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Bminer 6.0.0 With Numerous Improvements for Nvidia GPU Equihash Miners
The latest update to the Bminer Equihash Nvidia miner brings a number of useful improvements for users that are mining ZCash (ZEC) or other Equihash-based crypto coins on Nvidia GPUs. The newest versi (BTC , ZEC )
Mar 23
04:54 AM
Bitcoin Chart Analysis March.23
After the two day rally from $7,300 to $9,000, Bitcoin had encountered the $9,000 resistance and turned it's way down. This time the trigger was Binance exchange's FUD, coming from Japan. As of now, B (BTC )
Mar 23
04:24 AM
$8K? Bitcoin Under Pressure After Rejection at Key Hurdle
Bitcoin's retreat from the 200-day moving average hurdle may yield a retest of the psychological support of $8,000. (BTC )
Mar 23
03:54 AM
Zhao Dong Recounts How He Lost 9,000 BTC
Famed Chinese OTC bitcoin trader, Zhao Dong, recently shared the story of how he first entered the bitcoin markets, the losses he incurred, and his views on speculation in the cryptocurrency markets. (BTC )
Mar 23
03:54 AM
Crypto News Update Mar.23
UK Launches Cryptocurrency Task Force On the 22nd of March, Phillip Hammond, UK's Finance Minister announced the start of a cryptocurrency asset task force, and other fintech initiatives from the gove (BTC )
Mar 23
03:54 AM
USD/JPY is the First Casualty of the Trade War
Market Drivers March 23, 2018 Risk aversion dominates trade USD/JPY tests 105.00 Nikkei -4.51% Dax -1.53% Oil $65/bbl Gold $1341/oz. Bitcoin $8470 Eur (BTC )
Mar 23
03:47 AM
Using Student Loans to Buy Bitcoin Will Only Lead to More Debt Woes
The way these students go about things, however, raises a lot of questions. Using student loans to invest in Bitcoin is irresponsible and simply a bad idea in general. (BTC )
Mar 23
03:39 AM
Coinbase Wants to Acquare Bitcoin Startup Earn.com
With a view to add new directions of operations and expand its services, Coinbase may acquire a crypto social network and two-sided marketplace Earn.com. (BTC )
Mar 23
03:24 AM
Bitcoin Price Falls Back Below $9,000 after Japan's FSA Issued a Warning to Binance
As per source familiar to the plans of FSA, Binance received the warning as it was expanding its operations in Japan without taking prior approval from the agency. (BTC )
Mar 23
03:09 AM
PR: World's First Blockchain Gaming Platform Chimaera Launches Much Anticipated Public Presale
(BTC )
Mar 23
02:54 AM
Monthly Web Traffic for Major Bitcoin Exchanges Falls by Half
The disappointing price performances of the cryptocurrency markets in January and February have apparently driven many bitcoin traders to avoid checking on their exchange accounts. Estimations of the (BTC )
Mar 23
12:39 AM
Binance CEO Reassures Crypto Traders, No Conflict With Regulators
BinancefounderZhao Changpeng has taken to Twitter to express his disappointment to what he called (BTC )
Mar 22
11:54 PM
Chinese Exchange Bitasia Now Supports 0-Confirmation BCH Transactions
Earlier this week the Chinese exchange Bitasia announced it started accepting zero-confirmation transactions for bitcoin cash (BCH) for instant trading. The trading platform is one of the first exchan (BCH , BTC )
Mar 22
11:39 PM
Upbit Exchange to Launch Korea's First Cryptocurrency Index
Upbit, South Korea's second largest crypto exchange is planning to launch a new cryptocurrency index called UBCI (Upbit Crypto Index). The concept is to provide a standard index which can measure market conditions by suggesting and creating a coin quote standard. (BTC )
Mar 22
10:09 PM
0 to 50% - Time to Pay Crypto Taxes in the European Union
With the increasing popularity of bitcoin and the like, this year's tax campaign in Europe comes with many questions on how to report and pay crypto taxes. Despite the obvious hesitation on the part o (BTC )
Mar 22
09:39 PM
Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 03/23/2018
Bitcoin price sold off recently but could form a short-term reversal pattern on its 1-hour time frame and draw more buyers back in. (BTC )
Mar 22
09:24 PM
Vertcoin Insulated from Cryptocurrency Market Downturn on Mar. 22
Vertcoin has posted gains, insulated from a wider cryptocurrency market downturn, with bitcoin and other major altcoins down more than three percent on March 22. There are a few technical indications (BTC , VTC )
Mar 22
09:09 PM
Coinbase In Talks to Buy Bitcoin Startup Earn.com
U.S. crypto exchange provider Coinbase is in talks to purchase Earn.com, formerly 21. (BTC )
Mar 22
08:39 PM
Not-For-Profit Cryptocurrency Board Develops a Global Code of Conduct for Digital Assets
A new industry body called Global Digital Finance (GDF) will establish a global code of conduct for crypto assets and tokens. The not-for-profit's goal is to protect market participants from misuse an (BTC )
Mar 22
08:09 PM
Crypto Collectibles Are Worthless Without a Website
Crypto collectibles are big business right now. Crypto Kitties just raised $12.5 million in venture capital, and lookalike sites are springing up everywhere trying to cash in on the craze for non-fung (BTC )
Mar 22
07:39 PM
Tom Lee: The Altcoin Bear Rally is Almost at an End, but still Stick to Bitcoin
As long as an investment market exists, and the principles of demand and supply still hold sway: The bulls and the bears will be forever locked in a constant struggle. 2017 saw an aggressive bull run (BTC )
Mar 22
07:09 PM
ICE Agency Charges Payza and Two Canadian Citizens With Bitcoin Money Laundering
This week the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security agency (ICE) has revealed that it is charging two Canadian brothers and the company Payza with illegal money transmission and (BTC , ICE )
Mar 22
06:24 PM
Hong-Kong Tech Company's Ethereum Platform to Revolutionize the Shipping Industry
A Hong Kong-based startup company 300cubits, which centers around developing Ethereum blockchain technology for shipping, recently announced that it has completed its first trial shipment via a smart (BTC , ETH )
Mar 22
05:54 PM
MyToken: Introducing the Best Cryptocurrency Price Monitoring App
In 2017, the blockchain industry has grown further than ever before. By offering secure, public accessibility and tamper-proof features, the technology is slowly coming to the mainstream. It not only (BTC )
Mar 22
04:54 PM
Snowden on Bitcoin: Blasts Public Ledger and Core Developers
The world's most famous whistleblower, Edward Snowden, gave a dynamic, wide-ranging interview to Peter Van Valkenburgh during Blockstack Berlin 2018. Mr. Snowden discussed ongoing issues of privacy an (BTC )
Mar 22
04:24 PM
South Korea Eyes Blockchain Technology for FinTech Plans
The newest addition to the blockchain community craze is, unsurprisingly, the technologically advanced country of South Korea. The South Korean Financial Services Commission (FSC) has voiced plans to (BTC )
Mar 22
03:54 PM
PR: Auctus Integrating Bancor Protocol to Provide Continuous Liquidity for AUC Token Holders
(BNT , BTC )
Mar 22
03:23 PM
Microsoft Announces Developments to Ethereum on Azure
Microsoft announced on March 19, 2018, significant enhancements to the Ethereum on Azure offering, which will make production-ready consortium Blockchain networks suitable for application in enterpris (BTC , ETH )
Mar 22
02:54 PM
Bitcoin Today: Prices Retreat From Week's Highs Amid Cryptocurrency Downtrend
Most of the world's top cryptocurrencies traded lower Thursday. Here's what you need to know....ACN (BTC )
Mar 22
02:07 PM
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Just Made a Bold Prediction about Bitcoin's Future
Give it another ten years and bitcoin will emerge the single currency of the internet, as opposed to more than 1,000 different digital tokens circulating today. As for fiat-equivalence, the most widel (BTC )
Mar 22
01:54 PM
Bitfury-Backed Bitcoin Miner Secures Canadian Land Deal
Bitfury-backed Hut 8 Mining Corp has secured a new headquarters in Canada's Alberta province. (BTC )
Mar 22
01:54 PM
Here's Why Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple Are Falling Today
After a stratospheric rise in late 2017, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have hit a bumpy road so far in 2018. And many of the big downward swings. (BTC , ETH )
Mar 22
01:12 PM
Canadian Entrepreneur to Parliament: Bitcoin Cash is a Four-letter Word, Spelt S-C-A-M
Jonathan Hamel, the Canadian technology educator and entrepreneur, has told a parliamentary hearing which took place on March 19 that the forked Bitcoin Cash is nothing but an illegitimate scam. Calli (BCH , BTC )
Mar 22
12:54 PM
Stellar is Looking to Incorporate the Lightning Network
On March 19, the Stellar team released technical specifications and guidelines for the implementation of the Lightning Network, the Bitcoin scalability solution enabled by SegWit. The move follows the (BTC )
Mar 22
11:54 AM
US Marshals Office Auctions Off Another $18.7M in Bitcoin
The U.S. Marshals auctioned more than 2,100 bitcoins off on March 19. (BTC )
Mar 22
11:54 AM
Bitcoin Set to Go Higher Despite Net-Long Positions
The current Bitcoin price trend may soon reverse higher despite the fact traders remain net-long. (BTC )
Mar 22
11:07 AM
Investing in Ripple? Here's 3 Points to Worry About
Weiss Ratings, an independent rating agency has been listing cryptocurrency ratings since January of 2018. The agency has helped a lot of investors pick cryptos with the highest potential while avoidi (BTC )
Mar 22
10:39 AM
Bitcoin Futures Watchdog Gets No Love as U.S. Plans Budget Cut
As Bitcoin surges in popularity, global regulators have increasingly sounded alarms that crypto investments are susceptible to fraud, theft or even worse. (BTC )
Mar 22
10:24 AM
New Cast XMR Miner 0.9.1 With A Bit of Performance Improvement for VEGA
The Cast XMR CryptoNight GPU miner for AMD RX VEGA 56/64 GPUs has just been updated to version 0.9.1 with a slight performance improvement of 0.5% overall for Vega-based GPUs according to the develope (BTC , XMR )
Mar 22
10:24 AM
Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Mining Can Reduce Carbon Footprints (Yes, Really)
With each passing day, it seems as though the conversation on Bitcoin's energy consumption rages on, though new ground is rarely broken on the topic.. (BTC )
Mar 22
10:13 AM
PR: Roger Ver, Founder of Bitcoin.com, and COO, Mate Tokay, Join MoneyToken Advisory Board
(BTC )
Mar 22
10:09 AM
'Bitcoin Supporter' Yi Gang Announced as PBoC Governor
On March 19, 2018, The National People's Congress of China confirmed that economist Yi Gang would be the next governor of People's Bank of China (PBoC). Mr. Yi Gang, who obtained his Ph.D. in Economic (BTC )
Mar 22
09:39 AM
ICO Trackers Are the New Gatekeepers of Crowdsales
The burgeoning ICO industry has spawned a lucrative business for tracker sites that monitor and review the latest projects. Not only do these sites earn lucrative sums for their featured reviews, but (BTC )
Mar 22
09:09 AM
Get Your AMD RX VEGA 56/64 GPUs Ready for Mining CryptoNightV7
There are just a few days left until the fork of Monero (XMR) to CryptoNightV7 to make it again ASIC resistant and you might want to be ready for mining it after the fork, especialyl if you have ADM R (BTC , XMR )
Mar 22
08:54 AM
Crypto Without Crypto: Designing A Bitcoin-like System for Prisons
Charlie Schrem, the former CEO of bitcoin startup BitInstant, went to prison a few years back. It was found in 2014 that his service was used to facilitate illegal transactions on the former Silk Road (BTC )
Mar 22
08:39 AM
Invested in Bitcoin? You May Owe the IRS Money You Don't Have
This content is made possible by our sponsor; the views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily. (BTC )
Mar 22
07:37 AM
Bitcoin and taxes: How to report your gains
You don't need to worry about bitcoin on your taxes unless you sold bitcoin off. If you did, here's how to disclose it so you don't get in any trouble with the IRS. (BTC )
Mar 22
07:12 AM
University Student Gang Breaking Bad Jailed For Dealing $1M+ in Drugs for Bitcoin
The fall of the Silk Road marketplace continues to reverberate around the world, this week leading to a number of university students going to jail for many years. The young men have been found guilty (BTC )
Mar 22
07:09 AM
Coinbase Bug allows User to Transfer Unlimited Ethereum to Wallet
Coinbase, one of the world's most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, has had a nasty bug lurking in its system that would allow users to collect unlimited ether through a few simple steps. Thanks to a (BTC , ETH )
Mar 22
06:39 AM
UK Government is Looking into Cryptocurrencies with New Task Force - Coinjournal
U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond has today announced that the government is getting a 'new crypto assets task force' designed to make it easier for fintech companies to follow complex regulations. The Chancellor delivered a speech today at the government's second annual International Fintech Conference in London. Hammond revealed that those forming the (BTC )
Mar 22
06:24 AM


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