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Origin Protocol Partners on New ERC 725 Alliance to Promote the Adoption of Blockchain-Based Identity Standard
Origin Protocol, an open-source blockchain platform for creating peer-to-peer marketplaces has announced its role in the creation of the ERC 725 Alliance, an initiative aimed at increasing adoption of (BTC , ERC )
03:23 AM
Could the ERC-20 tokens actually contribute to losing value of their ancestor, the ETH?
Many credit last year's crypto bull market to the success of Ethereum as a hosting platform for Blockchain companies to launch their ICOs and release ERC-20 tokens. Ethereum has established its positi (BTC , ERC , ETH )
12:08 PM
Apple Orders Coinbase Wallet to Remove Crypto Collectible
Coinbase went out of its way to get a new NFT based video game loaded onto its dapp store, but Apple directed them to remove it almost immediately. (ERC )
06:08 PM
EOS, Stellar Lumens, IOTA, Litecoin, Tron Technical Analysis
While our trade plans are live and on course, we expect further gains especially in Tron which is due to launch their virtual machine as they compete with Ethereum by end month. (EOS , ERC , ETH , LTC , MIOTA , STR , XLM )
05:23 PM
Ether Falls Below $300 for the First Time Since November 2017 Amidst ERC-20 Projects Sell-Off
Ether (ETH), the world's second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, fell below $300 for the first time in 2018 on Monday, August 13, reaching levels last seen in November 2017. According (BTC , ERC , ETH )
07:08 PM
Testing the Newly Transformed Non-Custodial Coinbase Wallet
Coinbase has launched the Coinbase Wallet which will not only offer ETH and it's token derivatives but soon it will also hold BCH, LTC, and BTC. (BCH , BTC , ERC , ETH , LTC )
02:23 PM
ERC-20 Tokens Aren't Securities Under U.S. Law, Suggests Coin Center Report
Altcoins may be primed for a recovery after a disastrous midsummer plunge seeing even the bellwether Alts down 80-90 percent or more from their highs in early 2018. That's because fundamental news, wh (BTC , ERC )
08:08 AM
Prime Trust Enters Crypto Custody Race, Will Hold 'Any' Ethereum Token
Prime Trust, a Nevada trust company, says it can handle custody for bitcoin, ether and any token issued on ethereum under the ERC-20 standard. (BTC , ERC , ETH , ICE )
01:08 AM
PR: Aeron Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary and Announces a Bonus Miles (Loyalty) Platform
It's been a year since Aeron blockchain project was announced to the public, and the team has already managed to make a significant progress towards its goal to contribute to improvement in aviation safety. A few crucial roadmap milestones were reached successfully bringing the company acclaim from partners and supporters.Reference: (ERC , ETH )
02:39 AM
KnownOrigin and OxCert Collaborate on Creative Challenge to Promote Artists and NFTs on the Blockchain - Coinjournal
Art venture KnownOrigin and OxCert are collaborating on a new creative challenge to promote artists on the blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). (ERC )
07:39 AM
Opera Browser Introduces a Built-in Cryptocurrency Wallet
The latest version of the Opera browser for Android, currently available in a private beta, integrates an easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallet functionality. (ERC , ETH )
12:09 AM
Augur Releases Long-Awaited Prediction Platform
Augur, a cryptocurrency project on the Ethereum network, has just announced that it be launching its long-awaited prediction platform. (ERC , ETH , REP )
04:39 AM
FCoin Met With Continued Skepticism: Wash Trading Allegations and ETH Clog
The controversial FCoin exchange came under fire this week due to allegations of wash trading and clogging the Ethereum network. (ERC , ETH )
11:39 PM
PR: Titanic Explorer Joins PO8
Freeport, Grand Bahama - David Gallo, one of the most respected Oceanographers in the world has joined PO8, a marine archaeology start-up company in The Bahamas utilizing blockchain technology to unearth billions-worth of sunken artifacts and treasures from Bahamian waters dating back to the Spanish Galleon treasure ships of the Spanish Empire. With the use of blockchain, PO8 will bring full transparency to all stakeholders including the government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, which for the last 18 years has held a moratorium over its territorial waters preventing underwater expeditions due to years of looting, corruption and lack of oversight. (ERC )
02:39 AM
Bernstein: Crypto's 24-Hour Trading Is a 'Natural Correction System'
Cryptocurrency and blockchain developers are building (ERC )
07:39 AM
Gaming Company Allows Players to Win Cryptocurrency in Its New First-Person Shooter
On June 21, the WAR FIELD company unveiled its 'first-person shooter' game that allows players to win cryptocurrency. Players can use WAR FIELD's Golder (GLDR) - an ERC-20-compliant, Ethereum-based cr (ERC , ETH )
10:09 AM
New ERC-1155 Standard Brings Ethereum Technology to the Gaming Industry
With a very strong focus on efficiency, it is evident ERC-1155 has a leg up over other standards. It appears to be a lot more straightforward. Gone are the days in which individual assets need to be swapped one at a time. (ERC , ETH )
04:10 AM
IOTA, EOS, Stellar Lumens, Tron and Litecoin Technical Analysis
Facebook is reversing their cryptocurrency ad ban five months after issuing a directive while Tron is now on their mainnet after successfully completing their ERC 20-mainnet coin swap. (EOS , ERC , LTC , MIOTA , STR , XLM )
05:10 PM
Banks Are Trying to Launch Crypto Assets with R3 Blockchain Tech
Stealth project Cordite, led by the Royal Bank of Scotland, promises the equivalent of an ERC-20 token standard for R3's open-source Corda platform. (ERC )
01:11 AM
0xcert: Confirmation of Ethereum ERC-721 finalized before ICO
0xcert, the protocol for non-fungible tokens running on ERC-721 is opening its ICO doors in a few days. Learn how you can help support the building of the (ERC , ETH )
10:39 PM
Ethereum (ETH) Technical Analysis
Fundamental announcements drive prices and before we see such, Ethereum (ETH) prices are technically bearish. There are chances it will remain so until we see strong rejection of lower lows at BTC. (BTC , ERC , ETH )
05:09 PM
Luxury Brands Are Testing the Tech That Powers CryptoKitties
Startup Arianee believes the token technology can be used to help luxury brands create unique identities for bespoke handbags and expensive watches. (ERC , ETH )
05:09 AM
ERC721 and The Rise of Crypto Collectibles - Coinjournal
The rise of crypto collectibles goes back to October 2017 when the Axiom Zen team launched CryptoKitties at ETHWaterloo, the world's largest ethereum hackathon. Equipped with a go-to-market strategy, coupled with steady fundamentals, CryptoKitties gave rise to the ever growing crypto collectibles market. According to Nick Tomaino of 1 confirmation, crypto collectibles have the potential (ERC , ETH )
11:09 AM
A Hands On Review of the New Card-Shaped Hardware Device Coolwallet S
This week news.Bitcoin.com received the new Coolwallet S - the cryptocurrency hardware wallet shaped like a credit card. As we previously reported, the interesting digital asset storage card started shipping last month so we decided to give the wallet a hands on review. (BCH , BTC , ERC , ETH , LTC , USDT , XRP )
06:24 AM
Smart Refinery Technologies Started Private Sales Round on June 15
The world's first blockchain platform for refining industry is officially launching a private round of sales based on the ERC-20 standard. (ERC )
01:39 PM
How to Explain Crypto Collectibles to Your Banker
When Wells Fargo thinks your video game company is a money services business, it's time to start educating people in other fields about blockchain. (ERC )
03:09 AM
A Single Incorrect Character Cripples ICX ERC-20 Tokens
Despite positive news regarding popular South Korean based cryptocurrency, Icon (ICX), a smart contract bug has temporarily crippled the ICX ERC-20 token. (ERC )
01:09 AM
Felines to Futbol: NFTs Are Crypto's Hottest New Buzzword
The crypto industry is buzzing about NFTs, non-fungible tokens, because it's clear CryptoKitties and its clones just might make the tech mainstream. (ERC )
01:09 AM
Binance Announces Support for ICON (ICX) Mainnet Token Swap
Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange platform behemoth, will support the ICON ICX mainnet token swap. The platform announced the move in a blog post on its website on June 13, 2018. The announcement likely brings to an end the confusion over the status of ICX mainnet and ERC-20 ICX tokens. (ERC )
04:09 PM
Korean Firm Keypair Launches Credit Card-Shaped NFC Hardware Wallet
The company's 'Keywallet Touch' has an interesting design as its shaped like a credit card and utilizes NFC technology. The company says the devices' smart card chipset supports cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash, ethereum, bitcoin core and litecoin, while also providing FIDO Universal 2nd Factor Authentication (U2F). (BCH , BTC , ERC , ETC , ETH , LTC , XRP )
08:39 AM
Dividend Payout: BANKEX Tests the Newest Token StandardERC-888
Recently, the BANKEX team issued a test version of the new ERC-888 token standard.ERC-888 is a multi-dimensional token standard and was developed out of (ERC )
12:39 PM
Cryptocurrency hardware wallet KeepKey adds native ERC-20 support
KeepKey, a cryptocurrency hardware wallet, today announced the integration of native ERC-20 token support. (ERC )
02:24 PM
Worldcore Launches Worldcore.trade & Secure Wallets for ERC-20 Tokens
EU-licensed payment institution Worldcore launches Worldcore.trade cryptoexchange and industry-first secure PCI-DSS compliant wallets for ERC-20 tokens (ERC )
03:09 AM
Collectible Card Trading Platform PepeDapp Announces ERC-420 Standard for Ethereum
PepeDapp, a platform for trading digital collectible cards on the Ethereum blockchain, has announced its plans to launch a new token standard, labeled ERC-420. In the past, most decentralized applicat (BTC , ERC , ETH )
11:09 PM
MyCrypto launches open-source Monero (XMR) block explorer
MyCrypto,an open-source, client-side tool for generating ether wallets, handling ERC-20 tokens, and interacting with the blockchain today announced its new Monero block explorer service called MoneroVision. The MyCrypto team created MoneroVision because they wanted to begin supporting chains other than Ethereum. (ERC , ETH , XMR )
02:54 AM
PR: MoneyToken to Give out Loans in Stablecoin from Goldman Sachs-Backed Circle
Following the announcement that Circle, a fintech startup backed by Goldman Sachs, plans to launch a stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar, the blockchain-based ecosystem MoneyToken has confirmed the listing of the stablecoin, Circle USDC, on its lending platform and decentralized exchange. (ERC , USDT )
10:24 AM
Faast Platform Connects With Popular Wallets Offering Cross-Chain Swaps
An application called Faast has launched, a service that claims to enable secure cross-chain trades by utilizing a few popular wallet clients and two well-known hardware devices Ledger and Trezor. This means users can swap BTC for ETH, and trade various ERC-20s in a secure manner without leaving a trusted environment. (BTC , ERC , ETH )
02:39 PM
Blockchain Real Estate Protocol Launches in Japan, USA and EU
The new platform Alt.Estate plans to make its protocol the ERC-20 for tokenized real estate. It includes the smart contract technology (the team has already developed 20+ smart contracts and dApps builder), corporate structure and proven legal framework. (ERC )
12:39 PM
Coinbase Acquires Decentralized ERC-20 Trading Platform Paradex
The San Francisco based exchange Coinbase announced the acquisition of a decentralized digital token relay-trading platform called Paradex. Alongside adding the decentralized exchange (Dex), the firm has also revealed it is retiring the name GDAX and that platform will soon be known as Coinbase Pro. (BCH , BTC , ERC , ETH , LTC , ZRX )
03:38 AM
A Look at the Credit Card Shaped Hardware Device Called 'Coolwallet'
The Taiwan-based Coolbitx has released a different kind of digital asset hardware wallet that is the same size and shape as a credit card. Due to the design of the new 'Coolwallet S' the wallet can be hidden very easily alongside the option of being carried effortlessly in your back pocket. (BCH , BTC , ERC , ETH , LTC , XRP )
05:24 PM
Crypto Floating Island Project Closer to Realization
Blue Frontiers signed a much-publicized memorandum of understanding with French Polynesia. The Floating Island Project is exactly as it reads, only it's to be an independent government complete with its own cryptocurrency. An idea long thought to be a crazy dream of libertarians is now incredibly close to realization. (ERC , ETH )
03:24 PM
Switzerland Formally Considers State Backed Cryptocurrency
Switzerland is formally considering the possibility of a state-backed cryptocurrency. Its government has asked legislators commission a study on the pros and cons of a Swiss e-franc. (ERC )
12:39 AM
AITrading Introduces ERC-20 Token for New Wealth Management Platform
AITrading is holding a crowdsale to build a platform based on blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to aid experienced and novice traders alike, as well as banks, broker (BTC , ERC )
04:54 PM
Smart Contract-Based Decentralized Exchange Dex.top Launches This Month
This week news.Bitcoin.com spoke with the team behind a new trading platform called Dex.top - a decentralized exchange built using a smart contract. According to the Dex.top developers the exchange has no access to a users private key and assets are never held on the Dex. (BCH , BTC , EOS , ERC , ETH )
04:24 PM
Bitgo Launches Institutional Grade Custodial Services Suite
This weekend the leading cryptocurrency security platform, Bitgo, announced the launch of custodial storage solutions for institutional investors. The new custodial program aims to offer a multi-level suite for digital asset security in partnership with the firm Kingdom Trust. (BCH , BTC , ERC , ETH )
12:39 PM
eBay for CryptoKitties:" OpenSea Raises $2 Million in Funding
Of all the things carried on the non-fungible token standards like ERC-721, CryptoKitties epitomizes the de facto fun use case for blockchain. As the first genuinely recreational use DApp, CryptoKitti (BTC , ERC )
07:39 AM
Launching an ICO Token on Ethereum in Less Than Thirty Minutes
A great majority of the ICOs are 'ERC-20 tokens' created by Ethereum with no more than a few hundred lines of code. Unfortunately, there's a big misconception that a bunch of geniuses created these tokens because today we're going to show you just how easy it is to create an ERC-20 token - In less than thirty minutes. (ERC , ETH )
03:39 PM
Ebay for CryptoKitties Raises $2 Million from All-Star VCs
The number of crypto collectables, like CryptoKitties, is growing and investors think a marketplace for their trade is a good bet. (ERC )
04:09 AM
BMW Pilots 'Gamified' Crypto Reward System To Incentivize Drivers To Track Mileage
BMW has completed a pilot together with crypto startup DOVU, an official blog post from DOVU outlined today, May 8. The pilot introduces a tokenized rewards system using DOVU's ERC-20 token, DOV, that (ERC )
10:39 AM
The Smarter Solution to Manufacturing: Ins and Outs of Productivist
Productivist aims to make its name through the offering of an open source and adaptable solution for external parties as well as direct partners. The platform will offer APIs and SDKs as well as support to encourage the adoption and on-boarding of participants on both sides of the market (ERC )
12:39 PM


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