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XRP's uncertainty could propel another downtrend
XRPs price has been stuck below the $0.22 level for a long time. The third-largest cryptocurrency could be trouble as technicals indicate a potential retracement in the short-term.XRP 12-Hour Chart:S (XRP )
Jun 08
01:23 AM
XRP is Prepping for a Fresh Breakdown Despite Climbing Social Volume
XRP's overt technical weakness comes as the crypto shows signs of seeing heightened social activity from investors across social media platforms. (XRP )
Jun 05
06:23 PM
Ripple (XRP) Showing Signs of A Significant Breakdown Below $0.20
Ripple failed to continue higher above $0.2150 and declined sharply against the US Dollar. XRP is showing bearish signs just like bitcoin and it could dive further below $0.2000.Ripple traded as high (BTC , XRP )
Jun 03
01:08 AM
Charts of XRP and Top Altcoins Look "Trash": Here's What May Come Next
The Bitcoin bull case may be rapidly forming, but the charts of XRP and other top altcoins still look (BTC , XRP )
Jun 01
05:08 AM
XRP Finally Makes It Above $0.20 But Can The Bulls Sustain Momentum? Ripple Price Analysis
XRP climbed by 3.5% today as it managed to reclaim the $0.2 level. The cryptocurrency is trading at the 100-days EMA resistance and remains within the descending triangle. Against Bitcoin, XRP is trad (BTC , XRP )
May 30
09:23 AM
Over 120 Billion Idle XRP Tokens Moved: Volatility Is Near
Ripples XRP token is going through a stagnation phase without giving any clear signs of where it is headed next. The cross-border remittances token has been co (XRP )
May 29
08:08 AM
XRP Reaching Decision Point As Bitcoin Surges To $9,500, Where To Next? Ripple Price Analysis
XRP dropped by a small 1% today as the coin continues to struggle to find ground above $0.2. The cryptocurrency continues to consolidate in the descending triangle formation as it approaches the apex. (BTC , XRP )
May 28
09:38 AM
ETH showing strong signals as EOS and XRP likely to regress
The three largest altcoins in the market have struggled to post higher gains as Bitcoin finds resistance above $9k (BTC , EOS , ETH , XRP )
May 27
08:54 AM
XRP Registers Textbook Bullish Sign: Here's Why It Is Unlikely to Play Out
It's been a quiet past few days for XRP and the rest of this nascent market. After the retracement this weekend, most cryptocurrencies have flatlined, (XRP )
May 26
03:08 AM
XRP Price Analysis: Ripple Slides Below $0.2 As It Loses Its Top 3 Spot To Tether (USDT)
XRP saw a 1.5% price drop over the past week as the bulls failed to defend the $0.2 level, and failed to close above over the past three consecutive daily candles Against Bitcoin, XRP continues its re (BTC , USDT , XRP )
May 24
07:08 AM
XRP Price Analysis for May 22nd
On Friday, May 22nd, the XRP is trying to restore after two days of sales but the impulse is not enough. The cryptocurrency is generally trading at 0.1968 USD. (XRP )
May 22
06:53 AM
This Fractal Pattern Puts XRP at Grave Risk of Seeing Massive Downside
XRP may continue losing its market share, however, as analysts are now pointing to one strikingly bearish fractal pattern. (XRP )
May 21
01:08 PM
Even After 94% Crash From 2018 Peak, Analysts Think XRP Isn't Done Falling Yet
While XRP is one of the most popular projects in the space, it has been one of the worst performing large-cap cryptocurrencies since the 2018's highs. (XRP )
May 20
08:26 PM
Ripple could become a major platform for cross-border payments
Ripple has looked to shake up the payments industry with its Ripplenet and XRP products, but price action still remains a little weak (XRP )
May 18
10:08 AM
Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Sideways Action Continues, Now Facing Crucial Resistance Upon The 100-EMA
XRP continues to move sideways along $0.2 today after seeing a very small 0.7% price increase. Over the past week, XRP increased by 4% after it bounced from $0.192 to break back above $0.20. Against B (BTC , XRP )
May 18
08:08 AM
Analysts: XRP to See Final Capitulation After Crashing Below Key Support Level
Although Bitcoin is pushing multi-month highs, XRP isn't. The cryptocurrency is trading at $0.205 over 10% shy of its $0.245 monthly high while (BTC , XRP )
May 18
03:09 AM
XRP to embark on a potential upside as it pushes above $0.20
XRP was briefly toppled by Tether [USDT], as the third-largest cryptocurrency. At the time of writing, XRP was being traded at $0.202. Following the crash, XRP held a crucial support level within the (USDT , XRP )
May 17
10:53 PM
Early Ripple Investor: I "Never Really Saw" the Use Case for XRP as Currency
While XRP is a topic of conversely for many in the space, the asset is undoubtedly a powerhouse in the industry, with the third-largest market (XRP )
May 17
03:23 PM
XRP TipBot gets new lease of life after Dutch regulations take their toll
Crypto-projects and businesses around the world have been waiting for official regulations to be framed around cryptocurrencies. While some countries have been reluctant at the prospect of crypto goin (XRP )
May 15
07:11 AM
XRP/USD Holds $0.20, Downswing To $0.25 In The Offing?
Ripple price recovery from weekend lows at $0.1750 hit a wall at the 50% Fibonacci level. XRP bulls need to push for consolidation above R$0.20 to avert the looming breakdown. Ripple price finally res (BTC , XRP )
May 15
07:11 AM
XRP Price Analysis for May 15th
On Friday, May 15th, the XRP rate is correcting after the recent growth. The cryptocurrency is generally trading at 0.2023 USD. (XRP )
May 15
05:55 AM
Ripple (XRP) Just Signaled Sell And Its Vulnerable To A Drop Below $0.20
Ripple failed to stay above the $0.2050 resistance and declined recently. XRP is showing bearish signs and it could decline further below $0.1980 and $0.1960. (XRP )
May 14
11:08 PM
Ripple Price Just Recorded New Low Against BTC Since December 2017: Where Is The Bottom? XRP Analysis
XRP saw a 1.5% price rise over the past 24 hours as it managed to climb above the $0.20 level again. The cryptocurrency is facing resistance at the 100-days EMA now. Against Bitcoin, the XRP woes cont (BTC , XRP )
May 14
06:54 AM
Ripple (XRP) Follows Bitcoins Rise But $0.21 Shows Bearish Case Remains Intact
Ripple traded higher and broke the $0.2000 resistance following bitcoin price rise. However, XRP is still facing many hurdles near $0.2100 and $0.2200. (BTC , XRP )
May 13
11:09 PM
XRP may be emerging as a rebalancing asset for Ethereum users
The cryptocurrency market has been tough on many of the markets cryptos, largely owing to the constant fluctuation in prices. XRP has been one such coin whose price has been restricted under $0.20 si (ETH , XRP )
May 13
05:24 AM
Ripple (XRP) Could Narrowly Avoid Major Downtrend If It Closes Above $0.20
Ripple remained strong above $0.1900 and $0.1920 against the US Dollar. However, XRP must surpass the $0.2000 and $0.2050 resistance levels to gain bullish momentum in the near term. (XRP )
May 12
11:08 PM
Bulls Beware: XRP Could See a Bloody Selloff to $0.12 as Market Structure Degrades
One analyst believes XRP's recent decline has caused it to break its market structure, with this opening the gates for a drop to lows of $0.125. (XRP )
May 12
01:08 PM
Ripple Price Analysis: After 10% Weekly Drop, XRP Facing The Same $0.2 Resistance
XRP saw a 1% price increase today as it attempts to reclaim the $0.20 level. The cryptocurrency broke beneath the rising trend line but found support at a .382 Fib Retracement ($0.192). Against Bitcoi (BTC , XRP )
May 12
09:23 AM
Will New Crypto Bill Absolve Ripple of On-going XRP Lawsuits?
At present, fintech firm Ripple is already subject to several lawsuits that allege it broke SEC rules by selling unregistered securities with sales of the (XRP )
May 12
07:08 AM
XRP, Bitcoin SV highlight a volatile market, while Link trends low
Altcoins like XRP, Chainlink, and Bitcoin SV have noted a bearish reversal of trends as the spot market kept taking a hit. XRP Source: XRP/USD on TradingView The third-largest coin with a market cap o (BTC , XRP )
May 12
05:23 AM
XRP bulls could stop XRP hitting new monthly lows
Ripple (XRP) bearish but moves above $0.20 would signal bulls are getting on top (XRP )
May 12
04:24 AM
Ripple (XRP) Signaling Bearish Continuation Until Bulls Overpower $0.20
Ripple traded to a new weekly low at $0.1849 and currently correcting higher. XRP is likely to face a major resistance near the $0.2000 and $0.2050 levels. (XRP )
May 11
11:08 PM
Analysts Expect XRP to See a Significant Bounce as It Nears Massive Support
The downtrend that has come about as a result of its weakness has led XRP to a bedrock support level that is historically significant. (XRP )
May 11
02:08 PM
Ripple Reclaims Downtrend Resistance As Support With Bullish XRP Weekly Close
XRP, the native cryptocurrency to the Ripple protocol, has struggled throughout the bear market. The number three crypto by market cap has lagged behind most other altcoins in recovering from the most (BTC , XRP )
May 11
09:39 AM
Ripple (XRP) Turned Sell on Rallies: $0.18 and $0.17 Are Likely Targets
Ripple declined heavily from well above the $0.2200 resistance. XRP is currently recovering, but upsides are likely to remain capped near $0.2080 and $0.2100. (XRP )
May 10
11:09 PM
Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Crashes 17% Following Bitcoins Bloodbath, Where To Now?
Ripple turned bearish after losing 17% to reach a key demand level at $0.175 Theres no bullish sign for XRP at the moment as bears show more interest Against Bitcoin, Ripple dropped to a new monthly (BTC , XRP )
May 10
05:38 PM
XRP Shatters Crucial Macro Support as Analysts Eye Serious Downside
XRP's latest breakdown is leading analysts to foresee serious blood, with some even calling the embattled token a dead end. (XRP )
May 08
01:08 PM
Despite Bitcoin's 170% Rally, Analyst Expects XRP to "Pull Back"
Although Bitcoin has erupted over the past 24 hours, XRP has remained muted. The top altcoin is up 1% in the past 24 hours while BTC has surged 8% higher, (BTC , XRP )
May 07
05:08 PM
Ripple (XRP) Shows Signs of Reversal But 100 SMA Can Trigger New Rally
Ripple is currently consolidating above the $0.2100 support. XRP price is showing bearish signs, but it could start a fresh increase as long as it is above the 100 SMA (H4). (XRP )
May 06
11:09 PM
It's the "Last Stand" for Bag Holders of XRP: Top Analyst Peter Brandt
XRP hasnt been excluded from the recent rally in the cryptocurrency market. From its lows in March of $0.11, the second-largest altcoin has gained over (XRP )
May 06
06:38 PM
Analyst Who Called XRPs Previous Lows Now Thinks It Will Hit $0.05
One analyst is now claiming that XRP's high time frame correction has yet to be completed, meaning that it may soon drop to $0.05. (XRP )
May 06
01:08 PM
Ripple Becomes A Member Of The Global ISO 20022 Standards Body
Ripple has reportedly become the first blockchain-focused member of the emerging global ISO 20022 Standards Body. Thus, the firm has joined the likes of payment processing entities such as Visa and Sw (BTC , XRP )
May 06
06:23 AM
Ripple (XRP) Hesitates, But Further Gains Above $0.22 Seem Likely
Ripple is facing a couple of hurdles near $0.2220 against the US Dollar. XRP is likely to accelerate higher above $0.2220 unless the bulls lose control and the price drops below $0.2080. (XRP )
May 05
11:09 PM
Gemini co-founder Slams Trolls as Ripple(XRP) Security Question Lingers
Gemini lists among other coins Litecoin, BAT, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Not XRP. One of the most liquid coins and the third in the market cap leader board. It rubs supporters the wrong way considering th (BAT , BTC , ETH , LTC , XRP )
May 05
01:09 PM
XRP price on verge of upside
XRP price remains on course for a strong upside despite new lawsuit XRP, the cryptocurrency launched by fintech company Ripple, appears not to have been impacted by the news of a new lawsuit against t (BTC , XRP )
May 05
01:09 PM
XRP Risks Plunge as New Lawsuit, Massive Sell-off Hurt Market Sentiment
Ripple's native token XRP is facing serious risks of plunging as a string of negative fundamentals attacks buying sentiment. A Puerto Rico-based firm has (XRP )
May 05
08:54 AM
Mysterious Company Files New Lawsuit Over Ripple's $1.1B XRP Sale
A new lawsuit has been filed alleging Ripple violated U.S. securities laws; the case comes from a company that previously accused FTX of price manipulation. (XRP )
May 05
05:53 AM
Ripple's XRP is Preparing for a Brutal Breakdown as Key Level Fails to Hold
Top cryptocurrencies, XRP included, have been on a remarkable rally over the past few weeks. Bitcoin, whose trajectory dictates the direction of the rest (BTC , XRP )
May 05
05:09 AM
Analyst That Called XRP's Crash to $0.13 Now Fears a Strong Ethereum Drop
All cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin and Ethereum to smaller altcoins, have been rallying over the past few weeks. Just last week, Ether hit a high of $225 (BTC , ETH , XRP )
May 04
06:38 PM
XRP Has Seen 850 Days of Lower-Highs; Heres Why Its Downtrend is Far from Over
XRPs weekly candle close yesterday did little to sway analysts current bearishness, as some say it could be on the cusp of seeing dire losses. (XRP )
May 04
06:08 PM


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