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Ripple (XRP) ballistic past $0.55: XRP/USD adds a massive 12%
Ripple lagging reaction bursts in an incredible swing above $0.55. Ripple is placing itself at the forefront of UAE Government's blockchain services and
Nov 06
03:01 AM
Cryptocurrency Market Update: OKEx New Margin Trading Pair Propels XRP
FOMO Moments Markets still climbing today; XRP leading the way, Polymath getting pounded. Crypto markets are still moving upwards this Tuesday and Markets still climbing today; XRP leading the way, Polymath getting pounded. (BTC , XRP )
Nov 06
12:38 AM
Ripple Price Analysis: XRP/USD Rally Gains Pace Above $0.50
Ripple price rallied recently against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. XRP/USD is currently correcting, but dips remain well supported near $0.5000 and $0.4950. (BTC , XRP )
Nov 05
10:38 PM
Crypto market overview: Bitcoin (BTC) dangerously close to $6,400; Ripple defies gravity
All major coins are rangebound after the successful start of the week. Ripple's XRP is the best-performer with nearly 9% gains on a daily basis. (BTC )
Nov 05
07:11 PM
XRP Nears 50 Cents as Price Rises to One-Month Highs
XRP, the world's third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, jumped 6 percent on Monday, cementing a 30-day high. (BTC , XRP )
Nov 05
05:09 PM
Ripple Price Analysis: XRP/USD Buyers In Control Above $0.4540
Ripple price is gaining bullish momentum against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. XRP/USD remains well supported on dips near the $0.4540 level. (BTC , XRP )
Nov 04
11:39 PM
XRP Tip Bot creator says he got into XRP after watching an interview of Ripple's CTO
The XRP Tip Bot creator Wietse Wind recently spoke on 51percent Crypto Research podcast where he discussed why he is enamored by XRP. He also spoke on how he got started into the crypto-space and was (XRP )
Nov 04
11:53 AM
Ripple's short term breakdown has some more pain left
XRP breaks down on the short term chart. Has some more pain left before a bounce. Ripple, the crypto has broken down on the short term chart and has some
Nov 03
10:51 PM
Markets Update: Bitcoin Cash Prices See Steady Gains Over the Last Two Days
Since our last markets update five days ago, cryptocurrency traders saw a lower range of volumes after cryptocurrency prices dropped in value. Now, this One digital currency, bitcoin cash, has spiked significantly in value gaining well over 12% over the last 24 hours and 9% for the last seven days. (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , XRP )
Nov 03
10:08 AM
Bitcoin [BTC] and XRP Investment Trust bucking the trend on a possible reversal, says Grayscale report
Despite the long-existing presence of the bear in the Bitcoin market this year, the crypto investment company, Grayscale, has reportedly raised about a dozen times the funds than it did last year. In (BTC , XRP )
Nov 02
04:53 AM
Ripple Price Analysis: Buy Dips In XRP/USD Near $0.4500
Ripple price bounced back nicely against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. XRP/USD has moved into a bullish zone and it could break the $0.4620 resistance zone. (BTC , XRP )
Nov 02
12:38 AM
Grayscale Has Raised Nearly $330 Million This Year According to Q3 Report
Grayscale's Q3 2018 Digital Investment Report says the firm has raised around $330 million in 2018. It was $25.4 million at this time in 2017. (BTC , XRP )
Nov 01
09:08 PM
Bitcoin, Ether, and XRP Weekly Market Update: November 1, 2018
This week the community celebrates the tenth anniversary of the creation of Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto first introduced the digital currency on Halloween 2008 with the release of a short paper titled (BTC , XRP )
Nov 01
09:24 AM
October Crypto Market Review: Top 20 Cryptocurrencies Crushed
XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Iota, Neo, VeChain falling hard, Tron survives while Maker and 0x recover well. For the eighth month this year cryptocurrency XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano falling hard, Tron survives while Maker and 0x recover well. (ADA , BCH , BTC , MIOTA , XRP , ZRX )
Nov 01
07:39 AM
Swiss-based Lykke Exchange supports Ripple (XRP) fiat trading pair
XRP is one of the most traded & requested by our community coins, Lykke exchange. Lykke is open for use across the world apart from The U.S, Australia, (LKK )
Nov 01
06:21 AM
Ripple Price Analysis: XRP/USD Could Recover Above $0.4500
Ripple price recovered nicely against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. XRP/USD is likely to clear the $0.4500 resistance to test the next hurdle near the $0.4600 level. (BTC , XRP )
Oct 31
11:40 PM
October Volume Report: Weakest Monthly Trade Activity of 2018
On the eve of the tenth anniversary of the first publishing of the Bitcoin whitepaper, the cryptocurrency markets posted 2018's weakest month for trade volume. The majority of leading markets saw a significant decline in trading activity during October, however, NEO, TRX, QTUM, and ZEC posted month-over-month volume increases. (BCH , BTC , BTM , ETC , ETH , LTC , STR , USDT , XLM , XRP , ZEC )
Oct 31
03:08 PM
CMC Markets Adds Bitcoin Cash to Cryptocurrency Offering
CMC Markets has expanded its cryptocurrency offering to include bitcoin cash (BCH), as well as litecoin (LTC) and Ripple's XRP. (BCH , BTC , LTC , XRP )
Oct 31
01:09 PM
Ripple executive states XRP aligns "very well" with Sharia law: Push for adoption into Middle East?
XRP has long been hailed as the digital asset with a use-case, owing to Ripple, the company, utilizing it for cross-border payments in its xRapid payments solution. However, XRP has also gained a bevy (XRP )
Oct 31
04:38 AM
Crypto Investment Firm Advises Buying Smaller Cap Altcoins During Bear Market
New Wave currently features a diverse range of altcoins in its investment portfolio, including Etherum, LTC, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Civic, and whatnot. (BCH , BTC , LTC , XRP )
Oct 31
02:08 AM
Bitcoin at 10: The biggest cryptocurrencies and what they do
From Bitcoin cash to Ether and XRP, here are the top 10 cryptocurrencies created since the invention of bitcoin and what you need to know about them. (BTC )
Oct 31
01:41 AM
Ripple Price Analysis: XRP/USD Could Revisit $0.4500 and 100 SMA
Ripple price is trading below key resistances against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. XRP/USD may well correct towards the $0.4500 resistance and the 100 hourly SMA. (BTC , XRP )
Oct 31
12:38 AM
XRP/USD Price Analysis: Volumes Dry Up as Monthly Losses Rise to 23 Percent
Depsite losses, XRP bulls are in control. That's unless there are drops below 40 cents. Before then we take a neutral stand on XRP/USD. (XRP )
Oct 30
07:23 PM
Ripple price analysis: Impending breakout around the corner
Bitcoin and Ethereum lead crypto carnage as XRP/USD finds support at $0.435. The 50 SMA is immediately capping gains while the 100 SMA offers support. (BTC , ETH )
Oct 30
04:11 AM
Ripple Price Analysis: XRP/USD's Downside Thrust and Reversal
Ripple price declined recently against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. However, XRP/USD found a strong buying interest near $0.4340 and recovered nicely. (BTC , XRP )
Oct 29
11:38 PM
Exchanges Roundup: Ironx Private Sale, IDCM to Target STOs
In recent news regarding virtual currency exchanges, Ironx has announced the completion of a $22.3 million private sale, the managing partner of IDCM has discussed the company's intention to provide security token offerings solutions, and Estonia crypto regulations have continued to attract exchanges. (XRP )
Oct 29
02:08 PM
Ripple Price Analysis: XRP/USD Turns Bullish Above $0.4540
Ripple price gained traction recently against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. XRP/USD may continue to trade higher as long as it is above $0.4540 and the 100 hourly SMA. (BTC , XRP )
Oct 29
12:38 AM
Ripple Labs lured away Google's lead technologist; XRP/USD doesn't care
XRP/USD sits at $0.4600, movements are minimal. Ripple adds Amir Sarhangi from Google as a Vice President of Products. XRP/USD has been hovering around
Oct 28
11:16 PM
Ripple's Cory Johnson compares XRP's technology to Bitcoin 2.0
In a recent podcast presented by Bezinga'sFintech Focus, Cory Johnson, the Chief Market Strategist of Ripple shared the technology behind XRP and the difference between XRP and Ripple. Cory explained (BTC , XRP )
Oct 28
08:38 PM
Ripple adds another customer as investor sentiment for XRP rides high
Amore Finance, a startup providing banking solutions for businesses and individuals startup based in Prague, Czech Republic, has partnered with Ripple to join its ever-growing network of banks known a (XRP )
Oct 27
08:23 PM
Markets Update: Tranquil Markets Presage a Storm Brewing
Cryptocurrency prices have been quite stable over the last few weeks as volatility throughout many markets has been non-existent. After patiently waiting, After patiently waiting, traders and investors are now curious to see if something transpires after a long spell of tranquil digital asset markets. (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , USDT , XRP )
Oct 27
10:08 AM
Is latest Ripple news indicating on its way to going mainstream?
TL;DR In the past few days, Ripple has made significant progress, creating multiple partnerships along with other major events. Some of the above include XRP as collateral on a loan platform, Changell (BTC , XRP )
Oct 27
01:23 AM
Australian Women Steals almost Half a Million Ripple XRP
In a report published October 25, 2018, police in New South Wales announced the arrest of a woman responsible for stealing more than $450,000 worth of XRP. Theft Details The woman was caught after the (BTC , XRP )
Oct 26
11:23 PM
Bogus Apps Claiming to Mine Unmineable Cryptos Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT) and Others Flood Google Play Live Bitcoin News
A lot of people are interested in mining various cryptocurrencies. Most current mobile devices have, in theory, sufficient horsepower to do exactly that. Not all applications claiming to mine crypto s (BTC , USDT , XRP )
Oct 26
02:08 PM
Regulations Roundup: Shenzhen Court Recognizes Bitcoin, Motion to Dismiss Coinbase Case Granted
In recent news regarding crypto regulations, a Shenzhen court has reportedly ruled in favor of protecting an equity transfer agreement involving bitcoin, the judge presiding over a class action against Coinbase alleging insider trading has granted a motion to dismiss the case, and an Australian woman has been arrested for stealing 100,000 XRP following a 10-month investigation. (BTC , XRP )
Oct 26
12:23 PM
XRP/USD Small Reversal Pattern Forming? Live Bitcoin News
Ripple might be ready to resume its longer-term term climb as it formed an inverse head and shoulders pattern on its 1-hour time frame. Price has yet to test the neckline at the .4750 mark and break p (BTC , XRP )
Oct 26
06:08 AM
Ripple Q3 Report: More than $160 Million in XRP Moved, Maltese Exchanges Lead the Way
Photo: Ripple / TwitterThe cryptocurrency market has seen better times, some might say. With a bunch of once valuable digital assets losing their shine every day, while investors are wavering out by t (BTC , XRP )
Oct 26
05:53 AM
Ripple Report Shows XRP Sales Doubled in Q3 2018
As the end of 2018 draws near a quarterly market report from Ripple shows that the company is on the right track. (XRP )
Oct 26
03:08 AM
Ripple Price Analysis: XRP/USD Remains Buy on Dips Near $0.4450
Ripple price is trading in a positive zone against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. XRP/USD remains buy on dips near the $0.4450 and $0.4400 support levels. (BTC , XRP )
Oct 26
12:38 AM
Ripple Labs hails positive 3Q results as XRP/USD hovers around $0.4600
XRP/USD regained some ground on Friday, no breakthrough. Ripple Labs published 3Q market report. XRP/USD is hovering just below $0.4600 handle, gaining
Oct 25
11:46 PM
Crypto market overview: Bitcoin is sidelined, Ripple's XRP is the growth leader with humble 0.77% gains
All major altcoins are rangebound, bearish sentiments prevail TRON is the worst-performer of the day. So far, so good. Cryptocurrency market is still (BTC )
Oct 25
08:31 PM
Bitcoin, Ether, XRP Weekly Market Update: October 25, 2018
BTC dropped $120 of its value and closed the trading day on October 18 at $6,615. The loss constituted its most significant one-day drop since October 11. BTC-USD On the same day, observers saw the Ch (BTC , XRP )
Oct 25
02:38 PM
Ripple sells $163 million in XRP, Q3 reports makes striking revelations on market activities
Ripple, the company, has released its third quarterly report on their official website. The announcement has stirred up the community as the report's spotlight was that the company selling over $163 m (XRP )
Oct 25
12:24 PM
Australian Woman Arrested Over Theft of AU$450,000 Worth of XRP
A 23-year-old Australian woman has been arrested over the alleged theft of AU$450,000 worth of XRP tokens following a 10-month investigation. More than A 23-year-old Australian woman's been arrested for allegedly stealing AU$450,000 worth of XRP. The stolen funds are reported to belong to a 56-year-old man. (XRP )
Oct 25
11:09 AM
Ripple Says XRP Sales Doubled in Third Quarter of 2018
Ripple more than doubled its XRP sales quarter-over-quarter, though it did not match Q1 sales, according to its latest markets report. (XRP )
Oct 25
09:53 AM
Can Crypto Credit Cards Bridge the Two Financial Realms?
Crypto.com has started shipping MCO Visa Cards, while Changelly has added fiat-to-XRP support, further blurring the lines between cryptocurrency and fiat. (XRP )
Oct 25
08:08 AM
XRP-Backed Crypto Loans Now Offered by Nexo
Cryptocurrency loans startup Nexo has announced that effective immediately, XRP is being added to the platform as a collateral option following the result of a community poll which indicated that more (BTC , XRP )
Oct 25
07:23 AM
23-Year-Old Australian Woman Arrested Over Theft of 100,000 XRP
A 23-year-old woman based out of Sydney, Australia, has been charged over the alleged cryptocurrency theft worth about US$ 300,000. (XRP )
Oct 25
05:09 AM
Ripple Co-founder: XRP can solve the global liquidity problem but over-regulation is a major threat
During the recently held Money 2020 conference, the Executive Chairman and the Co-founder of the Ripple Company, Chris Larsen, spoke about his experience in the field of entrepreneurship and leadershi (XRP )
Oct 25
04:23 AM
Ripple (XRP) Price Watch: Inverted Head and Shoulders
Ripple Price Key Highlights Ripple might be done with its slide as it forms an inverted head and shoulders reversal pattern on its 4-hour chart. A break Ripple might be due for a reversal from its slide as an inverted head and shoulders can be seen on the 4-hour time frame. (XRP )
Oct 24
09:53 PM


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