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Coin Market Cap Seeking New Staff and Launching Subreddit
The worlds most popular source for information about the crypto market is now hiring. Coin Market Cap has listed open positions (LTC )
Jul 10
05:39 AM
Litecoin price analysis: LTC/USD touches $78.00 amid Bancor woes
LTC/USD is under pressure, in sync with other coins. Charlie Lee claims that Bancor is not truly decentralized. Litecoin touched $78.00 during early Asian (BNT , LTC )
Jul 09
10:59 PM
IOTA, EOS, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, EOS Technical Analysis
EOS, IOTA and Litecoin are experiencing resistance to upsides. In my view, and in light with the general bearish trend, sellers might take control today (EOS , LTC , MIOTA , STR , XLM )
Jul 09
05:09 PM
Ripple & Litecoin Charts at a Glance - Trend Keeps Sellers in Control
Persistent downtrends in XRP/USD and LTC/USD keep the pressure on for the foreseeable future, with longer-term targets still considerably lower... (LTC )
Jul 09
03:34 AM
Litecoin price analysis: LTC/USD eyes $81.00 resistance, but the upside is limited
LTC/USD moves in sync with Bitcoin. Charlie Lee tells the story of the coin's name. Litecoin is changing hands at $81.97. The coin is mostly unchanged (BTC , LTC )
Jul 09
02:08 AM
Litecoin, EOS, Stellar Lumens, Tron, IOTA Technical Analysis
Weekend's price action was a short in the arm for Bitcoin, IOTA and a host of other coins under our focus. EOS is also stable. (BTC , EOS , LTC , MIOTA , STR , XLM )
Jul 08
05:09 PM
EOS, IOTA, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, Tron Technical Analysis
It seems like it may continue at IOTA especially if sellers continue to push prices below $1 and 90 cents in the days to come. (EOS , LTC , MIOTA , STR , XLM )
Jul 06
05:09 PM
Litecoin Technical Analysis: LTC/USD appears to be a sitting duck, subject to a bear attack
Litecoin price is seen broadly flat, but only for now, after the break from the rising wedge on Thursday. LTC/USD is struggling to break down a touted (LTC )
Jul 06
07:29 AM
Litecoin price analysis: LTC/USD resumed the downside, $81.00 under threat
LTC/USD lost its weekly gains, more downside in store. Th upside is capped byWednesday's high at $89.23. Litecoin is changing hands at $81.25. The coin (LTC )
Jul 06
01:24 AM
EOS, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, Tron, IOTA Technical Analysis
Altcoins are on a recovery path and none stands out like IOTA. Gains have been consistent and they continue to partner with strategic industries. (EOS , LTC , MIOTA , STR , XLM )
Jul 05
05:09 PM
Litecoin price analysis: LTC/USD is trapped in a range, recovery is limited
LTC/USD retraced from recent highs amid market jitters. The upside is capped byWednesday's high at $89.23. Litecoin is changing hands at $84.80, after (LTC )
Jul 04
11:39 PM
EOS, IOTA, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens and Tron Technical Analysis
Overly, alt coins are back in the positive territory adding $11 billion in market cap. Supporting this is the obvious gains in IOTA and at EOS. (EOS , LTC , MIOTA , STR , XLM )
Jul 04
05:09 PM
Litecoin price analysis: traders believe the worst is not over, LTC/USD down 2% on daily basis
LTC/USD retraced from recent highs. Market participants are not thatoptimistic, poll shows. Litecoin is changing hands at $84.90, off Tuesday high hit (LTC )
Jul 04
02:58 AM
Litecoin, EOS, IOTA, Stellar Lumens and Tron Technical Analysis
At long last, EOS ETH holdings as read from their ETH two accounts is down to zero from more than three million after their ICO. (EOS , ETH , LTC , MIOTA , STR , XLM )
Jul 03
05:09 PM
IOTA, EOS, Stellar Lumens, EOS and Tron Technical Analysis
Besides IOTA whose buyers have been consistent in the last three days, others are literally stagnant. EOS is still trending below $9 despite the clout surrounding RAM while Litecoin is likely to break above $90 today. (EOS , LTC , MIOTA , STR , XLM )
Jul 02
05:10 PM
For Litecoin's Price, This Week's Close Could Be Pivotal
Litecoin's close this week will likely set the tone for the next major move in prices, the technical studies indicate. (LTC )
Jul 02
08:41 AM
Bitcoin Rebounds From 2018 Low to Buoy Rivals Ether, Litecoin
Bitcoin jumped on Monday, giving a positive jolt to a digital-coin market that had lost about half of its value since early May. (BTC , LTC )
Jul 02
03:34 AM
Volume Rankings Report for June 2018: Trading Activity Drops Across Crypto Markets
Market action during June has seen a significant slump in trade volume, with the majority of the ten most traded cryptocurrencies experiencing a drop in volume of between roughly 17% to 57% when compared with May. (BTC , EOS , ETC , ETH , LTC , USDT , XRP )
Jun 30
09:57 AM
Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily Analysis - 30/06/18
The weekend rally is on or is it just a spill over from Friday's rebound from new swing lo levels struck by the majors, time will tell, but only a few weekend rallies have managed to last the entire weekend (BCH , BTC , LTC )
Jun 30
08:00 AM
XRP is a Security, Litecoin Has 'No Reason to Exist,' Ethereum is the Best
Multicoin Capital is long on EOS (EOS) and Ethereum (ETH) - but bearish on Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP). (EOS , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jun 30
06:09 AM
Litecoin (LTC) Technical Analysis
While fundamentals are supportive of Litecoin, the mere fact that Bitcoin is on a slide, means there is more room for LTC downsides. (BTC , LTC )
Jun 29
05:09 PM
Indian Exchange Zebpay Boosts Trading Support for 19 Cryptos Ahead of RBI Ban
Leading Indian cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay has added new cryptocurrencies to its crypto-to-crypto trading platform. The exchange now supports 19 cryptocurrencies and over 35 trading pairs, as it prepares for the banking ban by the country's central bank to go into effect next week. (BCH , BTC , EOS , ETH , LTC , OMG , XRP )
Jun 29
03:24 PM
Below $0.50: XRP Prices Fall to New 2018 Lows
XRP and other well-known cryptos are sitting on dangerous grounds as they print new price lows for 2018. (LTC , OMG , XRP )
Jun 29
01:39 PM
Dutch Crypto Trading Platform Blockport to Enter US Market
Amsterdam-based cryptocurrency exchange Blockport has just released the public beta of its platform, now allowing users in Europe to buy, sell and trade five cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, against the EUR. The startup is already planning to enter the US market and compete against the market leader Coinbase, Blockport said on Thursday. (BTC , ETH , LTC )
Jun 29
07:25 AM
EOS, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, Tron and IOTA Technical Analysis
Although we are yet to see confirmations, the fact that most alt coin prices as Litecoin, IOTA, EOS and to some degree Stellar Lumens are stable. (EOS , LTC , MIOTA , STR , XLM )
Jun 28
05:09 PM
Japan's Line Launching Exchange With 30+ Cryptocurrencies in All but Two Countries
The operator of Line, Japan's most popular chat app, has confirmed the upcoming launch of its cryptocurrency exchange called Bitbox. The new platform will list more than 30 of the most popular cryptocurrencies, offering low trading fees. The new exchange will launch globally, except for two countries. (BCH , BTC , ETH , LTC )
Jun 28
04:54 PM
Litecoin price analysis: LTC/USD failed at $80.00 amid lack of bullish momentum
LTC/USD is rangebound, despite recovery on a daily basis. The short-term picture is bearish as long as the price is below $80.00. Litecoin is changing (LTC )
Jun 27
11:34 PM
IOTA, EOS, Stellar Lumens, Tron and Litecoin Technical Analysis
Facebook is reversing their cryptocurrency ad ban five months after issuing a directive while Tron is now on their mainnet after successfully completing their ERC 20-mainnet coin swap. (EOS , ERC , LTC , MIOTA , STR , XLM )
Jun 27
05:10 PM
netTALK Launches Cryptocurrency Payment Feature Allowing Users To Pay With Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum And Litecoin
netTALK will be one of the first companies in the telecommunications industry to accept crypto payments. (BCH , BTC , ETH , LTC )
Jun 27
11:40 AM
Litecoin price analysis: LTC/USD edging higher but still confined an extended descending channel
Litecoin price intraday cap is below $84.00, key resistance is at the 61.8% Fibo. Immediate support is highlighted at $76, but further declines will be (LTC )
Jun 27
06:34 AM
Litecoin price analysis: LTC/USD under pressure again, down 6% on daily basis
LTC/USD is rangebound after Tuesday's sell-off. Traders see glass half-empty. Litecoin is changing hands at $76.22, unchanged since the beginning of the (LTC )
Jun 27
12:38 AM
Crypto Exchange Resumes Trading in India Despite Problems with Banks and RBI
Cryptocurrency exchange Belfrics has resumed trading operations in India after halting earlier this year due to banks refusing to provide payments solutions to the exchange. Belfrics has also added four more cryptocurrencies to its platform, with 20 more planned for the next six months. (BCH , BTC , ETH , LTC , XRP )
Jun 26
09:25 PM
IOTA, EOS, Tron, Stellar Lumens and Litecoin Technical Analysis
Yesterday we were supposed to see the final push and declaration of Tron Independence. But as with all mainnet launches in this space, it's but a disappointment. Coin migration from Ethereum is still in progress. (EOS , ETH , LTC , MIOTA , STR , XLM )
Jun 26
05:10 PM
'Precursor of Price Going Up': Tether Grants Another $250M in USDT Tokens
Tether (USDT) has issued $250 million dollars worth of tokens, which Litecoin creator, Charlie Lee, sees as bullish sign. (LTC , USDT )
Jun 26
04:10 PM
Litecoin price analysis: LTC/USD recovered from lows, but bulls are still nowhere to be seen
LTC/USD is rangebound amid lack of momentum. Positioning and speculative trading rulethe market. Litecoin is changing hands at $80.92, unchanged on daily (LTC )
Jun 26
03:49 AM
IOTA, EOS, Stellar Lumens, Litecoin and Tron Technical Analysis
Even if we are in a deep price correction with some instances where sellers are trending below main support lines like in Litecoin, some as IOTA are actually finding support. (EOS , LTC , MIOTA , STR , XLM )
Jun 25
05:09 PM
Pairings of 6 Cryptocurrencies Comprises 69% of Total Crypto Volume
Analysis conducted by Diar has indicated that only a minority of cryptocurrencies represent the vast majority of trading volume in the virtual currency markets - with only 0.36% of tradable cryptocurrencies found to have comprised 69% of the total trade volume of the entire cryptocurrency markets (BCH , BTC , ETH , LTC , USDT , XRP )
Jun 25
03:09 AM
EOS, IOTA, Stellar Lumens, Litecoin and Tron Technical Analysis
Overly, altcoins are on a downtrend but even in the midst of this strong sell pressure, the sentiment around Tron mainnet launch seems to be buoying TRX prices to some extent. As such, if indeed Tron transition is smooth and everything works out, a follow through would be inevitable. (EOS , LTC , MIOTA , STR , XLM )
Jun 24
05:09 PM
Just How 'Cool' is the CoolWallet S? (Review)
The CoolWallet S by CoolBitX is a credit-card-like hardware wallet for storing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and select ERC20 tokens. (BCH , BTC , ETH , LTC )
Jun 24
07:10 AM
EOS Getting Beat Up as Crypto Markets Fall to New 2018 Low
Following another week of heavy losses crypto markets broken below $250 billion and are poised to head further south. Many speculate that Bitcoin will go down to around $5,000 where it will find support before heading back upwards again. (BTC , EOS , LTC )
Jun 23
10:09 PM
Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple Daily Analysis - 23/06/18
The markets got hit by the bears on Friday and while it's green across the board in the early hours, there may be more trouble ahead before a sustained recovery as governments and regulators influence sentiment. (BCH , BTC , LTC )
Jun 23
06:19 AM
EOS, Litecoin, Tron, Stellar Lumens and IOTA Technical Analysis (June 23, 2018)
However, as it is he thinks BTC prices would decline until we see more stable growth. So, the underlying world is decline and that's why we should be selling EOS, Litecoin, Stellar, Tron and IOTA until the effects of USDT wane out. (BTC , EOS , LTC , MIOTA , STR , USDT , XLM )
Jun 23
12:24 AM
PayCoiner Aims to Become an Easy Way of Introducing Cryptocurrencies to Your Business - Coinjournal
The cryptocurrency market has been around for a relatively short period of time. Yet, it has managed to create a positive impact, rapidly gaining popularity as it steadily makes its way into the mainstream. With the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, to name a few, providing an alternative to paying with cash companies (BTC , ETH , LTC )
Jun 22
11:54 AM
Litecoin Sinks to Lowest Price in 7 Months
Litecoin's (LTC) price hit a seven-month low on Friday as the cryptocurrency markets turned risk-averse. (LTC )
Jun 22
08:54 AM
Litecoin price analysis: LTC/USD down 3% amid global crypto sell-off ahead on weekend
LTC/USD is still in the range despite recent sell-off. Positioning and speculative trading may be behind the downside movement. Litecoin is changing hands (LTC )
Jun 21
10:29 PM
Litecoin, EOS, Tron, Stellar Lumens and IOTA Technical Analysis (June 22, 2018)
The crypto verse is never short of drama and while hacking vibes dominate, Charlie Lee of Litecoin is advocating rationalism. Obviously, after recent hacks, it's easy to see sentiment almost always flips and drag BTC prices with it. (BTC , EOS , LTC , MIOTA , STR , XLM )
Jun 21
05:09 PM
A Hands On Review of the New Card-Shaped Hardware Device Coolwallet S
This week news.Bitcoin.com received the new Coolwallet S - the cryptocurrency hardware wallet shaped like a credit card. As we previously reported, the interesting digital asset storage card started shipping last month so we decided to give the wallet a hands on review. (BCH , BTC , ERC , ETH , LTC , USDT , XRP )
Jun 21
06:24 AM
Litecoin Futures are a Go on UK Crypto Exchange
Litecoin (LTC)derivatives are a go in the UK. Trading platform CryptoFacilities announced that as of Friday, June 22 their new dollar-denominated service will allow investors to trade in futures contracts which have Litecoin as the underpinning collateral, with weekly, monthly and quarterly maturities. (LTC )
Jun 21
03:09 AM
Litecoin price analysis: LTC/USD locked in a range, despite upcoming Litecoin futures launch
LTC/USD is sidelined, waiting for an incentive to break free from the range. Crypto Facilities will introduce Litecoin futures. Litecoin is changing hands (LTC )
Jun 20
10:24 PM
Crypto Facilities launching inverse Litecoin (LTC) futures
UK's Crypto Facilities, a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange today announced they will launch LTC/USD futures onJune 22nd, at 3 pm UTC. Users can get (LTC )
Jun 20
02:24 PM


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