54 AM
Malaysia's Stock Exchange Eyes Blockchain for Bond Market Digitization
Malaysia's national stock exchange will explore the digitization of the country's bond market through a proof-of-concept blockchain project.
Jul 30
02:39 AM
Cardano Introduces Proof-of-Stake With 'Shelley' Hard Fork
It's alive! Blockchain platform Cardano has successfully hard-forked to its major upgrade Shelley, which introduced proof-of-stake to the network (ADA )
Jul 30
01:23 AM
Live Recap: Ethereum's DeFi Luminaries Discuss What's Next
MakerDAO's Rune Christensen, Compound's Robert Leshner and Uniswap's Hayden Adams discussed the state of the $3.8 billion DeFi market. (ETH )
Jul 29
10:38 PM
Live Recap: The DAO Hack Is Still a Mystery
The DAO attack was a foundational episode in Ethereum history. On Tuesday, Live gathered a handful of blockchain veterans to look back. (DAO , ETH )
Jul 29
08:24 PM
A Crypto Derivatives Exchange Is Getting a Nasdaq Listing in Q3
Newly launched derivatives platform is using a SPAC to become the first crypto exchange to be listed on the Nasdaq.
Jul 29
07:08 PM
Scammers Are Forging Emails
Scammers are forging newsletters in phishing emails. Here's how to spot them and protect yourself.
Jul 29
02:08 PM
Market Wrap: Bitcoin Sticks to $11,000; Derivatives, DeFi Keep Growing
The cryptocurrency markets are finally heating up in July. (BTC )
Jul 29
01:53 PM
To Beat Online Censorship, We Need Anonymous Payments
Online censorship and surveillance will persist as long as local fiat currencies are the only way to pay for telecommunication services.
Jul 29
01:39 PM
Bitcoin Scaling Tech Could Have Saved Companies and Users $500M in Fees: Report
Implementing transaction batching and SegWit could have saved bitcoin companies and users $500M in fees - if they'd just use the technology already. (BTC )
Jul 29
12:38 PM
Recent Bitcoin Rally Pushes 'Addresses in Profit' to 93%
August 2019 was the last time this many bitcoin addresses were in profit. (BTC )
Jul 29
12:38 PM
How DeFi Could Disrupt Traditional Finance, Feat. Sergey Nazarov
Chainlink's co-founder Sergey Nazarov shares why a move from brand-based contracts to math-based contracts is inevitable - no counterparty risk! (XCP )
Jul 29
12:08 PM
Federal Reserve Keeps Rates Close to Zero, Continues Buying Treasurys
The Federal Reserve said Wednesday it would hold benchmark U.S. interest rates close to zero and continue buying Treasury bonds to support the coronavirus-devastated economy.
Jul 29
11:23 AM
Coinbase Now Offers 2% Rewards on Dai Stablecoin Accounts
U.S.-based crypto exchange Coinbase has launched a rewards program for customers holding the Dai stablecoin from popular DeFi project Maker.
Jul 29
10:38 AM
Indian Users Almost 5 Times More Likely to Encounter Crypto Hacking: Microsoft Report
The report notes that among countries in Asia-Pacific, Sri Lanka faces the highest encounter rate of such attacks with neighboring India in second place.
Jul 29
10:24 AM
Blockchain Bites: Ledger's Breach, Celsius' Contradictions and DeFi's Next Frontier
Liquidity mining is coming to proof-of-stake blockchains, Ledger lost 1 million email addresses and Bitcoin's rally has legs, data reveals. (BTC )
Jul 29
09:54 AM
DeFi Lender Aave Rolls Out Governance Token on Path to Decentralization
Aave will transfer ownership of the protocol to a genesis governance built and approved by LEND token holders. It will also swap LEND tokens for AAVE.
Jul 29
09:23 AM
Bitcoin News Roundup for July 29, 2020
With the battle for CBDC dominance in the East heating up and smart contract use skyrocketing as Ethereum turns five, CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back with another news roundup. (BTC , ETH )
Jul 29
09:09 AM
Marine Corps Bans Crypto Mining Apps From Government-Issued Mobile Devices
The Tuesday memo does not give a specific reason for the bitcoin mining ban but broadly cited security concerns. (BTC )
Jul 29
08:53 AM
Binance Australia Is Actually Run by the Founders of TravelbyBit
has discovered Binance Australia is operated by InvestbyBit, a company that shares directors with tourist crypto payments provider, TravelbyBit.
Jul 29
08:38 AM
Marathon Boosting Bitcoin Mining Game With 1,360 More Rigs Arriving in August
The publicly-traded firm has bought hundreds of rigs from mining hardware rivals MicroBT and Bitmain. (BTC )
Jul 29
08:08 AM
Justin Wales: Why Bitcoin Is Protected by the First Amendment
Bitcoin's role as a communications and associative network - not just a financial network - means it deserves constitutional protection. (BTC )
Jul 29
06:23 AM
Carbon Credits Have a Double-Spend Problem. This Microsoft-Backed Project Is Trying to Fix That
The Microsoft-backed IWA sustainability group is building a tokenization standard that aims to bring transparency to carbon accounting.
Jul 29
06:08 AM
Bitcoin Looks Overbought But Analysts Play Down Drop Fears
Bitcoin's rally looks overstretched, according to a technical indicator, but short-term price consolidation looks more likely than a drop, say analysts. (BTC )
Jul 29
05:53 AM
First Mover: Crypto Traders 'Greedy' as Goldman Warns on Dollar
As the dollar faces a diluted world status, cryptocurrencies like ether and bitcoin have soared on speculation over their role in future monetary systems. (BTC )
Jul 29
04:54 AM
Digital Yen Now 'Top Priority' for Japan Central Bank, Says Senior Official
The comments mark a shift in priority for Japan on its digital yen as it seeks to counter the economic threat from regional rival China.
Jul 29
04:38 AM
Why DeFi on Ethereum Is Like Algorithmic Trading in the '90s
DeFi's surge has created an interesting dynamic: Traditional fund managers are beginning to experiment with what decentralization has to offer. (ETH )
Jul 29
04:08 AM
How the EEA Made Ethereum Palatable to Big Business
Formed in 2017, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) helped large corporates and tech providers experiment with blockchain. (ETH )
Jul 29
03:08 AM
Crypto Wallet Ledger Loses 1M Email Addresses in Data Theft
An unknown hacker gained access to Ledger's marketing database, stealing a million email addresses as well as personal information for 9,000 customers.
Jul 29
02:38 AM
Pantera Capital Leads $2.6M Seed Round for DEX Protocol Injective
Injective Protocol, a decentralized derivatives exchange protocol incubated by Binance Labs, has raised $2.6 million in seed funding.
Jul 29
01:53 AM
605 Days Later: How ArCoins Got the SEC Go-Ahead as an Ethereum-Traded Treasuries Fund
A look inside Arca and TokenSoft's 605-day crusade to register the first Ethereum blockchain-native '40 Act Fund with the SEC. (ETH )
Jul 29
01:09 AM
Australian Crypto Exchanges Partner With Koinly to Simplify Tax Reporting for Users
Users of Australian exchanges Cointree, Coinjar and Swyftx can link their accounts and wallets to Koinly's service, providing an automated tax report.
Jul 29
12:39 AM
5 Years After Launch, Predictions Market Platform Augur Releases Version 2
Augur v2 has all the bells and whistles: Interplanetary File System (IPFS), 0x Mesh, MakerDAO's dai and Uniswap's v2 oracle network. (REP , ZRX )
Jul 28
03:09 PM
Market Wrap: Bitcoin's Price and Ether's Dominance Sit at 2020 Highs
The two biggest cryptocurrencies are hitting 2020 highs, though in different ways. (BTC )
Jul 28
01:38 PM
'Secret Contract' Project Forges Ahead After Settlement
The open source Secret Network has begun a swap for defunct ENG tokens and launched a
Jul 28
12:38 PM
Eight Ways to Understand Bitcoin's Massive Surge
As bitcoin retraces slightly after reaching a new 2020 high about $11,000, NLW explores what's driving the rally and how likely it is to continue. (BTC )
Jul 28
12:09 PM
What Crypto Lender Celsius Isn't Telling Its Depositors
Like all lending, the crypto kind carries risk. Celsius may be taking more of it than depositors, who have loaned it more than $1 billion, fully realize.
Jul 28
12:09 PM
Bitcoin's Latest Rally May Have Staying Power, Exchange Flows Suggest
The flow of bitcoin and stablecoins in and out of cryptocurrency exchanges observed on Monday suggests the latest price breakout may persist. (BTC )
Jul 28
11:23 AM
Proof-of-Stake Chains Team Up to Prove DeFi Is Bigger Than Ethereum
Terra is joining forces with Cosmos, Web3 Foundation and Solana to roll out a DeFi product meant for a wider consumer audience. Meet Anchor. (ETH )
Jul 28
11:08 AM
Soaring DeFi Usage Drives Ethereum Contract Calls to New Record
Coin Metrics reported that the daily number of smart contract calls on Ethereum had jumped to 3.11 million - a new record. (ETH )
Jul 28
10:53 AM
MIT Lightning Creator Unveils First 'Demonstration' of Bitcoin Scaling Tech
(BTC )
Jul 28
09:53 AM


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