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Binance to Launch Lending for XMR, ZEC and DASH This Week
After starting up Binance Lending Service in late August, Binance expands its lending products this week, with support for Monero, Zcash and Dash (DASH , XMR , ZEC )
11:09 AM
Crypto Inflation Figures Show Why Bitcoin is King Above Others Like ZEC and XRP
The high inflation figures for altcoins like ZCash (ZEC) and XRP are providing yet another basis for the bitcoin is king argument. Indiscriminate (BTC , XRP , ZEC )
09:54 AM
You Can Now Prove a Whole Blockchain With One Math Problem Really
Electric Coin Company research says you can prove the whole bitcoin blockchain in less space than a bitcoin blockhead, only 80-bytes of data. (BTC , ZEC )
03:54 AM
The Company Behind Zcash Announces Proposed Solution to Trusted Setup
The Electric Coin Company has announced Halo, a proposed cryptographic solution to the trusted setup flaw in Zcash (ZEC )
03:54 PM
The Slow and Steady Demise of ZCash Hash
It would appear the notorious ZCash project has hit a fair few hurdles in recent days. Not only is there a trademark dispute regarding the ZCash name, but it seems the price of this altcoin is collapsing as well. Finding a solution to either of these problems may be further away than most people realize. All of the developments are rather worrisome for anyone holding ZEC as part of their portfolio. The Trademark Problem A lot of people were surprised when the ZCash team announced the trademark problem. For some unknown reason, there is a dispute between the ZCash Foundation (ZEC )
05:54 PM
PR: Launches Multifunctional Payment Aggregator
Cryptocurrencies will be in great demand in the future, as the cryptocurrency market surprised skeptics once again. As soon as Bitcoin began its bullish trend, hundreds of other crypto coins followed the example. The authorities of large countries are starting to think about regulation, and companies like Facebook and Telegram are launching their own coins. Against the background of all this hype, only entrepreneurs and owners of companies that accepted cryptocurrency keep composure. Cryptocurrencies will be in great demand in the future, as the cryptocurrency market surprised skeptics once again. As soon as Bitcoin began its bullish trend, hundreds of other crypto coins followed the example. The authorities of large countries are starting to think about regulation, and companies like Facebook and Telegram are launching their own coins. Against the background of all this hype, only entrepreneurs and owners of companies that accepted cryptocurrency keep composure. (BCH , BTC , ETC , ETH , LTC , WAVES , XRP , ZEC )
02:39 AM
As Crypto Markets Go Cold, Who Will Pay for Open-Source Code?
Formerly a Contributing Editor, Daniel Cawrey is author of the upcoming Mastering Blockchain book to be published by OReilly Media. Earlier this year IBM purchased Red Hat, the oft-referred to model for how open source can thrive, for $34 billion. Long the consultant to enterprises, IBM is going through a transitional period as a (BTC , LTC , ZEC )
09:09 PM
Dash, Zcash and other privacy coins aren't as popular as Bitcoin on the dark web, claims BlockchainIntel CEO
Virtual assets have evolved over the past decade. The entire concept began as an idea of a financial asset for a peer-to-peer transaction. However, over time, different crypto-projects have entered th (BTC , ZEC )
01:54 PM
Zcash Foundation Says ZEC Developer Broke Trademark Promise
The Electric Coin Company, the developer of second-biggest anoncoin Zcash, has reneged on its declared intent to share its trademark with the non-profit Zcash F... (ANC , ZEC )
12:39 AM
Zcash (ZEC) now listed on CoinDeal exchange
CoinDeal, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Europe, and which just recently launched in select states in the U.S., announced that after winning the (ZEC )
05:09 AM
Company Behind Zcash Reports Losses in Q1 2019
Zcash developer Electric Coin Company operated at an average monthly deficit of $186,000 during the first quarter of this year, says the official report (ZEC )
06:54 AM
NEO, Zcash, and Dash Cryptocurrency Price Analysis and Prediction for August 30th Hash
NEO Price Analysis (NEO/USD) On today's intraday chart, NEO/USD has noted a remarkable downside move with a strong bearish trend line formed that also signaled a bearish bias. NEO's price tumbled from where it began the session at $9.5713 to where is presently trading at $8.6780. Additionally, the moving averages also suggested the downtrend since the 21 day MA (A) gravitated above the 7 day MA (B) over the last 24hrs. However, a notable price drop of 9.3% was encountered. The RSI indicator (C) is at present seen below the negative zone showing that the bears are in control, contributing (ZEC )
07:24 AM
Zcash Developer Electric Coin Co. Reveals Q1 Financial Losses
The Electric Coin Company (ECC) has issued its Q3 2019 transparency report saying the company had avoided layoffs throughout the bear market despite being in the red. (ECC , ZEC )
05:39 AM
Zcash reduces block times in latest release
The Electric Coin Company, the overseer of the Zcash (ZEC) blockchain protocol, has released v2.0.7 where ZIP208 was implemented, and which will take (ZEC )
09:39 AM
Telx Technologies Launches First Crypto-Facilitating SIM Card
Telecommunications company Telx Technologies announces the launch of the first cryptocurrency SIM card wallet that enables transactions via SMS (BCH , BTC , LTC , ZEC )
03:24 AM
Can pEOS Rival Monero and ZCash in the Battle for Privacy? Hash
There has never been a shortage of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets on the market. As this list continues to grow, it becomes increasingly difficult for projects to stand out. pEOS is a very interesting offering for users who are looking into privacy-oriented projects. There are some interesting features worth taking note of, although that doesn't necessarily mean this particular project will succeed in the long run. Using the EOSIO Blockchain As the name somewhat suggests, pEOS is a direct extension of the EOS cryptocurrency and blockchain project. The reason for this approach is because its developers are confident EOS has (EOS , XMR , ZEC )
01:24 PM
ZCash Will be Forked Into YCash Today Hash
As the Summer trucks along rather nicely, it seems another cryptocurrency hard fork is on the horizon. The ZCash project will be forked into a different chain known as YCash. Contrary to previous forks of this kind, there is a degree of amicability between both teams, rather than a genuine dispute. There is some work to be done looking to claim their YCash tokens, though. Forking ZCash With a new Chain On the surface, there have been a fair few projects which are derived from ZCash and still try to stick around in 2019. The world of privacy coins has (ZEC )
07:39 AM
Is There a Future for Privacy Coins in the United States? Hash
Cryptocurrencies which provides users with privacy and anonymity are often looked down upon by politicians and other officials. Especially in the US, privacy coins such as Monero and ZCash might face an uphill battle in the future. The most recent White House press conference only confirms these currencies are designed for criminals and no one else. The Stigmas Remain For quite some time now, the term privacy coins is associated with illegal activity on the internet and in the real world. This is primarily because of the privacy and anonymity features these currencies tend to provide to its users. In (XMR , ZEC )
01:09 PM
Barclays Is No Longer Banking Coinbase
Barclays is no longer banking Coinbase, resulting in delayed fiat withdrawals and deposits for the crypto exchange's U.K. users. (ZEC )
06:09 PM
Coinbase UK Customers Say Farewell to Zcash
Customers of Coinbase can expect to say goodbye to Zcash, a cryptocurrency known for its quasi-anonymous properties. The U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange recently announced that it will no longer ca (BTC , ZEC )
01:24 PM
Zcash Brexits as Coinbase Delists Privacy-Focused Altcoin in the UK
Zcash is getting delisted by Coinbase, but only in the UK leading to some speculation about the nature of the move (ZEC )
04:09 AM
Coinbase UK Dropping Support for Cryptocurrency Zcash
The U.K. arm of Coinbase appears to be dropping support for the privacy-focusedcryptocurrency zcash. (ZEC )
01:09 AM
Flexa Network SPEDN Wallet adds support for Zcash (ZEC)
Flexa, a cryptocurrency payment network for retailers which recently launched, following a $14.1 millionfundraising, today announced along with Electric (ZEC )
08:08 AM
Zcash Plunges 3% Following Zooko's Letter Addressing a New Zcash Dev Fund
Privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Zcash (ZEC) has seen a slight decrease in its price of about 3%. Interestingly enough, this move came after a letter written by Zookoo Wilcox, CEO at Electric Coin Comp (BTC , ECC , ZEC )
02:38 AM
All Eyes on Sun- Buffet Lunch While Bitcoin Dominance Grows
Key highlights Its less than a week for Sun- Buffet Lunch 5 Top Cryptos are now dead Grin executed first hard fork ZCash conducts friendly fork Bitcoin now over 65% dominance Its less than a week fo (BTC , ZEC )
04:53 PM
Privacy-Focused Coin Zcash Forks Into New Blockchain Network Ycash
Privacy-focused digital currency Zcash has forked into new blockchain network Ycash, whose total supply amounts to a 21 million coins (ZEC )
10:38 AM
PR: Crypto Exchange Enables Margin Trading a progressive and high-tech cryptocurrency trading platform, has reported on the launch of advanced Margin Trading services on multifunctional MetaTrader 5, with maximum leverage 1:20 and BTC as margin nominal currency for more scalable and convenient buy and sell a progressive and high-tech cryptocurrency trading platform, has reported on the launch of advanced Margin Trading services on multifunctional MetaTrader 5, with maximum leverage 1:20 and BTC as margin nominal currency for more scalable and convenient buy and sell operations. (BCH , BTC , DASH , EOS , ETH , LTC , XMR , XRP , ZEC )
02:38 AM
Monero: Community up-in-arms, privacy coin's performance suffers after security flaw reported
While privacy may be the forte of cryptocurrencies like Monero [XMR] and Zcash [ZEC], sometimes things might get a little too private. Earlier this week, the Monero community woke up to the cryptovers (XMR , ZEC )
02:38 AM
Monero and Zcash Conferences Showcase Their Differences (And Links)
The future of privacy coins relies on technologists getting the governance setup right. Here's both sides of the zcash debate. (XMR , ZEC )
03:23 AM
Crypto Market Watch: Bitcoin Seeks For The Next Move, Zcash Classic Plunges 66% Following Bittrex Delisting
The cryptocurrency market is in a mixed state today with most of the top ten cryptos in red while a few are recording gains of no more than 2% on the day. Bitcoin price traded around $12,400 but drop (BTC , ZEC )
03:53 AM
Coinbase CEO Praises Privacy While Allegedly Blacklisting Anonymous Transactions
Co-founder and CEO of major U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Brian Armstrong attracted criticism after praising private crypto transactions. (BTC , ZEC )
05:54 AM
Firm Behind Zcash to Introduce New Version of Protocol With Sharding
The Electric Coin Company, the firm behind second-biggest anoncoin zcash, is building a new scalable zcash blockchain. (ANC , ZEC )
08:38 AM
Coinmine, the Entry-Level Crypto Mining Rig, Gets Bitcoin Support
The one-tap miner now supports ethereum, zcash, grin, and monero alongside BTC. (BTC , ETH , XMR , ZEC )
05:08 AM
Crypto Price Analysis & Overview June 18: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Zcash and Cosmos
Bitcoin The correction that we saw last week was fairly short and part of the parabolic movement built on the chart since the strong resistance was breached. In the past three weeks, the resistance ha (ATOM , BTC , ETH , ZEC )
09:53 AM
Parity launches alpha version of alternative Zcash (ZEC) client
The Zebra launch offers the Zcash (ZEC) community an independent alternative to Electric Coin Company's zcashd client. (ZEC )
01:08 PM
Zcash Rolls Out New Software Client to Bolster Network Health
The Zcash Foundation has partnered with Parity Technologies to release a second software client for cryptocurrency Zcash. (ETH , ZEC )
12:23 PM
Is Bitcoin's Increasing Anonymity a Threat to Privacy Coins?
Bitcoin's privacy is getting better, but does it pose an existential threat to anonymous cryptocurrencies? (BTC , XMR , ZEC )
08:53 AM
Ex-Employee Sues Startup Behind Zcash for $2M Over Unpaid Stock
The plaintiff alleges Zerocoin did not have authority to issue common stock to employees when he was hired. (ZEC )
01:38 PM
Ex-Employee Sues Zcash Operator in $2 Million Lawsuit Over Unpaid Stocks
Simon Liu variously alleges nonpayment and the lack of legal clearance for Zerocoin to offer common stocks. (ZEC )
05:38 AM
Zcash Foundation launches Zepio, a shielded-first, cross-platform wallet
The Zcash Foundation, today launched Zepio Wallet, a shielded-first, cross-platform Zcash wallet that includes a full zcashd node. The wallet is currently (ZEC )
12:23 PM
Grayscale: BTC Holdings Make Up $1.97B of $2.1B Assets Under Management
Grayscale announced that out of the firm's $2.1 billion worth of assets under management, $1.97 billion resides in its bitcoin investment trust. (BCH , BTC , ETC , ETH , ZEC )
08:38 AM
Monero and Zcash are 'privatizing the blockchain,' claims Nym Technologies' Harry Halpin
Monero, the privacy coin, and its fundamental features - ring signature,ring confidential transactions, and stealth addresses, have received a lot of attention in the past. However, in a recent editi (XMR , ZEC )
03:53 PM
Binance Launchpad introduces Harmony (One); fifth project to launch token sale on platform
Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum and CEO of IOHK, recently spoke about privacy and ZCash, in an interview with CoinDesk. Notably, the remarks made by Hoskinson grabbed the attention of Ri (ETH , ZEC )
03:38 PM
Monero's [XMR] community 'seems honest,' while ZCash community 'scares' me, claims former Bitcoin developer
The cryptocurrency market turned green, driving the collective market cap to over $230 billion. As the market flashed green, most of the top digital coins were nearing double-digit pumps.The Bitcoin (BTC , XMR , ZEC )
03:23 PM
Ripple's Xpring, Outlier Ventures Back $4 Million Raise for Agoric
Agoric, which is looking to build a smart contract-focused programming language, secured $4 million in backing from Ripple's Xpring, Zcash, and others. (ZEC )
09:23 AM
Zcash to be listed on crypto exchange PayBito
PayBito, a crypto exchange from HashCash running on the blockchain network, HC Net, has announced the upcoming listing of Zcash on the exchange. PayBito (ZEC )
06:53 AM
What Can Enthusiasts Expect?
What does the future hold for Zcash?A Currency Needs to Be More Than PrivateThe asset is allegedly built with privacy in mind, offering more security for users (ZEC )
06:38 AM
Zooko Wilcox Envisions 'Ambitious' Changes for Zcash Cryptocurrency
Founder and CEO of the Electric Coin Company Zooko Wilcox envisions zcash to change radically over the next five years, starting with (ZEC )
09:38 PM
You Can Now Donate to the Tor Project in 9 Different Cryptocurrencies
The Tor Project is now accepting crypto donations directly, taking bitcoin, ether, monero, zcash and 5 others. (BTC , XMR , ZEC )
02:53 PM
Parity to build the first alternative client for Zcash
Parity Technologies, a core blockchain infrastructure company, today announced it has partnered with the Zcash Foundation to build the first alternative (ZEC )
12:08 PM


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